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File: 1485741388963.png (254.56 KB, 444x384, Peridot_derp_face_1.png)

ID: 7ef70  No.2176[Reply]

Old thread's not bumping, so have a new one.


ID: f1bec  No.2199

>Navy Ruby shows up after the escapade from Season 3 finale
>episode sets up as a possibility for Navy joining the Crystal Gems
>turns out she was playing everyone for a chump and was merely biding her time until she got into the Roaming Eye ship

I will be honest, I did not see that coming. I guess it also serves to show Steven that he really needs to work on his naivette.

ID: 6d329  No.2243

File: 1493896123666.png (Spoiler Image, 351.42 KB, 635x382, 1493745152960.png)

New Gems revealed.

I'm calling it, Tumblrinas will start throwing hissy fits at whoever draws porn of the little one, calling them pedophiles and such shit.

ID: 10f6d  No.2244

And the episodes have been leaked ahead of airing schedule, yet again.

Anyway….that season finale was fucking intense, what with Steven turning himself in to the Homeworld Gems, revealing to them that he has Rose Quartz's gemstone.

Season 5 begins airing on May 31st.

ID: 932dc  No.2254

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwGWqOmkIXM shit's going doooooooooooown.

File: 1449080743627.jpg (80.95 KB, 1313x712, samurai-jack-vs-aku.jpg)

ID: 78edd  No.1132[Reply]

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ID: b9e48  No.2246

File: 1494199064495.png (Spoiler Image, 136.63 KB, 555x143, 25e.png)

ID: 2594f  No.2247

Episode 9!

We pick up immediately where we left off last week, with Jack and Ashi sharing a passionate kiss (turns out they didn't have sex after all). They share an awkward moment together before Ashi goes in search of clean clothing (she finds a uniform in one of the ship's storage lockers), while Jack bathes himself under a water pipe. Jack is happy for Ashi's company, but also feels uneasy, as he has never been in love before.

That night, around a campfire, Ashi asks Jack if he ever thinks about his home. He replies that he does so every day, and tells her about the change of the seasons in his home village, before Aku came and destroyed everything. Ashi regrets bringing up the subject, but Jack says it is nice to remember life before Aku, especially since he will never see his home again, except in his memories.

Meanwhile, Scaramouche finally arrives at Aku's citadel (on the legs of an octopus) and tells him that Jack has lost his sword. Aku is overjoyed at the news, going so far as to restore Scaramouche's lost body.

In the morning, Ashi wakes to find that Jack has left during the night. He has ventured into the desert, where he comes upon the battlefield where he encountered the Guardian; the time portal he protected has been destroyed, like all the others, and all that remains of the Guardian are his shattered glasses. Ashi catches up and demands to know why Jack left her; Jack replies that Aku has destroyed everything he has ever loved, leaving him with only memories, and he doesn't want to lose Ashi, too. Ashi reaffirms her commitment to help Jack destroy Aku.

Just then, Aku himself appears, accompanied by Scaramouche. They make some snarky comments about Jack losing his sword; when Jack draws his new blade, Aku promptly destroys Scaramouche for his stupidity. Aku prepares to retreat, but he detects his own scent coming from Ashi. Flashbacks reveal that Aku once visited the Daughters of Aku and left behind a fragment of himself in a chalice for them to worship; Ashi's mother then drank from the chalice, then gave birth to Ashi and her sisters, meaning that Ashi is literally a daughter of Aku.

Jack moves to strike Aku down, but Ashi involuntarily moves to block his attacks; Aku is either in direct control of her, or his ePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

ID: 2594f  No.2249

File: 1494736795530.png (Spoiler Image, 799.99 KB, 1280x738, 1494733410948.png)

ID: 68c8d  No.2250

File: 1494757558820.jpg (Spoiler Image, 187.29 KB, 1280x720, 18449409_10154842632174633….jpg)

ID: 2594f  No.2253

The series finale. A lot gets crammed into 22 minutes.

Aku makes a worldwide broadcast to every television on the planet (and everyone, no matter their level of technology, appears to own a flatscreen) in which he airs the original Samurai Jack intro in its entirety and announces that he has captured both Jack and his sword. He intends to publicly execute Jack as a warning to anyone else who might oppose him, but mulls over his choice of weapon, realizing that after so many years, he hasn't given the matter much thought. Meanwhile, Jack begs Ashi (still possessed) to resist Aku's influence, but his words seem to have no effect.

Aku eventually decides to have Ashi kill Jack for him, but as she prepares to strike, the walls of Aku's fortress begin to crumble; it has come under assault from an army of Jack's friends and allies (including the Spartans, the archers, the "jump good" monkey tribe, the mer-people, and one of the canine archaeologists) who have seen the broadcast and have come to rescue him. While Aku is distracted by the rebels, Jack attempts to retrieve his sword, but it is defended by Ashi, who is more than a match for Jack.

Aku is impervious to the rebels' weapons and creates an army of small duplicates to fend them off. The battle does not go well, until the Scotsman and his daughters arrive riding large deer as mounts. The Scotsman offers to let Jack have his pick from his daughters (haw) while friendly robots arrive to battle Aku in a giant, mechanized samurai. Aku, fed up with the rebels' attack, launches himself into the sky and bombards the area around his fortress with spines, while the Scotsman tanks with a forcefield created by his magical bagpipes.

Ashi absorbs Jack into herself, and he tries in vain to break her free from Aku's control. Jack confesses his love for Ashi, which finally snaps her out of it, causing her to revert to her former (black-suited) appearance. Aku moves in to kill Jack, but Ashi defends him, revealing that she has retained her demonic abilities.

Upon realizing that she possesses all of Aku's powers, Ashi retrieves Jack's sword and opens a time portal, immediately sending both of them into the past. They arrive seconds after Aku originally sent Jack into the future, and in his weakened state ("You're back already!Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1464584400498.png (56.06 KB, 500x380, tumblr_inline_o7yyjuMaaz1r….png)

ID: 5eb50  No.1854[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Pudding snacks are more important than casual encounters.

(Age has issued a moratorium on EWS' saccharine-as-shit material so please do not post it. Proof: >>1847 and >>1851 )
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ID: b94ca  No.2179

wow didnt know someone else also reads that, its pretty good story work I say

ID: 11ccd  No.2180

Yeah, it's pretty great. It says something about a story when you feel so close to the characters that a chapter can ruin your day like the most recent one did.

ID: 11ccd  No.2181

I was also really hoping for more from pandora before that happened. I know things will turn out okay eventually. what was it? A few months in-movie?

ID: 922e6  No.2195

This kind of got lost in all the brouhaha surrounding the Academy Awards, but Zootopia took the Oscar for Best Animated Picture.

ID: 11ccd  No.2196

Not surprising. the academy always picks the Disney film. This is just the one time they deserved it.

File: 1452490751874.jpeg (65.76 KB, 599x599, EkL9Yubc.jpeg)

ID: b55af  No.1163[Reply]

So, anyone else been watching…?
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ID: b55af  No.2108

So apparently Rooster Teeth recently said that in S4, one ship would become canon.

For some reason Black Sun and Bumblebee shippers took that to mean it was a Blake ship and went to war all over again.

Guys. Seriously. It's going to be Lancaster. (Which is still a dumb name but I'm not opposed to it anymore after a S1 rewatch and some thinking.)

ID: b6ce8  No.2146

S4 E1 spoilers:

**Animation and model quality look a lot better now. Guess they keep getting a bigger budget with each volume.*"

Cinder got fucked up pretty badly. Good, she deserved it.

New villains seem pretty generic so far. Wonder what abilities they'll have and if they are as strong as Cinder.

Loving the Asian vibes from Mistral.

Nice to see Jaune's got an equipment upgrade. He could definitely use it.

Guessing we won't see team RWBY get back together this volume. They all seem to be doing their own thing based on the opening.

ID: b55af  No.2147


I was a little annoyed with Jaune's "upgrade". Everyone else got an overhaul and he got tweaks. His character design is almost wholly untouched, they could have at least given him some Grief Stubble or something.

I'm betting RWBY doesn't see each other for at least half the season, a lot of others are betting it will be the whole thing, yeah, which would make me a bit sad. However they were together at the very end of the OP so maybe they'll start getting back together at the very end of the season at the latest.

ID: b55af  No.2148

My poor Yang.

ID: 0d016  No.2183

So volume 4 has wrapped up now. Finale spoilers:

-No one died. Yay. It's nice to see a somewhat happy ending after Vol 3's dark ending.

-That Grimm was pretty strong. It's nice to see that the Grimm can still be a major threat for the characters and not just fodder.

-Guess Nora x Ren was the ship that Rooster Teeth said would be confirmed.

-Mistral looks pretty cool. Can't wait to see more of it in Vol 5.

-Looks like Weiss, Blake, and Yang will likely meet up with Ruby in Mistral next volume.

-So the headmaster of Haven is in league with Salem then? Curious to see how this plays out.

-Oscar/Ozpin meets up with Qrow and gets his cane back. Hope we get some kind of explanation what Ozpin's deal is.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1485575805017.png (7.75 MB, 2542x3289, LLposter.png)

ID: 781c9  No.2175[Reply]

Hey, it's me again.

I'm sure this shouldn't be in this section, but I'm posting it her regardless because this is animated parody series based on a webcomic.

So yeah, without further ado, here's my first episode of "Las Lindas: The Not-So Animated series!"

Just a reminder, though: It might not be for everyone, so i'm just letting you know that.

Anwyays, enjoy!


File: 1422776962732.jpg (631.69 KB, 1200x833, KiryuinSatsuki.jpg)

ID: 863b9  No.321[Reply]

At the old site we had a discussion going about the then revival of Toonami on Saturday nights. Since then they've acquired

Inuyasha Final Act
Gurren Lagann
Attack on Titan.

Now they're getting Kill la Kill.

Whoever's in control of Toonami programming, keep it up please!
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ID: 831a5  No.620

Not technically Toonami, but not worth its own thread, so I’ll slap it here.

’cause we are the Aqua Teens, leakin’ lost episodes, makin’ girlies wanna scream


‘Boston’ uncensored - Numbah One in the Hood, G

ID: 7649e  No.621

What is this about? I get nothing but creepypasta on Google.

ID: 831a5  No.622


It’s a workprint of an episode made to mock the Boston Bomb Scare of 2007. The episode, in any form, had never escaped into the public eye until now.

Ted Turner allegedly promised to personally cancel Aqua Teen Hung…er, Aqua Unit Patr…uh, Aqua Something You Kn…oh, right, Aqua TV Show Show if the episode was ever aired/leaked.

ID: 863b9  No.623

Controversial episodes for animated shows aren't really new, but interesting it was made so soon after the Boston event.

ID: d0971  No.2162

English dubs of Dragon Ball Super, DBZ Kai (Buu Saga), and Gundam Unicorn premiering Saturday night. Super at 11:30, Kai at midnight, and Gundam at 1:00.


File: 1478572208897.png (104.2 KB, 250x375, ads.PNG)

ID: b6341  No.2150[Reply]

File: 1422593827562.jpg (222.37 KB, 1024x768, Steven Universe.jpg)

ID: 667de  No.311[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

We should’ve already had a thread for this show, dammit.


My feels. ;A;

Also Pearl is best gem. :3
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ID: 1b6b9  No.2123

…Did that image seriously try to say 90s anime looked like that?

ID: fb36a  No.2139


I think it's referring to the cookie cutter character designs where half the cast looks the same. But then again that could only be applied to DBZ which had male cast with identical body shapes/designs, with only thing different being hairstyles and colors. And DBZ was in 80s, not 90s.

ID: 979f3  No.2140

hmmm well dragonball z started at 89 but yea that still definately back in the 80s, also the 80s was heavy on "characters having abnormal hair colours as normal", unlike how today its "the one with the abnormal hairstyle/colour is the main character, everyone else is secondary"

Really you can tell what an anime is about depending on how the character's hairstyle and look like these days now

-do they have two tone hair colours?
-Do they have weird facial markings?
-do they have an very weird hairstyle all together?
"the anime is about dueling, most likely with cards…sadly not on motocycles this time"

ID: a10c4  No.2151


ID: dbf5e  No.2161

File: 1483453931843.png (Spoiler Image, 194.18 KB, 531x425, 1483439713687.png)

Latest Steven Bomb has been leaked! So many juicy details revealed, holy crap…

Blue Diamond was apparently the closest to Pink Diamond, as she mourns her even after thousands of years.
It's revealed PD was actually fond of humans, but in a manner like humans seem to show fondness of certain animals, as she was aiming to preserve humans in a specialized "zoo" where they're taken care of.
To honor memory of PD, BD took over the zoo and brought the Homeworld-aligned Gems from Earth to work there and help take care of humans. It's revealed that the Quartz soldiers stationed there serve as guards, but they also comfort the humans if something upsets them.
Said Quartz soldiers are commanded by Blue Holly Agate, who looks down on both humans and Earth's Quartzes but is more than willing to work for BD and admires her dedication.
BD, upon visit to Earth, stumbles upon Greg, and touched by his kindness, decides to take him to the zoo as she erroneously believes the Earth is going to be destroyed by the Cluster. Steven and CGs (except for Peridot and Lapis) head off to save him.
Not only are humans kept at the zoo, but there's also a whole bunch of Rose Quartzes bubbled. YD wants them destroyed (despite them not doing anything wrong other than being the same Gem type as CG's Rose), while BD pleas with her to spare them.
YD wants BD to move on and decides to help her harvest as many humans from Earth as possible before Cluster emerges.
Amethyst and other CGs befriend the Quartz soldiers stationed on the zoo, said soldiers help them return to their ship.
Despite being discovered by Blue Holly Agate, they manage to escape as Pearl scares BHA with possibility of being punished if Diamonds hear about rebels and two humans escaping from a highly secured facility.

I have a feeling that Blue Diamond and Quartz soldiers from the zoo will ultimately ally themselves with Crystal Gems in the endgame.

File: 1452596905275.jpg (58.64 KB, 624x352, Wonder-Woman.jpg)

ID: 31091  No.1164[Reply]

I'm totally late to the party on a number of these, some by almost 10 years, but recently saw the Wonder Woman and the Dark Knight movies.

I was pretty surprised not just by their relative quality, but also content. Blood, sexual innuendo, language, and all that. I was kind of impressed.

Any recommendations for others I should see? They seem to release them fairly often.
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ID: c0855  No.2041

So in case you haven't heard, Batman and Batgirl totally boink each other in the Killing Joke film.

Why? Well according to the screenwriters…

The thing about this is that it's controversial, so we added more controversy

You know when you're making a movie based off a famous comic, now's not the time to suddenly add the writing/comic trope of "Making characters do really dumb/odd/non-canonical things just cuz." to it.


ID: 89506  No.2042

File: 1469290490742.jpg (103.98 KB, 310x374, tumblr_o4ut16SnQw1s21xzoo1….jpg)

>The thing about this is that it's controversial, so we added more controversy

Every time I think I can't possibly get more done with DC, they find a way to make me more done with them.

ID: 31091  No.2046

Yeah. I'm pretty done with the big two right now. This movie was particularly disappointing.

Also not even sure why they bothered with the rated R considering how tame overall the content actually was.

ID: 17570  No.2048


What did you expect from Bruce Timm? He's been a huge BatmanxBatgirl shipper since he was working on BTAS. There were subtle hints in that show, then it was heavily implied in Beyond that they were dating shortly after she broke up with Dick, and now this.

ID: 1aeca  No.2082


There was also the Batman Beyond continuation comic, with an issue that served as flashback to the time when Bruce and Barbara were having their fling. It turns out Barbara got impregnated by Bruce, then on the same night she told him about it, she stopped a crook from mugging someone and then suffered a spontaneous miscarriage.

I shit you not.

File: 1465680177468.jpg (404.04 KB, 1080x720, netflix-voltron-pic.jpg)

ID: fc37b  No.1922[Reply]

So, with this show having it's entire season 1 released on Netflix yesterday, did anyone manage to watch it? It's being made by a group of writers/producers who worked on shows such as Justice League Unlimited and Avatar: The Last Airbender, and the animation is done by Studio Mir (same studio that did animation for The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra). I just finished marathoning the whole season and god damn, everything about it is just so damn good.
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

ID: ee5d4  No.1925

So apparently Emperor Zarkon used to be Black Lion's Paladin and still has a degree of control over it. Which explains why King Alfor split up the Lions instead of forming Voltron like Allura pleaded him to do.

ID: 1b7ac  No.1962

And of course as soon as it turned out Pidge is a chick in disguise, the "progressive" crowd had to jump on it and claim that Pidge is actually trans. I shit you not.


ID: 7a751  No.1963


You want to know what's really sad about those trans accusations? Back in the day, most girls would dress and act like boys to ESCAPE gender dogma, to be treated fairly. Meanwhile SJWs are basically preaching that dogma by automatically assuming they want to be trans, that kind of scenario only works if it's the premise of the character arc, but as an answer to just fit in with a society mired with predjudice, it's a shortcut that lacks meaningful character development. It's a fine distinguishment, one is to avoid attention and the other practically reeks for attention. Plus sex changes tend to be complicated to explain/convey if it's a kids' show/game/book…. well if you try to jam it in their heads anyways. I am not going to pretend I know the situation on this series, but disguise implies incognito intent.

ID: 17cfc  No.1964


>I am not going to pretend I know the situation on this series, but disguise implies incognito intent.

You are actually correct.

SPOILER ALERT: Pidge's actual name is Katie Holmes, whose father and brother were part of a space exploration mission alongside Shiro, a guy who later becomes Black Lion's Paladin. They were kidnapped by Galran Empire, but Galaxy Patrol covered up their disappearance and claimed their ship crashed due to malfunction. Refusing to believe their claims, Katie sneaks into the HQ and discovers that indeed, the truth was covered up but before she could find out more, she is discovered and thrown out, and Patrol's director makes sure that she can't come back. In order to resume her investigation, Katie takes on the identity of Pidge Gundarsson and enrolls in Galaxy Patrol as a cadet.

ID: 9d715  No.1965

So, watched a couple episodes.

Allura is what I call a "multidere". She is, by turns, tsundere, kuudere, and yandere.

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