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ID: 5dce0  No.150[Reply]

This is some good shit.

Weird, but seriously good shit.

ID: 32856  No.151

Over on Anime News Network, they polled readers for their top five TV anime of 2014. This series topped the poll (just barely above Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works and well ahead of No Game No Life, Tokyo Ghoul, and Space Dandy). It also showed up on three of the ten Editor’s Top Five lists.

I’mma have to check it out, it seems.

ID: 5dce0  No.159

Having finished what's aired so far…

Izumi seems to assume his "inhuman" feelings and actions are the result of Migi's cells spreading throughout his body. However, pretty much everything he's doing and feeling are explainable with various disorders such as depression, disassociation, and post-traumatic stress. All perfectly human reactions to the shit he's been through.

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