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File: 1420815233088.jpg (16.22 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

ID: 30910  No.225[Reply]

So this video just popped up in my YouTube Recommendations and damn it's a lot better animated than I was expecting. Worth a watch.

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ID: 47c45  No.229

cause literally the person themselves admitted this.
they noticed that after the project was over certain scenes didnt flow quiet well as they wanted it as some scenes it felt stiff than others…

ID: 0e872  No.230

I know it's not 'furry' but I personally really enjoyed this animation! Of course I am a bit bias because Mystery Skulls is AWESUM


ID: e51df  No.234

ID: e51df  No.241

We'll just make this the "independent animation" thread or whatever you want to call it because goddamn this is good shit:


(I know, I know…


…but stow it just this once, because this is worth the click.)

ID: 4a922  No.262

File: 1421120338153.png (676.1 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2015-01-12-21h22m5….png)

ID: 489d9  No.237[Reply]

This is just flat-out the WEIRDEST anime I've seen in years.
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ID: fd141  No.252

You Know. . .

I wrote some things, deleted them, rewrote them, deleted them. . .

Took a look at this sites traffic, took a look around.


. . .

I guess maybe I wrote >>247 out of some form of intellectual/subconscious desperation, or just plain boredom brought on by my net surf.

Maybe I'm just in a rough patch. Maybe all the _ is finally getting to me in this unguarded state of mine. Maybe I'm holding myself back, remembering who I'm talking with, the rules, the new site. . .

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ID: c24ef  No.254



ID: 18ab0  No.255

File: 1421245281465.jpg (157.61 KB, 457x446, Look-again-That-shit-you-s….jpg)


I don't know what autismal hell you crawled out of, but I'm sending you back there.


ID: d2100  No.257

I can't tell whether the rando makes less sense, or the anime. These are both bordering on singularity-breaking.

ID: c24ef  No.259


I’m probably gonna watch a couple more episodes to decide whether to keep going or kick the series. Ikuhara is…well, kinda insane, really. (That, and I heard his last show, Mawaru Penguindrum, wasn’t all that good overall.)

File: 1420427711658.png (1.39 MB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2014-04-06-01h31m3….png)

ID: ebe4e  No.213[Reply]

You ever have a series that you really wanted to see more of, and at the same time it's so good at inflicting emotional pain on you that you kind of wish it were over and done with forever…?
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ID: 0df95  No.219

I realize Japanese culture is much different from others in regards to relationship statuses. Such as it's not common to just announce you are in a relationship with someone. (Also the mistranslation of "friend" which should have been comrade)
But it really does feel like Asuna Kirito stopped having a relationship after the first season, which is a shame because it would have been nice to see an anime focus on a relationship development between two characters, especially two that met "online".
Yes there are moments where they are together in some way, but the interaction between them is very limited. To put it into perspective, Korra and Asami have a more credible relationship than Kirito and Asuna.

Things I did enjoy from this season were the animation, most of those fight scenes are simply amazing. I did enjoy Kirito taking advantage of his girlish figure. I did enjoy Sinon's character (though her story arch end, felt a little rushed) I'm enjoying the Yuuki arch because it is both touching and nice to see Asuna kick some ass again.

ID: a4172  No.220

>But it really does feel like Asuna Kirito stopped having a relationship after the first season

… Bullshit?

I seriously question whether you actually watched the second season, if you came to that conclusion somehow. Asuna is constantly going to be by Kirito's side, there's that whole bit where he only survives the final showdown in BoB because he draws strength from her, part of Asuna's friction with her mother is that her mother knows she wants to marry Kirito…

>To put it into perspective, Korra and Asami have a more credible relationship than Kirito and Asuna.

Okay, now I know you didn't watch the second season, and I'm pretty sure you didn't watch Korra either.

ID: 4c6c4  No.221

>it would have been nice to see an anime focus on a relationship development between two characters, especially two that met "online".

Two words:
Pure Mail
(^Warning though, that is a Hentai; not necessarily an Anime).

Coincidentally, you learn somethings(more) things about Japanese culture(mannerisms) through hentai then you could ever with certain Anime.(<Minus the obvious fetishes and other nuanced 'hyperboles'.) Much like anime, there are certain hentais to look into for accuracy, and others to stay away from.

I miss animated Hentai though, very much.
Either it was piracy, bad economy, loss of interest(!??), or the combination of the three that shut it down sometime early this decade. Seldom does one show up these days, and it's a real crap shoot if it's even worth looking into.

So to answer this question:


My emotion is rage and sadness. I would love to have the old days of Hentai back when there were new Ovas every month(about 2 or 3). Now at days, we'd be lucky if we could even get 2 or 3 a year. Pains me so much, I'd rather just forget that new hentai even exists than to suffer the anguish of knowing the existence of an otherwise splendid Ova series that was utterly and completely ruined by "Digimo", possibly never to be released uncensored. So much hatred/rage against those involved in the creation of those asinine censorship laws(penal code 75? I think that was it) of Japan. But, what you gonna do.

ID: 48a9e  No.224

>it really does feel like Asuna Kirito stopped having a relationship after the first season

…The very first episode of season two has a scene with Asuna talking about how her new life goal seems to be "marry Kirito and be his perfect traditional waifu-chan and pop out babies for him". Did you even watch any of it?

ID: 0df95  No.231


… No I didn't watch a single episode of Sword Art Online.

File: 1420117813692.jpg (866.41 KB, 2184x1230, CNH_08_Thumb_728x410_v02.jpg)

ID: b7286  No.212[Reply]

File: 1419959592790.jpg (15.08 KB, 120x150, photo_010350_2940271_0_Pho….jpg)

ID: 77eb5  No.204[Reply]

It just wouldn’t be 2014 without one last kick in the balls.

Christine Josephine Cavanaugh
August 16, 1963 – December 22, 2014

Her voice work included Gosalyn Mallard (Darkwing Duck), Marty Sherman (The Critic), Oblina (Ahhhhh! Real Monsters), Chuckie (Rugrats), and Dexter (Dexter’s Laboratory).
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ID: d18d4  No.206

File: 1419964039742.jpg (52.24 KB, 655x480, darkwarrior_duck_image_1_b….jpg)


ID: 77eb5  No.207


Bunnie Rabbot, too; Cavanaugh voiced her on Sonic the Hedgehog (the Saturday morning one).

ID: 74ed1  No.208

Oblina, DEXTER?! God, my childhood wails even after being utterly raped and thrown into a garbage dumpster of sin and loathing.


ID: 80be9  No.210


She will be missed :(

ID: 44e41  No.211

Only 51 too. That fucking sucks. :(

File: 1418972136993.gif (1.69 MB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_ngthjvZ1rH1q….gif)

ID: 86c83  No.152[Reply]

…well, I’ll be damned.
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ID: 90cf7  No.190

Speaking of rage I have SEEN someone lose their shit on facebook over this. Mostly due to how (according to her) it seems forced, shoehorned, hammered in at the last minute, etc…

ID: c6be9  No.191


I guess they didn’t see the creators saying they'd planned it out since Season 2, the interactions between Korra and Asami during Seasons 3 and 4, and the whole ‘Korra didn’t write to anyone but Asami during that three-year “vacation”’ thing in Season 4.

ID: a9393  No.195

Again, we're talking about the same kind of Special Olympians who can look at what complete shameless lesbians Vanille and Fang are together and screech "SISTERS, I TELL YOU! THEY ONLY SEE EACH OTHER AS SIIIIIIISTEEEEEEERRRRRS!!"

Hell, even better, these types of dipshits can watch Princess Bubblegum deeply sniff the shirt Marceline gave her, listen to "I'm Just Your Problem", AND eventually get confirmation from the lead writers of Adventure Time that PB and Marceline were in a relationship once at some point before the show begins, and they'll still wail about how depraved and deluded Bubbline shippers are–right before going off to write more Elsanna fanfics, no doubt.

ID: 3261c  No.197

>watch Princess Bubblegum deeply sniff the shirt

I always thought that was a 'sugar' reference.
Would have been way funnier(although, SaP inappropriate and overly obvious) if there was a 'sugar' stache afterwards.

ID: 2b4ad  No.198

It's been a while, I kinda missed this place.


While I don't have any sort of problem with them getting together, I am on the "it was poorly done" bandwagon. Probably not forced since it WAS hinted, but I think it was properly developed. But then again, this is my opinion and probably wanted a bit more out of ending.

File: 1418186485187.gif (2.1 MB, 350x263, 1387358536237.gif)

ID: 5be5c  No.102[Reply]

I miss cel animation.
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ID: 5be5c  No.131

File: 1418282147907.gif (2.4 MB, 400x300, jvePVEJ.gif)


Things like that Macross bit you mentioned and the infamous ‘disappearing tables’ bit from G.I. Joe (see the attached GIF) are actually some of the ‘rough edges’ that I’m talking about.

Yeah, it’s awful-looking. It’s a sign of shoddy animation (or a lack of a budget), and it certainly detracts from the overall experience of watching a show/movie when you see such obvious ‘flaws’.

But to me, they’re also a bit endearing. A full-digital show/movie could just fix these issues after the fact (and anime does it all the time with DVD/BD upgrades), but with cel animation, all those mistakes are essentially permanent. Hasbro could conceivably go back to the masters and find ways to put those tables back into the animation or something, but it would take away a bit of the ‘charm’.

I’m not excusing bad animation with this, though. Cel or digital, bad animation deserves to be shat upon.

ID: 3612c  No.133


You couldn't even count the number of things that are wrong with that fucking sequence. The tables disappearing briefly is, like, the least fucked-up.

ID: 6b9e9  No.156

There appears to be at least 1 thing that I've not ever seen done correctly with digital.

That's the semitransparent super translucent special (brightening, then dimming) effect(Not even in Thundercats 2011).
Know what I mean? Like when they shoot lasers or charge up and you get that bright corona burning and dulling effect.

All the digital attempts look very platy, and the effect just doesn't carry.

"Cel animation is a finished product, but it does have a bit of that grit from the real medium it's based on."

Yeah, grit. As if it comes to life from the medium. As apposed to say, something 'flat' that was fabricated in a 'lab'.

I guess we can agree that although digital may be superior, it also caries that synthetic material(plastic, platy) feel with it(No carry over with 3D, cause that's kind of it's own thing). You get an authentic kind of feel with cel, and although that may not matter to some, it could be a deciding factor for others.

It could also have something to do with spacial perspective(depth?); digital tends to be broad(flat?), where cel tends to be focused, with beautiful panoramic scenes(in some animations) as apposed to digitals flat type/linear backgrounds. Maybe it's also because digital is too crisp at times.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

ID: c88dc  No.193

>>I miss cel animation.

You could always watch some Geronimo Stilton. It's traditionally-animated, you know!

…please don't ban me.

ID: 15e15  No.196


I like how that's a meme.

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