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ID: 5be5c  No.102[Reply]

I miss cel animation.
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ID: 5be5c  No.131

File: 1418282147907.gif (2.4 MB, 400x300, jvePVEJ.gif)


Things like that Macross bit you mentioned and the infamous ‘disappearing tables’ bit from G.I. Joe (see the attached GIF) are actually some of the ‘rough edges’ that I’m talking about.

Yeah, it’s awful-looking. It’s a sign of shoddy animation (or a lack of a budget), and it certainly detracts from the overall experience of watching a show/movie when you see such obvious ‘flaws’.

But to me, they’re also a bit endearing. A full-digital show/movie could just fix these issues after the fact (and anime does it all the time with DVD/BD upgrades), but with cel animation, all those mistakes are essentially permanent. Hasbro could conceivably go back to the masters and find ways to put those tables back into the animation or something, but it would take away a bit of the ‘charm’.

I’m not excusing bad animation with this, though. Cel or digital, bad animation deserves to be shat upon.

ID: 3612c  No.133


You couldn't even count the number of things that are wrong with that fucking sequence. The tables disappearing briefly is, like, the least fucked-up.

ID: 6b9e9  No.156

There appears to be at least 1 thing that I've not ever seen done correctly with digital.

That's the semitransparent super translucent special (brightening, then dimming) effect(Not even in Thundercats 2011).
Know what I mean? Like when they shoot lasers or charge up and you get that bright corona burning and dulling effect.

All the digital attempts look very platy, and the effect just doesn't carry.

"Cel animation is a finished product, but it does have a bit of that grit from the real medium it's based on."

Yeah, grit. As if it comes to life from the medium. As apposed to say, something 'flat' that was fabricated in a 'lab'.

I guess we can agree that although digital may be superior, it also caries that synthetic material(plastic, platy) feel with it(No carry over with 3D, cause that's kind of it's own thing). You get an authentic kind of feel with cel, and although that may not matter to some, it could be a deciding factor for others.

It could also have something to do with spacial perspective(depth?); digital tends to be broad(flat?), where cel tends to be focused, with beautiful panoramic scenes(in some animations) as apposed to digitals flat type/linear backgrounds. Maybe it's also because digital is too crisp at times.

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ID: c88dc  No.193

>>I miss cel animation.

You could always watch some Geronimo Stilton. It's traditionally-animated, you know!

…please don't ban me.

ID: 15e15  No.196


I like how that's a meme.

File: 1418928549532.jpg (422.05 KB, 1366x768, 793954-zwischenablage021.jpg)

ID: 5dce0  No.150[Reply]

This is some good shit.

Weird, but seriously good shit.

ID: 32856  No.151

Over on Anime News Network, they polled readers for their top five TV anime of 2014. This series topped the poll (just barely above Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works and well ahead of No Game No Life, Tokyo Ghoul, and Space Dandy). It also showed up on three of the ten Editor’s Top Five lists.

I’mma have to check it out, it seems.

ID: 5dce0  No.159

Having finished what's aired so far…

Izumi seems to assume his "inhuman" feelings and actions are the result of Migi's cells spreading throughout his body. However, pretty much everything he's doing and feeling are explainable with various disorders such as depression, disassociation, and post-traumatic stress. All perfectly human reactions to the shit he's been through.

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