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File: 1443537910116.jpg (47.5 KB, 624x351, dm624.jpg)

ID: 0d5ef  No.1034

The Danger Mouse reboot has started this week, running daily at 6pm UK time on CBBC, available to Britbongs with iPlayer or enterprising foreigners with internet access.

I thought it wasn't too bad, a promising start to the new series. They're riding on a wave of nostalgia with some pretty big boots to fill, so I'm hoping they can take off and make it their own.

There was a teaser video around somewhere highlighting some of the upcoming guest voices, including John Oliver and BRIAN BLESSED. It looks like Count Duckula will also make an appearance in the series.

While Jeopardy Mouse (who has yet to make an appearance) seems too much of a Action-Grrl-Mary-Sue for /co/'s taste, Professor Squawkencluck is the front runner for Series Waifu.

ID: 13d66  No.1035


>seems too much of a Action-Grrl-Mary-Sue for /co/'s taste

They are overreacting, though lately it hasn't been uncommon, what with a lot of comics nowadays trying to pander to feminists (Wonder Woman actually saying "mansplaining" in one issue, several issues of she-Thor blatantly brown-nosing feminists, and new Captain Marvel being set in a military-esque, women-only utopia and main cast being a bunch of diverse women), and several occurences of SJWs making their presence known on /co/. S'what you get when m00t brought a bunch of them to be 4chan admins and mods.

ID: 7b2d4  No.1036


Yeah, kinda hoping that at least one of the positive changes of the new ownership is that the SJW mods are shown the door.

ID: 0d5ef  No.1077

File: 1445267231493.png (65.88 KB, 600x600, jeopardy_fun.png)

Jeopardy has two episodes so far; in her first appearance, she doesn't dominate the story as others have feared, but she's pretty much the no-nonsense straight-(wo)man for DM to play off. Naturally, she starts to loosen up by the end of the episode.

I'm a few episodes behind and playing catch-up, but thankfully iPlayer has a Series Record function so I don't have to forget about missing anything. Must get around to drawing Squawkencluck at some point.

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