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File: 1446907038931.jpg (697.55 KB, 1720x1236, img000046.jpg)

ID: a657e  No.1101

Because motherfucking One Punch Man. I've never been so happy to stumble onto something to amazing. Who else is catching the anime along with me?


ID: acdfe  No.1102

I haven't been keeping current (like with most anime) but it is a truly amazing series.

Just have to roll my eyes though at all the "One Punch Man has saved anime!" bullshit though. Usually spouted by the sort of people that love anime but are desperately, coweringly afraid of being called a weeaboo.

ID: c7b09  No.1103

The "saving anime" thing bugs me, I remember when people were gushing over Kill La Kill with the same bullshit.

That said, I'm super surprised that OPM is getting as much positive attention as it is. I think it's a fucking amazing series but I thought it was a super niche thing.

ID: 47146  No.1104


Madhouse definitely deserves a lot of the credit with their fucking astounding animation but One Punch Man's style can't be disregarded.

It's that rarest of parodies that realizes the perfect balance of both being a parody of something, but also a really enjoyable example of that something at the same time. It's a huge parody of fighting anime, but it's also a pretty fucking good fighting anime at the same time.

ID: c7b09  No.1105

I feel like the sheer quality of animation is all just part of the joke. In much the same way that the manga author learned animation techniques to make the flipbook sequences, it's all just building up to seeing Saitama's shitty face for the punchline and it never gets old.

ID: ef8ec  No.1106

and to know…
This is all started by a webcomic by someone who goes by [ONE], which then just got later redrawn by someone into a manga, which is then redone into a anime

ID: b37ff  No.1107

File: 1447130510717.jpg (Spoiler Image, 375.28 KB, 800x744, Saitama one punches a lopu….jpg)

Is it sad that I learned about this series from a pornographic image of a lopunny getting screwed by a trainer who looks like Saitama?

I mean, bald men don't harness much differing features other than caricature and jaw shape but damn it's almost uncanny.

ID: 25d4d  No.1111

I just started watching it yesterday, and am now eagerly awaiting new episodes. Saitama's stupid "serious time" face always gets me.

Also, place your bets now: are we going to get a Name Drop or Anticipated Name Drop But Then They End Up Calling Him Something Else?

ID: 47146  No.1112


You mean, are they actually gonna call him One Punch Man?

Not if they stay true to the manga.

ID: 90d43  No.1113

Especially since he seems to have this reality denial field surrounding him, and like 4 people actually acknowledge how absurdly strong he is, the rest outright deny reality and make up bullshit to explain it away.

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