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File: 1449633115204.gif (442.3 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_moi0xdavLC1q….gif)

ID: 8e508  No.1140


I figured since quite a few of us liked the FNAF Don Bluth inspired pictures, it'd be prudent to post this indiegogo project for a Dragon's Lair Returns Pitch Presentation. So far it's $45k away from it's initial goal.

ID: a33e3  No.1141

File: 1449671246138.jpg (43.23 KB, 540x304, tumblr_nukljhs3WQ1qzvtljo2….jpg)

>One of the most famous names in the animation business ever needs our money to convince a studio to listen to him

… Okay, like, I know he's no Walt Disney, but there's something weird about this whole concept.

ID: 7f489  No.1142


I'm leery of the whole thing. It's $250,000 to make a pitch video to try to get the necessary money to ''maybe' make a Dragon's Lair movie. We're the starting seed money for a lot of maybes.

(That and Bluth's decision to dump Kickstarter when it was clear he wouldn't make goal and go to a Flexible Funding project on Indiegogo that's guaranteed to get him paid seems skeezy as fuck to me.)

ID: a33e3  No.1143


I thought this was on Kickstarter before.

Yeah, that's super duper skeevy. Sounds like Bluth's looking for a payday, and when no movie materializes he can blame it on "the studio fat cats with no soul or imagination".

ID: d7d92  No.1144

Studios aren't interested in traditional animation projects. 3D or go home.

ID: d28a3  No.1145


Studios are interested in anything that will make them money.

It's just harder to make money with traditional animation. Bluth would have to show them cost and profit projections, not a cinematic, and cost and profit projections don't cost a quarter of a million dollars.

ID: 8e508  No.1146


So he tried it previously on kickstarter? Interesting.


If this were aimed at a modern crowd perhaps, but this is a nostalgia project. That is it's own bank breaker, depending on the franchise.


I'm not too informed on the inner workings of a pitch project, but I think the real question that has to be asked is if traditional animation is cost effective compared to more modern means of animation. I highly doubt he's going to hire a korean studio sweatshop to do the hard labor either.

ID: d7d92  No.1147


It depends on what he's going for. If he's pushing a traditional, hand drawn project, he's going to find few ears listening no matter how much money he puts into a pitch. The major studios have shutdown their traditional animation operations.

Everything is at least digital now.

Now if he's just going for a traditional style, but rendered on computers, he's got a much better shot at appealing to some of the studios.

That's just the nuts and bolts of the movie. Content wise, how willing are studios going to be to take on Dragon's Lair subject matter in the current cultural climate?

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