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File: 1452490751874.jpeg (65.76 KB, 599x599, EkL9Yubc.jpeg)

ID: b55af  No.1163

So, anyone else been watching…?

ID: 735e5  No.1169

I have. Shits getting intense now.

Sucks that we have to wait two weeks before the next episode.

ID: b55af  No.1171


Yeah, honestly it feels like the Rooster Teeth crew is just being deliberately sadistic to the audience this season. It's like, "Hey, we're all sad over here, so fuck you, know our pain."

ID: ec43e  No.1179

Epsiode 11 Spoilers:

Damn poor Yang. As if she didn't have it bad enough this season. Now she looses an arm to Adam. I'm betting she'll get a prosthetic one like Mercury's legs. They seem to be building them up as rivals so it would make sense if she went through similar circumstances.

Torchwick is probably dead too. I thought he was a cool villain. He kinda had a Joker-like charisma to him.

I'm betting Ozpin is gonna die next episode. I don't think he will be able to beat Cinder with the full fall maiden's power. I'm preparing myself for it.

ID: fbe79  No.1180

Honestly, not sure why everyone's mind is immediately going to "Welp, she's not getting that otherwise intact, cleanly sliced-off arm back, there's no option besides a prosthetic or just being one-armed from now on, cue drama-packed new character arc."

ID: b55af  No.1181


Limbs rarely get retrieved and sewn back on in fiction, it's not as dramatic. Besides, it's in a burning building that they're having to flee, in the middle of a crisis that will be at least several hours to resolve… it will be unusable by then. And even if Blake took it with her, if they wanted to go the realistic route of sewing it back on, there would still be severe nerve damage meaning she'd lose a ton of range of motion and fine control… for the purposes of staying a fighter, she'd actually be better off with one of the advanced prosthetics the setting has.

Anyway. Watched the ep last night. Ain't no brakes on the angst train apparently, eesh. Aside from the relentless negativity that has dogged this entire season, I only have a few other criticisms.

Really, Rooster Teeth? That's how you're gonna kill off a recurring villain that's been with the series since the first episode? Getting eaten by a Grimm for an irony joke and then the Grimm crashes and explodes? That's pathetic.

Did Adam really need the "domestic abuser" overtones? I mean, I'm pretty sure his villain cred has been thoroughly established at this point. The flashback episode earlier didn't make it look like he was nearly that obsessed with Blake. To paraphrase Smithers, "He's gone from well-intentioned extremist villainy to cartoonish straw misogynist supervillainy."

And I'm sorry but Cinder has just gone full-on Villain Sue at this point. The fact that she's been able to effortlessly do whatever the fuck she wants for the entire season has already been pretty bad, but the fact that she gets to dramatically swagger in and yet again achieve her objective without any challenge whatsoever and is now basically a minor god is just bullshit.

Speaking of bullshit, I kinda wanna call it on Velvet. Not the weapons thing… everyone was kinda expecting something like that and it was pretty neat. I just kinda wanna call bullshit on her managing to expertly use like a dozen other peoples' personal, specialized, often unique weapons. She was using most of them as well as or better than their owners, and everyone else just stood back and let her have her little private moment of awesome. About the only thing keeping me from actually calling bullshit on it is that it was kind of awesome so I'm inclined to be forgiving.

ID: b55af  No.1183

Oh, almost forgot.

Seemed like they tossed some shipping fuel in there amidst all the angst, with Adam's singling out of Yang and Blake's absolutely horrified expression. If Adam had said "I'm going to destroy everything you care about" I wouldn't be as inclined to see the intentional shipping there, but since he said "Everything you love" it kind of came off like subtext.

ID: ec43e  No.1184

Predictions for the Finale:

-Ozpin loses to Cinder but shows he is extremely powerful as well. He may get killed in the fight.

Beacon and Vale fall to the Grimm and White Fang. Everyone else evacuates to the other kingdoms. Also gives a good excuse to show one or more of the other kingdoms in Vol 4.

-Cinder and co. set off to find the other maidens leaving the White Fang in control of Beacon and Vale.

-After recovering, team RWBY and maybe JNPR set off to pursue Cinder. They are accompanied by one of the adults, probably Qrow.

ID: b55af  No.1185


If your second comes true I hope it's Haven. I wanna see more of Reese and her team, they seem neat. Though it will probably be the other one that Neon Katt and the trumpet dude are from.

ID: fbe79  No.1187

>if they wanted to go the realistic route of sewing it back on, there would still be severe nerve damage meaning she'd lose a ton of range of motion and fine control

Which strangely enough would actually play right into the fandom's increasingly weird, obsessive, drama-hungry predictions.

>for the purposes of staying a fighter, she'd actually be better off with one of the advanced prosthetics the setting has.

Which is kinda funny but not really, cause from what I gather, a fake limb would apparently mean she'd never be able to reach full power again or something and people are left and right assuming she'll now be useless in battle.

ID: fbe79  No.1188

Additional thought, stupidest thing I've seen said so far about this:

There have actually been a couple of people who've said it'll now be impossible for almot anyone to cosplay Yang.

Like, even if that's supposed to be a joke, it's still stupid as shit.

ID: 72bd1  No.1191

Major Finale Spoilers:

-Noooooooooooo Pyrrha!! God that hurts. She was my favorite character. Fuck Cinder!! She needs to die NOW!! I need a stiff drink after that.

-So Ruby has some kind of Maiden power or is it something else?

-Sucks that team RWBY is split up. I guess it's kinda cool seeing Ruby with Jaune's team. Something different.

-Looking forward to seeing Haven in the next volume.

-So that crazy looking woman at the end is behind everything. I think she is the person in the 1st episode describing the Grimm and stuff. Wonder what her relation to Ozpin is.

Ozpin is definitely still alive. They specifically said missing and not dead.

ID: b55af  No.1193

File: 1455543874971.png (1.21 MB, 500x625, tumblr_o1zqvrvyZl1tm1dgio2….png)

Yang stop being a punkass bitch whinerbaby.

ID: ec43e  No.1194


I don't blame her though. She did go through a lot. She'll definitely bounce back later on.

Anyway, here's my predictions for Vol 4: (also posted on katbox since this site is shutting down) *Series Spoilers*

-Team RWBY will get back together at some point near the end of the volume. Yang will debut her new robot arm and a new/modified fighting style to accompany it. Weiss will show up showing that she has improved her summoning skill and can use it more often and reliably. Blake will show up showing she has improved as well. Not sure exactly how though.

-Team RWBY and JNR will be safe this volume. There's no way they will consistently kill off main characters one volume after another or else there won't be any main characters left by the end of the show. I can see some more minor characters getting killed like someone on team SSSN or one of the Haven teams.

-Cinder will be revealed to be alive however, she was not unscathed. She'll end up being horribly scarred/disfigured due to what Ruby did. She'll look like the monster she is. She'll hold a grudge against Ruby for ruining her beauty.

-Haven/Mistral will get attacked by Grimm (of course), orchestrated by Cinder (of course), probably to try and draw out the maiden that resides there.

-I can totally see Ruby losing her shit when she sees Cinder again. She'll go into full rage mode and attack Cinder on site. It would be amusing to see the normally cute and happy Ruby super pissed off.

-One of the villains will be killed this volume. The good guys gotta gain some ground against the bad guys. I think it could be Emerald. I could see her doing a heel-face turn at the last minute to save Ruby only to be killed by Cinder afterwards for betraying her. She seemed to be a little regretful for everything that was happening to Beacon and Vale.

-Jaune will show that he has improved his combat capability immensely. He may even discover his semblance. Sadly, Pyrrha will never get to see how much Jaune has improved due to her training. I think I'm gonna go cry in the corner. *cries*

-We'll get to see Ren's semblance finally. Not sure what it will be though.

-Ozpin will show up at some point in the future but I don't think in this volume. When he does, I think we'll be treated to a flashback of the full Ozpin x Cinder fight at the bottom of the school. Then we can see what really happened to him.

-All of the issues in Mistral/Haven will be wrapped up (as best as they can be) in this volume and Vol 5 will end up being in Vacuo/Shade.

ID: 7a83c  No.1202

You do know how much time it would take to rework an entire fighting style WHILE getting over/used to the fact that you can't feel anything with one of your arms, right?

ID: b55af  No.1372

File: 1457824816148.jpg (519.45 KB, 500x1000, 55387119_p0_master1200.jpg)

ID: ad80a  No.1821

"Open Letter to All Who Treasured Monty Oum", a letter written by Rooster Teeth's former employee and Monty's close friend, Shane Newville, following the termination of his contract with Rooster Teeth which seems to reflect on some rather shady bullshit the company has been pulling regarding his and Sheena's employment ever since Monty passed away.


And surprising no one, Rooster Teeth's defense force is all-out.

ID: f31f1  No.1822


As intense as these accusations are, it's hardly fair to assume that everything said in that letter can be taken at face value.

I mean, just look at who wrote this: this is someone that (a) has a borderline obsession with Monty Oum, going so far as to admit that he was in this to work with Monty, not Rooster Teeth, and (b) he was let go from his job some time before releasing this letter. I don't know Shane from Adam, but these things lead me to believe that he has an ax to grind with Rooster Teeth.

On top of that, Shane's remarks in the letter are just flat-out unfair. He acts like he's the only one that loved Monty when we all know that everyone at Rooster Teeth loved the guy. Furthermore, he gripes about how Rooster Teeth aren't running RWBY the way Monty would've wanted, but what can you do when someone dies and isn't there to guide the team that works on the show?

Shane completely disregards guys like Kerry and Miles – people that have played a major role in working on the series for quite some time. Given that Monty is no longer there to work with all of them to hammer this stuff out, what other choice do they have? Leave it all in Shane's hands 'cause he was apparently Monty's closest protoge and no one loved him quite like him?

As for this business with Sheena, I am indifferent on it. There's certainly a chance that RT and her haven't been on good terms do to how Burnie conducts business, but I don't see why they absolutely had to bring her in as some kind of guiding force behing RWBY. Why should she be trusted with being the new director or influence behind the show? Because she was Monty's spouse? Because Monty wrote a role for her in the show?

Do I think Rooster Teeth handled this perfectly? No, but I think they made due with what they had and did what they could to make sure that the show/IP could move on – just as Monty would've wanted. Heck, a lot of fans think Volume 3 was a big improvement over Volumes 1 and 2, so maybe they're on to something.

Again, I think Shane has an ax to grind and a bone to pick with RT and he's using Monty's coffin as his personal soapbox to do all of this. The only people who are really backing him on this are Sheena, who might have personal beef with the company over some dispute that we're in the dark about, and Kathleen Zuelch, who left the company on questionable terms over 'lack of support' from RT and butting hands with Barbara.

Unless we hear from the RT folks (which I doubt we will 'cause there's likely a NDA in effect, from Shane being let go), we'll never know what the whole story is.

ID: c5fe5  No.1827

>Team JNR

Holy fuck that hurts. :(

ID: 0d016  No.1983

File: 1467462511834.jpg (82.13 KB, 821x701, NbhgZ5K.jpg)

Volume 4 October 22. Get hyped.

Also there's apparently a timeskip. Not sure how long.

ID: b55af  No.1984

Also new character art that teases Bumblebee a bit.

ID: a2a4e  No.2018

Good, and I hope it makes the Black Sun shippers squirm.

ID: b55af  No.2108

So apparently Rooster Teeth recently said that in S4, one ship would become canon.

For some reason Black Sun and Bumblebee shippers took that to mean it was a Blake ship and went to war all over again.

Guys. Seriously. It's going to be Lancaster. (Which is still a dumb name but I'm not opposed to it anymore after a S1 rewatch and some thinking.)

ID: b6ce8  No.2146

S4 E1 spoilers:

**Animation and model quality look a lot better now. Guess they keep getting a bigger budget with each volume.*"

Cinder got fucked up pretty badly. Good, she deserved it.

New villains seem pretty generic so far. Wonder what abilities they'll have and if they are as strong as Cinder.

Loving the Asian vibes from Mistral.

Nice to see Jaune's got an equipment upgrade. He could definitely use it.

Guessing we won't see team RWBY get back together this volume. They all seem to be doing their own thing based on the opening.

ID: b55af  No.2147


I was a little annoyed with Jaune's "upgrade". Everyone else got an overhaul and he got tweaks. His character design is almost wholly untouched, they could have at least given him some Grief Stubble or something.

I'm betting RWBY doesn't see each other for at least half the season, a lot of others are betting it will be the whole thing, yeah, which would make me a bit sad. However they were together at the very end of the OP so maybe they'll start getting back together at the very end of the season at the latest.

ID: b55af  No.2148

My poor Yang.

ID: 0d016  No.2183

So volume 4 has wrapped up now. Finale spoilers:

-No one died. Yay. It's nice to see a somewhat happy ending after Vol 3's dark ending.

-That Grimm was pretty strong. It's nice to see that the Grimm can still be a major threat for the characters and not just fodder.

-Guess Nora x Ren was the ship that Rooster Teeth said would be confirmed.

-Mistral looks pretty cool. Can't wait to see more of it in Vol 5.

-Looks like Weiss, Blake, and Yang will likely meet up with Ruby in Mistral next volume.

-So the headmaster of Haven is in league with Salem then? Curious to see how this plays out.

-Oscar/Ozpin meets up with Qrow and gets his cane back. Hope we get some kind of explanation what Ozpin's deal is.

Overall this volume was pretty good but the main plot moved really slow. Guess that's what happens when you split up all the characters and have to show what they are up to. We did get some good backstory, world building, and character development to make up for the slow plot though.

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