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So is anyone else keeping up with this? It's a new sort-of series; it's planned out as six or so movies split into four episodes, and it continues onto the plot from original Digimon Adventure and 02. although the beginning of first film shows most of 02's protagonists except Takeru and Hikari being taken down by someone…

The first "film" is kind of seen as letdown by everyone, but that's mostly because it serves to set things up for the plot to take off. All of the protagonists are in high school/junior high, and there's a newcomer among the DigiDestined, along with her Digimon partner who is targeted by Alphamon and another mysterious Digimon for unknown reasons. There is also a government backed organization that monitors any occurence of Digimon appearing in the human world, and they sort-of cooperate with the DigiDestined when it is required, usually to fight off the mysteriously infected, berserk Digimon. However, the chief agent in charge of the organization may not be all that she seems…and shit seriously goes down in the second "film", further complicating things when Ken Ichijouji reappears as Digimon Kaiser.

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