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Pudding snacks are more important than casual encounters.

(Age has issued a moratorium on EWS' saccharine-as-shit material so please do not post it. Proof: >>1847 and >>1851 )
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ID: 11ccd  No.2178

Has anyone else been reading Weaver's Pack Street stories? because the latest chapter happened and I need to talk about it.


ID: b94ca  No.2179

wow didnt know someone else also reads that, its pretty good story work I say

ID: 11ccd  No.2180

Yeah, it's pretty great. It says something about a story when you feel so close to the characters that a chapter can ruin your day like the most recent one did.

ID: 11ccd  No.2181

I was also really hoping for more from pandora before that happened. I know things will turn out okay eventually. what was it? A few months in-movie?

ID: 922e6  No.2195

This kind of got lost in all the brouhaha surrounding the Academy Awards, but Zootopia took the Oscar for Best Animated Picture.

ID: 11ccd  No.2196

Not surprising. the academy always picks the Disney film. This is just the one time they deserved it.

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