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ID: 43eec  No.2257

ID: b6541  No.2258

Consider myself cautiously pessimistic. There's been a lot of good series that we wish never got a reboot lately. Give us something new.

ID: 9829b  No.2259

Well if this ever DOES work might as well throw in shows like Freakazoid in there.

ID: b6541  No.2260

I don't even want to think about how bad a Freakazoid reboot would be. Imagine how Dexter will be portrayed in this Post-Big Bang Theory media.

ID: be4d3  No.2261

The track record of cartoon revivals is overall pretty poor with an exception or two to essentially prove the rule.

I could see this very easily going Full Lolsorandom.

ID: d42aa  No.2263

Let's see…Voltron, Thundercats…

MLP and Transformers don't count.

ID: be4d3  No.2264


Thundercats sucked though.

ID: d42aa  No.2265

It was mediocre, but hardly as offensively bad as…all of cartoon network's current lineup.

ID: 24b79  No.2266


How exactly do MLP and Transformers not count?

ID: b6541  No.2267

Because the reboots and generations are constant.

They have been consistently rebooting the franchises for decades.

ID: 24b79  No.2268


Does the frequency of the reboots really matter? The same thing applies to them; some reboots were met far more positively than others.

You can hardly claim Beast Wars is remembered in the same way as G1, or MLP G4 is thought of in the same light as G3.

ID: be4d3  No.2269


Yeah but the point is those are franchises. They're not "remakes", they're doing something at least slightly different with the same premise each time.

These aren't going to be some new batch of Warners, they're not meant to be entirely different characters with the same general look and names, this is intended as a revival.

ID: 94bdb  No.2327

It's official:


Hulu is getting two new seasons (to debut in 2020) and the rights to the original series, Pinky and the Brain, and the latter's Elmyra spinoff. All that stuff is available now.

ID: 94bdb  No.2328

AND rights to Tiny Toons as well.

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