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ID: 7b5ce  No.2329

ID: 8ad15  No.2330

So they finally decided to make April black like in the original comic? Neat. But I am not fond of her being a fucking teenager again, I'm worried that element is going to stick for all future versions of TMNT.

Also why the fuck did they swap Leo's and Raph's roles?? I have a rotten feeling it's a case of "showrunner's favorite character" like what happened with Tygra in 2011.; Lion-O was the protagonist, but Michael Jelenic kept pushing for Tygra constantly one-upping him because Tygra is his favorite character.

ID: 06080  No.2331

April wasn't black in the comic, although Baxter Stockman was. I have it right in front of me, I am looking at it right now.

Think about it, her last name is O'Neil.

ID: d52df  No.2332

She had a perm in the original black & white comics, and was occasionally drawn with slightly darker skin. Between that and the fact that the humans in the original were usually drawn with very angular features it's led to the idea that April was black by some people who've just seen a few (carefully selected) panels.

But yeah, last name O'Neill.

tbh I think this looks like a trainwreck but eh. I don't even really have that much interest in it at this point whether it is or not. It's just kinda "Oh, another TMNT reboot" when I haven't been invested in any of the other ones in years.

ID: 9be9a  No.2333

Everything about the Turtles is wrong, April looks like a Tumblr "headcanon" version of herself, and Splinter looks like a bootleg Shifu got spliced together with Mickey Rooney's character from Breakfast at Tiffany's.

I don't even need to watch it to know it's gonna suck.

ID: 7b5ce  No.2337

ID: 581d9  No.2348

So, the showrunners have stated that this series is going to be something of a "prequel" to the usual status quo; turtles are somewhat younger and haven't yet dealt with any super-serious threats, and Leo has yet to become the de-facto team leader.

I don't hate this, but I can't say I am awaiting with excitement either.

ID: d52df  No.2349


That is almost literally every single Turtles series. Possibly without the "Leo's not already the leader" thing.

They always go into it at the start of their career and meeting April. Facing serious threats doesn't become the status quo until the series kicks off.

So yeah, confidence in this had already hit rock bottom but it's now drilling for oil.

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