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File: 1427714270167.jpg (238.99 KB, 820x1065, Gravity Falls.jpg)

ID: 45737  No.536

With the site back up and such, here's the new Gravity Falls thread.

While the 2nd season is in it's mid-season break, it's already been quite a ride. Alex Hirsch has stated that everything will be different afterwards, and if we thought the mid-season finale was crazy, we're gonna' have our faces melted off in the next half of the season.

ID: 77302  No.545

I've recently started watching Gravity Falls, 2 episodes into season 2 and WOW what a shift in tone! Honestly it's way way better then I expected and I'm eager to get to the mid-season finale. I was surprised at how dark the show got in season 2 along with how quickly the plot and character development pushed in such a short time.

The only bad thing is, it feels like season 2 is playing out like they won't get renewed for season 3 (a possibility) so they are trying to get through major plot points asap.

ID: 45737  No.546


The 2nd season is definitely darker then the first, with some great (and sad) things revealed about some of the characters.

As for plot points getting revealed and such, it's very clear that Alex Hirsch has everything planned out from the very beginning. (Something which shows like Lost could've benefitted from.) Also, A.H. knew there was going to be a lengthy mid-season break, so he's treating season 2 kinda' like two seasons with their own premiers and finales so the pacing is better and it would be broken up into satisfying chapters.

Yes, plot points are getting revealed, but they definitely needed to get brought up in order for the mid-season finale to happen as well as tease mysteries and events that'll probably happen in the second half of the season.

ID: 77302  No.570

File: 1428126158909.png (1.02 MB, 900x733, Fanart-gravity-falls-31887….png)

Finally all caught up, well worth the watch! I really love everything about this show
(Well everything BUT Mable's boy craziness and friends)

Can't wait to see more of Bill Cipher and Stan 8D

ID: 77302  No.596

File: 1428219295099.png (239.97 KB, 906x1058, hxY2AzH8S9.png)

based dorito demon <3

ID: 77302  No.597

File: 1428220190809.jpg (Spoiler Image, 852.1 KB, 2500x2000, trust_stan_pines___youtube….jpg)

Oh wow, this is awesome.

ID: 77302  No.710

File: 1430856611320.jpg (720.27 KB, 700x1800, billcomic.jpg)

Oh yeah, I drew a thing the other night.

ID: 45737  No.763

Hold onto to your butts, everyone. Gravity Falls returns in July!


ID: 45737  No.1115

Double Post, but I figure it's appropriate considering the important news.

It's been one crazy season, but Alex Hirsch has confirmed Gravity Falls is coming to a end.


I have to applaud the reasonings why, it's refreshing to have a series fully planned out to have a beginning, middle and end. Not to mention have it go out with a bang and not overstay it's welcome, all good things must come to a end after all.

So there'll just be two more episodes, the upcoming Weirdmageddon II: Escape from Reality and the hour long Weirdmageddon III to finish it off. Considering Weirdmageddon Part 1 was off the chain and we now know the writers knew this was the end, we're in for one hell of a ride.

ID: 012bf  No.1198

And thus, a magical summer adventure is over, and all things were neatly wrapped up.
That finale was fucking perfect, and when Alex said someone's gonna die in the final episode, he didn't lie.
Rot in whatever Hell you wound up in, Bill Cipher, you won't be missed.

ID: 75c46  No.1199

ID: 4c410  No.1201


Well, that is IF Gravity Falls somehow continues.
Hirsch has supposedly concluded it and said it's done, but even though Disney owns it, I doubt they would try to make a sequel without him, since he voiced a great number of characters.

ID: 75c46  No.1204

File: 1455925502867.png (Spoiler Image, 984.94 KB, 1299x667, dvonlQh.png)

It looks like there's one more mystery to be solved:

The closing shot of the series is the picture to the left: what appears to be a life-sized Bill Cipher statue resting somewhere in the woods.

As Dipper and Mabel ride the bus back home, a cipher can be seen written on the back window. Bill provides the key during his death throes (see >>1199), and the translated message reads as follows:


This clue, along with comments on Alex Hirsch's Twitter feed, have led fans to conclude that the Bill statue is in fact a real artifact, and has been hidden somewhere in Oregon. The leading candidate is a tourist attraction called the "Oregon Vortex," which is what pops up if you enter "Gravity Falls, Oregon" into Google Maps, but the Vortex is currently closed and isn't due to open until March 1.

Fans on reddit, tumblr, 4chan, and Twitter are preparing to mount expeditions to this and other suggested sites in Oregon over the weekend to see if they can locate the statue.

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