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File: 1422149384584.jpg (65.95 KB, 567x876, dfdsfasd.JPG)

ID: 3c42e  No.438[Reply]

Legions of furries insist he was making fun of rape victims.
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ID: fb83e  No.634

One of the cases where stupidity should be painful.

ID: 1c1bc  No.636

I wonder, how fast would they have changed their tune if the sexes were switched or the perpetrator was also a man?

Hell, I remember people laughed their asses off at some video of a drunk woman forcing kisses and shit on some little boy on a subway car, and no one around him was doing anything to stop it. I bet you anything that if it was a man forcing himself onto a little girl, not only would every single comment be calling the man a fucking demon and demanding unspeakable things be done to his genitals, but every man on that subway car, and probably a fair number of the women, would've lunged at the guy to beat him half to death.

ID: 4a43f  No.722

File: 1424594703899.jpg (48.31 KB, 500x375, tumblr_kGrHgoOKiwEjlLmVWD_….jpg)

Butthurting plebeians on the internet means that you are doing gog's work, son.

Besides which if vidya has taught me anything, the damage bonus from high terrain is always worth it.
That's why when I punch down, it's with a spiked metal gauntlet.

I can't help but imagine the first part of that post played along to this…

ID: 4a43f  No.723


huh, youtube links aren't allowed?

ID: 4a43f  No.724

Oh, nevermind. There we go! Anyway

Howdy goys, I went and looked it up for ya'll.

I can't help but think it's a result more of her being so blatantly One Of Us instead of just your average female paedo.
Dat smug-ass know-it-all smirk. Dem hipster glasses. The short bob cut. So obviously One Of Us. (Lena falls to that blanket too)
Meanwhile, I don't see Greer getting very much respect on tumblr, and all she did was photograph the young'ns, not rape them.

File: 1418764240652.gif (900.2 KB, 500x210, Bilbo-smiling-the-hobbit-a….gif)

ID: 3cdf2  No.131[Reply]

>Finding a good artist on tumblr
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ID: 7d257  No.589

I think that's almost what it is. I say "almost" because I believe at least some of the SJW types who say things like that do it not to provoke reactions just to do it, but to provoke reactions out of a belief that the only way to change is to force people to think, and the only way you can force some people to think is to make them angry.

The problem is, I kind of agree with that sentiment, yet they're still going about it the wrong way.

ID: b6aad  No.590

>the only way you can force some people to think is to make them angry.

That's such bullshit, tho.

"I was just trying to start a discussion" is basically code for "I was being deliberately insulting and spouting off something I knew wasn't true but how dare you demand sources or call me on being an asshole".

ID: cf70b  No.592

What are you talking about? I don't base all my voting on what my candidates like to fuck or what gender they identify with or what the color of their skin is and nobody else should either. I only care if they want to make my life harder or not and sadly where I live, that's usually the case(California).

My point is that the vast majority of humans are straight and their gender matches their sex. The vast majority. It's the baseline we measure variance from. There's nothing wrong with a norm.

The problems come when the norm is made to be exclusive. You push out all the variance. I have a problem with that.

However, I have a problem with pushing the other way by asserting there is no norm because there is. That push back makes people feel threatened. It doesn't matter if it's rational or not. When people feel threatened they push back harder.

There's a certain practicality with how we handle a lot of these issues that's getting lost with some of the ridiculous demands, namely in our language.

I apologize if we're not on the same page here, but I tend to take a more inclusive approach to handling these issues. Instead of railing on people for being bigots, I prefer to give them respect and dignity so that I may persuade them to see it in another way. For a lot of people all they want is to be heard and have their thoughts respected no matter how wrong you find them to be.

A bit of another anecdote for me, but I remember when I was a teenager and going to Nebraska for a family reunion. Couple hundred people and it was pretty cool. They like their polka, booze, and meat. One of my cousins was pretty adamant in his stance against homosexuality. I had an hour long conversation about it. I didn't change his mind, but in the end he shook my hand and said "Thank you for letting me talk. Maybe I'm just bullheaded, I don't know." Didn't change his mind, but I got him to at least think and consider. Maybe he has changed his mind today, I don't know, but if I had just gone off at him and called him a bigot and shit, maybe he wouldn't have even given it a thought and just shut down completely which is what happens when we become hostile. We stop thinking.

So that's just my take on it.

ID: 8877a  No.594

>However, I have a problem with pushing the other way by asserting there is no norm because there is.

It is not a norm, it is a statistical fact that should not bear weight, value or symbolism in any way.

>That push back makes people feel threatened

No one is saying being a bi transexual is "the norm", but many (I think) are saying that the term is bad because "normative" means "something to strive for when possible", which clearly implies that not-norm equals bad. In addition, there is no easy way to distinguish who are the "salvagable" people who just get a little huffy or threatened by the scary pushback subversives, and who are the bad-faith mongrels who are just looking for an excuse to use their fear of change as fuel for mindless whining or hate (see black stormtrooper, the latest Ms. Marvel or femalepeople in Ghostbusters and you'll find lots of people who are probably not very open to reasoning)

>Instead of railing on people for being bigots, I prefer to give them respect and dignity so that I may persuade them to see it in another way

You can find people with jobs, families, a full diploma and perfectly polite miens who don't know that sugars are carbohydrates. This perfectly chipper and normal-looking woman my aunt works with said she thought Ben Carson was damn right to compare Ocare with slavery but that the country really doesn't need another black man for a president (she insists she is not racist). I very much refuse the call to reason with and diplomatically guide persons like that into the future, even if their feet-dragging hurts people I have compassion for, because talking to stupid people is torture to me.

In the time you spend explaining to one person that a warmer climate makes more water go into the atmosphere so there is more snow, one hundred more watch some blonde nothing on cable news going "Well obviously NASA is dumb because their silly theory totally implied no more snow". It is not a battle I can take.

ID: 7d257  No.597

What I mean is that some people really do believe that the only way to get people to stop and let in an outside thought for once is to get them angry. For some people, that's true; they've decided not to listen to anything which contradicts their own preferred viewpoint, and in some cases, getting them really hopping mad about something that normally angers them, and then adding in things they agree with on the surface but which, if they really considered them, are quite bad, could make them give these things some serious consideration.

That being said, this isn't always the best approach. For some people, one needs to discuss the problems, not hammer them in. What's important is figuring out which are which. See below.

Most of the people to whom you're referring, though, are just the dorks who either enjoy drama but try to cover up the fact that they're starting it, or are simply too dense to realize they're saying inflammatory things.

>>Maybe he wouldn't have even given it a thought and just shut down completely which is what happens when we become hostile. We stop thinking.

This is the type I'm talking about above. They've found their opinion, and they switch off their brain. For different ones, there are different approaches which are better-suited to making them think. And making them think is sometimes more important than simply trying to "change their mind."

>>Instead of railing on people for being bigots
In the cases where getting someone angry IS the way to get them to consider and think, this isn't the way. SJWs get it very wrong. As noted above in this post, one first has to get them amped up about something they already dislike– and then one must take something bad that they agree with, find the bad in it, slip that in while they're riled-up and get them to see that it's a problem. When they come down, they may actually consider it.
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File: 1423255859965.jpg (41.15 KB, 400x300, conspiracy.jpg)

ID: cc6a9  No.566[Reply]


Is crazy conspiracy theories allowed here?

Link above is an Evangelist group that claims nearly everything is the work of Satan. Claims some illuminati/zionist/masonry theories too.

Why do some people buy into this? Are people just that desperate to blame some evil entity? Benign harmless stuff like this just confuses the hell out of me.
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ID: 3c382  No.568

>A religious group believes all the stuff they don't like is the work of the adversarial force from their religion


>Why do some people buy into this? Are people just that desperate to blame some evil entity?

Well, when you look at the concept of a religion… which is really a group of people who believe certain things and share certain views and advocate certain actions, if you strip out the metaphysical component… then you don't require a God, but you always require a Devil. Humans by our nature are more driven to unite against something than for something… not because we're mean or violent or some shit, it's just survival behavior. It's more important to work together because some big predator is nosing around where you live than it is to get together because some guy wants to build a really big fire. ("Why do that? I can make fire, and have it to myself!") So any group that functions like a religion requires a Devil to blame all their woes on and define yourself through the struggle against them, even if the struggle consists of nothing but the occasional angry rant.

See also: The Patriarchy.

ID: c57fe  No.569

>Why do some people buy into this?

‘The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory, is that conspiracy theorists believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is actually chaotic. The truth is that it is not The Iluminati, or The Jewish Banking Conspiracy, or the Gray Alien Theory.

The truth is far more frightening - Nobody is in control.

The world is rudderless.’

— Alan Moore

ID: 62b8b  No.570

This is a wonderful summary of religion and why it is such a big component of humanity. Well done!

ID: 93c52  No.571

Indeed, people tend to believe that there's an enemy out there, and will search for a name to put on it. If that enemy is disproven - satan is the grand example because, just as there's no solid proof for his existence, there's no solid proof against, so he can be a perennial enemy - people are more fearful than ever. The enemy isn't vanquished, or no longer a threat. Just, "If they're not my enemy, who is?"

In the USA at various times, the common enemy - with varying degrees of any real threat - has been, among others: Catholics, Protestants, Irish, Chinese, Japanese, blacks, Arabs, and "Islamic terrorists" (the latter, a blanket term so vague that, shortly after 9/11, some folks were attacking Seikh taxi drivers, neither knowing nor likely caring that Seikhs aren't Muslims.)

There are, incidentally, a handful of scattered Christians out there who don't believe in satan– or in original sin at all. It's an odd belief system, to be sure, and one most Christians would denounce, but it exists. I haven't seen much of it online, but I've spoken with a few of them.

Even funnier are some of the comments on the linked vid, like this one: "There is a very great deal of work being done to expose MK Ultra mind control on pop stars, including satanic ritual abuse, in order to shatter the core personality into multiples. The victim (in this case Katy Perry) would then have a handler (much being posted that Russel Brand was for a time Katy Perry's handler, while Jay-Z continues to be Beyonce's)."

ID: 93c52  No.573

I'll refrain from making a tongue-in-cheek crack about how the "controlled" are female and their "handlers" are male.

File: 1422487977832.jpg (2.47 MB, 1919x5705, Wyldfire_FA_Journal.jpg)

ID: 1597f  No.494[Reply]

Take a look at this douchefuck.

Now why am I posting this (now-deleted) journal? Because of what this asshole did to Kadath. Quoting Kad’s Twitter:

>Apparently this guy has done this before. Shouts on his FA page show stalking behaviour. His DA is deactivated. His older FA suspended. Dude asked for a commission, went through 20+ emails, worked out a price and details - and then he's like 'oh I'm broke. Commission me?' He tried to get me to commission him, so he could use the money to commission me (WTF). Then he started comparing my prices to others'. Then he started talking smack about other artists that charge more than I do. At this point I told him I would not work with him. He started prodding me on my galleries. Then emailed me asking me to give him my digital signature for a get well card for a friend of his. I don't even know this person. They're not following me. Sure I feel bad for their situation, but the guy acts shady and wants my signature? He also asks Kaylii for her signature, and she doesn't even know this guy at all. Never talked to him. So finally he pokes me again, and this happens. Notice I directly quote him and his response is to reverse it on me. [https://twitter.com/UnknownKadath/status/560226205560233984] Artists, beware of Wyldfire. His DA account is deactivated. His Wyldfire7 FA page is suspended. His Wyldfire page has similar drama on it. I normally don't publicly call out stuff like this, but this guy pushed my patience to its limits. Considering his FA page has similar stalking/shady bullshit mentions on it from other ppl (plus age warnings?) I would avoid at all costs. So yeah, sorry for the rant and screencap drama. I normally try to keep things professional, but this guy is trouble & ppl deserve to know.

I like Kadath. I like his art. Neither he nor any other artist deserves what this Wyldfire dickface did to him.
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ID: cae50  No.555

File: 1423109532542.jpg (38.84 KB, 720x404, blowyasfuck.jpg)

Some do. Some people just can't do anything without making a scene whether it's really quitting or seeking attention.

ID: bce2d  No.556

…ouch, I, uh, I didn't even SEE that! Geez, not what I meant.

Addlesee did actually ditch FA, quite a while before his death. He threatened to do so many times, but he finally actually quit coming back. I was really shocked, I'd never seen any drama-whore who threatened to leave actually…go somewhere else…

No, I didn't suddenly turn into a jerk. I don't like it when even the biggest assholes die. Besides, I wish he'd kept living and providing us with funny shit. I wanted to see more of him in his "Mid-Pro Water-Weight Champeenship Warehouse Wrestling Federation of Georgia" roles.

ID: 136fd  No.558

I think Wyldfire's idea of leaving FA is just not posting any more of his own artwork. Looking at his favorites - which update frequently - shows he's still very much active.

ID: 9f3ef  No.559

I know of at least two who actually did. Go see how hard it is to find anything by Purity (a typically sonic fanart style artist) or PinkFairyLotus.

ID: bce2d  No.560

I'm surprised.

I'm not surprised.

File: 1422161100942.jpg (163.3 KB, 1062x594, _Macro__You-Dense-Motherfu….jpg)

ID: 77b01  No.442[Reply]


Jeremy B. was actually naïve enough to believe people wouldn’t take screenshots of a livestream he did.

ID: 72d35  No.444

I dunno, perhaps he still thinks IF YOU STEAL MY ART, I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN works?

ID: cdc1c  No.447

Wait wait wait…

He had a stream open to the public?
And in this stream he was doing art for SF?
And he's shocked, I tell you, shocked that people screen grabbed and shared?


ID: 54e0e  No.547

ID: cdc1c  No.552

Oh boy! I'll make some popcorn for the next rant.

File: 1422545681926.jpeg (233.3 KB, 1280x931, 1422487577.adiago_uncanny….jpeg)

ID: b0437  No.514[Reply]

>"top" furry artist post a picture saying what any other style but her own and the similar are wrong and creepy.
>gets called out and rage deletes it.

I guess by Adiago's logic Las Lindas and UberQuest are uncanny valley and thus nobody likes them.
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ID: 160db  No.534

That's the beauty of art - there is no 'right' way to do it because art can be anything.

That being said, sure there is some anatomical logic that peeps should learn as far as basic structure goes. However, for something like 'furries' being a fantasy thing - they can honestly look however your imagination wants.

I like to think with furries it just depends on ratio - some draw humanoids with animal features and vice versa.

If she would have just said 'this is my preference' rather then 'this is wrong, this way is right!' it wouldn't have been an issue.

ID: 3691f  No.535


Someone should've screencapped/saved that, sounds like it was fucking amazing.

ID: 3691f  No.536

File: 1422624035856.jpg (1.33 MB, 727x2708, tom_gets_told.jpg)


Nevermind, I think I found it. Glorious Google, even if Tom hides his slip-ups it's always bound to come back and bite his ass.

ID: b901e  No.537


Well that really blew up quickly due to Tom's inflated sense of self-importance.

His arrogance is ballooning out of hand. He's really full of hot air.

ID: 61276  No.538

I feel like this is less of a tutorial to help people and more "See! I know what I'm talking about with art!" bit.

The most important tip that an artist should give if someone asks for help with art is; "Do more figure drawings, forget style because if you can't draw a proportional and anatomically correct human body your "style" isn't taking you anywhere."

File: 1422397182463.jpg (126.72 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_nhtpkfjLNt1touc20o1….jpg)

ID: 740b1  No.482[Reply]

>Try to relax and not issue so many bans
>People start being dicks because they think I won't ban them

Every time.
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ID: 7fabb  No.500


What's the design on yours? Might pitch in if it isn't too out there. I give leeway to stuff like digimon but still. Some things just look better on fabric instead of fur.


I can respect bluntness, sometimes someone just has to come out and say it. But alas this wasn't one of those cases. Best wishes to you, and hope you don't mind if someone else takes the position in your stead.

ID: 412b3  No.501

A name is a name anyone can fill it. I didn't own it so no worries

ID: 4572d  No.502

File: 1422498413998.png (621.81 KB, 1280x723, tumblr_ni5ch20TlV1tftzfwo1….png)

We don't need a friggin' designated Renamon.

ID: 7fabb  No.503


Fine fine, kindness averted.

Need to save up for a tablet anyways, just in case.

ID: 675d1  No.512

I was really being tongue-in-cheek when I suggested stepping into the role.

On my renamon? Ordinary markings, her personality is where she has features. Pretty generic-looking otherwise.

File: 1421954558878.jpg (79.2 KB, 900x519, pondering.jpg)

ID: 65e05  No.411[Reply]

Not sure where else to post this, might as well put it here.

According to Karno (who was close associate of our favorite Jack Kirby wannabe), Steven died from diabetes complications.


I'm….I'm not sure what to say really. I was on the old Freehaven website when drama around this guy was going down, he seemed like a genuinely mentally challenged fellow with delusions of grandeur and persecution complex, but now that he's apparently gone, I'm actually speechless.

If it's true, God-speed you crazy bastard. God-speed.
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ID: c696f  No.431

Eh as my grandma says:
"If the person you had problems with dies…just acknowledge they are dead. Don't fucking give them all the nice when they are dead, its makes you further a piece of shit as you couldn't give all that nice when they were alive"

ID: f3e93  No.434

I always try to say at least one positive thing when someone dies. It's really never a nice thing.

ID: c696f  No.435

The nicest thing I can do is be neutral on their death. yea it sucks hes dead due to complications, but thats all I can give.

ID: f3e93  No.436

Wherever he ended up, you can bet he's bitching someone's ears off about how he knew all along that the entire world was against him and the world finally proved its point.

I wonder who'll be the replacement for Commodore Steven Seattle?

ID: 63251  No.437

Jed York.

ID: 154f8  No.421[Reply]

One of my friends is going to interview for an admin job on FA. Should I break relations with him?

ID: 754be  No.424

Depends. Are you one of those guys who thinks that, the moment someone is elected as a politician, they instantly begin to become corrupt and dangerous?

ID: cdf9b  No.427


Yes, they deserve better than you.

ID: 754be  No.430

I thought I had responded with the best witty zing possible.

I was wrong.

I also agree with you, Sechs.

File: 1421939522943.jpg (10.16 KB, 400x314, 6338415.jpg)

ID: ef2e6  No.410[Reply]

Hey guys shouldn't you remind people where the IRC channel is?

For anyone who forgot, it's irc.rizon.net #tgfb

Maybe a note on the frontpage?

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