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File: 1419993618377.jpg (61.89 KB, 800x450, vikings.jpg)

ID: 09b4c  No.188[Reply]

>Deposit generous Christmas check present at BofA.
>Get receipt that says my available balance(not for the full amount of course).
>Buy stuff at book store with card.
>Next day a hold is put on the check.
>Balance becomes negative.
>Check clears. Charged overdraft fees.

Guess I get to pencil in a visit to the bank tomorrow.

ID: 09b4c  No.194

Resolved and I didn't even have to bring the artillery. It was actually pretty amusing seeing the look on the guy's face when he looked at my deposit slip then my account and couldn't put two and two together(why I was being charged that is).

Feels good to not have to get angry.

ID: 64277  No.360

I'm glad they did something about it. Down here they would had just laughed and waved their dick at you while expecting the book store to fix it.

ID: 09b4c  No.403

Yeah, I was half-expecting the "nothing we can do" thing but felt lucky they were able to do it.

File: 1421799762229.jpg (8.81 KB, 268x188, cry.jpg)

ID: 501a4  No.400[Reply]

What happened to the chatroom?

File: 1418658920474.png (54.67 KB, 600x520, jealous.png)

ID: f75e9  No.130[Reply]

>apologizing over furry drama

I'm genuinely puzzled- why? Every time I see anyone apologize online, especially when it comes to furries, it seems like the drama only gets worse because of it. The internet has developed hardcore in the "do not forgive, do not forget" mentality and every tiny shred of anything sticks to a person for life. Apologies are never worth shit because there either seems to be as assumption the person is insincere, or that no one really cares anyway and don't want the drama to end. Looks to me if you're wrapped up in drama, even if you didn't do anything to start it

>because so many oversensitive manchildren use the internet and take anything they don't like as a direct offense because their egos are bigger than the sun

The BEST thing to do is either to ignore it, or to say "fuck you" and not be sorry. I have never once seen an online apology that helped a situation. I've even received said apologies from certain types only to find out later they didn't mean it and were just trying to save face, so there you go.
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ID: c3b2d  No.182

>>all the shit she does

What shit DOES Kayla-Na do? Anyone?

As for apologies, I do explain furries to, say, folks on Reddit sometimes. People have heard little about the fandom, but what they've heard is bad. I give 'em some more level information, and many of them seem to appreciate it. If they're the sort who love the drama and want it to continue, it's usually quite obvious in what they say and how they say it. In those cases, it's best to just leave 'em alone.

ID: 93e04  No.388

>>generally being men
hawt, pixpls

>>182 I stopped following her when she kept asininely deleting and undeleting her Twibra blog, but from what I recall lots of outstanding commissions that she got REALLY salty over whenever someone said "It's been two months, finish art pls?"

ID: 6934e  No.389

Takes lots of commissions she takes a fucking long time to finish, yet she churns out lots of personal art and gift art. I have a friend who waited six months for his commissions and in the meanwhile she did over a dozen personal pieces and even a few gift arts/trades to other popular FA users.

ID: c3b2d  No.390

Thanks. I enjoy some of her art, but I'll remember not to consider commissioning her, not that I'd considered that before. Her style doesn't really fit any of my characters.

ID: 6934e  No.393

she seems to have too much of an ego, too

File: 1421299142125.png (274.57 KB, 500x355, furi.png)

ID: 195c9  No.373[Reply]

Why there isn't a real porn board anymore?
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ID: b45ee  No.385

Wasn't that pretty much all localized in the Reiq thread?

ID: 3f07b  No.386


That's pretty much the only active thread there was.

ID: 6ad5f  No.387


>Furi is, in my opinion, vaguely-furry /b/ - in other words, fifty pounds of burning hatred in a ten-pound bag.

>Only 50

you're being generous

ID: 96e71  No.391

Wasn't it found out she was using photos of other girls and passing them off as herself?

ID: 12768  No.392


I think you need to get up to date in furry drama. Just Google it.

ID: 0ccb3  No.374[Reply]

Why there isn't a real porn board anymore?

File: 1419206181595.png (102.33 KB, 640x356, Genie_Jafar_-_Part_5.png)

ID: e88aa  No.140[Reply]

Anybody able to tell me why Naylor threads get deleted now? They are sort of the only reason I have for coming to this site and there doesn't seem to be a rule against them.
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ID: 444c2  No.200

He didn't want Rachel, right? Just pass ownership to me. I'll make sure she ends up a well-rounded, sweet girl.

ID: 354a2  No.207


Kinda funny how that board was made specifically because TGFB went down.

Anyway, I'll miss the bitch threads here. They were always fun.

ID: f0750  No.356

File: 1421138039216.jpg (712.13 KB, 1637x890, the_hatred_by_nataliedecor….jpg)

>>142 How about dnp rule 1a
Oh Balls edits still allowed
That was truly the high point of the entire original series.
It's a real shame, I used to be a fan of his art when he started, not just BD I mean waaaaaaay back. Even when he was drawing threatening images of his critics and shooting liberals and shit.
Somewhere along the line he morphed into Furry Tite Kubo though, real sad. His art even got more 'anime' and less 'fuzzy' and you could track the devolution through Better Days. (His pornfolios leapt way ahead of that though)

Also why did he never do a pornfolio with Fisk's mom or (/and) the liberal strawfeminist teacher, dammit!
Essentially Naylor 'cleaning up his act' and calming the fuck down/getting all effete and lecture-y actually ruined him for me. Also seemed to ruin his art as he stopped looking like he had a distinct style.

>>165 yes do that, at least then he'll give us decent pornfolios! Hopefully lacking in dunepenis.

Relocation update http://8ch.net/fisk/
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ID: 2a012  No.357

>Furry Tite Kubo

How so…?

ID: f0750  No.358

Ass-pull plots and barren backgrounds mostly.
Also I have a sneaking suspicion he holds the same prejudice about 'reading his past work'

ID: d7cf1  No.209[Reply]

Why does the thermostat lie to me?

ID: 8b377  No.218

Thermostats really only take the localized temperature which of course if it's in the area of the home where you have the most activity and such, it will be more accurate for your needs but if it's somewhere like a hallway, it's gonna tell you the temp there which won't necessarily be the temp of where you usually are.

I know in my place it's always cooler in the hallway than in my room, but my room is the only room in the house that seems to get super fucking cold in the winter and boiling hot in the summer so the thermostat is useless to me.

Course I could be just talking straight out of my ass here.

ID: d7cf1  No.261

It is in the hallway, yeah. We've got some Arduinos with temperature sensors placed all around the house, so maybe we could do something with those.

ID: 8b377  No.289

That could be useful. Lot has to do with the air flow and such too. Could always look it up.

File: 1417233682963.jpg (203.3 KB, 500x948, simpsons_zombies_500.jpg)

ID: 925e0  No.49[Reply]

Can we please just drag The Simpsons and/or all its writers out back behind the studio and put a mercy bullet in the back of its skull?
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ID: f7ce6  No.106


It's true in that it actually was a Family Guy 2-parter. But you know nothing gets done with the Simpsons without Groening's approval.

ID: 4da40  No.107


At this point, Groening’s just there to stamp the contract. I don’t think he’s had a say in the creative direction of The Simpsons in at least a decade.

ID: 7a399  No.110


People always try to defend him with that, but the problem with that idea is that he always has the option to not put the stamp on things.

As well, apparently if you listen to his audio commentary on recent seasons he'll defend the new stuff and declare the crappy new jokes great.

Groening is just like Lucas, a hack that rode his creation into the ground and then buttfucked it twenty feet deeper into the dirt.

ID: 9eb28  No.112

But since he's making money doing just that, he doesn't have to care what a few vocal haters think- the majority is still eating it up.

Successful people have that advantage- they can ignore their critics.

ID: 4da40  No.135

FYI: today is the 25th anniversary of the airing of ‘Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire’, the very first episode of The Simpsons.

File: 1417720603488.jpg (1.3 MB, 3264x1840, IMAG0442.jpg)

ID: fa9fe  No.83[Reply]

Why am I getting "Invalid Image" errors when I'm uploading from ny phone?!
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ID: 3d234  No.115


Or your mobile provider is doing something wonky to images to 'improve the experience' or sommat.

ID: f6bf5  No.118

I downloaded them over wifi.

ID: 56a23  No.125

File: 1418538382367.png (93.64 KB, 720x1280, 2014-12-13_22-23-56.png)

Found the problem. And apparently it doesn't turn off when you're on WiFi for some odd reason.

ID: c40c3  No.126



Well that fucking explains it. Like I said, you need a better browser.

ID: 56a23  No.127

AOSP browser for my version is riddled with holes, and Firefox has a nasty habit of losing my tabs when I go into the app switcher. What do you suggest?

File: 1417672018703.gif (1.75 MB, 500x495, tumblr_nfvahjd9pD1qjlauao1….gif)

ID: 84d1c  No.79[Reply]

Godfuckingdammit I hate this trend. I don't know who's responsible for it but I want to punch them in the mouth for it.
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ID: 84d1c  No.89


Or a lot of showrunners graduating from the same animation/art school and getting into the industry at around the same time.

ID: 2306b  No.103

What a bizarre phenomenon. I've been on a bit of a vacation from tumblr.

ID: 06632  No.108

The thing I really don’t get about this is…what the fuck is the appeal?

Seriously. Can someone explain what’s supposed to make this appealing in any sense?

ID: a117d  No.109


I get why they tend to make the nose more bulbous and the face rounder and so on… basically they think making the characters less conventionally attractive is making them more realistic. Same for the versions that add buck teeth… bad teeth equals more "real", because lord knows attractive people don't really exist.

One of the more bemusing adherents to Tumblr Style is Gabe, the artist of Penny Arcade… for awhile he was pretty dedicated to the "red noses and cheeks" thing and was drawing Gabe with buckteeth that would put Bugs Bunny to shame.

Dunno if he's backed off any on it lately but for awhile if you wanted to demonstrate Tumblr Style to someone you could just point them at Penny Arcade.

ID: 2306b  No.111


Funny enough, realistically, you don't really see someone's teeth through casual interactions. It usually takes a good laugh, big smile, etc. to get someone to show their teeth and even then, unless they have a lot of issues, you won't be able to tell if someone has messed up teeth, honestly.

As far as noses go, I think people just underestimate how annoying noses are to draw and that simplifying them is a practical solution, especially in animation when you gotta be able to copy that nose design from drawing to drawing.

Some shows pull it off better than others, but I'm not surprised when noses are kept more conventional.

Is Tumblr into forcing the 5 finger rule on characters yet? That would be fun to see actually.

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