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ID: 84d1c  No.79[Reply]

Godfuckingdammit I hate this trend. I don't know who's responsible for it but I want to punch them in the mouth for it.
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ID: 84d1c  No.89


Or a lot of showrunners graduating from the same animation/art school and getting into the industry at around the same time.

ID: 2306b  No.103

What a bizarre phenomenon. I've been on a bit of a vacation from tumblr.

ID: 06632  No.108

The thing I really don’t get about this is…what the fuck is the appeal?

Seriously. Can someone explain what’s supposed to make this appealing in any sense?

ID: a117d  No.109


I get why they tend to make the nose more bulbous and the face rounder and so on… basically they think making the characters less conventionally attractive is making them more realistic. Same for the versions that add buck teeth… bad teeth equals more "real", because lord knows attractive people don't really exist.

One of the more bemusing adherents to Tumblr Style is Gabe, the artist of Penny Arcade… for awhile he was pretty dedicated to the "red noses and cheeks" thing and was drawing Gabe with buckteeth that would put Bugs Bunny to shame.

Dunno if he's backed off any on it lately but for awhile if you wanted to demonstrate Tumblr Style to someone you could just point them at Penny Arcade.

ID: 2306b  No.111


Funny enough, realistically, you don't really see someone's teeth through casual interactions. It usually takes a good laugh, big smile, etc. to get someone to show their teeth and even then, unless they have a lot of issues, you won't be able to tell if someone has messed up teeth, honestly.

As far as noses go, I think people just underestimate how annoying noses are to draw and that simplifying them is a practical solution, especially in animation when you gotta be able to copy that nose design from drawing to drawing.

Some shows pull it off better than others, but I'm not surprised when noses are kept more conventional.

Is Tumblr into forcing the 5 finger rule on characters yet? That would be fun to see actually.

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