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File: 1414984181826.jpg (102.73 KB, 1017x717, _Cartoons__South-Park__You….jpg)

ID: fae0b  No.48[Reply]

This board is for bitching, complaints, and general drama bullshit. Although we'll give you a little bit of leeway, The Global Rule (don't be a dick) still applies here.

Oh, and if you drop dox here, you will be banned. No exceptions.

ID: a4cbe  No.792

File: 1425259679316.png (56.1 KB, 279x166, The_Home_of_Zet13_Photo_-_….png)

You will also be banned for any SJW style posting, posts supporting SJW style viewpoints and tactics, and in general acting like you belong on tumblr.

If you think this is unfair, I suggest crying about it like the little bitch you are.

File: 1528469655295.png (354.03 KB, 800x600, tumblr_static_3wrk5gn6mqm8….png)

ID: 55b35  No.2045[Reply]

This may be somewhat older news, but I figured some people here might be interested.


Long story short, PK's husband Marl was recently caught trying to groom an underage member of their Discord channel to participate in a zoo porn video.

This has been just the most recent in a long line of allegations and suspicions made towards PK, Marl and Eevee over their….questionable and disturbing sexual preferences. But the most damning thing?

Usually, they would shrug off and ignore all past accusations and dismiss them as fake. However, once these logs were made public? They shut down Forbidden Flora's Patreon page, sold their house and moved out of the state on an incredibly short notice, and have laid low ever since.

If that isn't raising some red flags then I don't know what is.

ID: 88be3  No.2047

Actually I stand corrected, their Patreon is still up, however they said the project itself is shutting down.

Best bet is, they're waiting for things to calm down before they resurface.

ID: e9794  No.2050

I lost track of her after she took on the glitchedpupppet moniker and did that floraverse stuff. But from what I understand, it was her husband who was doing the pedophiliac stuff. They essentially used him to get to her.

Frankly, I despise that sort of tactic. I have no opinion on them personally but I hate it when someone becomes a casualty over association of another. Speaks volumes of how sociopathic and petty the internet has gotten, especially after the rise of social media and luxury of blocking people instead of dealing with them.

ID: 304b3  No.2051


The thing is, PK herself has spoken in the past how she was always excited at the prospect of "corrupting the young" by introducing them to pornography and sex at an age considered inappropriate. She even used the PMD roleplay group she was an admin of (and which was SFW and all-age) to send link to her porn blog to the underage members.

ID: e9794  No.2053


Funny thing, corruption. There is fantasizing about it, and then there is actually doing it on a scale of notice. I don't want to diverge but the internet has already fulfilled that purpose just through entertainment venues: mainly by parental negligence, poor educational standards, and the same lack of role models that the bible belt circles tend to suffer from (Jesus can't answer for all your troubles). If it isn't them, it'll be another circle that'll do it, and kids being exposed to pornography isn't even new. They often just find it on their own because curiosity is much like a fly constantly getting in your vision: you want to swat it on instinct.

The only reason I even treat this situation as genuine is because of their initial reaction to the accusations levied. But the true trigger to this wasn't from a matter of well being of others, it was spite. And that alone makes me detest both sides of the farce.

ID: 1fc5b  No.2054

Update: PK has thrown Marl under the proverbial bus and moved away with Eevee, hoping that things will calm down now that they're no longer associated with him. Updates to Floraverse have resumed, but apparently the next chapter will be the final one.

File: 1530124227134.jpg (30.14 KB, 226x222, 20180612_185101.jpg)

ID: ace1c  No.2052[Reply]


A notorious zoophile who was already arrested in 2009. for sexually abusing his dog, and spent a year in prison, has now been arrested yet again for breaking his parole by skipping states to live with his "mate" in Arizona, where he proceeded to sexually abuse animals.


And if he is sentenced next year, he's facing 10 years of prison in Arizona, which is likely related to the fact that 2 years ago he and his buddy PokeyPony pushed an alleged DUI driver off the road and shot him in the chest with a shotgun.

File: 1484054710646.jpg (256.83 KB, 691x886, cosplaying_is_blackfacing_….jpg)

ID: 99a19  No.1923[Reply]

Since old thread won't bump anymore, maybe we should make a new one where we mock Tumblrinas for their incredibly regressive, totalitarian methods in "fighting the oppression" (while failing to see the irony)?

As an example:


Long story short:

>an Asian cosplayer tans her face to more accurately portray an Overwatch character, Sombra

>some SJW tries to shame her, comparing her cosplay to blackface/brownface (for uninitiated, it was common in early 20th century for white comedians to paint their faces black and mock the AfroAmericans, something which was (logically) deemed inappropriate and offensive, and eventually curbed out of the entertainment industry long time ago)


It's amazing how far some people will go to get offended by something as harmless as cosplaying.
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ID: 91ea2  No.2043


This whole article comes off as "what if Jack Thompson was an anti-videogame Social Justice Warrior".


>restoration of natural harmony

>far-right wing ideology

Since when? I thought most extreme right wingers/Republicans were pro-industrialism and loathed the regulations which prevented industrial giants from dumping toxic waste wherever they want.

ID: 88a07  No.2044


Priorities kind of got skewed ever since the democrats started trying to figure out if they themselves are conservative or not.

So when trying to pin negative things on extremists it's less what they really want and more what will cause more provocation. Granted it works both ways with media, but left media has a harder time deciding what they want to tell others because they are bouncing around more buzzwords. The republicans will eat up 'fake news' as an excuse because unlike the majority of the ones being tossed around like darts to a lacross, the circumstances involved had merit to it.

ID: fb15d  No.2046


Worst thing about RCDart's stuff? Her art was actually really damn good in the past. Then she went to CalArts and her skills took a spectacular nosedive.

People blame the school for such ridiculous art style, but what really goes on is this:

Like every school, CalArts is a place that teaches you fundamentals about the subject you chose, and once you are taught these fundamentals it's up to you to further develop and evolve. But alot of the people who went there instead stick to these fundamentals like it's some gospel and never develop further from it, or let it affect their previous art skills.

ID: da55d  No.2048

I wish more people realized this. It's not CalArts that's the problem, and people who go there aren't automatically total hacks. Brad Bird attended CalArts, and look at his resume now.

ID: 1283b  No.2049


Animation has become kind of a cabal. Like people in animation now went to CalArts and spent around $50,000 a semester or something for their degree, so obviously it must be necessary, sot hey only hire people who also took that program. IT's creating a loop of people who all went to the same school who believe that only people with that degree can get into the industry could have gone to that school. People are starting to take notice of that nepotism bubble, and it's going to eventually pop.

File: 1438191892653.jpg (36.82 KB, 420x303, IMG_20150729_193550.JPG)

ID: 79e69  No.1244[Reply]

Reason? Said tranny was triggered by his futa porn, claimed it was objectifying trans women, called Doxy a transmysogynist then proceeded to flag his Tumblr account for removal. It worked.



Said tranny proceeds to act like a smug douchebag towards everyone involved, even people who tried to have a decent conversation with them (the responses being either LOL!, an empty answer box or a link to Danger Zone song on Youtube.) They also promptly blocked Doxy shortly after getting his account banned so that they can gloat without giving him an opportunity to reply or try to reason with them.

If it's so easy for these Social Justice Cunts to get your account banned, then I don't see a point in having an account there.
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ID: 2eb60  No.2011


Your provocation is as weak as your ability to get things done in the senate.

ID: 261f3  No.2019

Why is it illegal to smack the shit out of people who think any political affiliation makes someone subhuman?

ID: 344ff  No.2021

Why do non-democrats think they still have a right to complain about any kind of hatred now that they allowed WhiteKitten to be elected president?

ID: 1b216  No.2022

>Drumpf supporter

just because you picked a shit surgeon and you look like a man with boobs glued on is no reason to get mad, you stupid fuck.

ID: 2eb60  No.2034


While I appreciate you taking the time from getting trolled by Chris-chan to come over here to reeee at me, Mikey, shouldn't you be busy sperging over on /cow/ about how Null made your anus ache?

File: 1489185951948.jpg (131.5 KB, 800x592, 1489178961.robcat_000alber….jpg)

ID: e8902  No.1933[Reply]

So another old fur bit the dust, this one being GeneCatlow, he was basically one of KatEllis' pals who also drew comics of a similar manner.

Of course, I don't really know much about him myself so I don't have any personal feelings on the guy but it's just a solemn reminder that even though artists die, art is only subject to the lifespan of art sites.

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ID: 69153  No.2004


I would say Desiree Lee's complete and utter disappearance since Hardiman died kind of puts the final nail in the coffin, morbid pun not intended. I mean she just "Decided to leave the fandom" after that? When "she'd" previously reliably popped up anywhere people were saying she wasn't real to throw a tantrum? Yeah right, you think she'd have the self control not to do it anymore just because her boyfriend died?

But then, Hardiman's fans are still insisting that the cub artist with his exact style who shared his IP address was definitely a different person, so.

ID: 416e8  No.2005


Pretty much. Both BulletSoup and Desiree disappearing around the same time Jim died, along with some of Jim's closest friends confirming they were just his alter-egos, should have been proof enough.

But Sniff has a lengthy history of being a raging tard and delusional behavior, along with being very vocal against cub porn, so I can see him being in denial about one of his idols drawing something he despises.

ID: aa2dd  No.2006

BulletSoup was Hardinaman's account for his "I'm a cub but I murder pedos" characters.

I'm not saying I necessarily believe Des was indeed a separate person, but (a) there have been a few people who insist they met her at one single con, and Hardiman claimed she drew some art but wasn't really connected to the fandom. That being said, "her" art was basically his style, simplified.

ID: e4c21  No.2007


>there have been a few people who insist they met her at one single con

Considering what we have learned after Jim's death, it's safe to bet those few individuals were playing along with Jim in order to fool everyone else. It's easier to convince people about something being true if you have several associates who can confirm your story.

ID: aa2dd  No.2020

Since neither she nor BS has ever resurfaced, it's pretty clear, yes.

File: 1492957946075.jpg (9.45 KB, 207x210, mordecai-horror.jpg)

ID: 25928  No.1957[Reply]

It's not the usual "ongoing drama" that gets posted here, but a friend sent me transcriptions of two conversations he had with an incredibly weird furry– first when he was contacted out-of-the-blue with the guy wanting roleplay, then a 2nd time when the guy just wanted to chat. It's pretty WTF-inducing stuff. While cleaning out a folder in my email box, I found these.

Would TGFB like to read them? I edited them to remove anything identifying except the guy's (it seems former, since I can't find him any more) 'net handle.

ID: 25928  No.1960

Might as well post anyway. See what the denizens here think. He contacted my friend through his OC ask blog. I've added a few thoughts.

Um hello can we rp?

As long as no sex is involved, I suppose so.

Aww OK
I guess I could use some practice with sfw stuff

Please understand, I'm a married (species), I won't cheat on my wife.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

ID: 25928  No.1961

The insanity continues:

They have had their chances to lose their virginity to people they trusted and cared about. Except maybe one or two of my characters, who would probably fit your definition of "a whore".

((Jake: a few of his characters are prostitutes, in a setting where sex isn't taboo and prostitution is an entertainment profession like any other))

I'm pretty sure I hate you right now

I'm sorry that you do.
Welp, I suppose you may no longer want to befriend me. There go our RPing chances.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

ID: 25928  No.1962

A few days later, my friend gets another message from this guy. It runs a little something like this:

I did it!
I sealed the deal


I finally have some form of release!
My balls have been aching
I just wish I had something to empty this backed up cum into so I don't have to make a huge mess
I suppose you could never help with that
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1493357907488.jpg (29.71 KB, 481x342, kpmjl14ricfy.jpg)

ID: acdf0  No.1959[Reply]

I…didn't want to follow in Freehaven's footsteps with paranoia and worrying but I guess I must since the FCC is attempting to remove net neutrality come may 18th.


I worry vpns aren't enough if they do indeed succeed.

File: 1425243722038.png (12.09 KB, 652x642, patreon-logo.png)

ID: f233b  No.783[Reply]

So why do some people act like if an artist makes patreon exclusive porn or clean artwork then it's a grave injustice and a shady business practice where there stuff deserves to be leaked? Especially when most of the complainers would gladly pay the same artist way more for a commission?
66 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ID: d0649  No.1905

Patreon's latest TOS change is going to affect so many of it's users now….since it forbids content and rewards using intellectual property that you don't own.


We restrict some types of content and rewards. You cannot:

Create content or rewards using intellectual property you do not own or do not have written permission to use.

You may only post content that you own or have permission to use. You may not post content that infringes on a third party’s intellectual property or proprietary rights.

ID: 30e46  No.1906

oddly that rule was ALREADY there
they just now clarified it more

ID: 30e46  No.1907

update on that ToS

Patreon sorta dont care, but it means "we'll automatically side with the copyright owner if they DMCA your damn ass"

ID: 15266  No.1908


Which means anyone with a bone to pick with certain Patreon artists can file a fake DMCA pretending to be the company owning the IP that's being used.

It's totally not gonna be abused at all, no siree.

ID: b8424  No.1951

They have yet to enforce this. Artists are still filling their galleries of derivative works porn but are not getting shut down for it.

Basically it's like the "no uncensored porn" rule on Pixiv- it's on the books but not really acted on. Japanese artist(some anyway, not all) abide by it because of the country's idiotic censorship laws but no one else does(perhaps as people are still being prosecuted for breaking it, Japan is rather draconian, not that you can be otherwise when Nintendo makes your copyright laws). I see plenty of uncensored porn on pixiv.

File: 1453837780948.jpg (53.71 KB, 500x459, 1453807926.zaush_cynthia.jpg)

ID: fa350  No.1662[Reply]

It would appear that Zaush isn't even trying to hide his taste for cub art, anymore.


He flat out accepts that the drawing is of a bottomless fifth grader.
23 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ID: b01a9  No.1920

And he's going on a block spree of anyone who calls him out on his bullshit.

Or even anyone who mentions his name.

Or even anyone who might be talking about him.

ID: 160e4  No.1922


What a fucking class act.

ID: 94878  No.1925

Look, if fapping to guro doesn't make you a serial murderer, and fapping to furry doesn't mean you want to fuck the cat, then fapping to loli/cub doesn't mean you want to fuck kids irl.

Fantasies are fantasies, and indulging in fantasies is a lot better than bottling them up and maybe doing something worse. You want to fap to cub? Whatever.

Granted, Zaush is a drama llama regardless of all that, but in a vacuum what you fap to in drawn artwork is not a crime or a moral mark of sin.

ID: f77b0  No.1926


No one here is arguing about fetishes, or at least wouldn't in case of someone else. Zaush has a history of being a goddamn creep around females in the furry fandom, hence why people are wary about him and his fetishes.

ID: f6cb5  No.1927

I couldn't care less what someone faps to, unless they're creepers.

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