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File: 1438191892653.jpg (36.82 KB, 420x303, IMG_20150729_193550.JPG)

ID: 79e69  No.1244

Reason? Said tranny was triggered by his futa porn, claimed it was objectifying trans women, called Doxy a transmysogynist then proceeded to flag his Tumblr account for removal. It worked.



Said tranny proceeds to act like a smug douchebag towards everyone involved, even people who tried to have a decent conversation with them (the responses being either LOL!, an empty answer box or a link to Danger Zone song on Youtube.) They also promptly blocked Doxy shortly after getting his account banned so that they can gloat without giving him an opportunity to reply or try to reason with them.

If it's so easy for these Social Justice Cunts to get your account banned, then I don't see a point in having an account there.

ID: c1723  No.1245

File: 1438197858254.png (116.34 KB, 246x255, Shadow Man is unamused.png)

I wonder what they were doing looking at his porn in the first place.

Really though, this shit has to stop. The dumbasses calling that asshole brave are only making it worse. What ever happened to just closing out what you don't like and calling it a day?

ID: 79e69  No.1246


SJWs don't care about actually solving issues they claim to fight against. They have a need to create some sort of identity for themselves, then go out and look for anything that they think "offends" their identity. They need something to fight against because they literally have nothing else to do.

ID: bbf41  No.1247

>All the futa porn on tumblr
>Chooses Doxy to get "Triggered" by

Gee, I wonder if it has anything to do with how massively popular Doxy is as opposed to others, meaning that taking him down garners much more attention and a "bigger score" for "social justice".

(Also I'd prefer it if you didn't use "tranny" unless you're talking about a car transmission. I'm not gonna make a big deal over it, I'd just prefer it.)

ID: 79e69  No.1248


S'alright. And I agree, with how Somasis seems to be basking in the megative attention they are getting from this, I would not be surprised if that's why they targeted Doxy of all orn artists out there. Not only because they riled up some popular artist's fans, but they can later use screencaps of those rants outside of context to push some agenda of their own, like "see, these people are transphobic!". Seen that happen before;

-bait a group of people and draw their ire
-let angry comments pile in
-cherypick for those comments you think can be used best
-post them outside of context to net pity/attention points from online communities

SJWs are some of the most vile, manipulative scum I ever encountered online.

ID: 27359  No.1249

this is causing other folks to now see that "theres literally no point on doing anything here on tumblr"
Doxy was big name, yet now all the other folks who do draw such are wary too.

Then again a friend have said "ok, thats fine no real lost cause they have a website which just means fans have to manually go to the site."

Just due to the tumblr report system is automated literally everyone can be targetted, even that user who caused doxy's tumblr to go away.

ID: fcb1e  No.1250

It's really just a form of trolling at this point.

ID: cdb5d  No.1251

Needless to say, I'm no exception to the growing list of the wary, even though my only nemeses so far are Andrew Dickman and perhaps one other person I didn't mean to make an enemy out of, and that I'm otherwise obscure enough to be under the radar of many.

That suggestion of opening an 8chan board for all of my future uploads sounds more fetching of an idea with every blog they shut down in this manner…

ID: 27359  No.1252

weird thing is, folks on tumblr are talking about Soup.io or actually moving onto pixiv due to its starting to be much more welcoming to english speakers.

Then again I would like to go "if porn that contain characters that have tits with dicks are bad…then maybe we should also toss gay/lesbian porn out too that just makes gays look like folks who are all for gobbling dicks/eating out, and its already established you dont like cis folks so straight porn should just be tossed out too"

but thats just me being an idiot

ID: fae9d  No.1253

Its Molestia all over again

ID: e6e93  No.1254

It looks like Doxy's NSFW and MLP accounts are back up, again.

No word on how he got them back and he said he'd talk about what he's going to do going forward.

ID: cebb2  No.1255

File: 1438362422807.jpg (56.11 KB, 210x306, IMG_20150731_190518.JPG)

>Somasis' face when Doxy's NSFW account was restored

ID: e6e93  No.1260


They haven't really reacted to it, yet, but I do know that they got swarmed with angry Doxy fans when she was fingered as the reporting party. Lots o' angry notes and stuff.

ID: fa642  No.1261


Yeah, OP did mention she was acting smugly when she was pointed out as the culprit.

ID: b679b  No.1262

I've long suspected that the majority of SJWs who either post their shit on places like Tumblr or fuck with/get banned people on places like Tumblr are actually nothing but trolls. Not even people fighting for social justice in an "if you want to make an omelette, you've got to crack a few eggs" way, but rather trolls who use the social justice platform because they know it's a heated fight, the perfect place to create some anger.

I think that's all they were ever doing.

ID: 961e8  No.1939

I fucking hate these falsely oppressed trannies and their social justice crusade, used to be a commie, and seeing how things went….

I have no regrets voting for Trump.

ID: 3e69a  No.1940

File: 1489847029401.jpg (27.74 KB, 480x270, bitch_what.jpg)


>I have no regrets voting for Trump

"Cut off the nose to spite the face". This sums up idiots like you who voted for Trump quite well.

ID: 1b475  No.1941

File: 1489929564911.jpg (128.75 KB, 640x478, aku_what.jpg)


So you voted for a man with a history of being a shady, bigoted and immoral scumbag (and who already demonstrated how willing he is to abuse his presidential powers and screw over the middle and lower class citizens in favor of corporate interests), just because of some teenagers on Internet?

That's like if you found a few ants in your house, and because of that you decided to burn the whole house down…with your family still inside.

How can people like you function in the real world??!

ID: 7c956  No.1942

I suspect one of two things is going on:

(a) They're trolling

(b) They were already a Trump supporter, specifically of the "the best thing about Trump winning is eight years of delicious cuck libtard tears" variety

If the latter, I'd guess they're of the opinion that all social justice battles, and all the people fighting them in any way, are exactly like the crazy Tumblrinas. They've never met anyone who's quietly and calmly trying to help people, who isn't a raving lunatic.

Either way, don't bother with 'em.

ID: 96d60  No.1952

Trump supports are white guys who want the 1800s back- women in the kitchen and not voting, slavery, rights only for church-attending males that own land.

Too bad they backed an openly Zionish Israel-loving rich democrat Jew who was guaranteed to stab them in the back. It's hilarious watching them backpedal and refuse to admit buyer's remorse over their choice. Until he bombed some ME countries anyway, which is funny because they wanted ME countries bombed to begin with but give them their way and they cry. Conservatives hate being happy.

ID: afb09  No.1953


>Until he bombed some ME countries anyway, which is funny because they wanted ME countries bombed to begin with but give them their way and they cry

Actually, I've seen quite a lot of Trumplets praising Trump for that mess of an attack, saying how he's "demonstrating his strong leadership skills". I wish I'm not shitting you.

Then again it could be denial in action, because I've yet to meet a single Trumplet who can give me an honest answer when I ask them "can you name all the good things Trump has done ever since he stepped into the office?"

ID: a4bc7  No.1963

Well, he did decide against defunding NASA, so…

There we go, all the good things he's done.

ID: 6802c  No.1964

Reminder: You are allowed to vote for a guy with ties to nazis like Gorka, ethno-nationalists like Bannon and "Men can't rape their wives" dudes like Cohen, if you are upset that someone on tumblr doesn't like anime tiddys and drew a character with the WRONG skin tone.

You are NOT allowed to vote for another Obama if you are upset about women receiving rape threats for saying birth control should be paid for, or because you don't want women who are beaten by their husbands to face massive insurance premium hikes if they report it to the police.

Because it only works one way. Tumblr is a threat to free speech. Trying to destroy all of the EPA's info on climate change is GOOD for free speech.

That is how it works. Apparently. But I'm starting to suspect people who hate Tumblr and use it as a boogeyman aren't very principled, fair-minded or reliable.

ID: 0f077  No.1965


The republicans, or at least this strain of republicans, lack in principles and reliability. I suspect if net neutrality dies many of them will use their vast amount of money to shut down sites like tumblr (and even here) in some misguided attempt to clear out 'moral degeneracy' by paying ISPs to throttle if not outright block the sites. Their level of pettiness after 8 years of democratic rule (under a black man no less) had festered past the point of rational thinking of America's future.

Truth is though, moral degeneracy is THEIR game these days. If you need to lie and rely on the apathy of everyday conservatives to dick people in the name of saving money, you've lost the moral high ground. Taking but never giving anything in return is also not very responsible for your country. So all these people who masturbate to whatever, aren't doing anything close to the level of 'moral degeneracy' that the cons are brewing up without the guise of a responsible leader to hide behind.

ID: 6802c  No.1966

Reminder: You are allowed to vote for a guy with ties to nazis like Gorka, ethno-nationalists like Bannon and "Men can't rape their wives" dudes like Cohen, if you are upset that someone on tumblr doesn't like animme tiddys.
You are NOT allowed to vote for another Obama if you are upset about women recieving rape threats for saying birth control should be paid for, or because you don't want women who are beaten by their husbands to face massive insurance premium hikes if they report it to the police.
Because that is not rational. Tumblr is a threat to free speech. Trying to destroy all of the EPAs info on climate change is GOOD for free speech.
That is how it works. Apparently.

ID: 7d39c  No.1967

File: 1494326854011.png (39.88 KB, 720x347, 1494250096500.png)

Part of me feels this would belong in the designated thread in /ani/ board, but I don't wanna sully it with Tumblr bullshit.

Long story short, a certain portion of Samurai Jack fans exploded in outrage after the latest episode officially made Jack and Ashi a couple. Most of the people whining about it seem to be people who wanted to see Jack paired with a male.

ID: 214c9  No.1968

What planet do these retards live on where they through some stupid sjw bullshit into a fucking cartoon about a guy who wants to go back in time?

ID: f20da  No.1969


If the show must only be about that, shouldn't you also be upset that they ruined it by having any kind of romance in it?

ID: 214c9  No.1970

No because I'm not some easily upset special snowflake with a complex of self entitlement.

ID: d88ad  No.1971

What I've learn from this:

Tumblrite likes show.

Show puts main character with partner of opposite gender.


What I understood from this:

"If things don't go my way, I'll have a shitfit on Tumblr! That'll teach 'em!"

ID: 9f898  No.1972


It would be silly if it were -just- them screeching and flailing behind their keyboards. The problem with certain types of fans is that they've become so self-entitled to the point where they will organize online lynch mobs against showrunners or anyone they feel has slighted them. "Just turn off your Internet and walk away" does not work anymore, not when these people are so insistent on fucking you over that they'll even dig out your private information like address, phone number, place where you work etc.

ID: 0f077  No.1973


Shame they don't focus that energy on politicians. I guess they prefer lower hanging fruit?

ID: d88ad  No.1974

Some people DO focus a lot of energy on Trump. But even the ones who don't call him stupid shit, and call him out directly on his policies, appointees, and things he says get told "you lost, we won, suck it!"

ID: 4ee1c  No.1975


This. Radical conservatives are just as immature as the radical lefties. But while radical lefties seem to be mostly young adults or even teenagers, the radial conservatives are mostly people in their 40s-60s, which makes their immature, childish behavior that much more pathetic.

ID: 2eb60  No.1976

>and call him out directly on his policies, appointees, and things he says get told "you lost, we won, suck it!"

Sounds kinda familiar huh?

ID: 84bf7  No.1977

This is what bugs me the most. The hypocrisy it all. If people on both sides were consistent about their beliefs instead of changing them depending on whose guy is in charge, I feel like I'd have a lot fewer headaches at family gatherings.

ID: 86c94  No.1978

Yeah, except Obama's entire tenure would make even a far-right constitutionalist proud when taken together.

Face it cracker - there is no fig leaf. You are what Tumblr says you are. And even when you ban me like the Confederate loser you are, you and the others will remember my words.

ID: 86c94  No.1979

Obama is fucking perfect. He makes Abraham Lincoln look like Caligula.


Because he grew up in a blue-state city, rather than a barn in "Sheaskedforit, Oklatucky".

ID: 86c94  No.1980

Obama is non-white America personified.

Trump is White America personified.

It's persona vs. persona. It's like Switzerland vs. Somalia

You can ban me for life and call me a "Tumblr cunt", buy words will be with you forever and you will know I am right, Sechs.

ID: 86c94  No.1981

Sechs, I speak for the entire left when I say this: if you are gay or trans and dislike Obama but voted for Trump, you deserve the auto da fé treatment.

Dislike this comment why don't you?

ID: 84bf7  No.1982

1)We have post IDs, you're all the same person

2)This is obvious bait

3)If you want to be banned this badly simply ask. Say "Age, please ban me. I'm an entitled troll that's not as clever as he thinks he is. Just put me out of my misery."

ID: 86c94  No.1983

Sechs and Age.

You will worry all your lives how you will feel when Jesus flays you alive before throwing you into boiling sulphur.

I won't.

ID: 86c94  No.1984

You Christians can make your own little cyber kingdoms where your values are law and you can delete all defiance while screaming your derision at anyone that won't agree with your Tucker Max-philosophy.

But you're the ones that pledge to Christ and the Constitution​. So no matter what you sneeringly howl, you're the retards that's have set the bar for yourselves. And you're the ones that will scream for eternity if you don't go over the bar.

Because Christianity is nothing but self-flagellation for animals in desperate need of sensation.

ID: 86c94  No.1985

It's cute how the same pasty vermin screaming that Obama was about to install Alinskyite Sharia are now telling others they're overreacting to Donald.

Jesus sees you. Delete this all you want, cross-muslims.

ID: 84bf7  No.1986

Okay, fine. Whatever.

Just explain why you're posting three times instead of making one big post. It's a little annoying.

ID: 86c94  No.1987

>Trump is telling aides he wants Flynn "back in the White House".

It was White Christian voters that turned the US into Zimbabwe. Delete this all you want - you will know it's true for the rest of you lives.

ID: 84bf7  No.1988

Okay, now I'm a little suspicious that this is just a spam bot programed to say anit-trump buzzwords.

ID: d88ad  No.1989

I'm not saying the liberal side isn't guilty too.

They do seem that way, no?

ID: 86c94  No.1990

On the eve of his resignation, 60% of Christian Whites/Republicans supported Nixon.

Republicans first, Christians second, Americans third.

ID: 86c94  No.1991

You would never resort to the "UR AN BOT" tactic if you didn't feel pinpointed.

ID: 86c94  No.1992

Trump is a model White Christian.

After Lincoln, JFK, Mandela, Obama and literally hundreds of murdered or oppressed politicians, he whines about being the most mistreated president EVER. He is that weak. A perfect Christian.

Can't believe someone from NY could so easily emulate Southern martyrdom. Then again, Southern culture is so shallow and infantile anyone could learn to emulate it within a week.

ID: 86c94  No.1993


This is all you need to know about Whites.

ID: eae8a  No.1994

Hey, does anyone else remember China Guy?

ID: 0f077  No.1995



ID: 2a876  No.1996


You think the windbag from last few posts is him?

ID: b2751  No.1997

why would anyone put that much effort into this shit hole though?

ID: 84bf7  No.1998

There's similarities, is all I'm saying. Incoherent nonsense. Multiple posts in a row. Insult word salads. Repetition.

ID: d88ad  No.1999

Sechs, I don't speak for the entire left, but neither does this buttmunch. Not that I think I need to tell you that. Like whatever the fuck candidate you like.

Naah, this person is insulting but he's clear. China Guy was off-the-handle and REALLY hard to follow.

ID: 2eb60  No.2000

File: 1496238792073.jpg (87.58 KB, 669x696, tumblr_ooqp3p2GA21rg0fpdo1….jpg)

Maybe it's Hillary Clinton. Maybe this is her Resistance movement.

ID: 51458  No.2008

>"Thank you to the LGBT community! I will fight for you while Hillary brings in more people that will threaten your freedoms and beliefs."

>"No trans people will be allowed to serve in the military."

>"Not getting an STD after dodging the draft with 'bone spurs' because father could pay a doctor was my Vietnam War."

Why is it illegal to kill Trump voters?

ID: 2eb60  No.2009


Because unlike Hillary supporters, we're human beings.

ID: 51458  No.2010

Murkowski, Collins and McCain, maybe. Not the rest.

ID: 2eb60  No.2011


Your provocation is as weak as your ability to get things done in the senate.

ID: 261f3  No.2019

Why is it illegal to smack the shit out of people who think any political affiliation makes someone subhuman?

ID: 344ff  No.2021

Why do non-democrats think they still have a right to complain about any kind of hatred now that they allowed WhiteKitten to be elected president?

ID: 1b216  No.2022

>Drumpf supporter

just because you picked a shit surgeon and you look like a man with boobs glued on is no reason to get mad, you stupid fuck.

ID: 2eb60  No.2034


While I appreciate you taking the time from getting trolled by Chris-chan to come over here to reeee at me, Mikey, shouldn't you be busy sperging over on /cow/ about how Null made your anus ache?

ID: 9e075  No.2059

Sorry your girl lost. Oh, wait, no I'm not.

Reminder of the bullet we dodged when the Deplorables came out and defeated Crazy Cat Lady Hitlery, who ran against a cartoon frog and lost:


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