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ID: f75e9  No.130

>apologizing over furry drama

I'm genuinely puzzled- why? Every time I see anyone apologize online, especially when it comes to furries, it seems like the drama only gets worse because of it. The internet has developed hardcore in the "do not forgive, do not forget" mentality and every tiny shred of anything sticks to a person for life. Apologies are never worth shit because there either seems to be as assumption the person is insincere, or that no one really cares anyway and don't want the drama to end. Looks to me if you're wrapped up in drama, even if you didn't do anything to start it

>because so many oversensitive manchildren use the internet and take anything they don't like as a direct offense because their egos are bigger than the sun

The BEST thing to do is either to ignore it, or to say "fuck you" and not be sorry. I have never once seen an online apology that helped a situation. I've even received said apologies from certain types only to find out later they didn't mean it and were just trying to save face, so there you go.

ID: 61345  No.134

I've never seen Kayla-Na or Zaush apologize to anyone and they don't suffer one bit. The apologetic ones are usually the low watch count fags that no one likes anyway.

ID: f3416  No.136

Kayla-na does apologize but only when its something that they actually cause instead of "I'm offended" folks which is often overly sensitive furries.

ID: 370b0  No.137

>over-sensitive furry

Pick two

ID: f3416  No.148

I'll take 1 instead with it being you

ID: c3b2d  No.175

Oh, noes! She posts censored art, 'cuz she wants to! Oh, noes, when people get all pissed off because they demand their free pr0n and she posts more censored art, she's a bad, bad person! Oh, noes.


ID: 503c3  No.176

>ignoring all the shit she does and tossing out the same tired defenses

white knight detected. She's not going to touch your dick, you know that, right? She IS a terrible human being, those who aren't hellbent on kissing her butt are tired of her autistic dogshit nonsense.

I can't wait for "she got banned from FA that one time for doing nothing". She was banned for years of rule breaking, harassing others, generally being men and pulling shit that most people would get banned for in an instant.

Kindly STFU defending the sorry bitch. She has no art skill, she samefaces, all her characters look like they want to murder someone and she latches onto flavor-of-the-month shit PLUS anyone else who did the same shit she does would get hounded for it.

ID: c3b2d  No.177

I comment only on what I've seen myself. I know little of anything she did on FA. That said, goodness, you seem to be quite agitated.

ID: 22892  No.178

While we are on the subject, was she actually banned from here on the old TGFB or was she just spouting shit?

ID: c3b2d  No.179

I don't personally remember a ban, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen.

To clarify my comments above, I haven't witnessed her do anything more than snicker at people who're pissed over her posting of censored art, light trolling of horny furries. If she did worse stuff, I won't deny it may have happened, I've just not seen it– just people commenting that she did vague things.

ID: f3416  No.180

only time she got banned was near the end of the life of the former TGFB which around that time she havent been to the boards in months so when she came to visit and update her area with non censored pictures she was appearing to be banned anyway then.
She assumed someone took her identity and caused problems.

ID: c3b2d  No.182

>>all the shit she does

What shit DOES Kayla-Na do? Anyone?

As for apologies, I do explain furries to, say, folks on Reddit sometimes. People have heard little about the fandom, but what they've heard is bad. I give 'em some more level information, and many of them seem to appreciate it. If they're the sort who love the drama and want it to continue, it's usually quite obvious in what they say and how they say it. In those cases, it's best to just leave 'em alone.

ID: 93e04  No.388

>>generally being men
hawt, pixpls

>>182 I stopped following her when she kept asininely deleting and undeleting her Twibra blog, but from what I recall lots of outstanding commissions that she got REALLY salty over whenever someone said "It's been two months, finish art pls?"

ID: 6934e  No.389

Takes lots of commissions she takes a fucking long time to finish, yet she churns out lots of personal art and gift art. I have a friend who waited six months for his commissions and in the meanwhile she did over a dozen personal pieces and even a few gift arts/trades to other popular FA users.

ID: c3b2d  No.390

Thanks. I enjoy some of her art, but I'll remember not to consider commissioning her, not that I'd considered that before. Her style doesn't really fit any of my characters.

ID: 6934e  No.393

she seems to have too much of an ego, too

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