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File: 1418764240652.gif (900.2 KB, 500x210, Bilbo-smiling-the-hobbit-a….gif)

ID: 3cdf2  No.131

>Finding a good artist on tumblr

ID: 3cdf2  No.132

File: 1418764280210.gif (972.02 KB, 500x238, 2hd0ajb.gif)

>They reblog SJW bullshit to the same tumblr they post their art

ID: cf70b  No.133

File: 1418766084103.gif (892.3 KB, 426x239, tumblr_m9t7hr7ABL1renkn2o1….gif)

Nothing is worse. I wish artists would separate their art postings from their blog postings, especially when they're blog post is completely contrary to their work.

Like, for instance, an artist that seems to draw nothing but tits writing a blog complaining about people liking tits too much.

ID: 2201e  No.166

Oh jesus, I have the same problem. He got bit hard by white-male shame, so I'm fixing it by pointing out everything that could be construed as sexist or racist and pointing it out in the most condescending way possible.

Eventually, I figure he'll get stop the SJW for fear of getting criticized, or he'll give up the whole movement together. It'll take a while, but I hope it will work.

ID: 4d4c3  No.169

File: 1419712185319.gif (82.7 KB, 395x281, 100.gif)

>Found a really good artist that does lots of great Korra art, including some naughty stuff
>Mild-ish SJW posting
>It's okay, I can stand it
>SJWing intensifies with holidays
>Eventually makes a post whining about how she has to put up with her family on Christmas because her disgusting racist family is so "heteronormative"
>Hell with this bitch, I'm out

ID: cf70b  No.170

File: 1419750020103.gif (1.15 MB, 224x126, af7.gif)


ID: 20e5f  No.186


My experience with Cuteosphere and the Discordly Conduct mods summed up.

Sigh… Eventually I just learned to deal with it but I seriously cannot stand the over the top ridiculousness of their SJW related posts.

ID: 9a8ec  No.495

They just come up with this shit on the fly don't they?

ID: 8877a  No.574


"heteronormative" shouldn't be a word that pisses you off, as long as it is used fairly…

Should I get angry or annoyed when someone wants to talk about "ethics" simply because some people that want to talk about it are dumb?

ID: cf70b  No.579

It's a completely redundant word.

ID: 8877a  No.580

You mean you can just use "homophobic" instead? Yeah, but in a sense homophobia or generic transphobic shit is the result of a norm of heterosexuality and a rigid gender binary (I hope "gender binary" doesn't make you angry as well). Hence, "heteronormative".

You can also just say "Stuff basic people think/say" but it is a bit unwieldy.

ID: cf70b  No.581

Gender binary is also pretty meaningless.

I'm not afraid of homosexuals or transgendered people considering my uncle is one and he's my favorite, but I do get offended when language gets hijacked to push an agenda.

There's practically a shaming in being hetereosexual going on right now that I don't understand. I always thought the point was to be inclusive..not exclusive and changing the language just makes it sound like people that are homosexual or transgender are different and special, that aren't really human at all. They need a special scientific label to properly identify and catalog them like we found them on an island.

ID: 8877a  No.584

>but I do get offended when language gets hijacked to push an agenda.

An agenda like "Don't vote for politicians that won't do anything to make life better for gay or trans people and might even try to roll things back?" Yeah. It's downright unreasonable how people can just base everything on their identity. Ugh. You should vote based only on your ideological or parochial identity!

>There's practically a shaming in being hetereosexual going on


Where the hell am I? /pol/?

ID: 46d30  No.585

we are talking about tumblr, the same site where there have been folks who go around asking blogs that they follow "are you cis" and if you happen to say yes they will make it a big thing and unfollow you and demand others to unfollow you.

so yea…on tumblr there have been problems of folks going about either hating people who are "cis"…or porn. You can be gay and draw porn thus fine, but Cis and draw porn "HOW DARE YOU"

ID: 8877a  No.586

Ah, yes, I can imagine it is possible to speak of a shaming of heteros, albeit not ubiquitious, going on if you limit yourself strictly to Tumblr.

ID: 7d257  No.587

Don't forget the ones who claim that transgender is actually "normal" and cisgender is "abnormal" (which I find amusing because the actual fight is convincing people that what's 'normal' is subjective.)

Bottom line: most of the Tumblr folks can be completely ignored. One can assume they have little good to say.

ID: 8877a  No.588

>Don't forget the ones who claim that transgender is actually "normal" and cisgender is "abnormal"

Isn't that just provocative subversion that is knowingly inaccurate, like when this person talked about how all the heroes and gag characters in Aladdin had arguably arabic/semitic features while all the villains had bigger eyes and paler complexion?

ID: 7d257  No.589

I think that's almost what it is. I say "almost" because I believe at least some of the SJW types who say things like that do it not to provoke reactions just to do it, but to provoke reactions out of a belief that the only way to change is to force people to think, and the only way you can force some people to think is to make them angry.

The problem is, I kind of agree with that sentiment, yet they're still going about it the wrong way.

ID: b6aad  No.590

>the only way you can force some people to think is to make them angry.

That's such bullshit, tho.

"I was just trying to start a discussion" is basically code for "I was being deliberately insulting and spouting off something I knew wasn't true but how dare you demand sources or call me on being an asshole".

ID: cf70b  No.592

What are you talking about? I don't base all my voting on what my candidates like to fuck or what gender they identify with or what the color of their skin is and nobody else should either. I only care if they want to make my life harder or not and sadly where I live, that's usually the case(California).

My point is that the vast majority of humans are straight and their gender matches their sex. The vast majority. It's the baseline we measure variance from. There's nothing wrong with a norm.

The problems come when the norm is made to be exclusive. You push out all the variance. I have a problem with that.

However, I have a problem with pushing the other way by asserting there is no norm because there is. That push back makes people feel threatened. It doesn't matter if it's rational or not. When people feel threatened they push back harder.

There's a certain practicality with how we handle a lot of these issues that's getting lost with some of the ridiculous demands, namely in our language.

I apologize if we're not on the same page here, but I tend to take a more inclusive approach to handling these issues. Instead of railing on people for being bigots, I prefer to give them respect and dignity so that I may persuade them to see it in another way. For a lot of people all they want is to be heard and have their thoughts respected no matter how wrong you find them to be.

A bit of another anecdote for me, but I remember when I was a teenager and going to Nebraska for a family reunion. Couple hundred people and it was pretty cool. They like their polka, booze, and meat. One of my cousins was pretty adamant in his stance against homosexuality. I had an hour long conversation about it. I didn't change his mind, but in the end he shook my hand and said "Thank you for letting me talk. Maybe I'm just bullheaded, I don't know." Didn't change his mind, but I got him to at least think and consider. Maybe he has changed his mind today, I don't know, but if I had just gone off at him and called him a bigot and shit, maybe he wouldn't have even given it a thought and just shut down completely which is what happens when we become hostile. We stop thinking.

So that's just my take on it.

ID: 8877a  No.594

>However, I have a problem with pushing the other way by asserting there is no norm because there is.

It is not a norm, it is a statistical fact that should not bear weight, value or symbolism in any way.

>That push back makes people feel threatened

No one is saying being a bi transexual is "the norm", but many (I think) are saying that the term is bad because "normative" means "something to strive for when possible", which clearly implies that not-norm equals bad. In addition, there is no easy way to distinguish who are the "salvagable" people who just get a little huffy or threatened by the scary pushback subversives, and who are the bad-faith mongrels who are just looking for an excuse to use their fear of change as fuel for mindless whining or hate (see black stormtrooper, the latest Ms. Marvel or femalepeople in Ghostbusters and you'll find lots of people who are probably not very open to reasoning)

>Instead of railing on people for being bigots, I prefer to give them respect and dignity so that I may persuade them to see it in another way

You can find people with jobs, families, a full diploma and perfectly polite miens who don't know that sugars are carbohydrates. This perfectly chipper and normal-looking woman my aunt works with said she thought Ben Carson was damn right to compare Ocare with slavery but that the country really doesn't need another black man for a president (she insists she is not racist). I very much refuse the call to reason with and diplomatically guide persons like that into the future, even if their feet-dragging hurts people I have compassion for, because talking to stupid people is torture to me.

In the time you spend explaining to one person that a warmer climate makes more water go into the atmosphere so there is more snow, one hundred more watch some blonde nothing on cable news going "Well obviously NASA is dumb because their silly theory totally implied no more snow". It is not a battle I can take.

ID: 7d257  No.597

What I mean is that some people really do believe that the only way to get people to stop and let in an outside thought for once is to get them angry. For some people, that's true; they've decided not to listen to anything which contradicts their own preferred viewpoint, and in some cases, getting them really hopping mad about something that normally angers them, and then adding in things they agree with on the surface but which, if they really considered them, are quite bad, could make them give these things some serious consideration.

That being said, this isn't always the best approach. For some people, one needs to discuss the problems, not hammer them in. What's important is figuring out which are which. See below.

Most of the people to whom you're referring, though, are just the dorks who either enjoy drama but try to cover up the fact that they're starting it, or are simply too dense to realize they're saying inflammatory things.

>>Maybe he wouldn't have even given it a thought and just shut down completely which is what happens when we become hostile. We stop thinking.

This is the type I'm talking about above. They've found their opinion, and they switch off their brain. For different ones, there are different approaches which are better-suited to making them think. And making them think is sometimes more important than simply trying to "change their mind."

>>Instead of railing on people for being bigots
In the cases where getting someone angry IS the way to get them to consider and think, this isn't the way. SJWs get it very wrong. As noted above in this post, one first has to get them amped up about something they already dislike– and then one must take something bad that they agree with, find the bad in it, slip that in while they're riled-up and get them to see that it's a problem. When they come down, they may actually consider it.

Straight cisgender is the most common gender and orientation, but "normal" has become a perjorative term. That's not to say that it's a term which needs to be discarded or shunned, however. It needs to be used with care, having long since– hundreds of years since– become a descriptor which implies, "That which I am, and which others are not, making them—" Less valuable than me? Weird, or strange, thus to be shunned, ignored, treated differently? To be changed or altered to match the norm-as-I-see-it? This goes past sexual orientation and gender, and has been used at various times to see as lessers people of other races, other nationalities… even as a reason to change bevaviors (see: all the lefties forced to learn to write right-handed, which was because, and only because, being right-handed was seen as "the norm" and being normal was very, very important.)

The issue with "normalcy" is more delicate than almost any other. An inch too far in almost any direction can put one in crazy SJW territory, and in typing this out, I've had to rethink several phrases in a concerted effort to not appear to cross over into that category.

>>It is not a battle I can take.

There are many battles I can't take. The following is entirely directed at Tumblr SJWs and feminists: What you must learn first is to pick your battles, and HOW to pick them. Choose ones you can genuinely handle well, without getting bent out-of-shape; as soon as YOU get angry, your ability to do good work declines sharply. Anger and outrage have their purpose, but not everything can be fixed via anger and outrage, and they have no value in and of themselves.

You don't fix a broken watch with a hammer. The problems you're fighting may be big, but just because it's a really big clock doesn't mean a hammer will repair it. These are still delicate battles, and though induced outrage is and should be one of your tools, you must learn how to properly use your tools, when and on what topics and which people to use them, and in what amounts.

If you really just want to pick up a battle-axe and a sword, scream "DAMN YOU, PATRIARCHY!!!" and run in with weapons flailing, stop saying you're trying to fix the broken world. Because you're not. You don't care about winning. You're just pissed-off and you want to make some heads roll.

You folks need a name. Anyone here want to suggest a title by which to call the SJWs and Tumblrinas whose entire goal is to piss people off and have a good old-fashioned scrap?

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