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File: 1419206181595.png (102.33 KB, 640x356, Genie_Jafar_-_Part_5.png)

ID: e88aa  No.140

Anybody able to tell me why Naylor threads get deleted now? They are sort of the only reason I have for coming to this site and there doesn't seem to be a rule against them.

ID: 2bc18  No.142

We just decided we didn't really want to do them anymore. A lot of us were really tired of them… plus some of us realized long ago we wouldn't have to put up with them or Naylor's shitty comics and art at all if people weren't posting them here to bitch about them, but they were a fixture of the board.

But with the revival, it's sort of a fresh start, so we essentially decided to kick the habit.

No more Naylor threads. No more Naylor art. No more Naylor comics of any kind.

ID: fe1e0  No.143

If this is your only reason for coming here then I apologize and wish you well on your internet journey to other lands.

ID: e6466  No.144

U18chan still has threads for Naylor’s stuff.

But yeah, what Sechs said. I’d gotten tired of ragging on Naylor’s stuff because it was boring and easy. There’s no challenge there. Plus it was essentially the webcomic version of hatewatching something, and these days, I’d rather spend time talking about things I like.

Whatever your opinion on his work, feel free to have it and defend it and all that jazz. Just don’t bother doing it here, since this is pretty much the only Naylor thread we’re going to have on the new TGFB.

ID: b505a  No.147

There is a rule against them. Naylor art is on the DNP list on the first post in /dammit.

ID: 86858  No.149

>U18chan still has threads for Naylor’s stuff.

Yeah, but they prefer to kiss his ass there, from what I've seen. Strangely enough, they're especially defensive about Original Life.

Which I'm very pleased to discover has been put on indefinite hiatus.

ID: 4d097  No.150

>Which I'm very pleased to discover has been put on indefinite hiatus.

Part of me wants to check when it went on hiatus and when the old tgfb site went down. lol

But yeah, it got boring making fun of it. The joke can only go on for so long. That's all I'll say about it lest this thread morph into it fully.

ID: e6466  No.151


For the record: TGFB went down around June and Naylor announced the hiatus last month, so I’m 99.9999999% sure we didn’t have a damn thing to do with it.

ID: 86858  No.152

Maybe he ran out of sitcom cliches and Calvin & Hobbes routines to plagiarize.

Or maybe the old broken clock analogy comes into play here and even he finally realized what a pile of irredeemable filth the comic is.

ID: 4d097  No.153

Not surprising.

ID: 38655  No.154


I figure it hit a point where it was cutting into his time doing commission work and pornfolios–y'know, making money off suckers.

ID: b505a  No.155

Which is weird because he only put out 1 portfolio since June, it looks like.

ID: 38655  No.160


Could go two ways.

Either he hedged his money from the folio salad days and has a comfortable cushion to rest on (he's not that dumb)…

…or he's built up a rabid base that'll pay low three digits for a YCH and regularly shell over mid three digits for an full commission, so the folios are just petty cash now.

(And I'm going to stop commenting because this is quickly turning into a Naylor Bitch Thread.)

ID: e88aa  No.162

File: 1419594534543.jpg (29.5 KB, 598x379, BdL-2woCYAAZRwS.jpg)


I dunno, man. I think that the best step was moving it from /fisk/ to a single thread in /bitch/.

As was mentioned before, U18 is very supportive of Naylor. I, personally, am not so much.

I mean, honestly, it's your choice and everything, guys, but I strongly support a single-thread Naylor bitch place. If you don't feel like contributing, then don't, but I'm asking ya to not take away other people's fun.

Just restrict everything Naylor to a single thread.

ID: 53253  No.163


/bitch/ was overrun with Naylor threads to the point where it was basically /fisk/ in all but name. And there’s nothing new to discuss these days, anyway. We’ve seen everything he has to toss at us and then some.

What can anyone say about him or his work that wasn’t already said on the old TGFB?

ID: 38655  No.164


Hell, with the comic 'on hiatus' there's not much to even talk about. We've been making fun of his artwork for nigh on a decade.

ID: 4d097  No.165


So here's what we do. We create a time machine and get the Jay Naylor of 10 years ago and bring him to 2014.

ID: fe1e0  No.167

In my case I never liked the Naylor bitch threads.

I know it was thought it was because I was sympathetic to Naylor's political views. The truth was that I felt those threads sent a negative message to artists and know at least one who expressed a reluctance to post on the old TGFB because of the perception that the threads created.

Its like in the old drama board when someone used to post a thread about the latest thing that Dragoneer did. We tended to make fun of them for being hyper sensitive. Not because we agreed with Dragoneer's political views, but because the people who were constantly bitching about him came across as worse than him.

The Naylor threads had long devolved into hyperbolic denunciations. I'll never forget the person who suggested that the 88 on the back of a character's sports jersey was code for "Heil Hitler." It convinced me that legitimate criticisms of Naylor's work could not be taken seriously when nestled amongst the hysterical ramblings of people who thought he was the antichrist.

So now that we have a fresh start, we're not even going to go there now.

ID: 53253  No.168


>I'll never forget the person who suggested that the 88 on the back of a character's sports jersey was code for "Heil Hitler."

[headdesk intensifies]

I’m so glad I stopped paying attention to those threads prior to the crash.

ID: 444c2  No.181

If you like his art, you can keep liking it. If you hate it, you can keep hating it. If you hate him, you can keep hating him. But I read the threads for a while, and after some time, there were only so many ways posters could say, "everything he makes sucks fat sweaty donkey balls. Let's break the latest image down and rag on each individual piece." I'm not really sad to see them gone, but neither does a board with Naylor ass-kissing sound fun.

ID: fe1e0  No.183

That's not whats going on.

We're not having Naylor threads. Period.

ID: 444c2  No.184

I'm not sure how my post was interpreted, but let me clarify. I'm saying to the poster who says he only visited for the Naylor bitch threads that this board not having them doesn't stop his opinions of Naylor– just stops them from being aired here.

I, personally, was tired of them a long time ago, as there seemed to be little new to say. Deconstructing each new comic page or drawing and critiquing every tiny piece and part seemed a bit silly, almost as if people were finding ways to extend the art's complaining value as far as possible. If we want to bitch about the fandom or poke fun at bad art, there's much worse stuff out there.

ID: b505a  No.185

I felt the Naylor threads got out of control. It seemed like people had Naylor Derangement Syndrome - artists/members of fandom/etc would do x, no one says anything until Jay does X and then omg that douchebag.

It is too bad we can't post his art on here, simply because there are various /dammit/ threads where his art would be applicable - some of his stuff (especially earlier) was good, and he has some good spooge art and (of course) asses, so they are relevant to the topic. But, I understand the need to keep the board Naylor free.

ID: 02e2e  No.187

>TGFB is back


>No more Naylor threads

Come on, I was really looking forward to-

>latest image on Naylor's adult Tumblr page has introduced Flounce and Persia to cuckolding

…oh fuck this jizz whistler in the ear with a giant black dick. Never mind, keep the threads gone. How quickly and easily I am reminded that with Naylor, the only time change happens is when something of his changes to be even more like the rest of the identical string of horseshit he churns out. Here I am, thinking of the good old times, then I realize that there never really were any.

I'll end this with a positive note though, by expressing my relief that, for as long as we've been ripping his hackery to shreds, he never got around to bringing back Amy so he could ruin her too. Thank God for that.

ID: c9e7d  No.189

You know, if anyone here REALLY wants a new home to bitch about Naylor and didn't get it out of their system, there were a few TGFB regs that made a sight while TGFB was down to go to for such purposes. If no one else wants to drop the link to it I can, but I've basically moved on from it as well. The last two chapters will get done simply out of a sense of pride of finishing what I started, but who knows when I'll get them done, I spend a lot of time streaming on twitch, doing like many others and spending my energy in a more positive way.

ID: 444c2  No.190

So this is a site built specifically for Naylor bitching? No offense to those who love that, but c'mon, is it still that engaging? What I can see being much more interesting is a thread about "Worst art on FA" or similar, where each person posts an artist, several examples of their work, and any details that make it especially funny. I'd vote for a rule about no bitching about artists' personal lives or drama– commenting only on the art and things directly related, like how the artist handles critique or discusses the pictures.

ID: 444c2  No.191

I should add, though, that for those who still love Naylor bitching, I'm glad somewhere else exists for it.

ID: 53253  No.192

I think I know what board he’s referring to, but even if I’m wrong, I’mma link it here anyway.


There. Your one-stop shop for Naylor bitching. :)

ID: c9e7d  No.193

That's the one.

ID: 57e39  No.195

Amy and Charlie are two Naylor characters that fared pretty well.

I get the impression people grew up and moved on. Its good to see you will still complete the reviews though, as you are so close to the end.

Thanks for the plug. I do understand people's tiring of the same old thing, as the Naylor talk has been going on for years. I enjoyed the threads and had a good laugh every now and then at some reactions garnered here from Naylor's antics. It's the last gasp of the times, moreover that OL is on hold, but at least the outlet is there for a person to complain if they feel the need arises.

ID: 86858  No.196

I say even Charlie didn't emerge unscathed, honestly.

ID: 444c2  No.200

He didn't want Rachel, right? Just pass ownership to me. I'll make sure she ends up a well-rounded, sweet girl.

ID: 354a2  No.207


Kinda funny how that board was made specifically because TGFB went down.

Anyway, I'll miss the bitch threads here. They were always fun.

ID: f0750  No.356

File: 1421138039216.jpg (712.13 KB, 1637x890, the_hatred_by_nataliedecor….jpg)

>>142 How about dnp rule 1a
Oh Balls edits still allowed
That was truly the high point of the entire original series.
It's a real shame, I used to be a fan of his art when he started, not just BD I mean waaaaaaay back. Even when he was drawing threatening images of his critics and shooting liberals and shit.
Somewhere along the line he morphed into Furry Tite Kubo though, real sad. His art even got more 'anime' and less 'fuzzy' and you could track the devolution through Better Days. (His pornfolios leapt way ahead of that though)

Also why did he never do a pornfolio with Fisk's mom or (/and) the liberal strawfeminist teacher, dammit!
Essentially Naylor 'cleaning up his act' and calming the fuck down/getting all effete and lecture-y actually ruined him for me. Also seemed to ruin his art as he stopped looking like he had a distinct style.

>>165 yes do that, at least then he'll give us decent pornfolios! Hopefully lacking in dunepenis.

Relocation update http://8ch.net/fisk/
not the first time they did this either.
random le edgy furry unrelated maybe

ID: 2a012  No.357

>Furry Tite Kubo

How so…?

ID: f0750  No.358

Ass-pull plots and barren backgrounds mostly.
Also I have a sneaking suspicion he holds the same prejudice about 'reading his past work'

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