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ID: ec7cc  No.1430

Welp, looks like ol' Pawsru finally gave up the ghost. I think it was only a matter of time; they still had lots of posters, but not much moderation (if any?).

Anybody know what or who dealt the death blow? Or any actual history on what sent the site into its downward spiral?

ID: 9777d  No.1431

I never went there, so who knows?

ID: db82f  No.1432

Most of the mods left, and the ones there got tired of trying to keep it 'clean'–the place had been a non-stop target of adbots (particularly pre-teen and kiddie smut) for quite some time.

Between that and an extremely slow posting rate, there just isn't much point in maintaining it.

ID: a421f  No.1433


This, along with the fact that the site was constantly hounded by people who tried to sabotage any thread where people uploaded paysite content by spamming them with CP links (theory confirmed with the fact that no matter which captcha and security measure Paws admins implemented, the links would still appear which means someone was spamming them manually). Not to mention the rumors that the reason why some mods quit was because these paysite whiteknights threatened to dox them if they kept the paysite content threads moderated and protected from spam.

ID: 09c5d  No.1436

I kept on thinking it died a long time ago…

ID: ec7cc  No.1437

It was mostly dead a while ago, but it did still have some posters. I'd check in every few weeks and see new posts.

I saw those (and scrubbed my cache after), but they seemed to vanish relatively quickly. From where comes the intel that the CP spammers threatened to dox mods if they weren't allowed?

ID: 77462  No.1864


From what I've seen, threads which got hit by spam the most used to be the ones posting SexyFur and PleasureBonBon content, especially the latter.

>>1437 Since we will probably never hear what the mods have to say, it could be considered only a hearsay at this point. Another theory I heard was that some of the mods were actually among those who were whiteknighting for paysites which is why they allowed the spamming to continue.

ID: 7f9d3  No.1865

I guess I wouldn't have been too surprised if the mods were supporting paysites. I had no idea who their mods were, never saw them do anything. But… I'd think the CP spam wasn't actually paysites, but either party van traps or just lies (the user pays, hoping to see CP, and gets none). Either way, if a site can't or won't stop THAT kind of spamming, fuck 'em.

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