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File: 1453837780948.jpg (53.71 KB, 500x459, 1453807926.zaush_cynthia.jpg)

ID: fa350  No.1662

It would appear that Zaush isn't even trying to hide his taste for cub art, anymore.


He flat out accepts that the drawing is of a bottomless fifth grader.

ID: 3ff19  No.1663

>Probably won't be posted on FA.

Judging by what Zaush seems to like to draw these days, probably a comic involving her getting fucked in front of a distraught family member by some domineering male, probably another canine given the universe she exists in.

All of my nope.

ID: a6e09  No.1664

The amount of white knighting from people saying "It's okay if they're underage because they're not real!" is making my head spin.

I stopped watching Zaush for a bit because of the rape allegations, rewatched because "Let's see where this goes" and now it's a solid "Nope, never again"

ID: 4e6a5  No.1665


To be fair, I'm into furry specifically because they aren't real. Cub falls in the same context, just a bit touchier due to it's parallel in reality in regards to the heinous act they mirror.

Never liked Zaush though, since she is of the underage category he's most likely going into the darker place of sex. Can't make kids with kids after all, and with his penchant for cheating or domination it's a new road to travel to evoke feeling in his work (for him at least).

ID: 60711  No.1666

I except the same as most of his stuff these days: cheating and/or HUGE penetrations. Eeek.

ID: 4e6a5  No.1667


Since she's the younger cousin of the other girl who got banged in the last comic he did, chances are her father (or uncle?) is going to get an 'impotence special' telegram showing her getting banged by some dude who is using her phone to record the act.

Seems to be a thing of his, having a helpless guy involved when it comes to most of his straight stuff.

ID: 60711  No.1671

Yeah, I'm seeing a LOT of people with a very deep cuckolding fetish. Seems to be popular.

ID: 12e3d  No.1675

its profitable due to not many are in that art niche

ID: 7e90d  No.1813

Cub does seem gross to some of us, and thinking about it could be illegal here in the UK. That said, I'm sort of new to furry and have to ask - is 'bottomless' entirely the same thing as nude for a furry character? I mean, there's still fur there.

ID: 3ff19  No.1814

It's really not very consistent. Pretty much depends on the artist.

ID: 4e6a5  No.1815


Not to mention whether they come from a TV show. Generally it's common amongst male characters but there are exceptions for bottomless females as well.

ID: 7d572  No.1816

I don't, personally, have a problem moral with the stuff, it's drawn so whatever, and this "Cynthia" character is pretty tame by some of the garbage I've seen.

HOWEVER, I do understand why people would have a problem with it. It's an armed dramabomb, so let's defuse it right now and say "not here". Go to IB or whatever.

ID: 090f8  No.1847

Rick Griffin has pretty much drawn his characters bottomless for ever so I guess is depends on the artist.

ID: 86b72  No.1856

at least its not posted on inkbunny - that's cub fur central

ID: 4e6a5  No.1866

And the comic is finally out there.

Went to check it out in u18chan (it's on the furry comic index of all places!).

Cub, cuckolding and incest. Apparently in one of the sketch pages there was supposed to be gay sex as well, but I guess he cut that out as his lil' way of 'toning it down'.

Now I don't mind cub in the least, but even I think the amount of escapism present borders on the category 'personal issues'. He 'moralized' the plot, make the dad look guilty of cheating on his wife because she cheats on him all the time. From one of the guys who banged his wife no less…who proceeds to bang his daughter's friend (WHO IS THE DAD'S ILL-LEGIT DAUGHTER) while the dad has at his own girl. The only good thing about the lack of standards between any of the cast AT ALL is that the lack of attachment for any of this works out in the end, it reminds you it's all fiction, escapism lovingly detailed in it's debauchery. It's only raising up a stink this big because Adam Wan has always had that effect on people with his work and antics.

Of course, the thread is also arguing the legality of cub, as usual. To which I say, live and let live. Which is what they should of done with Furry Network by blacklisting cub by default and leave the fault of the matter on the user, but that's a whole other subject and a concluded one at that. Again, live and let live.

ID: 3ff19  No.1867

It's definitely one of the more uncomfortable comics I've seen. Damn if he doesn't draw good sex, but it's so bleh in context.

ID: 52e95  No.1868

>The only good thing about the lack of standards between any of the cast AT ALL

An' those lack of standards between the entire cast make both the cuckold aspect and the edgy self insert OC's attempt at "Moralizing" the story absolutely pointless. The cuckold aspect is rendered moot with no boundries to cross, even more so with the dad screwing his daughter. An' as for the edgy OC, well he was unessesary now was he? The comic comes to a stop so he can chew out the dad for a 1/3rd of the comic for being a cuckold/screwing his daughter, even though the OC has banged the wife in one of her many orgies, ends up boinking the dad's ill-legit daughter and let's the dad screw his daughter. (Oh, but it's totally alright for the OC to do so because he's bigger and badder.)

If you're going to establish every character has no standards/boundries, that's totally fine. Just don't put in fetishes that need boundries crossed to work, as well as don't try moralizing anything unless you're clearly aiming for irony.

It's clear there's no standards amongst the cast, until the plot says so for a fetish…then it's tossed out the window because standards amongst characters won't work for the next fetish.

ID: 4e6a5  No.1869


Pretty much, this. It's like he tried to go both ways on the matter, but couldn't stick the landing by virtue of what those fetishes are. Add in his feeble attempt of hiding the age of the characters, saying cynthia is 'in college'. Only for the e621 post to have the original message in place. Honestly, Zaush isn't fooling anyone.

ID: bf77b  No.1870


True. What he's posting is blatant cub porn, but Zaush being a staff member, of course he'll get special privileges and the rules that apply to everyone else will not apply to him.

Blatant nepotism and bias is one of the things Neer & co. always fail to cover up.

ID: c38be  No.1871

I'm not sure the heads are big enough vs. the bodies for them to be cubs. MAYBE late teens, if that. I'm still just put-off by the plot, cuckolding is pretty far from my thing.

ID: 37d82  No.1872

oddly there is a term for attraction to Teenagesrs

The problem is, everyone is "think of the children" which is anyone below 12

ID: cfbec  No.1911

So like I'm sure there's big ethical dilemmas present and whatnot.

But I think the question we really need answering on Zaush's work, is as thus- What rule of genetics governs whether a fur possesses a knotted penis, or a humanoid one?

ID: d5b2d  No.1918

File: 1483585288381.png (1.1 MB, 913x834, fdgfdg.PNG)

Zaush is in trouble…. again.

ID: d5b2d  No.1919

File: 1483585323937.png (183.74 KB, 910x770, b dbdf.PNG)

>>1918 Also what the fuck.?

ID: b01a9  No.1920

And he's going on a block spree of anyone who calls him out on his bullshit.

Or even anyone who mentions his name.

Or even anyone who might be talking about him.

ID: 160e4  No.1922


What a fucking class act.

ID: 94878  No.1925

Look, if fapping to guro doesn't make you a serial murderer, and fapping to furry doesn't mean you want to fuck the cat, then fapping to loli/cub doesn't mean you want to fuck kids irl.

Fantasies are fantasies, and indulging in fantasies is a lot better than bottling them up and maybe doing something worse. You want to fap to cub? Whatever.

Granted, Zaush is a drama llama regardless of all that, but in a vacuum what you fap to in drawn artwork is not a crime or a moral mark of sin.

ID: f77b0  No.1926


No one here is arguing about fetishes, or at least wouldn't in case of someone else. Zaush has a history of being a goddamn creep around females in the furry fandom, hence why people are wary about him and his fetishes.

ID: f6cb5  No.1927

I couldn't care less what someone faps to, unless they're creepers.

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