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File: 1484054710646.jpg (256.83 KB, 691x886, cosplaying_is_blackfacing_….jpg)

ID: 99a19  No.1923

Since old thread won't bump anymore, maybe we should make a new one where we mock Tumblrinas for their incredibly regressive, totalitarian methods in "fighting the oppression" (while failing to see the irony)?

As an example:


Long story short:

>an Asian cosplayer tans her face to more accurately portray an Overwatch character, Sombra

>some SJW tries to shame her, comparing her cosplay to blackface/brownface (for uninitiated, it was common in early 20th century for white comedians to paint their faces black and mock the AfroAmericans, something which was (logically) deemed inappropriate and offensive, and eventually curbed out of the entertainment industry long time ago)


It's amazing how far some people will go to get offended by something as harmless as cosplaying.

ID: e790f  No.1924

>It's amazing how far some people will go to get offended by something as harmless as cosplaying.

Or furry porn.

ID: 7de4f  No.1928

There are certainly some genuinely good people fighting for social justice causes– possibly significantly more than there are people of the SJW archetype. But, as always, the SJWs aren't fighting for social justice. They're drama-hungry and they're simply looking for reasons to be outraged, and thus be the center of attention. They care only about the fight, and care nothing for a goal or endgame. Business as usual.

ID: f7168  No.1929

The worst part is she actually apologized and promised never to cosplay outside her race again as a result of all the SJWs screaming at her about it.

ID: e790f  No.1934

>possibly significantly more than there are people of the SJW archetype

Pffft, no.

Look, I'm sorry, Jake, but you need to give this up. The screeching dangerhair is not the tiny minority somehow managing to shout down the reasonable millions out there like you want it to be. The muhsoggyknee howlers are absolutely, unequivocably the standard, and the reasonable, intelligent ones are the exception that prove the rule.

ID: 88a07  No.1936


Aye, I concur. They've already brought the comic industry back to the cusps of dying (though that's also their own fault for not testing the waters first before they radically change their big seller superheroes), and the hollywood industry still panders to them (until sales are affected and they go back to their old racist ways). One could argue they even affected new outlets and their constant narrative twisting because they relied more on the internet to uncover the truth for them instead of searching for it on their own, and thus have their own educated opinion instead of others.

Not to get too /mur/ up in here, but in their blundering way to combat prejudice, the Social Justice Whiners were intensifying it on the white male demographic, whom they deemed as the source of prejudice instead of realizing it's a universal concept that applies even to them (and thus can only be left irrelevant instead of eliminated). Indeed, they managed to increase racial tensions by constantly focusing on it, stifle criticism and humor, and just outright promote a sense of ignorance that made democracy seem like it's original incarnation so far into the future. We did not get the democracy most of us desired when we got Obama in 8 years ago because of those shits and their delusional bullshit.

ID: 17b69  No.1937


I was wondering when will someone call him out on his naivette.

Jake, I admire your insistence that these SJWs aren't all bad, but it's a sad fact that a great number of them are. They don't believe the stuff they preach, they don't stand for the rights of the marginalized minorities or women. They just use it all as an excuse to harass and demean others. The fact they're so quick to turn not only against each other, but against those they claim to be fighting for (and use the same slurs they demean others for using them) should already be enough of a proof.

ID: e790f  No.1938

>The fact they're so quick to turn not only against each other, but against those they claim to be fighting for

This. Another recent brouhaha was that Emma Watson, useless and pointless feminist that she is now, decided to promote her latest no-one-cares-about-it movie by doing a braless photoshoot. Feminists ate her alive about it, because she was "promoting objectification of women", "validating male gaze", you name it.

And, instead of protesting about being attacked by her own, or realizing that the movement she's decided to kowtow to is full of it and doesn't believe in letting her make her own choices? She's instead blaming it on, you guessed it, misogyny… trying to claim that the people attacking her are attempting to use her tits to invalidate her powerful feminist statements.

ID: ca326  No.1943

I've met a fuckton of the nice, level-headed ones. Now, I freely admit that I may be wrong, but I don't think the crazy ones are the majority. I think they use sockpuppets and numerous alt accounts and addresses to make themselves look that way. But, and I repeat, this is only my opinion, and I could be wrong.

> They don't believe the stuff they preach, they don't stand for the rights of the marginalized minorities or women. They just use it all as an excuse to harass and demean others. The fact they're so quick to turn not only against each other, but against those they claim to be fighting for (and use the same slurs they demean others for using them) should already be enough of a proof.

Top me, that isn't proof of their numbers, but it IS proof that they're indeed more interested in fighting than winning. This type of people are completely wasting time and effort that could be used doing something productive. I think they are, first and foremost, selfish– the fight they're in is entirely about making them feel some combination of satisfaction, smugness, and self-importance. It's ridiculously stupid.

As said, I could be wrong, but when I see the way so many of them use the same manner of speaking (typing), I can't help but think they're a relatively small group that's using the anonymity of the internet to artificially inflate their apparent numbers. It comes across as akin to the old stories about a handful of people defending a fort, who rig up automated catapults in all the windows so there seems to be a whole army holding off the attackers.

> Feminists ate her alive about it, because she was "promoting objectification of women", "validating male gaze", you name it

Like I said. Fucking ridiculous. Quit screwing around and do something useful for the world. Women, at least in the Western world, are no longer oppressed– certainly not systematically. Nor are minorities. Figure it out, cut the bullshit, realize the actual problems in the world, and use all that energy and zeal on THEM, and things might change for the better.

ID: ca326  No.1945

P.S. (and I suppose slightly off-topic) Is it really too much to ask for the major groups who turn every YouTube comment section and Reddit thread into an argument to shut the fuck up for a bit?

I'm referring specifically to people who despise or adore any politician, or any specific and entire group or type of people, take every opportunity to say so, and think anyone who disagrees is a waste of a human.

That's why I keep coming here. I and some others here disagree, sometimes vehemently, but the conversation is nearly always civil and doesn't just devolve into bashing and name-calling.

ID: 7ebe8  No.1946

P.P.S. I should clarify.

> it's a sad fact that a great number of them are. They don't believe the stuff they preach, they don't stand for the rights of the marginalized minorities or women. They just use it all as an excuse to harass and demean others

I think nearly all of the people we see on the internet who are the SJW type are like this. I think some are immature, some are trolls, some are idiots, some are crazy, some are dead serious and want to feel like they're "fighting the good fight," and others are some combination of the above.

I think real people exist who are fighting for causes we could term "social justice." They aren't loud, they aren't crazy, and they know what is real and what's Tumblrina "there are 643 genders," "all cis white het men are disgusting rapist pigs," "sexism, racism and every other ism are still systemic" bullshit. We don't see them, we don't hear about them, and they don't tell everybody.

Every one we see and hear about on the internet is some combo of the five categories listed above, and they deserve to be laughed about.

ID: 33615  No.1947


>Apparently wearing hoop earrings is a racist thing to do, according to a group of latino women who spray painted "White girls, take off your hoops" on a college campus wall in California.

>One of the activists explained the act in a letter to the entire student body, saying that white women who wear hoop earrings are exploiting the black and latino culture because the accessory represents a history of oppression and exclusion.

Yet another case of reverse racism…and these dumb bitches don't even know hoop earrings do not originate strictly from latino or black culture, but have been around for much longer time.

ID: 88a07  No.1948


Indeed, they became very popular in the 'groovy' era. This really is one of those occasions when fashion sense is largely irrelevant, I mean if they want to go that route then black people should probably stop dressing up casually like something out of a 20th century sitcom. To which most of them will scoff and go on their lives as normal, which is the correct answer for this crap.

ID: 40269  No.1949


>black people can't be racist because we do not benefit from such a system

>being this fucking stupid that you can't tell a difference between "systemic" racism and "social" racism.

ID: 8bce5  No.1950

WTF!? More stupid off-the-deep-end crap. What'll it be next?

ID: dc9cc  No.1954

File: 1492777060143.jpg (143.86 KB, 719x684, 10004056.jpg)

this sums up SJW mentality in one image

Oh did I offend one of Sechs' heroes in the process? Like I give a fuck. If I cared what an unattractive over-opinionated bitch thought, I'd watch Nostalgia Chick.

>implying I'd ever watch Channel Awesome, a hellhole filled with Bill Hicks fans who don't understand what "fair use" even means so they can play pretend victim whenever copyright holders object to their 20+ minutes of combined film footage per "review"

ID: dc9cc  No.1955

and while I'm pissing off that "former man who got a hsitty surgeon to glue tits on him but he still looks like a man" FUCK Bill Hicks, fucker was a racist asshole who screamed fake theft accusations when his "friend" insulted racists.


ID: 1283b  No.1956

Ease off the call-outs, alright? Just make your point like an adult.

ID: f7168  No.1958

>brings up Channel Awesome out of the blue
>puts "review" in sarcasm quotes
>tries to justify unfair takedowns

Wow, got a grudge there, buddy?

ID: 1f04f  No.2012


Long story short; a little girl has a Japanese themed birthday party, some tumblrinas throw a shitfit and call it racist and cultural appropriation. Actual Japanese person steps in and BTFOs the complainers.

She also makes a really damn good point; most people complaining about mixing/exchange of cultures as being racist/offensive tend to be the real racists, despite their SJW badge they so proudly show off.

ID: 0967b  No.2013

The thing pardoned Arpaio and pissed on trans Americans under cover of a hurricane.

Hey Harvey, aim for his voters if you would.

ID: e790f  No.2014


Hirtes, don't you need to be yelling at Chris-chan?

ID: f7168  No.2015

I'll never forget the time a Japanese trans girl stood up and told everyone that Japan isn't the progressive wonderland they think it is, the characters they think are trans just aren't, their erasure of Japanese social problems touched upon in Japanese media is as good as imperialism, and touting Madoka Magica as a feminist manifesto for little girls is kinda like saying a greasy triple-cheese meat lover's pizza is diet food…

And Tumblr responded by running her off the site with death threats and racist, sexist and transphobic remarks.

ID: 0967b  No.2016

I'll never forget when people that hate Tumblr voted for Mike Pence as VP, DeVos as Sec of Destroying Education, Gorsuch as anti-Justice and a ban on trans Americans that want to fight for the West.

ID: f7168  No.2017

It's like you didn't even read a word.

How in the flying fuck can you somehow determine that "people who hate Tumblr" unanimously voted for anyone? Do you also think GamerGate magicked Trump into office?

ID: 0967b  No.2018

>How in the flying fuck can you somehow determine that "people who hate Tumblr" unanimously voted for anyone?

Because people are going to make useful generalizations even if it makes you angry. For example, not everyone that voted Trump are racist but anyone that still supports him after he ends DACA (which requires a spotless record) are racists.

ID: 98575  No.2023

You wanna see triggered? Christians/conservatives in general have cried over

>rock music

>heavy metal
>video games
>women having rights
>gays existing
>interracial marriage

and other things claiming those things will ruin society, cause natural disasters or make god kill us all.

But it's okay when they do it, they're not SJWs

Sechs doesn't scare me, he's a retarded little nobody who got botched SRS and is mad over it. He has as much power as Chris-Chan- he can cry about shit on this board almost no one uses and that's it.

If I had your dox I'd drop them. Oh no a ban, like I give a fuck. Totally pointless "punishment".

ID: f7168  No.2024

SJW isn't a synonym for "left", nor does being against these hypocritical raging morons magically make you a homophobic, woman-hating, Trump-voting puritan Nazi, nor does being a Christian or voting republican mean you're any of those things either. Additionally, you're not superior for not believing in God. Now take off your euphoric trilby, find a better insult to use than childish transphobia and try again, edgelord.

ID: d915e  No.2025

File: 1509644886747.jpeg (72.26 KB, 900x900, 8CB90D47-7930-4707-80F5-4….jpeg)

Please point on the NEET where the fedora touched you, sweet child.

ID: db467  No.2026

File: 1511450842044.png (345.42 KB, 1280x1637, 1507239312556.png)

Someone care to explain to me what is it with Tumblr artists who take any kind of visual media and completely twist and pervert the characters into something unrecognizable? Take this for example:

-Cap is a gay MtF transsexual with some mental illness and anxiety
-Tony is a PoC trans fat midget gay

ID: da55d  No.2027

I love how Tumblr artists constantly depict trans people as complete caricatures who can't pass for shit, and then they think they're being progressive.

ID: 91ea2  No.2028

File: 1514766762143.jpg (58.58 KB, 480x520, IMG_20180101_012709.JPG)


I'm pretty sure that is not how androgyny works. Then again this being an SJW, and they love to redefine shit to be as counter-establishment as possible and to make it fit their agenda…

ID: da55d  No.2029

>You don't have to be white to be androgynous


ID: 69b86  No.2030

>someone on Twitter saying that butch female characters in various media being portrayed as heterosexual is unrealistic and offensive

I wish I screencapped that, as I can't find that conversation now. The person who made that argument obviously has no fucking idea what they're saying, as I've met plenty of butch/masculine women in my life who have a husband or boyfriend.

ID: 1118b  No.2031

Probably along the same reason that people take cartoon girls and give them giant tits and completely change the character into a fuck junkie.

ID: 0df39  No.2033


You're comparing apples to oranges.


>adding bigger tits onto an existing female character, but keeping general design still recognizable

and then there's

>taking an existing character and changing absolutely EVERYTHING about it to fit some arbitrary "progressive/SJW crowd" standards until the character is no longer recognizable, merely looking like some generic androgynous chubby PoC snowflake character design you can find all over Tumblr

ID: da55d  No.2038

SJWs say shit like that and then turn around and scream at people who believe Rainbow Dash is a lesbian. They were the first to start pointing to Tracer's hairstyle to claim they knew she was a lesbian all along too, yet they lost their shit at people who wondered if Zarya's a lesbian because she's far more butch than Tracer's ever been. It's incredible, really, everything they condemn is suddenly perfectly fine when they're the ones doing and saying it.

ID: da55d  No.2039


Tumblr artists and media "progressives" in a nutshell.

ID: 62931  No.2040

ah yes the glory that is "RCDart"

…and if you think that's bad, then you need to google RCDart's porn tumblr account.
>yes that's a thing
>I wish it wasn't
>meteor apocalypse when?

ID: 69b86  No.2041


Fun fact: she used to go by nickname Redart until someone pointed out that swapping letters D and T around made it spell "retard".

And while her art and themes are outright disgusting, it's amazing how Tumblrinas tore into her for "fetishizing trans people" when they do the exact same fucking thing.

ID: 18191  No.2042


>It's incredible, really, everything they condemn is suddenly perfectly fine when they're the ones doing and saying it.

That's because SJWs firmly believe that, when minorities and SJWs themselves do something, they have every right to it because they are minorities and people fighting against "duh oppreshn!!" and thus they are exempt from criticism. But when "the majority" or cishet whites do something, then it is a fucking sin they deserve to be lynched for, because they're neither the minorities nor SJWs.

Same goes about complaining: SJWs and minorities have the right to complain about everything under the fucking sun, but whites don't because "they're white, thus privileged by default and have it a whole lot easier in life" (load of bullshit, I know).

ID: 91ea2  No.2043


This whole article comes off as "what if Jack Thompson was an anti-videogame Social Justice Warrior".


>restoration of natural harmony

>far-right wing ideology

Since when? I thought most extreme right wingers/Republicans were pro-industrialism and loathed the regulations which prevented industrial giants from dumping toxic waste wherever they want.

ID: 88a07  No.2044


Priorities kind of got skewed ever since the democrats started trying to figure out if they themselves are conservative or not.

So when trying to pin negative things on extremists it's less what they really want and more what will cause more provocation. Granted it works both ways with media, but left media has a harder time deciding what they want to tell others because they are bouncing around more buzzwords. The republicans will eat up 'fake news' as an excuse because unlike the majority of the ones being tossed around like darts to a lacross, the circumstances involved had merit to it.

ID: fb15d  No.2046


Worst thing about RCDart's stuff? Her art was actually really damn good in the past. Then she went to CalArts and her skills took a spectacular nosedive.

People blame the school for such ridiculous art style, but what really goes on is this:

Like every school, CalArts is a place that teaches you fundamentals about the subject you chose, and once you are taught these fundamentals it's up to you to further develop and evolve. But alot of the people who went there instead stick to these fundamentals like it's some gospel and never develop further from it, or let it affect their previous art skills.

ID: da55d  No.2048

I wish more people realized this. It's not CalArts that's the problem, and people who go there aren't automatically total hacks. Brad Bird attended CalArts, and look at his resume now.

ID: 1283b  No.2049


Animation has become kind of a cabal. Like people in animation now went to CalArts and spent around $50,000 a semester or something for their degree, so obviously it must be necessary, sot hey only hire people who also took that program. IT's creating a loop of people who all went to the same school who believe that only people with that degree can get into the industry could have gone to that school. People are starting to take notice of that nepotism bubble, and it's going to eventually pop.

ID: d70bd  No.2058

There are "right-wingers" and there are "right-wingers." A growing meme in such circles is "revolt against the modern world."

This is a gross oversimplification, I know, but bear with me. Most people–Right or Left–think in broad brushstrokes. Nuance is rare.

Anyway. The Right, to the extent that it has a coherent or definable concept at its core is:

"Things used to be good. Then those Lefties came in and changed stuff, and now things are shit. We should go back to the old ways."

The Rightist ideal in the US–and it's rather different in other Western societies–is the Western Frontier, just after the War of 1812. It's a nation of independent yeoman farmers who hunt and plow all day, then read Plutarch by candlelight before going to bed. The individual atom of which society is made is families, not individuals. Each family is responsible for itself, and if it falls on hard times, they can beg their local community for help–or not. The government builds roads and delivers mail and hires scouts and militia officers for the far frontier–and that's it, baby. Everyone is free, and if you don't like this town go west. There are some Injuns who may object, but you are allowed to buy your own gun and tomahawk, and there may even be occasional help from the state militia, but don't count on it. Each man his own master, and taxes are low.

Leftists think that's stupid and primitive and "macho" and "elitist" and hate it with the irrational fury of a thousand batshit insane suns, and think the government should be everybody's mommy and daddy and not let anybody hurt anyone else's feelings, other than Whitey, who has it coming and there's a sort of vaporous free-floating moral obligation to stick a thumb in Whitey's eye wherever and whenever, because Whitey was born evil and can't be redeemed, only annihilated. All of Whitey's works must be torn down, and Whitey must be crushed, defeated, atomized, alienated, destroyed, and ultimately erased from history and replaced with tens of millions of lazy illiterate ultraviolent IQ-55 Turd World peasants, who are SO much easier to rule and easier to keep happy.

Anyway. Pollution and environmental degradation are change, and change is something that Righties are united to oppose, and on a certain level, probably not conscious, are on the Right accepted as a trade for prosperity and economic power. The smog that turned Pittsburg skies black at noon at mid-century came from the steel mills that made the steel for the ships and tanks that kept our shores safe from invasion and turned the tide of the Second World War, which the Right remembers approvingly and the Left remembers grudgingly.

When the Left speaks in favor of environmentalism and against pollution, the particulars aren't anything about going "back to the land," or returning to conservative agrarian culture, that might get some traction with people on the Right, and I think on some level, again maybe not conscious, it's deliberate and spiteful. "Farmers use too much water!" "Drilling for oil is polluting the Earth!" "What do you suggest we do about it, then?" "We should all pack ourselves into tiny apartments in enormous European-style megacities, and everyone will ride a bicycle to work, and–" "Where will the electricity come from? Where will the food come from?" "Solar power and engineering advances and unicorns farting rainbows will feed us, if you just sing 'Kum Ba Ya' with us and BELIEVE!" "Oh. The usual. Never mind."

I'm rambling here. But one of my points is that to a greater and greater extent in US politics, Right and Left are shouting slogans at one another rather than using logic. The Left has already signed off on mass street violence, from random stabbings and beatings to large scale riots, and is getting away with it because of an indulgent, ideologically sympathetic judicial system in all the most heavily urbanized areas. As an observer of history I think this situation is inherently unstable and can't go on much longer.

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