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ID: e8902  No.1933

So another old fur bit the dust, this one being GeneCatlow, he was basically one of KatEllis' pals who also drew comics of a similar manner.

Of course, I don't really know much about him myself so I don't have any personal feelings on the guy but it's just a solemn reminder that even though artists die, art is only subject to the lifespan of art sites.


ID: efa7a  No.1944

I don't know much about him, either, but he's certainly one of the old guard in anthropomorphic art, and I do remember his work from when I first ran across this sort of thing. RIP.

ID: f299c  No.2001

Months in and his more closer acquaintances (katellis, sherleymouse, catwhiskeer) are silent. I remember accusing Katellis of roleplaying with himself what with the addition of his dad and sherley's mom getting involved (indeed they even got accounts of their own) but I did not realize at the time so long ago that it'd go so much deeper than this.

I'll give gene credit, he put some dedication into the charade having over 6 or 7 accounts to make different art for, sometimes with visible progress in those different styles too.

feels depressing though.

ID: 69153  No.2002


It's kind of amazing to learn how many of the Great Old Ones of Furry did this stuff.

I mean everyone basically knew that Hardiman's "girlfriend" wasn't real, so not so much of a shocker there. Likewise I doubt anyone would have been surprised to see the Mousey Love Girls go silent if Herbie Bear hadn't started killing them off.

Just kind of makes you wonder what other fixtures of the community are the fictional roleplay creations of other fixtures of the community.

ID: 3d145  No.2003


>I mean everyone basically knew that Hardiman's "girlfriend" wasn't real, so not so much of a shocker there.

Don't let Sniff Heinkel hear you or else he will throw a humongous tirade again. The guy seriously believed Hardiman's lies about Des Lee being a real person because Hardiman was his "bestest buddy", and had a fit when one of Hardiman's friends spilled the beans about Des being Hardiman's alter ego.

ID: 69153  No.2004


I would say Desiree Lee's complete and utter disappearance since Hardiman died kind of puts the final nail in the coffin, morbid pun not intended. I mean she just "Decided to leave the fandom" after that? When "she'd" previously reliably popped up anywhere people were saying she wasn't real to throw a tantrum? Yeah right, you think she'd have the self control not to do it anymore just because her boyfriend died?

But then, Hardiman's fans are still insisting that the cub artist with his exact style who shared his IP address was definitely a different person, so.

ID: 416e8  No.2005


Pretty much. Both BulletSoup and Desiree disappearing around the same time Jim died, along with some of Jim's closest friends confirming they were just his alter-egos, should have been proof enough.

But Sniff has a lengthy history of being a raging tard and delusional behavior, along with being very vocal against cub porn, so I can see him being in denial about one of his idols drawing something he despises.

ID: aa2dd  No.2006

BulletSoup was Hardinaman's account for his "I'm a cub but I murder pedos" characters.

I'm not saying I necessarily believe Des was indeed a separate person, but (a) there have been a few people who insist they met her at one single con, and Hardiman claimed she drew some art but wasn't really connected to the fandom. That being said, "her" art was basically his style, simplified.

ID: e4c21  No.2007


>there have been a few people who insist they met her at one single con

Considering what we have learned after Jim's death, it's safe to bet those few individuals were playing along with Jim in order to fool everyone else. It's easier to convince people about something being true if you have several associates who can confirm your story.

ID: aa2dd  No.2020

Since neither she nor BS has ever resurfaced, it's pretty clear, yes.

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