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ID: 55b35  No.2045

This may be somewhat older news, but I figured some people here might be interested.


Long story short, PK's husband Marl was recently caught trying to groom an underage member of their Discord channel to participate in a zoo porn video.

This has been just the most recent in a long line of allegations and suspicions made towards PK, Marl and Eevee over their….questionable and disturbing sexual preferences. But the most damning thing?

Usually, they would shrug off and ignore all past accusations and dismiss them as fake. However, once these logs were made public? They shut down Forbidden Flora's Patreon page, sold their house and moved out of the state on an incredibly short notice, and have laid low ever since.

If that isn't raising some red flags then I don't know what is.

ID: 88be3  No.2047

Actually I stand corrected, their Patreon is still up, however they said the project itself is shutting down.

Best bet is, they're waiting for things to calm down before they resurface.

ID: e9794  No.2050

I lost track of her after she took on the glitchedpupppet moniker and did that floraverse stuff. But from what I understand, it was her husband who was doing the pedophiliac stuff. They essentially used him to get to her.

Frankly, I despise that sort of tactic. I have no opinion on them personally but I hate it when someone becomes a casualty over association of another. Speaks volumes of how sociopathic and petty the internet has gotten, especially after the rise of social media and luxury of blocking people instead of dealing with them.

ID: 304b3  No.2051


The thing is, PK herself has spoken in the past how she was always excited at the prospect of "corrupting the young" by introducing them to pornography and sex at an age considered inappropriate. She even used the PMD roleplay group she was an admin of (and which was SFW and all-age) to send link to her porn blog to the underage members.

ID: e9794  No.2053


Funny thing, corruption. There is fantasizing about it, and then there is actually doing it on a scale of notice. I don't want to diverge but the internet has already fulfilled that purpose just through entertainment venues: mainly by parental negligence, poor educational standards, and the same lack of role models that the bible belt circles tend to suffer from (Jesus can't answer for all your troubles). If it isn't them, it'll be another circle that'll do it, and kids being exposed to pornography isn't even new. They often just find it on their own because curiosity is much like a fly constantly getting in your vision: you want to swat it on instinct.

The only reason I even treat this situation as genuine is because of their initial reaction to the accusations levied. But the true trigger to this wasn't from a matter of well being of others, it was spite. And that alone makes me detest both sides of the farce.

ID: 1fc5b  No.2054

Update: PK has thrown Marl under the proverbial bus and moved away with Eevee, hoping that things will calm down now that they're no longer associated with him. Updates to Floraverse have resumed, but apparently the next chapter will be the final one.

ID: 59ce3  No.2057

Welllllll… not to change the subject, and I like to bash religion as much as anybody, but to the extent that I understand Christianity, Jesus ain't supposed to be your "role model." Your dad is supposed to be your "role model."

Now, if he's a three-time-felon methbilly with more tattoos than teeth and a taste for pederasty–a more and more frequent circumstance here in Clown World these days–you're screwed, and you're probably gonna turn out wrong and bad, and the odds are you're going to have to be put down like a mad dog, just like Dad. But Jesus never came into it. Not everything is the Church's fault, just most things. Indiscriminate hate is cheap.

ID: b7c0d  No.2065

that's wrong you retard

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