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File: 1530124227134.jpg (30.14 KB, 226x222, 20180612_185101.jpg)

ID: ace1c  No.2052


A notorious zoophile who was already arrested in 2009. for sexually abusing his dog, and spent a year in prison, has now been arrested yet again for breaking his parole by skipping states to live with his "mate" in Arizona, where he proceeded to sexually abuse animals.


And if he is sentenced next year, he's facing 10 years of prison in Arizona, which is likely related to the fact that 2 years ago he and his buddy PokeyPony pushed an alleged DUI driver off the road and shot him in the chest with a shotgun.

ID: 729a2  No.2055

Update: DD claims that charges are being dropped (although he never specified for which reason and if it's permanent), and that his criminal record is being expunged (hiiiiighly unlikely, as convictions cannot be wiped from your criminal record and he was already convicted once for animal abuse).

He also has enough gall to demand apology from people who exposed him for a scumbag he is, threatening to pull some shit if they do not apologize to him by the end of the month.


ID: ddb29  No.2061

How the hell could this deranged motherfucker consistently avoid punishment for all the shit he pulled?

Fucked and sexually abused his dog? A year in prison, banned from having pets. Due to this he breaks parole, flees to another state to live with his dogfucker friend. Authorities did not find out until *years* later.
Shot an innocent driver with intent to murder, claiming the man was DUI? A few months in jail.
Extradited back to his state due to above parole breaking? Sentenced to two years of prison but eventually got released for unknown reasons.
Facing 10 years of jailtime in Arizona due to attempted murder mentioned above? Charges dropped.

How can one despicable subhuman piece of shit like him have so much luck?

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