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ID: d7cf1  No.209

Why does the thermostat lie to me?

ID: 8b377  No.218

Thermostats really only take the localized temperature which of course if it's in the area of the home where you have the most activity and such, it will be more accurate for your needs but if it's somewhere like a hallway, it's gonna tell you the temp there which won't necessarily be the temp of where you usually are.

I know in my place it's always cooler in the hallway than in my room, but my room is the only room in the house that seems to get super fucking cold in the winter and boiling hot in the summer so the thermostat is useless to me.

Course I could be just talking straight out of my ass here.

ID: d7cf1  No.261

It is in the hallway, yeah. We've got some Arduinos with temperature sensors placed all around the house, so maybe we could do something with those.

ID: 8b377  No.289

That could be useful. Lot has to do with the air flow and such too. Could always look it up.

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