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File: 1421954558878.jpg (79.2 KB, 900x519, pondering.jpg)

ID: 65e05  No.411

Not sure where else to post this, might as well put it here.

According to Karno (who was close associate of our favorite Jack Kirby wannabe), Steven died from diabetes complications.


I'm….I'm not sure what to say really. I was on the old Freehaven website when drama around this guy was going down, he seemed like a genuinely mentally challenged fellow with delusions of grandeur and persecution complex, but now that he's apparently gone, I'm actually speechless.

If it's true, God-speed you crazy bastard. God-speed.

ID: c696f  No.412

its for the best

ID: 5f528  No.413

May he rest in peace.

ID: 0f469  No.415

File: 1421967595562.jpg (243.12 KB, 1280x720, Tyrion Lannister 11.jpg)


ID: a0356  No.417

File: 1421975558676.jpg (144.94 KB, 1229x814, Addelsee.JPG)

What I like best about that is that not everyone is sugar coating the guy in death.

Not everyone is the nicest guy. Not everyone brought rays of sunshine to the lives they touched. Good on people for being honest about how they felt. We can still mourn the loss of a part of our lives even if we didnt really like it that much.

ID: 190cc  No.418

Rest in Peace. Surely it's more welcoming than we were.

ID: 0f469  No.419

But seriously what can you even say about a guy that so often acted like he hated being alive anyway…?

ID: 190cc  No.420

Little, except that he won't be around to soak in the praise in death. Which is always nice.

ID: 1e9ff  No.422

Well, I guess you can say he at least got to die in a relatively normal way rather than say on the toilet or other embarrassing position.

ID: f3e93  No.423

As crazy as he was, he was quite entertaining, and it's never truly nice when someone dies. RIP Addlesee.

ID: c696f  No.431

Eh as my grandma says:
"If the person you had problems with dies…just acknowledge they are dead. Don't fucking give them all the nice when they are dead, its makes you further a piece of shit as you couldn't give all that nice when they were alive"

ID: f3e93  No.434

I always try to say at least one positive thing when someone dies. It's really never a nice thing.

ID: c696f  No.435

The nicest thing I can do is be neutral on their death. yea it sucks hes dead due to complications, but thats all I can give.

ID: f3e93  No.436

Wherever he ended up, you can bet he's bitching someone's ears off about how he knew all along that the entire world was against him and the world finally proved its point.

I wonder who'll be the replacement for Commodore Steven Seattle?

ID: 63251  No.437

Jed York.

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