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File: 1422149384584.jpg (65.95 KB, 567x876, dfdsfasd.JPG)

ID: 3c42e  No.438

Legions of furries insist he was making fun of rape victims.

ID: 3c42e  No.439

File: 1422149876602.jpg (58.83 KB, 575x627, cvdscsd.JPG)

ID: 3c42e  No.440

I hate it that I'm 'defending' 2. I just hate it more when I think people are being ridiculous.

ID: 85a7c  No.441

File: 1422152211664.webm (370.99 KB, 640x360, nope.webm)

ID: 466f6  No.443

2 has always been a frothy-mouthed liberal, and beloved for being so.

He steps a toe out of line, this is the reaction.

I'd like to think he and others could learn something from this experience but I'm guessing no.

ID: f2962  No.445

I didnt know he is still relevant these days…

ID: 47676  No.446

It's probably a good thing George Carlin is dead. I don't know how he would have survived the age of Tumblr.

ID: fb83e  No.450

2 isn't exactly known for holding his tongue, and his post was in poor taste.

Frothy-mouthed liberal? Always seemed more like a frothy-mouthed pseudo-libertarian to me.

ID: b1797  No.453

File: 1422215589631.png (88.09 KB, 700x691, 1422161131.technicolorpie_….png)

I love pie.

ID: a276c  No.454

2 loves to offend. He strikes me as the kid in junior high who told dead baby jokes to girls to watch them cringe.

This whole thing has me off balance. Because I fully say that rape jokes are Over the Line. Society has decided certain things just Aren't Okay to joke about, it's just too damn touchy a subject. But I can understand the argument of "If x is over a line, then how can you tell any joke without offending someone? How can you defend other inappropriate humor?" and I'm not sure how to answer that.

Ultimately it makes me think that everyone has this point. Anyone before that point complaining "need to lighten up" and anyone going over that point are douchebags. The problem is that point is different for everone.

ID: 3c42e  No.455

The thing is people are labeling it as a rape joke, but it's not a rape joke. It's a feminism joke, making fun of radical feminists propensity to see rape culture and patriarchy everywhere they look.

ID: 85a7c  No.456


You can better defend ‘offensive’ comedy when it ‘punches up’.

ID: a276c  No.457

*punch* Comedy need not always punch up tho.

I see a lot more feminists RIGHT about rape culture and male privilege than I do wrong.

ID: 85a7c  No.458


Yes, but punching up doesn’t catch nearly as much shit as punching down.

ID: a276c  No.459


ID: 466f6  No.460


How can you be right about something that doesn't exist?

ID: 47676  No.461

The glass was asking for it.

ID: a276c  No.462

You cannot be serious.

ID: fb83e  No.463

The big problem is, yes, patriarchy and rape culture DO exist. They're long-entrenched and very, very subtle. The problem is that the breed of extreme feminism that's become feminism's pseudo-official brand and identifier (that is to say, the type touted by the loudest and most obnoxious ones– these folks always end up becoming what the average guy imagines when he hears of their fandom/movement/whatever) has fought these problems too hard, resulting in most people believing there's absolutely no truth to them– and, what's more, they keep increasing the strength of their rage almost exponentially, so once they started fighting hard enough that, instead of fixing problems, they were compounding them, it got worse and MUCH WORSE and EXTREMELY WORSE real quick and it's still getting even worse.

tl;dr: militant feminists, it seems, neither know nor care that, if they want to win some battles, subtlety and care are necessary. Seems like they don't want to win, they just want to fight.

ID: a276c  No.464


And the tumblr generation is the newest iteration, flailing "CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE" at any and every situation.

ID: 47676  No.467

What is the patriarchy? Who are the members? Is there a leader? What is the structure of this organization? Do they have a headquarters?

Or is it a giant bogeyman that's easy to blame and difficult to define? Kinda like when people love to blame "They" and "them" without ever actually defining it. You run into this a lot with racism. People think racism is a problem but actual racist experiences are pretty low, about as low as people who believe Elvis is still alive. Basically, is it actually a problem or a convenient bogeyman?

You also can't help but keep in mind that many of these organizations need this bogeyman to exist to justify their own existence(and continued revenue). So how trustworthy are they themselves?

ID: a276c  No.468

The patriarchy is another way of saying "male privilege". It's the gender equivalent of The Man.

ID: a276c  No.469

Actual experiences of racism is low? Wat?

ID: 1c1bc  No.470

Goddamn, all these morons losing their shit over this, it's JonTron calling his PS4 retarded all over again.

ID: fb83e  No.471

Correct, and while it IS a problem, it's not organized and it's not destroying the world. Teaching and working on equality– not feminism but equality– is what will help.

Anger, venting, calling all men rapists, and freaking the fuck out will not, and Fumblr Teminists need to shut up, sit down, and do some learning themselves.

ID: 58a24  No.473

File: 1422282575444.jpg (76.12 KB, 347x347, 58115266.jpg)

>The big problem is, yes, patriarchy and rape culture DO exist.

Not in the first world, they don't.

Rape culture is not acknowledged as existing in the first world by any reputable organization, and a study by one reputable organization came back stating that it specifically does not exist.

Male privilege is probably less pervasive at this point than female privilege. Yes, it exists, but it's largely a result of responsibilities and burdens that have been imposed on men that they've historically shouldered up under. Most of the shit that's considered male privilege is either just a result of social inertia that's already bleeding off or is entirely imaginary.

If you want to talk about a place with rape culture, pick any country in Africa. Pick most countries in the Middle East. If you think rape culture exists in America or in most of Europe, you are fucking delusional, period.

ID: 5e5be  No.474


ID: fb83e  No.475

Didn't say it existed HERE. It does exist and is a problem in some places.

Patriarchy isn't what it's made out to be. Male is the default gender in which humans tend to think. It comes naturally to think "he" or "him." This isn't a problem, but it exists. The fact that, well into the 70s and 80s, the average American truly believed (some still do) that women are supposed to be homemakers and aren't fit for the working world was an issue, but as time marches on, it's become increasingly less of an actual hindrance, to the point that this mindset has become the butt of jokes. Of course, there are still people out there like my friend A, who opines that "women think with their hearts, men think with their heads" (A has had the misfortune of having the most influential woman in his relatively young life, his mom, be untreated, extreme bipolar, with a dad who refuses to make her take her meds and insists the way to handle her is to do whatever she says).

What's actually going on is about as far as possible from what the Tumblr crowd says. But again, as so often happens, whoever speaks loudest not only gets heard, but becomes what many people think of as the entire group. Most feminists are level-headed prople who believe in equality– most of the older women in my family are self-professed feminists and not one of them, nor anybody they seem to know, says any of the shit one hears on the internet. Yet, since the Tumblr feminisys run all over the place, shouting and spreading their crap, they not only do severe damage to the reputation of the fight for equality, but they become what many people think is the de facto feminist.

ID: 47676  No.476

Meaning it's a bogeyman. It's as real as a unicorn.

Yes. The actual experiences of racism are far more rare than the perception on it as a problem in America.

ID: a276c  No.477

I have no words. I'm out.

ID: a413a  No.480


Allow me to illustrate things a bit differently to help explain the matter at hand.

Men or women, there is always assholes. The more vocal feminists are, as we noted on the tumblr SJW threads, folks who want to always be right. They illustrate a problem in a manner that instead of balancing the scales, is to just tip it the other direction. HOWEVER, the real issue is where this actually applies.

A good example of 'rape culture' would be the military. Women who are raped by their own side on other lands than our own. There's a joke for ugly enlisted women who serve in the middle east: if they go overseas to the middle east they are considered beautiful. When they return to America, they are no longer beautiful. It's humor more on the enlisted part then it actually is serious but there is always that desperate sod who didn't get the proper impression of his status during boot camp and ends up taking out his sexual frustration on one of his own squad.

It has taken a LONG time for such women to actually get aid from these scenarios, usually saying getting raped is a one way ticket back to america because of emotional distress or something (I don't know the specific term). The reason behind this is less the distress and more about chain of command. And this is where the kicker comes in. Most of the higher ups are male, and while they officially don't condone rape they also don't do anything when the issue pops up. They can't file for disability support on grounds of PTSD either, because it's the same side…in short they don't want the dirt on their own side by giving disability credit as well as punishing those who committed rape on the victim. Especially if it's a high ranking member, like a major. Not to mention they usually don't have proof the act was committed. But even if there were more women higher up, there is also the matter of taking responsibility…and despite the practices constantly repeated in a military base something extreme like rape is going to be morale destroying and legally complicating. If it happens in America, they sometimes do something about it because it's closer to home…but what happens in the middle east STAYS IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

In short, it is a bogeyman but where this actually applies is in lands that aren't our own. People just keep thinking it applies to men in general instead of men in positions that can't afford to get involved in these kinds of fiascoes when they have an image to represent.

ID: fb83e  No.481

>>men in positions that can't afford to get involved in these kinds of fiascoes when they have an image to represent.

That is, indeed, where it's really still an issue, and these are often situations where people don't cover it up because they agree with it but, rather, because they don't want to deal with the hassles and bad press.

ID: 57d6c  No.578

The amount of women comparing, say, being cat-called or stared at with being raped are as plentiful as the amount of men who've had their lives ruined by knowingly false rape accusations.

A man is still much more likely to get away with rape than he is to get hit with a malicious accusation.

Whether rape culture exists is up to debate because "culture" is a huge world. But I follow some feminists on Twitter and every week they retweet something some man has said (or some disgusting man says things to them) and these things are so vile, pathetic, petty and stupid it's like… It's like an animal with feces on its paws are trying to smear feces all over your exposed brain.

Yeah, it's way worse outside of the OECD (and there are kids starving there, so eat your greens!). But while women have some privileges (beyond "waaah they don't have to pay for dates ;_;") they are often socially, politically, verbally and sexually besieged by degenerate filth that unfortunately are men like me.

ID: 47676  No.582

Do they post audio clips of these vile things?

ID: 57d6c  No.583

I've been to 4chan and Twitter, and I've seen screencaps from 8chan and other cyanidepiller sites, even Facebook when the abuse is less awful.

Tumblrage has a smell and look about it, so does the hate of outraged men and teen boys.

ID: fb83e  No.603

The problem is that, while this issue is indeed a problem (men DO still get away with rape, and they DO still get chances to say degrading things to women without repercussions) the Tumblr crowd seems to neither understand how to fix the problem, not really care. They do and say what makes them feel good, happy, satisfied, vindicated, either because they think that will fix the problem, because they don't think at all, or because they don't give a shit whether they help or hurt as long as they make a stink and feel satisfied.

ID: 57d6c  No.604

Some people have to vent or feel/know that they are dealing out repercussions pour encourager les autres, or at least causing severe aggravation to the more odious ones on the other side. However, this is like scarfing down comfort food, which is something that has to be varied with less satisfying but important spinach (i.e., better outreach and factual arguments that jump over the troglodytes and aim at the general, mostly unaware and passive crowd).

ID: fb83e  No.610

I understand venting. But when that's ALL they do, and they claim they're fighting the problems with it…

ID: 1c1bc  No.618

Wanna know who gets away with rape far more often? Women. Society and the law don't even recognize the fact that women can rape, or that men can be victims. It's why Lena Dunham still has a career while Bill Cosby's has been ruined by mere accusations and Shia LaBoeuf has been mocked for admitting that he was raped by a woman years ago.

ID: f2962  No.626

no, not really
We understand women can rape men (problem with that one is due to the mentality we commonly have thus the man may lie that it was what he want, or try to "shelve" it away and keep it to himself so it doesnt look like he is weak.)
We understand Women can also be pedophiles
We do understand that women can be the abusive person in a relationship.

Just not enough of us have come to accept this to make it common thinking of "whatever a man can do, a woman can do just the same, good and bad"

ID: 47676  No.627

Actually in many places rape is specifically defined as the act of unwanted sexual penetration. By the definition in many places, a man cannot be raped by a woman.

ID: f2962  No.631

unless you go technical but that takes too much time for the semantics so already the law is out of their favor.

ID: a413a  No.632


Not to mention Statutory Rape, which technically doesn't even need to involve penetration, just being in a relationship with someone under-aged is enough to be charged with it.

But that subject is technically digressing, unless the SRW are supporting pedophilia all of a sudden. I'd actually find that funny though.

ID: 466f6  No.633

>unless the SRW are supporting pedophilia all of a sudden

They are when it's the male that is underage.

Some of them have been pretty specific on it. Including a case where the boy was eight when the twenty-something woman raped him.

There was at least a handful of tumblr feminists saying "Well he's a male, he probably wanted it and I bet a lot of his male friends congratulated him." and "She's the victim in this, having her personal life dragged through the mud by the courts and press."

The woman in question, by the way, got off completely scott free re: legal consequences.

ID: fb83e  No.634

One of the cases where stupidity should be painful.

ID: 1c1bc  No.636

I wonder, how fast would they have changed their tune if the sexes were switched or the perpetrator was also a man?

Hell, I remember people laughed their asses off at some video of a drunk woman forcing kisses and shit on some little boy on a subway car, and no one around him was doing anything to stop it. I bet you anything that if it was a man forcing himself onto a little girl, not only would every single comment be calling the man a fucking demon and demanding unspeakable things be done to his genitals, but every man on that subway car, and probably a fair number of the women, would've lunged at the guy to beat him half to death.

ID: 4a43f  No.722

File: 1424594703899.jpg (48.31 KB, 500x375, tumblr_kGrHgoOKiwEjlLmVWD_….jpg)

Butthurting plebeians on the internet means that you are doing gog's work, son.

Besides which if vidya has taught me anything, the damage bonus from high terrain is always worth it.
That's why when I punch down, it's with a spiked metal gauntlet.

I can't help but imagine the first part of that post played along to this…

ID: 4a43f  No.723


huh, youtube links aren't allowed?

ID: 4a43f  No.724

Oh, nevermind. There we go! Anyway

Howdy goys, I went and looked it up for ya'll.

I can't help but think it's a result more of her being so blatantly One Of Us instead of just your average female paedo.
Dat smug-ass know-it-all smirk. Dem hipster glasses. The short bob cut. So obviously One Of Us. (Lena falls to that blanket too)
Meanwhile, I don't see Greer getting very much respect on tumblr, and all she did was photograph the young'ns, not rape them.

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