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File: 1422397182463.jpg (126.72 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_nhtpkfjLNt1touc20o1….jpg)

ID: 740b1  No.482

>Try to relax and not issue so many bans
>People start being dicks because they think I won't ban them

Every time.

ID: 740b1  No.483

File: 1422397405203.png (170.21 KB, 500x375, tumblr_n3ms8l8FhD1s6294bo1….png)

Also apparently if you enter a ban time limit that goes over the "days" setting it turns into a permaban.


ID: 5e768  No.484


Dammit, EriSechs!

ID: 675d1  No.485

In some cases, that might not be a bad result.

ID: 7fabb  No.486

File: 1422410602812.jpg (124.5 KB, 820x1200, drama.jpg)


So we lost our designated Renamon of the board?

Crap, finding another one that doesn't die off from hammer strikes within a week is gonna be hard. Then again, they could of mellowed down some after '10. *shrugs*

ID: d857b  No.487

File: 1422439495187.jpg (18.75 KB, 352x302, 1384274614691.jpg)

Wait..what did I miss?

ID: 7fabb  No.488


Head on down to the FNAF thread and see for yourself.

Though I had no idea what he was talking about until I saw the red text.

ID: d857b  No.489

Ah, I kept scrolling right past it. I think power leveling my characters on WoW has melted my brain a bit.

ID: 675d1  No.490

I'd take over, but nobody has drawn my Renamon yet. Is "Designated Renamon Of Board" banned for good, or just for a bit?

ID: c03a2  No.491


It was gonna be about two years but the board software decided "Nah, fuck 'em."

ID: 675d1  No.492

If the board seriously needs a Renamon, I've got one, heh.

Too bad said person decided to say some really stupid shit. Nice poster for quite a while.

ID: 91c84  No.493

That's disappointing. I thought the two of you were on good terms, I mean, you two went to battle against Ace together and won.

ID: 412b3  No.498

Normally I avoid talking to sechs for my own reasons. I just happen to openly state my thought this one time in the way I be: Blunt and stupid. So its fine and I'll take what happened as the proper outcome.

ID: 7fabb  No.500


What's the design on yours? Might pitch in if it isn't too out there. I give leeway to stuff like digimon but still. Some things just look better on fabric instead of fur.


I can respect bluntness, sometimes someone just has to come out and say it. But alas this wasn't one of those cases. Best wishes to you, and hope you don't mind if someone else takes the position in your stead.

ID: 412b3  No.501

A name is a name anyone can fill it. I didn't own it so no worries

ID: 4572d  No.502

File: 1422498413998.png (621.81 KB, 1280x723, tumblr_ni5ch20TlV1tftzfwo1….png)

We don't need a friggin' designated Renamon.

ID: 7fabb  No.503


Fine fine, kindness averted.

Need to save up for a tablet anyways, just in case.

ID: 675d1  No.512

I was really being tongue-in-cheek when I suggested stepping into the role.

On my renamon? Ordinary markings, her personality is where she has features. Pretty generic-looking otherwise.

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