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File: 1422487977832.jpg (2.47 MB, 1919x5705, Wyldfire_FA_Journal.jpg)

ID: 1597f  No.494

Take a look at this douchefuck.

Now why am I posting this (now-deleted) journal? Because of what this asshole did to Kadath. Quoting Kad’s Twitter:

>Apparently this guy has done this before. Shouts on his FA page show stalking behaviour. His DA is deactivated. His older FA suspended. Dude asked for a commission, went through 20+ emails, worked out a price and details - and then he's like 'oh I'm broke. Commission me?' He tried to get me to commission him, so he could use the money to commission me (WTF). Then he started comparing my prices to others'. Then he started talking smack about other artists that charge more than I do. At this point I told him I would not work with him. He started prodding me on my galleries. Then emailed me asking me to give him my digital signature for a get well card for a friend of his. I don't even know this person. They're not following me. Sure I feel bad for their situation, but the guy acts shady and wants my signature? He also asks Kaylii for her signature, and she doesn't even know this guy at all. Never talked to him. So finally he pokes me again, and this happens. Notice I directly quote him and his response is to reverse it on me. [https://twitter.com/UnknownKadath/status/560226205560233984] Artists, beware of Wyldfire. His DA account is deactivated. His Wyldfire7 FA page is suspended. His Wyldfire page has similar drama on it. I normally don't publicly call out stuff like this, but this guy pushed my patience to its limits. Considering his FA page has similar stalking/shady bullshit mentions on it from other ppl (plus age warnings?) I would avoid at all costs. So yeah, sorry for the rant and screencap drama. I normally try to keep things professional, but this guy is trouble & ppl deserve to know.

I like Kadath. I like his art. Neither he nor any other artist deserves what this Wyldfire dickface did to him.

ID: 136fd  No.496

Oh, yeah - that guy. Real piece of work, isn't he? Always has something to bitch about.

I had a run in with him back in December when he publicly attacked another artist over a piece of artwork they as selling - outright stating that no one would pay the amount they were charging for it. His behavior towards the artist - and the venomous journal he made about them (since deleted) cause the artist's defense; in which he turned his nastiness upon us. This behavior convinced me to block him on FA.

He started following me on Weasyl and commented on one of my submissions, indicated interest in commissioning me at some point. I publicly refused him and blocked him again. At that point, he made another nasty journal (this time about me, since deleted) and started contacting me though email to continue is childish bullshit. I set up my gmail account so that any new emails that came from him would immediately go into my trash folder.

The kid is a real piece of work and really needs to clue in that treating others like shit is not going to get him any friend.

ID: 136fd  No.497

First sentence - *they were selling

Second paragraph, second sentence - His behavior towards the artist - and the venomous journal he made about them (since deleted) caused some of us to comment in the artist's defense; in which he turned his nastiness upon us.

Hate spelling errors.

ID: ba3ed  No.504

This guy added me to Skype not too long ago, and I accepted the add because I knew nothing about him. Then he tried bitching to me today about people who apparently were being assholes to him, and I tried talking to him about it…then saw he posted this journal. It ended with me finding Kadath's Twitter, telling him that Kadath didn't do anything wrong, and then him flipping the fuck out on me.

ID: 1597f  No.505


Over/under on his returning to FA, whether under that name or using a different name?

I give him a week tops.

ID: ba3ed  No.506

Under, he hasn't even really left. He favorited some art not long after posting that journal.

ID: b88c7  No.507


And there's another favorite after that post.

This guy is full of hot shit-fumes, if he really was gonna leave he wouldn't of even made a journal saying so.

ID: 136fd  No.508

Leave? LOL!

This isn't the first time he's threatened to leave because of 'asshat popufurs' and their mistreatment of him.

ID: afda5  No.509

And of course people are defending him.

Because furries.

ID: 136fd  No.510

That's because they're only getting on side of the story (his) and because he's their friend, that automatically makes him right.

Because, to Hell with getting both sides of the story, right?

ID: bce2d  No.511

>>It's not a crime to want someone to suffer. It's called being human.

Fuck you. No, really. FUCK YOU.

>>You've never been hurt. You don't know.

I've been hurt, and I say you're dead wrong, Wyldfire. Boo hoo, the popufurs want to make money at their craft and they won't draw you cheap-as-free art. Boo fucking hoo.

ID: bce2d  No.513

Also: He's on IB, too. Posted a journal there asking why he watches artists he finds and they immediately block him (hmm, I suspect there's more to it…!) Here's a funny bit he said in the journal's comments section:

I've been blocked by a person…

1) Because I said they were going to be the next wolfy nail
2) They thought that I thought they were one person (2 people)
3) I gave an honest critism on a piece to make it better next time

(I really, really want to see what his 'critism' was…)

ID: 136fd  No.518

If it's the one I'm thinking of; it had to do with how a torso as drawn (Wyldfire thought they were drawn too long, and the artist didn't much care for his suggestions).

Not sure what Wyldfire said, exactly - as he deleted all his comments on the submission in question - but if the replies he got were of any indication, his 'honest critique' came off as excessively rude.

ID: b88c7  No.519


To be fair, suffering is more in line with humanity than, say death. Doesn't make what he says justifiable but we just wouldn't learn without a little suffering in our lives. Too much of it though and it's just overkill. Oh, and fuck him for even declaring no one other than him has been hurt before. IT'S FURRY PORN DUMBASS, NOT DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE FROM THE MILITARY OR REJECTION FROM AMERICAN IDOL.


1) That kind of statement is double edged, like saying an MMO is going to be the next WoW.

2) Try asking around first before you declare. Oh but wait, that'd blow your cover faster than asking the artist directly. /s

3) With your sunny disposition to artists and rejection? HA, you're completely unqualified to give constructive criticism.

ID: bce2d  No.520

Read some of his other FA journals. Guy's also got shitty family (uncle). Looks like this craziness runs in the family– and of course he pulls out the same wishes for a slow, horrible death.

Have a read over his comments here.

ID: ba3ed  No.521

I'm the anon from before who said about him bitching at me on Skype, and I gotta say…his friends are defending him because they're idiots. I only got his side of the story, but didn't take it at face value (because if all these people have a problem with him…well, he's the common denominator here). I'll share with you guys the part of the conversation where he freaked out on me, since I shared it elsewhere already anyway:

For that first thing, if he told someone they're going to be the next Wolfy-Nail, it was probably an insult. He vehemently hates Wolfy-Nail.

ID: bce2d  No.522

I have no words.

ID: cae50  No.523

Sounds like the guy has a screw loose. How does he hold any influence at all being so erratic?

ID: 136fd  No.525

>>520 Given how one sided he tends to be when trashing artists who won't put up with his bullshit, can e guarantee he isn't doing the same in regards to his Uncle?

>>523 Like mindedness?

ID: bce2d  No.526

That's true. It could be just his twisted side.

And I thought the Chinaman was bad…!

ID: b5f5c  No.545

File: 1423070539139.jpg (351.88 KB, 1900x2248, Happy-Birthday.jpg)

Happy 7th Birthday Wyldfire!

Of course, this is made better, because his 'waaaah leaving FA forever' journal is still up.

His birthday isn't listed anywhere on his front page, so I guess he just assumed people would know…?

ID: 86896  No.548


>just turned 19

Explains a lot.

ID: 136fd  No.549

>>545 People are psychic, don't you know?

ID: 136fd  No.550

>>548 Not really. Not all 19 year olds are this excessively whiny/self entitled.

Kid has some serious issues if he can't figure out the world does not revolve around him.

ID: cae50  No.551

So he didn't leave FA.

ID: bce2d  No.553

Do dramawhores who threaten to do so ever really leave? Well, except Addlesee, he finally did.

ID: beb22  No.554

File: 1423106056950.jpg (313.86 KB, 1024x576, robert-baratheon-1024.jpg)

>Well, except Addlesee, he finally did.

Damn, dude, you're usually the nice one.

ID: cae50  No.555

File: 1423109532542.jpg (38.84 KB, 720x404, blowyasfuck.jpg)

Some do. Some people just can't do anything without making a scene whether it's really quitting or seeking attention.

ID: bce2d  No.556

…ouch, I, uh, I didn't even SEE that! Geez, not what I meant.

Addlesee did actually ditch FA, quite a while before his death. He threatened to do so many times, but he finally actually quit coming back. I was really shocked, I'd never seen any drama-whore who threatened to leave actually…go somewhere else…

No, I didn't suddenly turn into a jerk. I don't like it when even the biggest assholes die. Besides, I wish he'd kept living and providing us with funny shit. I wanted to see more of him in his "Mid-Pro Water-Weight Champeenship Warehouse Wrestling Federation of Georgia" roles.

ID: 136fd  No.558

I think Wyldfire's idea of leaving FA is just not posting any more of his own artwork. Looking at his favorites - which update frequently - shows he's still very much active.

ID: 9f3ef  No.559

I know of at least two who actually did. Go see how hard it is to find anything by Purity (a typically sonic fanart style artist) or PinkFairyLotus.

ID: bce2d  No.560

I'm surprised.

I'm not surprised.

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