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File: 1422545681926.jpeg (233.3 KB, 1280x931, 1422487577.adiago_uncanny….jpeg)

ID: b0437  No.514

>"top" furry artist post a picture saying what any other style but her own and the similar are wrong and creepy.
>gets called out and rage deletes it.

I guess by Adiago's logic Las Lindas and UberQuest are uncanny valley and thus nobody likes them.

ID: b0437  No.515

File: 1422546130806.png (2.02 MB, 1744x7168, Adiagoscreens.png)

>"I just imagine the realistic creature (furry) covered in hair, human face, human puckery lips and its…just vile"

ID: b901e  No.516

I see this a lot with "tutorials"… many artists tend to declare that the way they've chosen to draw things is the true, correct way and will strawman other styles and invent reasons why they're wrong.

Though I see it a lot more with boobs than anything else.

ID: ddd94  No.517

I'm reminded of Kazerad's argument with the SYTYaC guy.

ID: a72bb  No.524

>Though I see it a lot more with boobs than anything else.

I'm kinda surprised there's really that much heated debate over how to draw tits.

I'm not familiar with this argument. I assume it's over Kazerad's simplistic style?

ID: d256b  No.527


She always struck me as a hypocrite with "holier than thou" attitude when she posted on Lulz. It's good to see her get her dose of "shut the fuck up" juice every now and then.

ID: d256b  No.528


Lemme guess, Dobson bitched at Kazerad and Prequel for being popular? After all, it's his modus operandi to be a whiny fuck about everything.

ID: ddd94  No.529

No, the guy that makes "So you think you're a comic artist" or whatever the name of it is, did a tutorial on DA.

Kaz went on and basically told him "Stop teaching people to do things this way, this is not how professionals do it" then the guy went "Oh, who are you? You have no gallery, no faves, no journals, no followers" general DA Dickwaving. And then it was all downhill from there in a glorious sort of way.

ID: 2801a  No.530


Oh god. Tom Preston. Douchebag and lolcow supreme

ID: a72bb  No.531

So he got schooled by Kaz and everyone laughed at his flailing? Awesome.

ID: ec1b1  No.532

Well, the realistic animal stuff dooooes make me a little uncomfortable, and if it has no muzzle, I feel "not furry enough".

But to say "You're doing it WRONG, draw like ME" … :|

ID: 3691f  No.533


Tom Preston and Andrew Dobson are the same person. AFAIK Tom Preston is his pen name.

ID: 160db  No.534

That's the beauty of art - there is no 'right' way to do it because art can be anything.

That being said, sure there is some anatomical logic that peeps should learn as far as basic structure goes. However, for something like 'furries' being a fantasy thing - they can honestly look however your imagination wants.

I like to think with furries it just depends on ratio - some draw humanoids with animal features and vice versa.

If she would have just said 'this is my preference' rather then 'this is wrong, this way is right!' it wouldn't have been an issue.

ID: 3691f  No.535


Someone should've screencapped/saved that, sounds like it was fucking amazing.

ID: 3691f  No.536

File: 1422624035856.jpg (1.33 MB, 727x2708, tom_gets_told.jpg)


Nevermind, I think I found it. Glorious Google, even if Tom hides his slip-ups it's always bound to come back and bite his ass.

ID: b901e  No.537


Well that really blew up quickly due to Tom's inflated sense of self-importance.

His arrogance is ballooning out of hand. He's really full of hot air.

ID: 61276  No.538

I feel like this is less of a tutorial to help people and more "See! I know what I'm talking about with art!" bit.

The most important tip that an artist should give if someone asks for help with art is; "Do more figure drawings, forget style because if you can't draw a proportional and anatomically correct human body your "style" isn't taking you anywhere."

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