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ID: 542e5  No.711[View All]

It's one of those threads. I'll start us off.

Wake up with just enough time to get dressed and go to work. Check window and TA DAH snowed in.

That's a write up for failure to deliver notice and a potential pay day up in smoke.
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ID: 08d3f  No.1408


Since you obviously are too far from reason, I'm just going to close on this:

Consider planning for the zombie apocalypse as a hobby. Fear makes for great creative logistical activity, and is handy for if your life gets fucked up (beyond recognition anyways) before such an event can occur.

And if it actually occurs? The world burns in your preferred image. Because really that's what it'll take if you want a world that doesn't suffer from harassment (from anyone living anyways).

ID: b07be  No.1409

>You have to eliminate society to prevent harassment and hate campaigns completely, which is what you want to do because you don't want to do nothing

Do you have previous experience with winning people over using blatantly exagerrated dualist choices that lack connection to the realities of the situation?

ID: 08d3f  No.1410


Nah, I'm saying human nature isn't the kind of thing you can completely control, not with laws, religions, even honor itself doesn't curb it. It's the very definition of a SJW to harass, to those who's earned the ire of them mind, but that never translate to those who actually deserved it.

And you know what? That wouldn't be so bad. But your ideals are only going to set you up to disappointment.

It'll be up to you to know when you've had enough. And it's that freedom that I desire for everyone. The very kind you oppose.

ID: b07be  No.1411

From what I can see, anonymous free speech without consequences is like a bunch of smokers in a dry forest. And when the fire starts they jump into their cars and drive away wondering "wha habbun?" or cackling like kids who just broke their first window, while the animals in the forest are roasted alive. Like with all these churches with mainly black parishes that are burning down for some reason. That is what I'm trying to *reduce*. In the same sense that you can't stop people trying to earn money under the table, litter freely or cheat in school, but it's probably a good thing we've decided to discourage that behavior.

I actually think the opprobrium towards anti-anti-rape voices, homophobes or active misogynists is a middle ground between the abject passivity you seem to espouse and the prospect of forcing online platforms to reduce anonymity, moderate escalating eliminationist rhetoric or bigotry or making it easier to litigate etc. It's a random, inaccurate measure but it does demoralize and humiliate the boys dreaming of living in their own John Birch paradise on their own turf without involving the state. If you want the internet to be a wild west that occasionally spills into the real world (and subsequently spills actual blood on the actual ground) then maybe you won't be so shocked and appalled when internet vigilantes and web-utilizing frontier justice becomes a thing. Or does only one kind of people get to get their hits in during the anarchy? Hey, if it bothers you just "Walk Away From The Screen", as that super-funny tweet that all the chan-kids love says.

ID: 3485c  No.1415

> is that it at least forces the people using it to state their definitions of speech and behavior that is to be discouraged clearly, and to explain any seeming hypocrisy or weird exceptions

If you truly believe this then you have not been paying attention lately to what the state does with zero justification.

Also your lack of self-awareness is astounding.

ID: 08d3f  No.1424

Back on main thread topic:

Crown, filling, and of course novacane. Truly the killer of a good day.

ID: 55405  No.1427

I've been getting a deep cleaning on my teeth. The only part I hate is getting up early as fuck to go… The Novocaine and stuff doesn't bug me.

I am not a morning person.

ID: 44285  No.1449

File: 1447451956158.png (40.38 KB, 776x686, piccolo-facepalm.png)

It's starting to feel like SFM porn artists are issued shitty personalities along with their talent at an even greater rate than most other porn artists.

ID: 3485c  No.1450

First, I had no idea there was an SFM porn community, but thinking about it, it seems obvious.

Second, got any examples of these high-talent dickbags?

ID: 0a567  No.1451


Leeterr is a full-scale /v/irgin and waifufag/daughteru fag. His work's okay.

But here, good place to begin finding content/artist sources:


ID: 08d3f  No.1452

This isn't a gripe but rather a thought. I never got how people can ship characters from the slasher genre, take Until Dawn for example. Plenty of gruesome disgusting ways to go, and yet people will ship those teenagers despite likely seeing them die in various ways.

It's one of those unsee things, ya know?

ID: 59054  No.1454

My D&D group is really starting to piss me off. If I wanted to play with 8-year-olds, I'd play with 8-year-olds, you know?

It would't be so bad if it weren't 2/3rds of the party, but I think I need a new group.

ID: ae4ff  No.1455

Forgot my name there, cell phone.

ID: 3485c  No.1456


See >>1381. I agree though, if this is the same group of morons then just bail and find a better group.

ID: bbb2a  No.1458

So, u18chan suddenly went completely down today and there's no explanation anywhere. Like, down to the point where it redirects to a domain name page.

ID: 08d3f  No.1459


It's up for me. Guess it was a hiccup?

ID: bbb2a  No.1460

They must be having another, cause it's down again already.

ID: a514d  No.1475

Keeps going up and down for me, not sure what's going on.

ID: 08d3f  No.1495


I'd consider checking their general discussion board when it's up again, but last time I went to that part of the board I got malware alerts.

ID: bbb2a  No.1535

Well, leave us a notification when that happens, cause .net doesn't seem to exist anymore and .com is still down and I'm sick of checking if it's back up.

ID: 08d3f  No.1536


Ok, it's up now if you don't know yet.

ID: 28da4  No.1542

In the "Should've seen that coming" catagory.

>Game Dev announces an adult adventure game. Neat!

>Says it's concept is Mixing explicit content with serious subject matter
>Every following update is pretty much focused on the explicit content and nothing about the serious subject matter/stories.
>A conceptual prototype demo is released, teasing a story and featuring two different sex scenes.
>Flash forward to now where the dev is working on a different game and wrote a post mortem for the demo stating that due to the explicit content, they were unable to engage the audience with the concept of mixing explicit content with serious subject matter. An' that too many people were expecting something pornographic.
>The dev will eventually update the demo with less explicit content, even though in the same paragraph they wrote they want to be as raw and uncut as possible.

In a bit of irony, a seperate dev is having no trouble engaging his audience with his horror visual novel. (A game of serious subject matter with explicit content.)

ID: 08d3f  No.1544

Soon to move into a rental apartment (moving in a pain), have to forgo christmas this year thanks to moving, and just found out my sis isn't visiting from england this year and she's doing a courtroom marriage over there instead of something more involved.

My what a shitty end of the year this will be. Don't think I've ever had such an end of the year without the iconic holiday actually looming over the month in it's own personal way.

Also, sorry I didn't do another TGFB community voted picture event, again moving is a pain in the ass.

ID: 5f49f  No.1576

A new year, a new AGDQ event…with comments disabled.

The comments were half the fun of those videos, and the drama! Way to cut out the community on that one Games Done Quick video channel, douchebags.

ID: 9573f  No.1577

Really? I just hang out in the Twitch channel.

ID: 5f49f  No.1580


Well I was referring to the youtube videos, where most of the drama videos would take place anyways. They haven't even added start times, the most useful part of the comments.

ID: f169e  No.1647

So apparently Failor has resumed work on his webcomic after so long of it being halted. It's still shit and he still wants us to think Fisk's family of nutcases is perfect and well-adjusted and apparently no one cared so much that not even his fans noticed it was running again.

ID: b466b  No.1648


1. Wrong board for this, dontcha think?
2. I think one of the new rules is "we do not talk about Naylor".

ID: f169e  No.1649

1. Where the hell else would it go?

2. No, pretty sure it's "No more Failor threads, cause everything that can possibly be said about how horrible his works are and what a shitty person he is in general has basically already been said."

ID: 0a567  No.1650


#2 is correct. You can mention Naylor, just not make threads about him.

ID: d41d2  No.1651

There's only so many ways him, his drawing style, his subject matter, his writing, his characters and his personal opinions can be knocked before it's boring. If we really want stuff to make fun of, there's more varied stuff going on in the fandom– "Artists Beware" is a good spot, for example, to see who's scamming and how.

ID: aa4ed  No.1790

My graphics card fan is making a rattling sound. I needed an upgrade anyway, but it's still an annoying expense that I didn't want to have to make right now

ID: 9573f  No.1817

Medium fry. Well done. That's all I ask. Just some crunchy fries. Not these soggy sad pieces of shit. I know it takes longer to get the well done fries. I'm willing to wait. Shit, let me go back there put some gloves on and I'll fry them myself. I know my way around a fryer.

These assholes want to be paid $15/hr to get my order wrong most of the time. I hope they're replaced with machines.

ID: b97f8  No.1819

Oh for fuck's sake, can't find my keys even though I left them where I always do.

I swear if I find out we have kleptomaniac mice I'm gonna freak.

ID: b97f8  No.1831

Ugh, it's ant season and I don't think they are taking the bait from the traps I laid like 2 days ago.

ID: 9573f  No.1832

They're learning…

ID: fd25f  No.1834

I interviewed for a job, but the hours mean a death to my current social life. 3pm to 11pm monday to friday and alternating weekends.

ID: b97f8  No.1839


I could never work a job like that, not as an artist inclined person. Kind of hard figuring what I want to do with my life really, since artistry isn't exactly feasible unless you are really good.

ID: 9573f  No.1841

Reminds me of when I worked 2am-11am. Couldn't sleep in the afternoons so I had to go to bed between 5-7pm, get up at 12:30am. Such that even if I was on vacation, I had to maintain my sleep hours. Pretty crappy.

ID: b97f8  No.1854

Damn raccoon keeps stealing the cat food bowl. The things we put up with for some natural predators to keep mice out of our house-hold.

ID: 9573f  No.1855

I understand people are being polite, but if you see a drink in one of my hands and a receipt in the other, it's a safe bet I'm not in line for the register and in fact waiting for my order. Hell, I'm not even standing by the register. I'm over by the condiments and napkins.

ID: aa4ed  No.1857

floors in my room being redone. So I'm without computer or a room and the whole house is cluttered with all the stuff I had neetly put away.

ID: 0a567  No.1873

You know, it's sad that Anton Yelchin died, it really is.

But it's kind of annoying how everyone on the STO forums and general chat in game are all competing to see who can be the saddest about it.

Went to check out the thread about them adding Abramsverse content to the game (or "The Kelvin Timeline" as it's now apparently officially named) and literally every other post was "That's pretty neat but BOOHOO ANTOOOOOOON".

ID: d0be9  No.1874

Fraking hostwinds changed the password to the client side without notice and because of several idiot reasons on both sides they won't send the new one to the secondary email I set up. I'm trying to get things fixed up, but if ID is there, I need him to email me.

ID: d0be9  No.1879

Problem resolved. Thanks Id

ID: 0a567  No.1880

File: 1467334376939.png (405 B, 59x29, 19.50.41.png)

It maaaay have been awhile since I've properly gone through my FA watchlist.

ID: e83e3  No.1881

Oh, that's nothing. I think I was up to 90k before the recent forced password reset made me unable to access my account…

…which is a minor gripe because I created an account before an email was required for registration, which means that they can't just send me a password reset email.

ID: eeae7  No.1882

There are a lot of people with similar problems, who can't get back into their accounts because of (for example) old or inactive email addresses.

Have you tried to contact the admins directly?
If you are you still unable to get into your account, and have not emailed accounts[at]furaffinity.net you can send us an email with your account name to help recover your account. Admins are working on to help get people back into their account, though there is a wait time. We are processing several hundred users a day.

ID: 9573f  No.1883

I'm trying to decide if I even want to go through the hassle of recovering my FA account. I get most of my art from other sources now went months without checking FA.

ID: ee644  No.1885

So tired. 12 hour car ride. This convention better be worth it

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