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ID: 542e5  No.711[Last 50 Posts]

It's one of those threads. I'll start us off.

Wake up with just enough time to get dressed and go to work. Check window and TA DAH snowed in.

That's a write up for failure to deliver notice and a potential pay day up in smoke.

ID: 35df6  No.712

How on earth does a job write you up for something completely out of your control??

ID: 542e5  No.715


For not informing them within an acceptable time, which at time of calling was 10 minutes before shift began (8 minute commute before you ask).

ID: 586d4  No.727

There's been a slew of local restaurants taking cash only lately.

And DnD keeps getting canceled because everyone's sick, lazy, double booking on their plans, etc

Getting older sucks. New mild pains in different areas for no reason that then go away after making me worry.

ID: ec386  No.728

I have to go attend a stupid family party today.

ID: 5785a  No.729

Everyone's at a convention except me this weekend…

ID: 586d4  No.763

Ate too many sunflower seeds. Now my mouth feels raw.

ID: 586d4  No.767

File: 1425120963592.png (43.73 KB, 212x212, Wtf_man.png)

Getting in a long debate about costume design only to find out the person I'm debating doesn't believe there's such a thing as bad design or art.

ID: 35df6  No.768

Much bad design and bad art can be really subjective. Ask him if there's art he, personally, doesn't like. If he says yes, tell him, "Then to you, that's bad art!"

ID: 586d4  No.769

Subjectivity can exist within an objective structure.

I just can't have a interesting debate with someone that doesn't believe the structure exists. It's like talking morality with someone that doesn't believe in it.

ID: c59c7  No.802

I think there's a difference between bad and personal distaste.
Bad being potentially damaging to the culture or wasteful of resources and time.
Personal distaste is understanding why people like it and its benifits without liking or enjoying it.
No reason anything can be a little bit of both either.

ID: 35df6  No.805

Indeed. I'm just speaking against the concept that anyone can say, "that is bad art," and that's final– it's genuinely bad art. What is bad as in ugly, disgusting, worthless, valueless, etc. is quite subjective– art, by its very definition, is intended to stir emotions, and whether it makes you smile, laugh, cry, throw up, or scream, it is doing its job as art.

However, if it is something which is intended to demean people as an intentional affront, to be insulting out of anger from the creator, or is damaging (say, an artist whose work involves dumping chemicals into a lake), that is a different and objective kind of bad.

Design, however, is a different animal. As far as design of objects, if it is a device or object which is intended to be useful, it needs to be useful. If it is a building or environment which is intended to be usable and inviting, it needs to be usable and inviting. If one of these must leverage certain aspects or qualities to suit its purpose and it does not do so, it is indeed bad design.

In costume design, if something is uncomfortable, troublesome to wear while doing a task intended to be done while wearing it, or which does not fit its intended purpose, setting and audience, it is bad. If it does not fit its intended environment, surroundings and purpose so much that it sticks out like a sore thumb and/or ruins the theme or the experience, it is bad. Said person is, I believe, wrong.

ID: d3060  No.869

Comcast sucks dick so bad, they suck dick at sucking dick.

ID: 586d4  No.875

I feel old. Finishing my history AA this semester. Teacher asks who remembers when there was no internet.

I am the only person with my hand in the air.

Damn kids.

ID: 6dab5  No.877


I remember a couple years ago sitting in a college programming course, and I made a joke about how I'd been programming before most of the class was born.

Then I did the math, and discovered it was true.

Realizations like that -hurt-.

ID: 93af1  No.878

So we've been busy at work with spring popping up. My manager thinks it's okay to only have three people on for the lunch rush for a coffee shop next to a university.

And add to that I didn't get to eat anything all day I ended up being a bit irritable. Thankfully my coworkers understood, still didn't help that I was shaking for the last ten minutes of my shift. -_-

ID: 586d4  No.879

Don't you just love schedule failure? Shit used to happen to me all the time at Carl's Jr, but mostly the dinner rush because according to our GM there was no such thing as a dinner rush despite evidence to the contrary.

ID: 850d8  No.939

File: 1426988449977.jpg (18.28 KB, 344x341, That was a looong time ago….jpg)

>tfw an artist you looked up to for a long time and occasionally chatted with removes you from their contacts list all of a sudden
>no biggie, they prolly had some good reason
>contact them elsewhere, bring it up politely just to clarify if something went wrong
>they state they made new username and only give it to "close friends and people they can trust"
>tfw it actually stings a lot, even worse when you don't know if it was really your fault and what was it to cause them to distrust you all of a sudden

Shouldn't really bother me but the fact this is someone I looked up to, yeah…

ID: fd6bb  No.948

It's that time of year where I feel I need to take out a loan just to fucking fill my gas tank.

ID: 6dab5  No.950

We've gone from 70s to 30s to 60s to 30s. Snow between days where I almost have to run the air conditioning.

It's not unlivable but I'm really tired of it being unpredictable day-to-day.

ID: 586d4  No.971

File: 1427624144380.jpg (50.01 KB, 500x339, SinkingOilShip-8.jpg)


Not qualified enough..


Not qualified enough…


ID: 586d4  No.998

I wonder what it's like to be good at writing beginnings but terrible at finishing. I seem to have a lot of endings in mind, but not beginnings.

Maybe I can find someone that's good at beginnings and perform some kind of fusion technique.

ID: 198f8  No.1002


>I seem to have a lot of endings in mind, but not beginnings.

Work backwards. You know where the story ends up, but how does everyone get there?

ID: 586d4  No.1004

Yeah, I've decided to just write whatever I got in mind down and worry about organizing it later.

ID: f2b39  No.1030

>working concessions at movie theater
>on the way to concessions it is impossible to not see the words "coca-cola" at least twice
>kid wants a drink, asks what we have
>go through entire list, in which I say coke of some sort 4 times
>"I'd like a pepsi."

ID: 586d4  No.1032

>Driving home from friend's bachelor party late at night.
>Freeway construction closes freeway for 3 miles. Everyone being funneled off the freeway.
>Already in the right lane, so feelin annoyed by good.
>Emergency lane can fit a car. No one in the emergency lane. Still moving.
>Someone finally decides to try to be smart and use the emergency lane to pass everyone.
>Other people start to get the same idea.
>Swing my car half-way into the emergency lane and cut them off.
>Good deed of the day.

ID: e31b2  No.1047

Man, I need a winning lottery ticket or a rich cousin or something. Can’t afford dental work otherwise. ;A;

ID: 586d4  No.1049

Ugh, yeah, that's some expensive work. Just had $6k worth of work done on my mouth after a very long absence from the chair.

ID: c0836  No.1071

I kinda like this thread. Provides some solice that there are still sane people in the world who can have some problems in life and not fire off bitch-fests like an MG-42. I liked it so much I took the time to read each post since OP.

ID: be001  No.1073

Apartment building changed out laundry machines around a week and a half ago. Shiny new machines, new card read system, the works.

Shit is already broken. Two of the washers didn't spin cycle properly, and three of the dryers weren't working – and of those, two ate my money.

This is what I get for living so close to a university.

ID: 180ed  No.1125

>Need 3 wisdom teeth pulled, as two are cracked and one is showing signs of decay
>Blood pressure is still 151/91 despite losing 10lbs and remaining active and changing my diet, so I can't get them removed until I see a doctor about that.

At least all this is 100% covered by my insurance…

ID: 681bc  No.1133

Speaking of dental, 2 years after removing the bar retainer on my lower front set of teeth and already they have started to get back to being crooked enough to affect my bite. The orthodontist sciences better have improved over the years.

ID: 586d4  No.1134

Speaking of all these medical issues we deal with. It was funny sitting at a bar with my sister and mother and half of what we ended up talking about were our ailments. The aging process is a fascinating one.

ID: 681bc  No.1140


False alarm, just my bite shifting after flossing apparently. I trade that in for a new one.

Typing up stuff, and constantly finding myself making a mistake (grammar, spelling ,etc) despite double checking. And a few times I make a mistake correcting that mistake.

Sometimes I wish there was an edit post feature on this board, deleting the post to make the correction isn't always an option.

ID: 93af1  No.1150

Getting a little tired of people telling me I'm "getting too many commissions."

Until my bank account is in the red and all I see are Paypal transactions I think I'm fine.

ID: c2239  No.1177

>Need to meet with professor to discuss my grade
>Send him an email on Monday saying I can see him that Thursday
>Still have not gotten an email back confirming an appointment

It's Friday.

This class was fucked from the start.

ID: 681bc  No.1181

Apparently my house is now suffering a septic tank overflow. Life being shitty in the more literal way.

ID: 681bc  No.1187

>>Mozilla Browser buggy as shit, to the point of images and some backgrounds going black during scrolling.

>>Finally turns off Hardware Accelartion, the catalyst of all of Mozilla's coding problems

Hello again screen tearing, you naughty girl you.

ID: a670a  No.1188


Better that the crap I'm dealing with in Chrome–for some unknown reason hardware acceleration for video got removed (unless it's fullscreen), so shit like Twitch uses 50% CPU and there's nothing to be done.

ID: a670a  No.1191

Aaaaand I've got bedbugs through no fault of my own. Apparently the apartment had them when we moved in and the last tenant (who was rarely ever here) didn't notice.

I'm seriously hoping the exterminator can do something.

ID: 0a567  No.1226

File: 1436491356601.jpg (8.54 KB, 320x240, 029291_8.jpg)

>Friend has multiple 5+ minute youtube videos to show me
>They're all stuff he's super duper ultra into and I only give the mildest of fucks about

ID: 0a3c9  No.1227

Bonus if they get bitchy if you show no interest
>I dont show you my videos so you dont do this to me back…

ID: 586d4  No.1228

I've been on both ends of that.

ID: 0a567  No.1309

File: 1440859748842.png (124.71 KB, 212x323, Murcielago_22_-_Read_Murci….png)

>Remember I mass-downloaded a bunch of pics with the "Fred Perry" tag off furaffinity awhile back
>Go to check them out
>Like 70% of them have Dragen in them

ID: 9573f  No.1310


ID: 6ab9e  No.1311

Happened a while back, but…
>browsing FA, see this sexy character
>look it up, seems that the owner commissioned a LOT of porn involving said character
>decide to excercise some drawing skills with some erotic scenes, figure this OC could be a nice subject
>but first, let's discuss it with owner, to ask for permission first
>send them a note, offering to draw for them, just some smut gift art
>make sure to bring up it would be simple vanilla stuff, nothing weird/too kinky
>response; "sorry, but I was doing some thinking and decided I will no longer feature that character in porn. Thanks for the offer though ^^"
>okay, fair enough
>couple of weeks pass, the account is inactive for thst time
>user returns, with more porn of said OC commissioned
>just to check, decide to send them a note saying "hey, in case you're interested, I can still do that free art for you that I talked to you about, what do you think?"
>they never replied, note shows as read, yet they keep posting new smut of said OC they commissioned

I'm not perfect artist, but my art isn't thst bad either so it can't be the reason. I'm just confused by the fact that they refuse free art offered to them, yet they willingly throw money at artists who prolly wouldn't even look at them if that person didn't buy commissions from them.

ID: 681bc  No.1312


What's the popular artist to regular/obscure artist ratio in this case?

Some commissioners will only go for the big names, with quality taking second fiddle on priorities.

ID: 0a567  No.1313


Dragen's this guy who must spend easily a few thousand dollars every year commissioning Fred Perry to draw various images and comics of his stupid roleplaying character who's roughly twelve billion types of werecreature.

Even if Dragen's character weren't so painfully teenager-first-discovering-online-porn-RP, there's the fact that to get all those pictures and comics and whatnot, he follows Fred Perry to every convention he goes to and completely dominates his commission signup sheet.

I think one of the things that finally made me give up on Gold Digger was the point where he wheedled his way into getting a cameo in the actual comic, despite the fact that it made zero sense, he in no way fits into the setting, and served no purpose other than to have him whiteknight for some of the female characters briefly before disappearing again.

In short, Dragen is such an annoying fanboy he has actually managed to ruin the thing he's a fan of, directly instead of by association.

It's gotten to where I can't help but feel annoyance at the sight of that stupid horn and wings.

ID: 93af1  No.1314

Can kinda relate to that, someone approached me for a commission, they wanted a war scene with themselves and their other half. They gave me all the refs and such. "Cool, I'll give him a quote and get a sketch set up." Sent him a note, no response, waited a couple days, sent another.

Both notes were read. After about a week and a half I checked out his page to find he commissioned the same damn thing from another artist.

Now, props to the artist cause they did a good job on it, but fuck that guy for not at least saying "Hey, I went to someone else, so you can go ahead and take me off your list" Suffice to say they're on my shit list and I'm not picking anything up from them again.

ID: 6ab9e  No.1315


>What's the popular artist to regular/obscure artist ratio in this case?

Around 60:40 respectively.

ID: 9573f  No.1316

That shit is frustrating. Hate it when a popular artist opens their commish list and it's the same asshole taking up all the slots every time.

ID: 27bfe  No.1317


Anyone remember Blitza and how he would always hog Chalo's commission slots? It wouldn't bother me as much if he wasn't such a childish cunt about it and mocked everyone who expressed disappointment about missing the chance with "nya nya I got all the spots and u got nothing!!"

ID: aa4ed  No.1318

Who can forget? Wasn't the the one who put eevee girls all over his car?

ID: 27bfe  No.1319


That's him, yeah. Also, he once blew 2000$ on a few seconds-long animation of his Vaporeon girl falling into ocean after her tits grew bigger.

ID: 8edc8  No.1320

wasnt that the same animation where the vaporeon girl was just hella nonchalant about her breast getting that big like
"oh my breast are doing that thing again, ok…"

ID: 681bc  No.1354

jesus, it's not even cold out and it's already cold season. Don't eat at mc-wankolds anytime soon, bloody nose season has come early for me.

ID: 8053b  No.1357

To quote Butt-Head, "just, like, tell them it's a new ketchup we're testing, or something."

ID: 681bc  No.1358


Actually I don't work in the fast food chain, so I can't use that perfectly good excuse. Twas poor wording typed with a bloody nose that I forgot to rid of the last two words.

But seriously though, give mcdonalds a wide berth during fall and winter.

ID: aa4ed  No.1378

How to make a D&D grind to a halt: Attempt to get your players to pay a one gold piece per person toll to cross a bridge.

ID: 681bc  No.1379


They were stumped trying not to pay a toll?

They weren't fugitives or trying to avoid attention of another power were they?

ID: 180ed  No.1380

Nope, one of the players got in a fight with the bridge opperator that 5gp was "outlandish" and "highway robbery" He just kept harrassing the guy and messing with the levers then crossed without paying.

Then he killed the carrier pidgeon that went to report the crime. The other players joined in, it was a mess. I tried to stop them and mediate, but the rest of the party either joined in on his side, or didn't want to get involved.

Now the party has a bounty on our heads. All we had to do was pay 5 fucking gold. One per person. But nooooooooo, "that's what my character would do"

ID: 3485c  No.1381

>"that's what my character would do"

If a grown-ass adult actually uses this excuse in a tabletop game, you get up and you walk away from that game. You can play a character without completely fucking over the party and ruining shit for the other people involved.

ID: 9573f  No.1394

It's all about knowing your group. I play in one group that is full of backstabber motherfuckers. We had a 10-yr-long campaign that by the end of it most of the time was the DM in the garage to deal with side matters that were arranged without the rest of the party's input. For our group, it was very fun to finally see what was going on in the background all those years with the different little factions that formed in the party.

Another group I play with, though, I won't even play an evil character with. They're just not that kind of group and that's fine. We have fun being heroes and such.

ID: 2cc49  No.1395

>met this great artist years ago on FA that drew all kinds of cool stuff, we quickly became friends
>she was really nice and open-minded, we could talk about nearly anything
>we even added each other on Facebook
>some time passes, she disappears online, can't reach her on FA, FB or Skype
>fast forward a year or so later I notice that there was activity on her FA, she deleted all of her risky/nsfw and fetish art, even some stuff she did for me and some of her other friends
>notice she is active on FB again, but now it's nothing but SJW drivel about "privilege", sexism in entertainment media, how masculinity is toxic, culture appropriation etc., and sharing posts from other SJWs and SJW groups
>tollerate it for a while
>we strike up a convo on Skype, not a few words in she goes "don't use that word, it's insensitive/offensive/inappropriate
>before she tries to talk to me she gives me a trigger warning
>this is where I had enough, unfriend her from Facebook and u watch her FA

What really hurts is not that she tried to thought police me and control what I say, but the fact that this fucking movement brainwashed her so hard that I can't even recognize her anymore. That cool, outgoing and open-minded artist I used to know has been turned into yet another SJW drivel-spouting tumblrina

ID: 9573f  No.1396

It's amazing how quickly that kind of shit can end a friendship.

ID: 08d3f  No.1397


*sigh* My condolences on your loss of a good friend.

If there is something I've learned from being a white male, it's that these words and 'triggers' are ultimately meaningless. A healthy society is one that grows past it's mistakes, and what SJWs are doing with sexism/racism is exactly what Germany is doing with Nazis. By blocking it out and getting into a big fuss over it being even merely mentioned, they aren't going to let it fade. They are going after words that only have power in emotion, and without that power everyone will start to be equal.

Rape is a sin from an individual, not a gender. We are past the days of women being nothing more than cooks, tailors, baby makers, and trophies. We are past the days of African Americans being nothing more than slaves. Just look forward, your mind is better without the ghosts from days past clouding it.

And to the SJWs, if you are going to bitch about ignorance after this post, how about you check yourself first before you jump down that route, that's what you are going for in the long run in the circles of logic.

And now a can of worms has opened. Sorry for the rant, needed to get that off my chest. Just because a word is meaningless to me doesn't mean it's isn't frustrating when people still get salty over them.

ID: b07be  No.1398

>Rape is a sin from an individual, not a gender.

You think the sword warrior in Trollhattan who targeted non-whites in the name of his own social justice acted as an individual in a vacuum, or as a representative filled with racial hatred and Eurabia fear fomented by thousands of individuals in the far-right internet system?

ID: 08d3f  No.1401


First, SJW is a phenomenom based mostly in the united states. I can't speak for the politics of Sweden (or what is with the Darth Vadar mask). Second, how is homocide related to rape? Negative outcomes aside, one of them is part of the inevitability that is accepted in life (just tragic that it happened when it did and/or how it did), as where rape is a travesty that could of and should of been avoided (either from the perpetrator or the victim is up for debate). Third, stop trying to put words in my mouth, especially for something unrelated to the issue at hand.

Let a (wo)man be judged for his/her actions, not the actions of his/her ancestors.

ID: b07be  No.1402

Racist acts are majorly political in nature, rape is not political but a result of the dogged dehumanizing of women in every corner at the internet, at every single opportunity.

Words influence actions, but even *that* fact is now dangerous to state because the people constantly doing the dehumanizing do not want the causality to be noticed. You fill the internet with memetic screeds about female hypergamy and women's subhuman instincts to toy with, exploit and demonize white men while happily jumping into the arms of macho arab and latino men (I've seen this espoused by an avowed 'humanist' and mother) and sooner or later something happens in meatspace that didn't happen as often before the vilification. There is a formless, cancerous campaign, and it runs 24/7. And pointing it out brings further harassment and hate, because there is to be no self-defense against it in any way. We can't police the hate by law, we must not even consider monitoring it and fighting what is going on in plain sight leads to jeers and hi-larious memes like "He ear-raped my womynhood!" by the nihilist peanut gallery. No recourse is allowed. In the name of Orwell the intended victs have to sit and take it and hope there is police nearby when the hate finds a vector in real life.

Let's pretend it's harmless when people cheer a boy who threw a ball directly at a woman who harshly rebuked his advances on the street. I'm not saying he wanted that act to be symbolic, but the people cheering him consciously or unknowingly made it symbolic. There is to be no freedom to act for the targets of the campaign. They have to take it and slink away like good little victims, or else.

ID: 3485c  No.1403

And from other sides, it appears that the dehumanization campaign is in full swing in the opposite direction, with the amount of bile thrown at 'white male cis scum', or whatever the object of hate is. A category is made, said category is reinforced as doing x scummy thing, members of the group hating said category feel justified and righteous. Welcome to a thing people do in groups, I hope you enjoy your stay.

If you, however, sincerely believe that not only has the social justice movement not been doing this, but is incapable of it, then may I posit that you will need a backhoe to dig your head out of your ass.

ID: b07be  No.1404

As a person who is lexically included in the decried categories bandied about by these internet hellions in response to the vileness they encounter, I feel nothing.

I liken it to the situation in Israel and Palestine, albeit with tons of caveats and stripped elements to make it work. Both sides use vile language in an endless cycle. One side has more power and evidently does a lot more killing.

ID: 08d3f  No.1405


I had a big paragraph typed, but Mobius put it better in far less words. And frankly, you assume too much of me on my opinion alone…common facet of sexism and racism in fact.


You do realize the environments between the two parallels differ quite vastly from each other right? They actually kill each other, and do it with pride. The latter is a social problem with society, and we aren't going to kill you over a very opposite opinion.

Well you might get banned, but that just frees you of one less place to furrow your brow over.

ID: 3485c  No.1406

Alright, since you seem to be pretty far gone, I will leave you with something. A real-life example, if you will, of why 'there oughta be a law' is a foolish statement.

In the UK, this month, a woman – a social justice warrior, in fact – was arrested. Under anti-hate-speech legislation. Because she tweeted #killallwhitemen. I dislike this woman's speech but I strongly condemn this law being used to arrest and silence her. This is bad. This is wrong. And this is enabled by this kind of legislation. The thought behind it is always 'yes this will get all those <insert people who disagree with me here>' and it seems like a good idea at the time, but the issue of who gets to actually use it is rarely considered.

The solution to all of this isn't legislation to arrest all the badthinkers. It isn't spewing the same kind of vitriol but with some word-replacements done. It's education. You educate people about these things, you change their minds and leave everyone involved a better person. In short, the solution to speech you don't like is more speech.

ID: b07be  No.1407

I don't mind if she gets arrested over that, if it sets a precedent that can be used against dangerous people. The whole internet needs a frigging cooldown.

I don't trust anything but the fear I feel and my need to preserve and prevent further acts of harassment. I want people like thunderf00t and Chuck Johnson chased from proxy account to proxy account by government hounds and litigation. I can't -categorically- see their speech as *my* speech, in the sense that I see your speech as my speech. I don't even see it as speech on their part, just an expression of an inpulse to hurt and dominate. If some idiotic SJWs get caught in the wider net, so be it. I don't trust the hateful people to not escalate even further and I don't trust your common and theoretically laudable brand of liberalism to make things better.

I can't trust the state either, but the thing about law is that it at least forces the people using it to state their definitions of speech and behavior that is to be discouraged clearly, and to explain any seeming hypocrisy or weird exceptions. Yes, any controlling or policing precedent used against the regressives and the "degeneracy" can later be used by them to wield state power against their targets later, but frankly they would do whatever they wanted anyway because they have decades of resentment and fear to rely on to justify any possible acts of censorship, threats and disproportionate retaliation if they do seize power over legislation and regulation. Many self-avowed liberals and libertarians simply aren't. They use Orwell and Voltaire quotes as obfuscation and as a way to justify censorious and silencing acts like harassment, doxxing, threats, demonizing and hate. They target people found to donate to That Hated Woman via the Patreon hack, in order to scare them into not giving The Hated Woman money anymore because The Hated Woman uses her free speech wrong.

All for the sake of freedom, free thought and free speech, of course. My lying eyes, right?

ID: 08d3f  No.1408


Since you obviously are too far from reason, I'm just going to close on this:

Consider planning for the zombie apocalypse as a hobby. Fear makes for great creative logistical activity, and is handy for if your life gets fucked up (beyond recognition anyways) before such an event can occur.

And if it actually occurs? The world burns in your preferred image. Because really that's what it'll take if you want a world that doesn't suffer from harassment (from anyone living anyways).

ID: b07be  No.1409

>You have to eliminate society to prevent harassment and hate campaigns completely, which is what you want to do because you don't want to do nothing

Do you have previous experience with winning people over using blatantly exagerrated dualist choices that lack connection to the realities of the situation?

ID: 08d3f  No.1410


Nah, I'm saying human nature isn't the kind of thing you can completely control, not with laws, religions, even honor itself doesn't curb it. It's the very definition of a SJW to harass, to those who's earned the ire of them mind, but that never translate to those who actually deserved it.

And you know what? That wouldn't be so bad. But your ideals are only going to set you up to disappointment.

It'll be up to you to know when you've had enough. And it's that freedom that I desire for everyone. The very kind you oppose.

ID: b07be  No.1411

From what I can see, anonymous free speech without consequences is like a bunch of smokers in a dry forest. And when the fire starts they jump into their cars and drive away wondering "wha habbun?" or cackling like kids who just broke their first window, while the animals in the forest are roasted alive. Like with all these churches with mainly black parishes that are burning down for some reason. That is what I'm trying to *reduce*. In the same sense that you can't stop people trying to earn money under the table, litter freely or cheat in school, but it's probably a good thing we've decided to discourage that behavior.

I actually think the opprobrium towards anti-anti-rape voices, homophobes or active misogynists is a middle ground between the abject passivity you seem to espouse and the prospect of forcing online platforms to reduce anonymity, moderate escalating eliminationist rhetoric or bigotry or making it easier to litigate etc. It's a random, inaccurate measure but it does demoralize and humiliate the boys dreaming of living in their own John Birch paradise on their own turf without involving the state. If you want the internet to be a wild west that occasionally spills into the real world (and subsequently spills actual blood on the actual ground) then maybe you won't be so shocked and appalled when internet vigilantes and web-utilizing frontier justice becomes a thing. Or does only one kind of people get to get their hits in during the anarchy? Hey, if it bothers you just "Walk Away From The Screen", as that super-funny tweet that all the chan-kids love says.

ID: 3485c  No.1415

> is that it at least forces the people using it to state their definitions of speech and behavior that is to be discouraged clearly, and to explain any seeming hypocrisy or weird exceptions

If you truly believe this then you have not been paying attention lately to what the state does with zero justification.

Also your lack of self-awareness is astounding.

ID: 08d3f  No.1424

Back on main thread topic:

Crown, filling, and of course novacane. Truly the killer of a good day.

ID: 55405  No.1427

I've been getting a deep cleaning on my teeth. The only part I hate is getting up early as fuck to go… The Novocaine and stuff doesn't bug me.

I am not a morning person.

ID: 44285  No.1449

File: 1447451956158.png (40.38 KB, 776x686, piccolo-facepalm.png)

It's starting to feel like SFM porn artists are issued shitty personalities along with their talent at an even greater rate than most other porn artists.

ID: 3485c  No.1450

First, I had no idea there was an SFM porn community, but thinking about it, it seems obvious.

Second, got any examples of these high-talent dickbags?

ID: 0a567  No.1451


Leeterr is a full-scale /v/irgin and waifufag/daughteru fag. His work's okay.

But here, good place to begin finding content/artist sources:


ID: 08d3f  No.1452

This isn't a gripe but rather a thought. I never got how people can ship characters from the slasher genre, take Until Dawn for example. Plenty of gruesome disgusting ways to go, and yet people will ship those teenagers despite likely seeing them die in various ways.

It's one of those unsee things, ya know?

ID: 59054  No.1454

My D&D group is really starting to piss me off. If I wanted to play with 8-year-olds, I'd play with 8-year-olds, you know?

It would't be so bad if it weren't 2/3rds of the party, but I think I need a new group.

ID: ae4ff  No.1455

Forgot my name there, cell phone.

ID: 3485c  No.1456


See >>1381. I agree though, if this is the same group of morons then just bail and find a better group.

ID: bbb2a  No.1458

So, u18chan suddenly went completely down today and there's no explanation anywhere. Like, down to the point where it redirects to a domain name page.

ID: 08d3f  No.1459


It's up for me. Guess it was a hiccup?

ID: bbb2a  No.1460

They must be having another, cause it's down again already.

ID: a514d  No.1475

Keeps going up and down for me, not sure what's going on.

ID: 08d3f  No.1495


I'd consider checking their general discussion board when it's up again, but last time I went to that part of the board I got malware alerts.

ID: bbb2a  No.1535

Well, leave us a notification when that happens, cause .net doesn't seem to exist anymore and .com is still down and I'm sick of checking if it's back up.

ID: 08d3f  No.1536


Ok, it's up now if you don't know yet.

ID: 28da4  No.1542

In the "Should've seen that coming" catagory.

>Game Dev announces an adult adventure game. Neat!

>Says it's concept is Mixing explicit content with serious subject matter
>Every following update is pretty much focused on the explicit content and nothing about the serious subject matter/stories.
>A conceptual prototype demo is released, teasing a story and featuring two different sex scenes.
>Flash forward to now where the dev is working on a different game and wrote a post mortem for the demo stating that due to the explicit content, they were unable to engage the audience with the concept of mixing explicit content with serious subject matter. An' that too many people were expecting something pornographic.
>The dev will eventually update the demo with less explicit content, even though in the same paragraph they wrote they want to be as raw and uncut as possible.

In a bit of irony, a seperate dev is having no trouble engaging his audience with his horror visual novel. (A game of serious subject matter with explicit content.)

ID: 08d3f  No.1544

Soon to move into a rental apartment (moving in a pain), have to forgo christmas this year thanks to moving, and just found out my sis isn't visiting from england this year and she's doing a courtroom marriage over there instead of something more involved.

My what a shitty end of the year this will be. Don't think I've ever had such an end of the year without the iconic holiday actually looming over the month in it's own personal way.

Also, sorry I didn't do another TGFB community voted picture event, again moving is a pain in the ass.

ID: 5f49f  No.1576

A new year, a new AGDQ event…with comments disabled.

The comments were half the fun of those videos, and the drama! Way to cut out the community on that one Games Done Quick video channel, douchebags.

ID: 9573f  No.1577

Really? I just hang out in the Twitch channel.

ID: 5f49f  No.1580


Well I was referring to the youtube videos, where most of the drama videos would take place anyways. They haven't even added start times, the most useful part of the comments.

ID: f169e  No.1647

So apparently Failor has resumed work on his webcomic after so long of it being halted. It's still shit and he still wants us to think Fisk's family of nutcases is perfect and well-adjusted and apparently no one cared so much that not even his fans noticed it was running again.

ID: b466b  No.1648


1. Wrong board for this, dontcha think?
2. I think one of the new rules is "we do not talk about Naylor".

ID: f169e  No.1649

1. Where the hell else would it go?

2. No, pretty sure it's "No more Failor threads, cause everything that can possibly be said about how horrible his works are and what a shitty person he is in general has basically already been said."

ID: 0a567  No.1650


#2 is correct. You can mention Naylor, just not make threads about him.

ID: d41d2  No.1651

There's only so many ways him, his drawing style, his subject matter, his writing, his characters and his personal opinions can be knocked before it's boring. If we really want stuff to make fun of, there's more varied stuff going on in the fandom– "Artists Beware" is a good spot, for example, to see who's scamming and how.

ID: aa4ed  No.1790

My graphics card fan is making a rattling sound. I needed an upgrade anyway, but it's still an annoying expense that I didn't want to have to make right now

ID: 9573f  No.1817

Medium fry. Well done. That's all I ask. Just some crunchy fries. Not these soggy sad pieces of shit. I know it takes longer to get the well done fries. I'm willing to wait. Shit, let me go back there put some gloves on and I'll fry them myself. I know my way around a fryer.

These assholes want to be paid $15/hr to get my order wrong most of the time. I hope they're replaced with machines.

ID: b97f8  No.1819

Oh for fuck's sake, can't find my keys even though I left them where I always do.

I swear if I find out we have kleptomaniac mice I'm gonna freak.

ID: b97f8  No.1831

Ugh, it's ant season and I don't think they are taking the bait from the traps I laid like 2 days ago.

ID: 9573f  No.1832

They're learning…

ID: fd25f  No.1834

I interviewed for a job, but the hours mean a death to my current social life. 3pm to 11pm monday to friday and alternating weekends.

ID: b97f8  No.1839


I could never work a job like that, not as an artist inclined person. Kind of hard figuring what I want to do with my life really, since artistry isn't exactly feasible unless you are really good.

ID: 9573f  No.1841

Reminds me of when I worked 2am-11am. Couldn't sleep in the afternoons so I had to go to bed between 5-7pm, get up at 12:30am. Such that even if I was on vacation, I had to maintain my sleep hours. Pretty crappy.

ID: b97f8  No.1854

Damn raccoon keeps stealing the cat food bowl. The things we put up with for some natural predators to keep mice out of our house-hold.

ID: 9573f  No.1855

I understand people are being polite, but if you see a drink in one of my hands and a receipt in the other, it's a safe bet I'm not in line for the register and in fact waiting for my order. Hell, I'm not even standing by the register. I'm over by the condiments and napkins.

ID: aa4ed  No.1857

floors in my room being redone. So I'm without computer or a room and the whole house is cluttered with all the stuff I had neetly put away.

ID: 0a567  No.1873

You know, it's sad that Anton Yelchin died, it really is.

But it's kind of annoying how everyone on the STO forums and general chat in game are all competing to see who can be the saddest about it.

Went to check out the thread about them adding Abramsverse content to the game (or "The Kelvin Timeline" as it's now apparently officially named) and literally every other post was "That's pretty neat but BOOHOO ANTOOOOOOON".

ID: d0be9  No.1874

Fraking hostwinds changed the password to the client side without notice and because of several idiot reasons on both sides they won't send the new one to the secondary email I set up. I'm trying to get things fixed up, but if ID is there, I need him to email me.

ID: d0be9  No.1879

Problem resolved. Thanks Id

ID: 0a567  No.1880

File: 1467334376939.png (405 B, 59x29, 19.50.41.png)

It maaaay have been awhile since I've properly gone through my FA watchlist.

ID: e83e3  No.1881

Oh, that's nothing. I think I was up to 90k before the recent forced password reset made me unable to access my account…

…which is a minor gripe because I created an account before an email was required for registration, which means that they can't just send me a password reset email.

ID: eeae7  No.1882

There are a lot of people with similar problems, who can't get back into their accounts because of (for example) old or inactive email addresses.

Have you tried to contact the admins directly?
If you are you still unable to get into your account, and have not emailed accounts[at]furaffinity.net you can send us an email with your account name to help recover your account. Admins are working on to help get people back into their account, though there is a wait time. We are processing several hundred users a day.

ID: 9573f  No.1883

I'm trying to decide if I even want to go through the hassle of recovering my FA account. I get most of my art from other sources now went months without checking FA.

ID: ee644  No.1885

So tired. 12 hour car ride. This convention better be worth it

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