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File: 1417720603488.jpg (1.3 MB, 3264x1840, IMAG0442.jpg)

ID: fa9fe  No.83

Why am I getting "Invalid Image" errors when I'm uploading from ny phone?!

ID: 4c748  No.84

Because phone, I'm guessing.

ID: 6601e  No.86

There’s also the possibility that an image you’re trying to upload is either corrupted in some way or saved with the wrong extension.

ID: fa9fe  No.113

Found the problem… For some reason my phone browser likes to convert all the image files I download to webp without changing the extension.

ID: c40c3  No.114


Sounds like you need a better browser.

ID: 3d234  No.115


Or your mobile provider is doing something wonky to images to 'improve the experience' or sommat.

ID: f6bf5  No.118

I downloaded them over wifi.

ID: 56a23  No.125

File: 1418538382367.png (93.64 KB, 720x1280, 2014-12-13_22-23-56.png)

Found the problem. And apparently it doesn't turn off when you're on WiFi for some odd reason.

ID: c40c3  No.126



Well that fucking explains it. Like I said, you need a better browser.

ID: 56a23  No.127

AOSP browser for my version is riddled with holes, and Firefox has a nasty habit of losing my tabs when I go into the app switcher. What do you suggest?

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