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Webcomics are the worst artform in the world, except for all the other ones.
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Discuss comics of all kinds here. Print comics, webcomics, cape comics, slice-of-life comics, western, eastern, go nuts.

The Global Rule (don't be a dick) applies here.

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New Boss here with a slight addendum to the rules.

Please keep your new thread image SFW or Spoiler it if it isn't. Not going to be a ban-worthy offense, but I'd just like to keep things classy off the porn boards.

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Nearing bump limit on last thread. Also Dan is treating this as part 4, so the last 3 images were part 3. How about that.
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File: 1497261831083.png (157.42 KB, 620x918, 1496635488-20170612S3_140.png)


I am guessing immortals also suffer from stuff like hormones and empathy when under the influence of age shifting. But maybe not, could just be a moment of weakness with Pandora's humanization (so to speak).

ID: 5f62a  No.9160

File: 1497434020351.png (165.31 KB, 620x918, 1497392167-20170614S3_141.png)

She lied and said that Elves are infertile! Motherfucker!

ID: 82987  No.9172

File: 1497601943454.png (156.23 KB, 620x918, 1497580866-20170616S3_142.png)

If I had to guess, him being tied to whatever Immortals are should they go past their age limit will coincide with being possessed by that body snatcher.

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File: 1497867084236.png (146.96 KB, 620x918, 1497839903-20170619S3_143.png)

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File: 1498119509611.png (124.95 KB, 620x918, 1498016840-20170621S3_144.png)

Sorry, been too busy playing FF14 to post here these past few days.

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Anyone still keeping up with this? I check in periodically and the updates seem to be a bit slower than they used to be, but it's still quite enjoyable at least.

Katia's got telekinesis so at least she's making some progress and she's potentially got a new not-friend in a fellow Khajit.
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The real question is whether Trace would actually be able to get into his estate, especially with this state of panic. It's probably locked tight, and we haven't a clue if he still has a key on hand.
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All the Butt Touching!

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File: 1498086063299.jpg (766.08 KB, 1080x1440, 73e770f9dc0481b93090202a13….jpg)

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File: 1497559431046.jpg (239.47 KB, 800x2520, AtHP_ModelingCow.jpg)

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File: 1497844830038.jpg (659.06 KB, 800x1524, KH0058.jpg)

ID: 57c15  No.9183

Oh no, not…those guys that we totally didn't see the needless slaughter of coming from a mile away.

ID: 0a207  No.9186

File: 1497873911942.jpg (181.84 KB, 907x1280, 1cc7a7221be7f4ed379d093b81….jpg)

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File: 1498077546557.jpg (510.35 KB, 905x700, 1498019335.chalodillo_pete….jpg)

From his FA.

File: 1481834029774.png (3.75 MB, 2000x3500, Page182.png)

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Another limit reached, another thread born to take on the burdens of comics, porn, and miscellaneous chatter.
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File: 1497668531382.png (4.39 MB, 2000x3500, Page202.png)

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File: 1497680977862.png (207.88 KB, 751x923, 29925a337820acdd35f3b9cfc2….png)

From a recent stream.

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File: 1497681010146.png (298.71 KB, 1362x931, 1497567849305.png)

ID: 1a20b  No.9177

Then Sesame contracted Rat AIDS and later died.

ID: 8bc59  No.9178

Pussycat needs to get her pussy fucked.

File: 1417232487221.png (595.22 KB, 914x1194, hefower3rfoq3elasdpgjwpqds….png)

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Glad to have a place to discuss this with people who aren't ignorant on how people (especially women) work when it comes to feelings and priorities.

I still haven't forgotten the speculation on Laurin and her favor/feelings about Julio over in the GitP forums.
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File: 1495681104400.png (311.33 KB, 924x1198, bbrlgitwep3q_5itr_wreoqwp_….png)

Can probably put 'Time towards saving the world' and 'Confidence in usurped leadership' in there as well.

ID: fc607  No.9077

File: 1495833653356.png (361.72 KB, 922x1194, ccewf0ewfrh_53wroewfjq2dsf….png)

ID: fc607  No.9089

File: 1496088313540.png (664.26 KB, 932x1782, ddlgfhothrwassasassstgpthl….png)

Finally, took about…8 strips for things to properly look up.

ID: fc607  No.9131

File: 1496704528674.png (765.76 KB, 902x2376, eeodfgjr439540efgherwowqej….png)

Hmmm, can probably get his sword now.

Pretty sure she'll survive the fall though.

ID: fc607  No.9173

File: 1497631834331.png (977.36 KB, 933x2910, ffeiotety04345y98werofgdjd….png)

Heh, that is actually really clever of Julio to do for his ship.

File: 1441058852303.png (57.58 KB, 980x418, 2015-08-31-0714-the-only-q….png)

ID: 7cd72  No.3754[Reply]

I know this comic is crap, but what the fuck is he trying to say with this arc?

Is this the part in a webcomic where the author goes off the deep end, and says "underaged kids sexting eachother is a-okay"? And then they have a mental breakdown over the controversy and stop the comic forever?
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ID: 9668a  No.9155

Technically she called both of you weak-willed sinners.

ID: f827c  No.9156

yea…this ending is for the best

ID: a4109  No.9163

File: 1497482898443.png (75.47 KB, 980x363, 2017-06-15-0895-the-day-af….png)

They must have rehearsed that because I can't imagine ADULTS knowing how to spell "Lingerie" on the fly.

Also the meter is off.

ID: 68afe  No.9166


…Isn't that kind of thing that tends to break friendships? Assuming this was Larisa's doing anyways.

ID: f827c  No.9167

she already explained herself out of getting in trouble: Both of you are at fault for easily falling for my succubus powers of tempting people to keep on doing sinful things

File: 1490053074844.jpg (735.22 KB, 800x1524, KH0054.jpg)

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Let's kick the new thread off with a new Knighthood. Yeah that power of hers…it's pretty generic
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ID: 285b8  No.9140

To the editor, great work, but I think you missed a slight mistake. Check near Mora's left hand. The contour line of the skin fold of her chest meeting her armpit is missing/accidentally erased in this "all nude" edit. Also, there should probably be a contour line for Mora's left hand breast just underneath her hooked left hand index finger. Aside from that this is fantastic work. =D

ID: 3c155  No.9147

File: 1497104972595.jpg (116.85 KB, 847x600, tumblr_or7ov1TiBU1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: 02327  No.9148

File: 1497133324171.jpg (186.79 KB, 905x700, tumblr_or7ov1TiBU1r0ajyoo3….jpg)

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File: 1497329783198.jpg (112.05 KB, 600x776, tumblr_or7ov1TiBU1r0ajyoo2….jpg)

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File: 1497329817651.jpg (176.9 KB, 600x776, tumblr_or7ov1TiBU1r0ajyoo4….jpg)

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