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Discuss comics of all kinds here. Print comics, webcomics, cape comics, slice-of-life comics, western, eastern, go nuts.

The Global Rule (don't be a dick) applies here.

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New Boss here with a slight addendum to the rules.

Please keep your new thread image SFW or Spoiler it if it isn't. Not going to be a ban-worthy offense, but I'd just like to keep things classy off the porn boards.

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Well time for the old thread to go to bed, this one will stay up in it's stead.
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Questionable Shive?

El Goonish Content?

ID: 98808  No.11755

One day the vipers he's chosen to lay with will bite him.

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File: 1542778074008.png (200.97 KB, 682x1010, 1542181810-1814-TSoS-02-gf….png)

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File: 1542778087203.png (210.17 KB, 682x1010, 1542386429-1816-TSoS-03-sf….png)

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File: 1542778198186.png (217.01 KB, 682x1010, 1542601222-1816-TSoS-04-gf….png)

So far things are going pretty casual. Going how dates tend to go.

File: 1531952348077.jpg (865.72 KB, 800x1608, LL0565.jpg)

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like cats and cows
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ID: 2224b  No.11793

Now you're just reaching for shit to complain about, don't you have a life outside this forum?

ID: a8c13  No.11795

Pointing out BS'ing that's happening right in front of us and predicting that they've forgotten their own story again and opted to use forumite ideas isn't exactly a big reach.

ID: 2224b  No.11796

It's also pretty hard to forget when it's constantly being screamed about, it's official, you're drunk Mom, go home.

ID: a8c13  No.11798

That was "screaming", was it? Okay then.

ID: 2224b  No.11799

File: 1542770740592.jpg (10.14 KB, 259x194, index.jpg)

File: 1541887054214.gif (612.17 KB, 500x500, 5677 - actual_talent anima….gif)

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File: 1541887200953.png (3.15 MB, 2000x3060, 5692 - artist KNOWNvictor ….png)

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File: 1542251625227.jpg (122.46 KB, 834x1200, 5701 - Warhammer character….jpg)

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File: 1542425797872.gif (49.56 KB, 600x450, story2137.gif)

Things have happened.

ID: ae16a  No.11776


yes, a whole update about absolutely nothing. I don't think you can even call this a filler.

File: 1511990712682.png (1.02 MB, 800x1874, Rascals-page-422.png)

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ID: 9ebad  No.11722

I would hesitate to trust most of the characters in this cast with love advice.

ID: 01cad  No.11733

File: 1541809419203.png (917.96 KB, 800x1982, Rascals-page-472.png)

ID: fef27  No.11742

1. Quick suddenly "Tiring" of this four way relationship would make him look shitty, at least the way Jazmin puts it, and not shitty in the bland way like he usually is.

2. Jazmin comes off as bitchy here for getting on Chrissy for having second thoughts about the whole thing. While in my opinion it was a mistake to do it in the first place, a relationship with 3 people would be a huge responsibility so adding one more person to that mix would be an even bigger one. It isn't weird that there would be doubts about it at some point. Jazmin expressed her own troubles regarding it just some pages ago and it's kind of funny how here she acts like she would take it well if Quick didn't pick her.

3. Godai's anatomy normally isn't very good but goddamn Chrissy should be in pain in that last panel.

Also I have a feeling that the person Chrissy is going to meet with is a male. That old childhood friend of hers from the visit fel first appeared in. I could be wrong and I'd like to be wrong, but with this comic that feels like it would be the most likely outcome writing wise.

ID: 9ebad  No.11746

Of course it'll be a male. And she'll probably fuck him. Cause I swear these characters are so sex-fixated, they make the Las Lindas cast look celibate.

ID: 01cad  No.11766

File: 1542423723212.png (815.42 KB, 800x2012, Rascals-page-473.png)

File: 1509238193183.jpg (110.28 KB, 680x367, 956ae9a1e81ec716f52dd29c6f….jpg)

ID: 07271  No.9811[Reply]

I hesitate to post this, given the never-ending shitstorm that seems to surround Goblins, but we haven't had a thread in a while, and something big is (supposedly) coming down the pipe.

Thunt has created a rough animatic as proof-of-concept for a Goblins animated series (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=km9RAIeccBQ), and has created a Kickstarter campaign (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1369986283/goblins-animated/) to fund it.

The good:
Professional voice acting.
Minmax - Billy West
Forgath - Maurice LaMarche
Thaco - Jim Cummings
Kore - Steve Blum
Complains - Phil LaMarr
Kin - Jennifer Hale
The animatic is surprisingly smooth, despite the rough linework.
Thunt claims to have learned his lesson after the clusterfuck that was his last fundraiser, and says he actually has legal representation to keep things running smoothly.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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ID: 07271  No.11694

File: 1541206008387.jpg (544.97 KB, 892x1213, 1540864863-Page25.jpg)

ID: 07271  No.11720

File: 1541605200068.jpg (410.57 KB, 892x1213, 1541481467-Page26.jpg)

ID: 31d8c  No.11723


Man I hate this comic

ID: 07271  No.11759

File: 1542251505220.jpg (444.77 KB, 892x1213, 1542144794-Page27.jpg)

ID: 259d1  No.11762


It's fair to hate it, Thunt's activities have been controversial for ages, the 'animated series' debacle being a good one.

So far the comic itself isn't terrible, though frankly this current klik situation is too similar to Dies'. Right up there with an arm being a negative for it.

File: 1522377521699.png (5.09 MB, 2000x3500, Page215.png)

ID: f86c6  No.10655[Reply]

And now for something completely different.
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ID: e6091  No.11748

File: 1542049383192.png (6.7 MB, 3497x4216, KibblesWaterFall01.png)

ID: e6091  No.11749

Kibbles is a mass-cuddling magnet waiting to happen

ID: f86c6  No.11750

File: 1542071082738.png (873.41 KB, 2294x4873, Doodles213.png)

ID: e4d46  No.11758

File: 1542214403057.png (430.56 KB, 600x800, 816bd6513a185b69450f952741….png)


/trash/ would say she's a different kind of magnet altogether.

ID: f86c6  No.11761

File: 1542259715887.png (635.47 KB, 900x600, 48adaaa86754a37c2e0348966e….png)

File: 1539652799580.jpg (411.35 KB, 825x1075, 20181015.jpg)

ID: c43c2  No.11589[Reply]

>Da-dum… daaaaaaa-dum…
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ID: c43c2  No.11741

File: 1541958222579.png (461.22 KB, 971x772, 1541904743087.png)

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File: 1541983645799.png (559.38 KB, 1900x1500, efa56de39be69fdcb608a39f35….png)

ID: c43c2  No.11744

File: 1541983656397.png (333.17 KB, 1500x1500, dee5ab14bf63e2a4256d123ee6….png)

ID: c43c2  No.11756

File: 1542155128874.jpg (492.11 KB, 825x1075, 20181113.jpg)

>They'll come to love you like I do.
>With my body.

ID: c43c2  No.11757

File: 1542155183898.png (1.62 MB, 1920x1200, drinks_and_distraction_by_….png)

File: 1503014176696.png (389.4 KB, 883x1194, iiisadlwqepogfhncxmcxzzp28….png)

ID: a9d4e  No.9527[Reply]

Seems to be a different entrance than the one Durkula and friends used. At least, I don't see how they got through the first one if they are having trouble entering the second one.
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ID: dcc69  No.11578

I was implying a greenhilt

ID: 71816  No.11597

File: 1539809754157.png (528.76 KB, 911x1194, nwefijwrio29ewirj348rweicj….png)

Wow, a food pyramid reference. Didn't think I'd hear of one of those again.

ID: 71816  No.11677

File: 1540870043423.png (809.02 KB, 942x2322, aaisdfhwoerutweioru324weoh….png)

Why do I get the feeling most of the nonsense coming out of Odin's mouth is going to be a punchline in future strips?

ID: dcc69  No.11679

Probably the spindles line at least.

ID: 71816  No.11753

File: 1542093703685.png (478.98 KB, 927x1194, bbsdfio309ruweifuopqe312i3….png)

I guess forgotten feats are simply fads that come and go with each Resurrection.

File: 1420172373965.png (776.64 KB, 1000x1500, 001 - Boo!.png)

ID: 9fccd  No.801[Reply]

A new webcomic!

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ID: 61d53  No.10832

Make that two.

ID: b5b63  No.11345

File: 1534294498275.png (1.29 MB, 1000x1500, 156-Rise-Shrine.png)

Looks like the girl's all grown up.

ID: 7ef47  No.11428

File: 1535899026476.png (1.2 MB, 1000x1500, 157-Pounce.png)

ID: 7ef47  No.11468

File: 1537490613245.png (1.11 MB, 1000x1500, 158-Prude.png)

Shadow isn't opposed to sleeping with Midnight; she just wants Tim first.

ID: b5b63  No.11745

File: 1541990699007.jpg (264.95 KB, 1000x1500, Destroy the THOT.jpg)

Time for shadow's first kill.

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