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File: 1417315982072.jpg (451.01 KB, 869x1269, r002.jpg)

ID: b91ba  No.187[Reply]

Shokugeki no Soma. A cooking manga about a dedicated chef from a special-of-the-day family restaurant attending the most prestigious (and snooty) cooking school in the country. (And since that country is Japan and this is a manga, it's the best cooking school in the world, obviously.)

+ Protagonist who isn't an idiot
+ Cute/sexy girls
+ Adorable/hot guys
+ Interesting characters
+ Fanservice
+ Basically Iron Chef: The Manga
+ Great art
+ Scanlators are currently releasing it at a pretty good clip
+ Getting an anime soon and yes the food looks super delicious animated

- Still some eyeroll-worthy manga tropes
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ID: e161a  No.189


Cowgirl bikini is best bikini.

ID: 00263  No.247

File: 1417542128386.jpg (320.49 KB, 912x1300, img000002.jpg)

Finished this up last night and thought I'd add my 2 cents to Sech's summary.

+ The fanservice IS good.

+/- Hope you like reading about cooking. Seems like the characters don't do much outside of preparing food.

- The visualizations of the characters' reactions to food is very silly. When not preparing food, characters are reacting to it and this wears thin reeeeal fast.

ID: 4980d  No.248

>Seems like the characters don't do much outside of preparing food.

Well, there was ping-pong…

ID: 00263  No.249


That and the one time Alice took Erina to a public pool. Chapters that are memorable because no one is cooking is a bit sad.

ID: 4980d  No.250


Well, y'know. It's a cooking manga. It's kinda like saying "Why do they spend so much time fighting and training in DBZ?"

File: 1417398730992.jpg (186.5 KB, 760x596, shiptoship1.jpg)

ID: 42ea0  No.200[Reply]

Man, Oglaf is still great, but I still miss Mistress and company

ID: 42ea0  No.201

File: 1417398738296.jpg (187.12 KB, 760x596, shiptoship2.jpg)

ID: 42ea0  No.202

File: 1417398783208.jpg (185.18 KB, 760x596, shiptoship3.jpg)

ID: 849a7  No.207

Oglaf is one of my faves. :v

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