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Webcomics are the worst artform in the world, except for all the other ones.
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File: 1417247462421.jpg (781.1 KB, 800x1400, Uberquest35.jpg)

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Welp, gonna get up this thread again !
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ID: 0e0af  No.1249


Seconded. Coincidentally, this was #34. =P

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File: 1422835845576.png (4.12 MB, 2000x3500, UberQuest091.png)

ID: 89883  No.1276

File: 1422842438536.gif (186.8 KB, 371x200, yep.gif)

Did we just become best friends?

ID: 087ab  No.1277


I predict an understanding that becomes a bond over time.

They still have personality conflicts to overcome. Jock/Nerd friendship wouldn't be juicy if those didn't come up.

File: 1418664729046.gif (25.98 KB, 691x896, GoblinsSad.gif)

ID: 83fbf  No.548[Reply]

So did Thunt ever get over his Sad?
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ID: e129f  No.829

Because they were also the developer in charge of the project.

ID: 77020  No.843


So he just paid these people the full amount as a down payment?

ID: e129f  No.844

No, they were in control of the kick-starter and the game's designers. He licensed out the setting and did the art for them.

ID: 77020  No.845



ID: 622d7  No.1212

Seems to be updating more frequently, but he's still being the self fulfilling prophecy of that parody. Has full right to given the plot, but for fuck's sake.

File: 1418571406364.jpg (198.44 KB, 727x1080, 1418553084.eurosalamander_….jpg)

ID: e364f  No.536[Reply]

I figured i would post this here for those interested.

source being http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15224627/

PS: if porn is not allowed here, just say so and i'll take it down and move it to the proper board.
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ID: e364f  No.1039

File: 1421456973565.jpg (205.94 KB, 731x1080, 1421447096.eurosalamander_….jpg)

a new year, a new page!

ID: 1120c  No.1042

File: 1421460169418.gif (1.82 MB, 300x264, l2sJi.gif)


Not sure if hilarious or horrifying.

ID: 648b0  No.1043


Horse Jizz: Purifier of Tonsils.

ID: 9fd97  No.1044

It's Horrlarifying

ID: b4a2f  No.1074

File: 1421656260352.jpg (25.29 KB, 600x450, TellAGram1.jpg)

File: 1419187360017.jpg (255.25 KB, 700x910, keytoherheart_0001.jpg)

ID: 36f12  No.665[Reply]

I feel like reposting this comic.

This will be nsfw, so hide if you don't want to see it.
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ID: 36f12  No.860

File: 1420423235820.jpg (222.94 KB, 750x970, keytoherheart_0071.jpg)

ID: 36f12  No.861

File: 1420423247137.jpg (230.29 KB, 750x970, keytoherheart_0072.jpg)

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File: 1420488417569.jpg (190.69 KB, 750x970, keytoherheart_0073.jpg)

ID: 36f12  No.874

File: 1420488434486.jpg (186.96 KB, 750x970, keytoherheart_0074.jpg)

Okay, now it's working.

ID: 36f12  No.875

File: 1420488477444.jpg (241.36 KB, 750x970, keytoherheart_0075.jpg)

Seriously, why would it sometimes think my posts are automated?

Whatever. That's chapter 6. Hope you enjoyed it.

File: 1417226452234.png (253.27 KB, 700x988, 1364532675.chalodillo_stro….png)

ID: d977a  No.8[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Hey! Sage! Go back to when the board went down and post all the Las Lindas pages that went up since then so we can get caught up!
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ID: d977a  No.721


Oh, she is.

ID: 28d4d  No.725

File: 1419386710969.jpg (416.89 KB, 600x1206, tumblr_nh2dmnzBdM1rl7g5vo2….jpg)

ID: 28d4d  No.726

File: 1419386760421.jpg (184.25 KB, 600x996, tumblr_nh2dmnzBdM1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

did we hit the bump limit?

ID: 28d4d  No.731

File: 1419480497550.jpg (354.56 KB, 800x1035, 1419461513.chalodillo_sant….jpg)

ID: 922d3  No.7225


File: 1417819640388.png (418.04 KB, 913x358, 2014-12-05-christmas-remix.png)

ID: 28226  No.326[Reply]

Oh god, here we go again.

ID: 56446  No.327

Did…did he just lift a joke from Family Guy?

ID: fa8dd  No.362

This kind of stuff pops up because Rick was an English major in college and studied a lot of literature. That's why there are whole arcs devoted to parodies of Shakespeare and the like. But he overestimates his audience's fondness for the same material, so what is clever and entertaining to him ends up being a real drag for anyone who isn't a fan of the classics. These arcs also tend to be really long; the spoof of Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None" ran for two months.

ID: c7f7d  No.363

>These arcs also tend to be really long; the spoof of Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None" ran for two months.

Yeah, I mean, if he were just indulging himself for a week or even two it wouldn't be so agonizing, but the moment I saw this I knew it was going to be a couple of months of bags on heads and bullshit even Frasier Crane would find tiresome.

File: 1417315982072.jpg (451.01 KB, 869x1269, r002.jpg)

ID: b91ba  No.187[Reply]

Shokugeki no Soma. A cooking manga about a dedicated chef from a special-of-the-day family restaurant attending the most prestigious (and snooty) cooking school in the country. (And since that country is Japan and this is a manga, it's the best cooking school in the world, obviously.)

+ Protagonist who isn't an idiot
+ Cute/sexy girls
+ Adorable/hot guys
+ Interesting characters
+ Fanservice
+ Basically Iron Chef: The Manga
+ Great art
+ Scanlators are currently releasing it at a pretty good clip
+ Getting an anime soon and yes the food looks super delicious animated

- Still some eyeroll-worthy manga tropes
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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ID: e161a  No.189


Cowgirl bikini is best bikini.

ID: 00263  No.247

File: 1417542128386.jpg (320.49 KB, 912x1300, img000002.jpg)

Finished this up last night and thought I'd add my 2 cents to Sech's summary.

+ The fanservice IS good.

+/- Hope you like reading about cooking. Seems like the characters don't do much outside of preparing food.

- The visualizations of the characters' reactions to food is very silly. When not preparing food, characters are reacting to it and this wears thin reeeeal fast.

ID: 4980d  No.248

>Seems like the characters don't do much outside of preparing food.

Well, there was ping-pong…

ID: 00263  No.249


That and the one time Alice took Erina to a public pool. Chapters that are memorable because no one is cooking is a bit sad.

ID: 4980d  No.250


Well, y'know. It's a cooking manga. It's kinda like saying "Why do they spend so much time fighting and training in DBZ?"

File: 1417398730992.jpg (186.5 KB, 760x596, shiptoship1.jpg)

ID: 42ea0  No.200[Reply]

Man, Oglaf is still great, but I still miss Mistress and company

ID: 42ea0  No.201

File: 1417398738296.jpg (187.12 KB, 760x596, shiptoship2.jpg)

ID: 42ea0  No.202

File: 1417398783208.jpg (185.18 KB, 760x596, shiptoship3.jpg)

ID: 849a7  No.207

Oglaf is one of my faves. :v

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