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Webcomics are the worst artform in the world, except for all the other ones.
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Dude. Put it on the porn board.

Fucking duh.

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File: 1437608497547.jpg (260.34 KB, 900x1000, bloom-county-strip-8783a.jpg)

These are all being put up at Breathed's Facebook so I won't spam them all here.


ID: 3cce7  No.3389

I'm smiling, even chuckling. That's a good sign.

File: 1423366739027.png (3.65 MB, 2000x3500, UberQuest092.png)

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First thread stopped bumping. New page of UberQuest
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ID: 5c33f  No.3183

More hour-glassy then I would have expected, but naturally he's super hung. Meh, 6/10 would ogle if real.

ID: 7373e  No.3188

Needs more cameltoe.

ID: e8305  No.3191

File: 1436239537463.png (1.35 MB, 1000x1750, Page113s.png)

ID: 0ec7d  No.3196

>Tina of the South cameo

ID: 5c33f  No.3201

Is it just me or does it seem like Mousechievious is on hiatus?

File: 1422846685024.jpg (383.51 KB, 780x1089, akroom-0421.jpg)

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Well AWD started his webcomic back up and changed the character designs a bit
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ID: 9e7a0  No.2831


Thanks for bolding the words that are references to things, Dickboy, no one might have noticed your "cleverness" otherwise.

ID: 500c6  No.2832

File: 1433345940886.png (458.01 KB, 792x574, jJMHroF.png)

ID: d819b  No.2833


eesh, that was kinda rough to read. and I thought I was the king of dry humor…

ID: a8d10  No.2834

Is he Gene Shalit now?

ID: d819b  No.2838

File: 1433375472573.jpg (19.37 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


sorry, i couldn't find the gif

File: 1424846216832.jpg (274.33 KB, 600x732, tumblr_nkbdmprgNi1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

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Opening up with a new Ask the High Prime answer
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ID: d79c3  No.2713

>So Mora is a real whore now?

Do you even read the comic you bitch about, you fucktard?

ID: f3624  No.2715

File: 1432753063263.png (78.69 KB, 1027x529, Nt6gGBL.png)


Feeling salty there, friend?

If you don't like what people are saying, you could always quit shitposting on two different imageboards.

ID: 701c8  No.2716

Honestly, I have to agree that the Joy stuff is kinda off-putting, considering whenever sexual stuff happens to her, requested pic or otherwise, she never seems to be enjoying or consenting to it.

>Was there really that much denial about it?

Actually, yeah. When she first said she had to "work" and that she wasn't proud of it, at least half the fans started coming up with fantastical theories about what it was that she did, ranging from drug-dealing to assassination, just to avoid facing the fact that Mora confirmed she's a literal whore.

ID: d79c3  No.2717

File: 1432756736949.gif (486.28 KB, 480x270, tumblr_mbl1vro9nJ1riqi77o1….gif)

>Gets caught out on posting the same bitchy comment multiple places
>"W-well you're just mad because I'm posting detailed, insightful, meaningful criticism of your stupid stupid porn! Yeah!"

This guy.

ID: 82337  No.2738


I second the notion that the Joy stuff is off-putting. When doing "sexy" stuff the subject should always be into it.

As for the prostitute Mora pic. Look, I full-on admit I'm not the biggest Mora fan, In fact I'm very critical of her. But in this case I will defend her.

Yes, Mora admitted to being a prostitute. But it doesn't take away from her character. I would argue that this gives her character depth. Be it for better or worse it's depth non the less.

File: 1417271686504.jpg (298.95 KB, 688x1044, Unbeatable-Squirrel-Girl_6….jpg)

ID: 6fadf  No.162[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Because holy shit I want to read Unbeatable Squirrel Girl but I cannot stand this art style.
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ID: a94e9  No.2537

File: 1431089916543.jpg (2.38 MB, 1988x3056, 1431051514968.jpg)


I'm still not sure what to make of this character since current Marvel runs have soured things up for me (blatant feminism pandering in Thor, Tumblrina being hired to work on Squirrel Girl, Slott's Spiderverse run etc.), but I hope they don't try to half-assedly pair her up with Rocket.

ID: 8fdbb  No.2538

>"Why don't you want my help?!" the feminist raccoon shrieks as she beats the hell out of someone

ID: e4e7f  No.2540

File: 1431102407096.jpg (1.6 MB, 1200x1969, 1431029196.chochi_racoonsa….jpg)

ID: 8fdbb  No.2541

File: 1431106208524.png (233.95 KB, 535x1000, d1e6c327c0260552f15068913b….png)

ID: c8339  No.2545

Nice Gandalf reference.

File: 1429917273215.jpg (108.37 KB, 666x1000, Dark Knight III - The Mast….jpg)

ID: af9df  No.2353[Reply]

Makin’ this thread in honor of DC’s big announcement today: Frank Miller’s doing a new Batman comic.


ID: 6c79e  No.2356

File: 1429924234798.png (84.23 KB, 500x745, 2006-02-07-whores.png)

ID: 77383  No.2363

File: 1429955537477.png (165.61 KB, 350x500, rarino.png)

The Master Race huh?

ID: cbf03  No.2367

We're marching at a FASTer pace
Look out here comes the MASTer race
Be. Cause. It's…

File: 1420600295214.jpg (283.77 KB, 869x1254, bkiss_scans_ray_out_okusan….jpg)

ID: 4a1bb  No.881[Reply]


… This may be relevant to various interests.
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ID: 6dcf5  No.885

Okay, after 8 chapters, it's totally growing on me.

ID: 6dcf5  No.894

Finished reading it. It's fun.

That last chapter, though. Do you think that she's pregnant?

ID: b92b5  No.2040


Updates have not clarified anything.

Man though imagining her trying to take care of a baby is vaguely horrifying.

It's like… God, why would you create a woman whose body is obviously meant for baby-making in every possible way, and then make her THAT scatterbrained?

ID: 25b44  No.2248

File: 1429235868501.jpg (187.15 KB, 478x725, cokusan_c020_007.jpg)

ID: 0728e  No.2249



File: 1427723204675.png (87.8 KB, 938x400, mat20150328.png)

ID: 82e1f  No.2034[Reply]

… Why the fuck do I keep reading this…?
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ID: 1f3de  No.2049

Used to read this one comic, Zombie Waffe. Was your typical zombie apocalypse story, 1 chapter before the fall, cut to now, etc. I had hopes for it, but after inactivity and real life, the author discontinued it.

So after a re-read, it felt a tad shallow. Or maybe I just felt disconnected with it as some mental excuse for closure. If the latter, I question if any of you felt the same over a comic that ended abruptly (or was simply inactive forever).

ID: beb57  No.2071

Oh Menage-A-3. I finally had to give up on it after it was clear it'd fallen into the manga tropes trap and the days of ogling DiDi's tits were over. (I half blame the artist getting a lead gig at Archie.)

There aren't a lot I'm still reading and I don't know why; I have a very low tolerance for boring shite. I can't comprehend for the life of me why I'm still reading PvP, though. Or Doc Rat, which is well enough drawn but keeps veering into The Dark Feels (tm) before going back to silly punnery and visual gags. It's become Kevin & Kell with better art.

ID: 82e1f  No.2076

>Latest MA3
>Punchline is, yet again, "I'm totes not a lesbian!"

I can see why Giselle got a job working on Archie, she's just as creatively stagnant and repetitious.

ID: a9af8  No.2078

Weregeek. it turned out that the entire first book was a larp. Which makes such little sense that I think it was just a cop out from the creator because she wrote herself into a corner with the whole Hunter thing.

I keep reading in the hopes that any of the dangling threads get patched up.

ID: 9423d  No.2168

File: 1428413616869.png (94.2 KB, 938x400, mat20150407.png)

… Okay this one was actually kinda funny.

File: 1417225085805.png (430.19 KB, 620x968, 1417029002-announce_2014-1….png)

ID: 8b736  No.4[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

I recall these being relatively busy threads, so why not toss a new one out here?
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ID: cb3fe  No.2032

File: 1427710172335.png (75.05 KB, 850x306, 1427692918-NP-150330-16c_N….png)

ID: cb3fe  No.2063

File: 1427763797156.png (177.97 KB, 620x918, 1427758410-2015-03-30_c012….png)

Mystery Foursome?

ID: b5e20  No.2068


I think at that point it's technically a mystery orgy.

ID: 9c6e9  No.2077

I think an orgy needs a minimum of 5 participants. But that may be a matter of opinion

ID: 90d58  No.2080


So it's a menage a mystroi?

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