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vid pic girls


File: 1612402761903.png (4.98 MB, 1920x2903, Page303-1.png)

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File: 1626266105098.jpeg (514.3 KB, 1480x1705, E6OLeZVWYAM10rR.jpeg)

Just how much more shit do they need to add on top of everything else here?

ID: d0d4d  No.16508

File: 1626276558641.png (420.87 KB, 1828x1507, 4920215e0b0c13b4ea11991fe9….png)


Getting RWBY vibes of story-telling here…

ID: d77e0  No.16509


So wait according to Phuufys post on this, it's supposed to be a comedy spinoff but yet the fucking main comic mentioned it having comedy during it's early period. The fuck is with them piling up more shit? They already abandoned three comics, basically scammed four clients out of $2000 overall with a promise they'll be in the comic which will never happen until three years later, abandoned some animatic shit, and now this? Why are people giving them money again?

ID: 42b5a  No.16512

File: 1626396231407.png (320.75 KB, 358x618, 45834578567.PNG)

Major spoilers ahead

ID: d0d4d  No.16514

File: 1626453028627.jpg (113.95 KB, 916x1502, E6TjUOyXsAMJy_l.jpg)

File: 1541887054214.gif (612.17 KB, 500x500, 5677 - actual_talent anima….gif)

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File: 1617939453260.png (178.05 KB, 812x822, 8f1de27881d45aa3d40424e83e….png)

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File: 1618448986575.png (373.53 KB, 1169x1600, 866e35aa07add6f06738dd384e….png)

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File: 1618845022768.jpg (919.28 KB, 2829x1019, afe4ac49c3e05d3971ab091f2d….jpg)

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File: 1623172419528.png (180.31 KB, 714x950, 3298cf6d948482d30e7674961d….png)

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File: 1623646202878.jpg (285.82 KB, 1560x2000, 43d25d4f16f7e95dc92a83ea8e….jpg)

File: 1443654771611.png (47.19 KB, 636x409, pebble has joined the braw….PNG)

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I'd say it doesn't feel like a tense moment will happen since the assistant duck girl was much nicer than he was.

Also PsychicPebbles has caught wind of the thing with shadman and dickman
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ID: 2cb0c  No.6924

Incoming reboot!

ID: 56806  No.6925

this time, Swain and Mary Ann are Andy's childhood friends, and he mad a promise to marry one of them only he can't remember which one

ID: 7966f  No.6928

And then it turns out it was Mary-Ann, but for some fucked up reason, he chooses NOT to go with the girl who treats him far better.

ID: 5778f  No.6932

File: 1470597031840.png (463.77 KB, 939x964, lolwat.png)

>this is a character I made years ago XD

Sure AWD, sure.

ID: 86762  No.12633


File: 1599693971368.jpg (870.2 KB, 800x1613, LL_0621.jpg)

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ID: ff2ee  No.15937

Doll? Oh I get it, because Lola's the 'in' thing right now and she hates being called that, funny, yes.

ID: 0d40f  No.15938

File: 1616376742418.jpg (65.07 KB, 534x800, 1614629215.madartraven_sar….jpg)

That'll be 20 dollars.

ID: fd5ee  No.15939

I just wanted to spruce up my request no Lola joke intended, felt like it might avoid a drawing like the one above

ID: 0d40f  No.15940

You said you wanted it colored.
You never said how.

ID: fd5ee  No.15942

I'd actually pay the $20 if someone colors it in like her actual colors from the comic :P

File: 1594129036404.png (302.27 KB, 1025x847, 1594069172.mastergodai_sha….png)

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new Rascals thread
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ID: f5a06  No.15898

>using "respeck whamen" unironicly

Oh, you're one of these people, good to know. Now I know not to take you seriously.

ID: a8556  No.15899

File: 1615524385615.png (790.15 KB, 800x1958, Rascals-page-592.png)

ID: f2fb4  No.15900

Well, I'm sorry you much more easily fall for such shallow, actually awful "feminist" moves as "Let's empower women by taking this existing female character and making her androgynous and less attractive, because somehow that adds strength, intellect, competence and personality she was totally prevented from having by the mere presence of her boobs and pretty face, now the poor fragile women can like this character without us judging them and won't have to feel insecure at the sight of her."

ID: f5a06  No.15901

Oh no, I don't fall for it, I just think you're a piece of shit.

ID: f2fb4  No.15905

For calling out the genuinely sexist mindset of a typical two-faced third-wave male feminist with an attitude towards female characters lifted straight off of Tumblr.

Yeah, okay.

File: 1612471590046.png (1.38 KB, 100x100, lrjjdrggyrjjgrrfffggg18.png)

ID: a4abc  No.15721[Reply]

File: 1612183349482.jpg (1.59 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg)

ID: 04111  No.15699[Reply]

Princess Celestia Princess Luna Princess Cadence Blobbed On There Throne Room Floor In Front Of Everyone In There Bikinis

File: 1610759041295.jpg (176.44 KB, 1023x595, 1610661730668.jpg)

ID: 395a1  No.15619[Reply]

One More ChanImageBoard
Beta test



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