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Webcomics are the worst artform in the world, except for all the other ones.
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Discuss comics of all kinds here. Print comics, webcomics, cape comics, slice-of-life comics, western, eastern, go nuts.

The Global Rule (don't be a dick) applies here.

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New Boss here with a slight addendum to the rules.

Please keep your new thread image SFW or Spoiler it if it isn't. Not going to be a ban-worthy offense, but I'd just like to keep things classy off the porn boards.

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And now for something completely different.
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File: 1539750264610.png (154.37 KB, 502x503, eb0024d592ad8fb9b794ddfa27….png)

ID: b7bd9  No.11596

Put those handlebars to good use

ID: 898e5  No.11599

File: 1539905429673.png (3.72 MB, 2000x3500, Page224.png)

Inb4 Sesame hearbreak. I mean, is kinda obvious Mason is into Kibbles

ID: f86c6  No.11600

Sesame pls

ID: 1fe9b  No.11602


I can appreciate the forwardness, but I also know full well a man needs a few more of those meals in his belly to accurately determine if a woman's cooking is as passionate as her heart.

…that and he's pretty much suffering from some serious personal issues that would hamper his own heart. I'd be the same way if that was me.

File: 1539652799580.jpg (411.35 KB, 825x1075, 20181015.jpg)

ID: c43c2  No.11589[Reply]

>Da-dum… daaaaaaa-dum…

ID: c43c2  No.11590

File: 1539655510970.png (2.18 MB, 1920x1200, florasprings_color.png)

ID: df78c  No.11598

I wonder, how boring was Crazy Trace if he had all these amenities but was too focused on his work to enjoy them?

ID: c43c2  No.11601

Well, his "work" was Keidran genocide, so…

File: 1503014176696.png (389.4 KB, 883x1194, iiisadlwqepogfhncxmcxzzp28….png)

ID: a9d4e  No.9527[Reply]

Seems to be a different entrance than the one Durkula and friends used. At least, I don't see how they got through the first one if they are having trouble entering the second one.
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ID: 71816  No.11567

File: 1539039793404.png (616.45 KB, 919x1198, masfijwer84wwuefhksodj039r….png)

A monumental task for Durkon, considering the high priest in question is under a sunken coast fallacy since the day he met Xykon.

Oh, and for those not in the know, Rat being furious is relevant because it was he and Tiamat who disclosed the snarl's purpose to The Dark One. The Dark One's followers steamrolling the city of his confidant's followers bit poor Rat in the ass HARD. Had Loki been with the two at the moment of disclosure, he would of been able to explain the plan to The Dark One's purpose, negating the events currently at hand.

ID: dcc69  No.11575

I bet this is all a runup to nothing. It will turn out that there will be a fifth color, another will ascend to godhood. I'm thinking something…green.

ID: 71816  No.11577


Only way I see that particular color happening is if one of the greek pantheons either survived or reincarnated into a mortal while somehow possessing their previous essence.

Unless you mean Redcloak, which is a stretch, but could happen considering Xykon already has a very special contingency on hand if Redcloak betrays him.

ID: dcc69  No.11578

I was implying a greenhilt

ID: 71816  No.11597

File: 1539809754157.png (528.76 KB, 911x1194, nwefijwrio29ewirj348rweicj….png)

Wow, a food pyramid reference. Didn't think I'd hear of one of those again.

File: 1531952348077.jpg (865.72 KB, 800x1608, LL0565.jpg)

ID: d9137  No.11219[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

like cats and cows
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File: 1539436332727.jpg (1.03 MB, 800x1608, LL0572.jpg)

ID: 23300  No.11587

This page is the worst so far! Nice to see the Sarah character assassination is continuing unabated! She's supposed to be the childlike, innocent, care-free character on the farm but here she is shirking her responsibilities and dumping them on other people! I guess this comic's terrible writers care as much about character consistency as they do about their fans! Worst. Comic. Ever.


ID: 665d9  No.11591


For real though, it's a pretty boring comic.

ID: 90d5d  No.11593

File: 1539704174339.jpg (199.02 KB, 800x1408, tumblr_pgobxqqbWA1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 90d5d  No.11594

File: 1539722732952.jpg (117.93 KB, 765x1080, tumblr_pgpl5tLIJi1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

File: 1531867764528.jpg (273.52 KB, 1024x1568, cover.jpg)

ID: e7be1  No.11202[Reply]

This is my first thread here, I'm currently releasing this webcomic on a weekly basis and looking for some input as Deviant Art is kinda dead and I just can't get the hang of Tumblr.

Anyway, it's a slice of life comic with some mild fantasy/paranormal themes and should be safe for all ages to read! :)
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ID: b072d  No.11518

File: 1538060559316.jpg (5.03 MB, 5344x3006, IMG_20180927_085458165.jpg)

lol, me again, went today and printed three issues of VBites for some friends of mine, and noticed they look pretty good as physical copies, so was wondering, would anyone be interested in getting them? It would probably be through a third-party print shop like Ka-Blam, not me myself.

ID: f4af5  No.11519

I would be interested in a copy.

ID: b072d  No.11523

Great! I'll keep people posted on my Deviant Art page whenever I have them ready! :D

ID: b072d  No.11570

File: 1539141444403.jpg (1.65 MB, 1950x3000, cover.jpg)

Got this teaser image ready.

ID: b072d  No.11588

File: 1539652267050.jpg (2.11 MB, 3539x2550, VCAMEN.jpg)

Just came up with this for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month :P

File: 1511990712682.png (1.02 MB, 800x1874, Rascals-page-422.png)

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File: 1538155776922.png (898.23 KB, 800x1944, Rascals-page-466.png)

ID: 01cad  No.11548

File: 1538826861680.png (927.67 KB, 800x1958, Rascals-page-467.png)

ID: 97959  No.11549

so going off the implications of this page, at some point Quick got into a 4 way relationship with the 3 main girls after him.

For starters that feels like a horrible idea and I'll be honest I dont like quick at all and the comic has given me no reason to like him.

Two, Godai's bad habit of skipping ahead of things that might be important is showing because last I remembered the girls were ready to fight each other over who got quick despite the fact that a decent person would back off on trying to take their friend's boyfriend in general.

What caused them to agree on this relationship and how did it even get to that point?

ID: 01cad  No.11582

File: 1539374847637.png (998.84 KB, 800x1952, Rascals-page-468.png)

ID: 63638  No.11583

File: 1539381031251.png (338.93 KB, 1317x706, 1538969199.mastergodai_ama….png)

File: 1537831838604.jpg (1.24 MB, 1477x2244, cover.jpg)

ID: 5f04a  No.11491[Reply]

Exactly 5 years ago (plus one day, whoa!) me and a dear friend of mine started publishing a collab in my very first (non-Sonic) furry comic, it's sort of an Isekai genre, but with cat girls, also, it starts a bit slow, but we'll eventually get to the furries, will try to upload the whole first episode today, just revising the English.

Also, the art gets a little better on the next chapters, please bear with it.

One more thing: I realize the lewd-sounding title, but it's hardly any sexual, me and my friend just tried regaining the word that used to mean simply "cat" not so long ago, lol :P
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ID: 5f04a  No.11562

File: 1538955940201.jpg (1.68 MB, 1477x2244, 19.jpg)

Page 19. And that's it for chapter 2! Is anyone even reading this? lol xD I promise the next is the last chapter (so far), though it has almost double the pages, and the art and colors do improve a wee bit, I swear! :O

ID: 5f04a  No.11568

File: 1539064353080.jpg (1.5 MB, 1477x2244, cover.jpg)

Cover for chapter 3, decided to move the logo down so we could see what's behind the quartet.

ID: 5f04a  No.11579

File: 1539333714107.jpg (1.52 MB, 1477x2244, 01.jpg)

Page 1. We're finally into the present day :D

ID: 5f04a  No.11580

File: 1539334458202.jpg (2 MB, 1477x2244, 02.jpg)

Page 2. Think this is the first time we see the Priestess open her eyes :P

ID: 5f04a  No.11581

File: 1539335064107.jpg (2.06 MB, 1477x2244, 03.jpg)

Page 3.

File: 1418276223353.gif (20.24 KB, 600x450, story1771.gif)

ID: 592a1  No.487[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Anyone still keeping up with this? I check in periodically and the updates seem to be a bit slower than they used to be, but it's still quite enjoyable at least.

Katia's got telekinesis so at least she's making some progress and she's potentially got a new not-friend in a fellow Khajit.
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ID: 65019  No.11465

File: 1537476862554.gif (83.19 KB, 600x450, story2099b.gif)

This one got me.

ID: b3d95  No.11542

File: 1538529709137.png (616.51 KB, 1526x1197, 016356f51d2939cbcb98aaa3d5….png)


ID: b3d95  No.11572

File: 1539224268194.png (2.43 MB, 2200x2000, 1539203843270.png)

ID: b3d95  No.11573

File: 1539224402495.png (821.75 KB, 1316x1424, 6fSTray.png)

ID: b3d95  No.11574

File: 1539224414742.jpg (320.5 KB, 1280x1385, 5590 - Dakimakura casually….jpg)

File: 1431022081649.jpg (1.38 MB, 1000x1756, 1428528139.jpg)

ID: 4ec80  No.2515[Reply]

Totally forgot about this comic. Turns out Tracy took on a patreon, and is going to do this regularly now!
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ID: 69e06  No.10554

Rocky has turned into the goddamn Joker.

ID: 575f7  No.10810

File: 1525395847515.jpg (3.04 MB, 1000x3725, 1525078291.jpg)

ID: 9b19e  No.11058

File: 1529746048906.jpg (3.24 MB, 1000x3888, 1529166563.jpg)

ID: ab07c  No.11286

File: 1533267197971.jpg (1.87 MB, 1000x2617, 1533084416.jpg)

ID: 2e96a  No.11571

File: 1539223764362.jpg (2.7 MB, 1000x4414, 1538518401.jpg)

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