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File: 1521400838200.jpg (896.9 KB, 800x1608, LL0557.jpg)

ID: e0d43  No.10609[View All]

a do over
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ID: ab63e  No.11120

Shhhhhhhhhhh, don't say he's the same person, he gets really pissy when you call him out on that obvious bullshit.

ID: 318f1  No.11123

You seriously read that as a complaint? Jesus Christ, grow a thicker skin.

You literally just got done responding to someone you thought was me, who you think is some boogeyman of yours, because you think anyone and everyone who doesn't just kiss this comic's ass and never, ever so much as mildly question something is the same person.

ID: ab63e  No.11125

See? I told you he gets pissy.

ID: 318f1  No.11126

I'm sorry, but it's hilarious that it was pointed out to you exactly why your mentality is fucking stupid and you still see this as some "Gotcha!" victory for yourself.

ID: ff460  No.11127


He does get pretty pissy, yeah.

ID: 0ee07  No.11128

nobody has been kissing this comic's ass. Most people here are neutral. It's just groan inducing having someone here that finds displeasure or some inconsistency almost every single fucking picturece when it doesnt matter they much.

and you should really be the last person telling someone to grow thicker skin

ID: 318f1  No.11129

They're the one who took a mere question as bitching.

ID: ba73f  No.11130


A casual reminder to all neutral parties that this site and its admins are all under one massive glass house, glass-etched smiles in tow, as seen with these two comments.

Carry on with extreme caution.

ID: ff460  No.11133


And yet you never leave. You just sit here bitch bitch bitch bitch bitching.

What's the matter? Got no place else to go? No one else that will have you? Everyone else hates you too much? Nobody loves you?

ID: e6b18  No.11134

Rich, coming from someone who 'never leaves' themselves, always here continuing to antagonize every anon you can.


ID: 22a4a  No.11135

Awright break it up. Take a week off. Get some fresh air. Have a rage dump. Go do whatever you need to do to forget about las lindas. Just enjoy something for Christ's sake, I've had it with your hate.

ID: ab63e  No.11136

She doesn't leave because she co-owns the site, dumbass.

ID: ff460  No.11138


Well, not anymore, but I'm also not the one that hates the site and everything about it, so…?

That guy really needs some therapy.

ID: 318f1  No.11146

This is funny as fuck, you keep talking to entirely different people, as evidenced by their damn poster IDs, and are still completely convinced that it's all one guy. Maybe it's time to accept that more than one person alive on this planet actively critiques, dislikes or even remotely questions this comic, huh?

ID: faee1  No.11147

It's embarrassing that someone who once ran the board can't into poster IDs.

ID: 22a4a  No.11148

I mean, then there's either two assholes…

ID: da198  No.11149

I mean I can't think of a single way to coordinate such a quick ID change.

ID: 22a4a  No.11150

Yeah, I don't know where I was going with that train of thought. How could I simulate a conversation between two IPs within minutes of each-other?

ID: da198  No.11151

Yup. Way to hard. You'd need, like, a handheld computer that can connect to the internet on a separate network to do that. It's not like everyone has one in their pocket.

ID: 318f1  No.11152

File: 1531226717999.jpg (41.18 KB, 600x350, drax and mantis laughing.jpg)

Oh yeah, I must have a few dozen different phones and other devices, blew tons of nonexistent money on them just for the purpose of messing with you guys.

This is truly amazing, you're trying so hard to "prove" that everyone who doesn't agree with you is all one person, I don't know whether to feel sorry for you or just laugh even harder.

ID: a85db  No.11153


Just hopping in here as a quick reminder that not only is faking an ID easier than that, but we've seen people assmad enough to do it before. And there's definitely someone assmad enough at this entire comic to do it.

ID: 318f1  No.11154

Friendly reminder that this idiotic, paranoia-laced five-day argument started because someone dared to harmlessly question something that could've been cleared up with more careful writing, and someone else took it as a scathing insult.

ID: ff460  No.11155


Yeah because you're clearly not assmad at all.

You are the least mad, and most calm, collected, and not at all obsessed person in the world.

You could stop bitching about the comic any time you wanted to. It doesn't mean anything to you. It's not an unhealthy fixation at all.

ID: 8c692  No.11156

I mean, to be fair, you complain so much about anything the comic does of course people are going to start thinking everything you say is some issue you have with it.

Theres a point where the complaining becomes more annoying that the writing issues themselves

ID: e6b18  No.11157

Simple instrustions for innocent bystanders to this flame war.

ID: e6b18  No.11158

ID: e17f2  No.11160

File: 1531375243665.png (52.71 KB, 790x1010, carl face.png)

I came here for porn and all I find are people bitching at each other over a shitty comic.

ID: 83bea  No.11161

File: 1531397944638.jpg (81.05 KB, 638x825, Dh2jjS3V4AAea8L.jpg)

ID: e17f2  No.11162


Now we're getting somewhere.

ID: 96b81  No.11164


What is this? Mora with a normally sized head? More please!

ID: 222a6  No.11165

File: 1531458169400.jpg (713.39 KB, 1493x905, chal.jpg)

i'll just leave this here and see people ignore Chalo and co. damage-controlling their comment section ;)

ID: a86c8  No.11167

it's not really anything new. he's defended the comic's direction in streams before no matter how bad gotten.

ID: 318f1  No.11169

I know, right? Mora actually looks alright in this one, even her tits look way better than they have in a long time. Kinda reminds me of how she looked years back.

Wait, is…

Is that Chalo sockpuppeting but he forgot to switch to an alt account?

Remind me, didn't he once justify Rachael and Miles' shitty forced pairing by basically claiming that because they're both cats, no one else would've ever satisfied them and they were naturally destined to end up together or some shit? Cause like, if so, I shudder to think of the justifications he's come up with for other shitty things in this comic.

ID: ab63e  No.11170

Please, just shut the fuck up, for one god damn minute, just shut the fuck up about this dumbass comic.

ID: 318f1  No.11172

How about YOU shut the goddamn fuck up and stop targetting specifically me, you overreacting clown? And if you think this comic is so stupid, quit white-knighting for it so hard that a single negative word about any aspect of it, even one that FANS dislike, sends you into fucking rage mode. Christ, I said something positive in the same post, about one of my least favourite characters, but no, gotta practically shit your pants in white-hot fury over one part of the post that was negative about something few people were happy about.

ID: 96b81  No.11173

File: 1531530501760.png (44.76 KB, 967x220, 002.png)


That must be an error with the comments, unless Soulkat also made the same mistake and became his own harshest critic

ID: ff460  No.11174


I'm sorry but I can't read this in anything but a CoD twelve-year-old voice. Especially the "YOU shut the goddamn fuck up" bit, just try reading that in anything other than an angry squeak.

ID: 222a6  No.11175

Well, it's either SoulKat inciting drama or stabbing Chalo in the back, either way, I'm mighty amused about how they are gonna explain this.

ID: 222a6  No.11176

>>11173 No error, my comments are still there under my name, so as some of my friends', if you click on Chalo and SoulKat's profile you can see each has used two different aliases when posting these.

ID: 96b81  No.11177


Soulkat is the LL writer. If anything he would be talking about himself. It makes no sense. To me the page is shuffling some comments and mixing them with random accounts.

ID: 318f1  No.11181

As usual, Sechs focuses only on what catches her eye the most and fails gloriously at comprehending the actual content of the post, then pretends it's the poster's problem.

I swear, I could've suddenly been praising Mora like the sun shines from her tits and you'd probably still mock me because I began the post by shooting back at some guy telling me to shut the fuck up for…basically nothing. I COMPLIMENTED a pic, saying it looks good and reminds me of a time when the comic looked its best, I expressed surprise at what seems to be a screenshot of Chalo trying to sockpuppet, and then I brought up the idiotic justification no one thought made any sense that Chalo gave for a page that next to no one liked. And that was enough to flip this guy's rage switch.

ID: ede16  No.11182

I’ve confirmed with Mihari that these comments are not from them. We’ll be addressing these issues as we move forward.

ID: 83bea  No.11183

File: 1531544944929.jpg (770.79 KB, 800x1524, KH0072.jpg)

ID: 6ab37  No.11185

So they're looking for that Ayah girl?

ID: ff460  No.11186


You should calm down, man. Go outside. You don't wanna turn into another Hirtes.

ID: 22a4a  No.11187

You really can't see it? your compliments are so goddamned backhanded. Like, you can't say anything positive without insulting at the same time.

ID: 222a6  No.11188

lol, good luck convincing the haters, Iddy.

ID: 6a4cd  No.11190


The haters are going to believe whatever they already want to. Trying to convince them is a waste of time.

We’ve been toying with new comments systems ever since Disqus did some fuckery with ads awhile back, with not much success. We thought a system called Vuukle would be the next best thing but then discovered that they hid video ads in their plugin that popped up and caused problems if a page was left over.

So Mihari pilot tested another called wpDiscuz and evidently it’s having problems keeping people’s avatars and comments in order. So that’s going out the window.

We’re probably going to wind up paying Disqus to stop being butts with ads and use them.

ID: 83bea  No.11195

File: 1531654819036.webm (1.07 MB, 720x1280, @Mastergodai I had to do ….webm)

ID: 9fd98  No.11223

File: 1531979633619.jpg (77.48 KB, 638x825, tumblr_pc32sziiN71r0ajyoo1….jpg)

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