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File: 1521400838200.jpg (896.9 KB, 800x1608, LL0557.jpg)

ID: e0d43  No.10609[Last 50 Posts]

a do over

ID: dc50d  No.10611

Good boy that dog…

ID: 318f1  No.10612

Is it some unspoken rule that sex needs to be loud or otherwise obnoxious in this universe?

Also, love how nipples are so taboo in the main comic that Taffy's towel has to be impossible in order to hide them, but drawing our attention to Randal's big obvious crotch bulge is okay.

ID: 7281c  No.10615

well that didn't take long

ID: faee1  No.10619

Oh, don't even start with that shit.

ID: f5a1d  No.10621

Anthro rabbits are always horny.

ID: 1e980  No.10622

File: 1521560719092.jpg (212.82 KB, 989x1280, 1521163802.mramp_img_17022….jpg)

ID: e0d43  No.10624

File: 1521675632862.jpg (423.12 KB, 700x1083, tumblr_p5ys1zMsKk1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: e0d43  No.10640

File: 1522072188128.jpg (112.59 KB, 638x975, DZMFPCPX4AEFKFc.jpg)

ID: e0d43  No.10644

File: 1522199534158.jpg (104.29 KB, 700x1071, DZVSrcdWsAAp4eS.jpg)

ID: 5417c  No.10646

I wish she was nude and there was a horse cock involved! X3

ID: b6562  No.10648

This would be great for a titfuck edit

ID: 6de80  No.10649

More pizza guy gettin' lucky, please.

ID: f5a1d  No.10650

Dude still needs that money. Sex ain't enough.

ID: e0d43  No.10661

File: 1522588977452.png (168.4 KB, 442x723, 1522564197.chalodillo_thig….png)

ID: e0d43  No.10666

File: 1522703069613.jpg (89.89 KB, 638x825, DZuoaCmWkAUZOJa.jpg)

ID: da2a7  No.10670

Not gonna lie, I kinda prefer her old nose.

ID: da2a7  No.10671

File: 1522777975260.png (1.22 MB, 1276x1552, 6d02e586-fe17-40da-b779-4b….png)

ID: ba227  No.10672

Good news then, it's an April Fool's joke

ID: e0d43  No.10673

File: 1522798892971.png (392.58 KB, 765x1035, DZ33ZBdX0AAyeX1.png)

ID: 64f24  No.10678

At least she actually looked like a cow, oh well…

ID: 309ba  No.10679

Chalo is currently in the hospital it seems.

ID: 318f1  No.10681

Oh jeez, again? What's happened to the poor guy this time…?

ID: ba73f  No.10682

Medication side effects hit him like a truck. Check his twitter.

ID: e0d43  No.10701

File: 1523248842650.jpg (841.42 KB, 800x1608, LL0558.jpg)

ID: f5a1d  No.10702

Soon, everyone will have an orgy.

ID: e17f2  No.10703


Commission him enough and you can have that happen.

ID: 1e980  No.10704


As much as that saddens me and my dick, Chalo may never work up the nerve and time for that magic……

ID: 318f1  No.10707

Jesus Christ, the way sex is written in this comic is officially reaching utter cringe levels.

ID: e0d43  No.10709

File: 1523490949491.jpg (89.24 KB, 917x658, DaeAnCJXcAAIksh.jpg)

ID: e0d43  No.10710

File: 1523490974683.jpg (103.91 KB, 1020x674, DaeMwJeXkAAYGtu.jpg)

ID: f5a1d  No.10711

So they're teenagers now?

ID: 1e980  No.10712

File: 1523567935033.png (3.4 MB, 1978x2560, 1521163802.mramp_img_17022….png)


Even if each page was a day they shouldn't even be past 5 years old chronologically. Just software updates, I'm guessing.

ID: ff460  No.10714

Well people were bitching about them looking like kids so maybe Chalo decided to try and fix that, but of course some people are never happy.

ID: 1e980  No.10715

File: 1523587338736.jpg (304.02 KB, 800x1389, AtHP_FaceOff.jpg)

ID: f5a1d  No.10717

You have a point there.

Goddamn, their faces.

ID: 318f1  No.10719

So Taffy's now firmly the exact stereotype they averted with her for so long. Great.

They look the same as usual to me.

ID: 1e980  No.10721

File: 1523639241676.png (1.8 MB, 3000x2000, 2252878_cainesart_randal_m….png)

ID: f3fbe  No.10722

Someone who enjoys sex?

ID: f5a1d  No.10723

That was fast.

ID: 318f1  No.10725

Welp, that didn't take long, in comes the "People who think this is a bit much just hate women who enjoy sex" strawman builder.

No, wiseass, the stereotype of bunny characters being borderline sex addicts because hurr hurr bunnies can reproduce fast.

ID: f3fbe  No.10728

I think you jumping to the conclusion that a single panel of a non-canon side-comic shows that the character is now a "stereotype of bunny characters being borderline sex addicts because hurr hurr bunnies can reproduce fast," might say a bit more about your prejudices and hangups than questioning your logic jump says about me.

Plus, you know, immediately going on the defensive and throwing around strawman accusations.

ID: 318f1  No.10729

>non-canon side-comic

So you think the side blog is still non-canon after it's been used for countless pieces of canon worldbuilding and inexplicable offscreen timeline-defying plot advancement AND that this isn't a depiction of an actual scene literally happening in the current page of the comic.


>might say a bit more about your prejudices and hangups

And yep, there's the next step, playing psychologist and going "Hm, maybe you just revealed something damning about yourself!" No shit I raised my defenses, I've seen how people here are treated if they don't absolutely love every moment of this massive character shift she's having.

ID: 212c0  No.10730


>I've seen how people here are treated if they don't absolutely love every moment of this massive character shift she's having.

Its less that and more that most people here dont think it's a big deal. It's like" whatever, shes having sex now just like 90% of all the other characters." Almost everyone here knows how LL works at this point so it's not surprising or "Damn it! Look at them ruining taffy's character!"

The people that catch shit for complaining about the comic get it because they tend to make some things out to be way bigger than it should be. It just gets annoying and ends up with everyone else wondering why they keep following every piece of art chalo does if it bothers them that much. When something really bad happens in the comic then yeah its talked about and agreed upon. But half the time there's just someone making a mountain out of a molehill and that just ends up being annoying.

Ask for the ask the high prime blog. It probably started off as purely canon stuff but then chalo eventually just started putting whatever he felt like he'd have fun drawing on it. But it's pretty easy to tell what's canon and what's non-canon and just how much it matters.

Also no matter what the reason for doing it, strawman bullshit never helps your point.

ID: 22a4a  No.10731

We don't love every moment. We're mostly neutral about it. It's not like her character is changing. It's like…imagine your first time discovering something pleasurable. You'll want to do that thing a lot as you experience the new sensation, but that doesn't change who you are. Right?

She isn't a total cockslut now that she's caught up in having sex with one person that she loves. Chill out and dial it back a little.

ID: 116d0  No.10735

File: 1523812004195.gif (1.82 MB, 286x186, giphy.gif)

I'm just here for the fanservice, ty.

ID: da2a7  No.10747

File: 1524237669004.jpg (821.01 KB, 800x1524, KH0069.jpg)

I forgot all about this fight.

ID: f5a1d  No.10748

Chalo got a bara fetish now?

ID: da2a7  No.10767

File: 1524759409791.jpg (278.26 KB, 540x680, 1523465959.chalodillo_dand….jpg)

ID: f5a1d  No.10768

And another soul to taint.

ID: 9fd98  No.10776

File: 1525041470114.jpg (322.16 KB, 989x1280, 1521130501.chalodillo_penk….jpg)

ID: 318f1  No.10777

Who's this?

ID: da2a7  No.10783

Isn't this that penguin girl chalo drew a while back? She's kinda cute.

ID: e0d43  No.10789

File: 1525228485406.jpg (193.67 KB, 638x742, tumblr_p82u1eE5LB1r0ajyoo4….jpg)

ID: e0d43  No.10790

File: 1525228505364.jpg (81.88 KB, 403x782, tumblr_p82u1eE5LB1r0ajyoo2….jpg)

ID: e0d43  No.10791

File: 1525228537960.jpg (95.93 KB, 450x600, tumblr_p82u1eE5LB1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: e0d43  No.10792

File: 1525228561777.jpg (129.01 KB, 638x825, tumblr_p82u1eE5LB1r0ajyoo3….jpg)

ID: e0d43  No.10793

File: 1525228593960.jpg (1023.86 KB, 800x1608, LL0559.jpg)

ID: 318f1  No.10795


Yeah, don't just let us figure she told them that when she had the opportunity while everyone was together, just have everyone magically show up in her room right at that moment for no reason and then spell it out for us.

ID: 0b2e4  No.10796

File: 1525249263289.jpg (96.42 KB, 750x570, enys03l.jpg)

ID: 318f1  No.10797

Why do YOU care so much that someone said something remotely negative, not even about the comic's content, but about one particular panel's dumb construction and how it kinda treats the reader like an idiot?

ID: e17f2  No.10798


It's just autism going its course. It's best to not engage it, let it flow naturally and do not disturb it.

ID: 318f1  No.10799

Oh hey, more people who don't know what the fuck autism is.

Seriously, what the fuck else is there to talk about with this page? Oh, whoop-dee-shit, more of the exact same whole lotta nothing that's simultaneously rushed and somehow also dragging.

ID: ff460  No.10800


Stop being autistic.

ID: 61000  No.10801


Is there even anything about this comic you love, or is this purely a hateful relationship at this point?

ID: f5a1d  No.10802

So when's the marriage, next page?

ID: 16ca0  No.10803

File: 1525300739606.png (831.97 KB, 800x1139, 1525293544.rishi-chan_comm….png)

Rishi just posted this commission that she finished.

Folks in the comments were guessing that Miles is the father of Rachael's kid, but ElCid (who commissioned this) is replying to each of them and pressing that Minos is the father because he says so.

ID: 318f1  No.10804

Given the speed it's all going at, I wouldn't doubt it.

ID: 16ca0  No.10806

File: 1525316786770.png (1.31 MB, 1250x877, 1525316427.rishi-chan_rach….png)

ID: c9179  No.10807

dude is pushing his headcanon hard

ID: f5a1d  No.10808

Soon, Rachel will lose her virginity to the tomcat leaving Sarah to be the Last Virgin in the farm.

ID: 16ca0  No.10809

File: 1525374536831.png (611.93 KB, 1040x640, DcShBJFU0AAxf44.png)

ID: 22a4a  No.10811

Is it possible to have a virginity fetish?

ID: f5a1d  No.10812

Don't see why not. Miles' soon going to take Rachel's purity.

ID: e0d43  No.10813

File: 1525404365706.jpg (98.52 KB, 700x933, DcUnLuUWAAEPtwB.jpg)

ID: da2a7  No.10817

File: 1525488282050.png (713.72 KB, 1200x1553, 4c4cb49a456008b43c21444908….png)

ID: 16ca0  No.10818

File: 1525491042309.jpg (214.98 KB, 700x1361, tumblr_p88jx1ueTB1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 22a4a  No.10819

Yes please.

ID: 83d45  No.10820


Is this a fake/imitation? This doesn't look like Chalo's work. Bad lighting, bad composition, the breasts aren't even close to the same size, there's 3 years of artistic regression in the way the dick is drawn, etc.

ID: ff460  No.10822


I think that's called a "Madonna/Whore Complex".

ID: 7d1b5  No.10823

The lineart is Chalo's, but the coloring seems to have been done by Ustudios (aka Tony), who does the colors for Godai's bonus comics (and occasionally some commissions.

ID: 6de80  No.10833

File: 1525835922682.png (1.27 MB, 800x1224, goodenough_u18chan.png)

ID: 1e980  No.10837

File: 1526060292378.png (2.54 MB, 1200x1836, goodenough3_u18chan.png)

ID: c0843  No.10843

File: 1526270195056.jpg (965.71 KB, 800x1608, LL0560.jpg)

ID: c0843  No.10844

File: 1526270732675.jpg (84.49 KB, 606x825, tumblr_p8p2dd5NPL1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: c0843  No.10845

File: 1526270747875.jpg (129.36 KB, 825x562, tumblr_p8p2dd5NPL1r0ajyoo2….jpg)

ID: c0843  No.10846

File: 1526270769374.jpg (139.37 KB, 825x788, tumblr_p8p2dd5NPL1r0ajyoo3….jpg)

ID: f5a1d  No.10848

If I'm reading right, Mora don't want to attend in wedding?

ID: 318f1  No.10849

Gee, it's almost like encouraging them to go through with this right goddamn now and treating Alej like she was just being a stuffy killjoy wasn't a smart idea.

ID: 22a4a  No.10851

wow, putting the happiness of others before her own wellbeing. what a monster.

ID: ba227  No.10852

It's not an issue of morality but an issue of Mora's intelligence. If she was smart, she would've told Randal about their financial situation and have him hold off on any marriage plans until they were resolved. But instead she chipped in for the ring and thus put the farm closer to bankruptcy.

If they were to lose the farm as a result of this it would affect everyone's well-being, not just her own.

ID: 22a4a  No.10853

I could have sworn that she gave him Diana's ring to use.

What if…they use photos from the wedding to advertise the farm as a venue. I know a lot of vinyards and orchards allow their grounds to be used for weddings and parties for a fee. That seems like a reasonable investment if you ask me.

Bam. They can have their cake and eat it too.

ID: 318f1  No.10859

>I could have sworn that she gave him Diana's ring to use.

From literally one page ago:

"Mora helped me pay. Digit picked it out and brought it here."

And from the page where Mora brilliantly puts the farm closer to bankruptcy and then puts on a stupid chibi huffy face when Alej tells her that's what she's done, and then the page right after:

"And you better get the BIGGEST rock in the store for our bunny!"

"That's the kind of shit I WANT to pay for!"

Also, I just realized something about what Digit said–won't they SAVE money if the the wedding takes place on the farm, since they won't have to pay for a venue?

ID: ff460  No.10868

Man whinerdude's gonna have a field day with the latest tumblr pic.

ID: 22a4a  No.10869

The no bra pic?

ID: 83bea  No.10870

File: 1526730674543.jpg (397.63 KB, 600x1166, tumblr_p8xvkqrGal1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: da2a7  No.10871

File: 1526772549900.jpeg (85.77 KB, 638x900, DdgyMq9XcAIqE6M.jpeg)

ID: 318f1  No.10875

…Wait, she can't even afford bras, but she still has no problem blowing money on an expensive ring for Randal?

ID: b3876  No.10876

Less like can't, more like won't.

ID: 212c0  No.10877

She said they're expensive but nothing about not being able to afford them. She just chooses not to most of the time

ID: 83bea  No.10883

File: 1526999385929.jpg (761.87 KB, 800x1524, KH0070.jpg)

ID: f5a1d  No.10884

There's going to be death, huh?

ID: ff460  No.10891

File: 1527081429202.gif (977.25 KB, 500x180, tumblr_inline_p3brhsUl1R1t….gif)

ID: 22a4a  No.10895

There is a distinct difference between "Can't Afford" and "Don't want to spend the money"

That's like predicting that the sun will rise tomorrow.

ID: 83bea  No.10901

File: 1527438083807.jpg (893.55 KB, 800x1608, LL0561.jpg)

ID: 318f1  No.10903

Yes, brilliant plan, Dumbo.

ID: 22a4a  No.10904

She never said it was smart. When you care about other people you sometimes do stupid things for the people you love.

I applaud her passion and sacrifice. Granted, still not a smart move. I gave my solution earlier, Shame she can't hear me.

ID: 318f1  No.10907

Yeah, too bad that passion and sacrifice is going to leave EVERYONE without a home and/or job. Kinda hard to feel the "family" thing being emphasized when she puts them at such massive risk without a second thought. If it was just her own well-being at risk, that'd be one thing, but no, she's actively planning to screw herself over in a manner that burns everyone else. "Yeah, in six months, we lose the farm and I'll probably be in serious legal trouble on top of being homeless, but hey, at least we can make this wedding happen first!"

ID: 906cf  No.10908

So wait, they don't have to pay to hire a venue because they are hosting it. they won't need to worry about catering since they can do that themselves. they don't really need to worry about a dress or anything since digit can do this http://laslindas.katbox.net/comic/las-lindas/an-enchanted-evening/

they'd only really need to think about a celebrant to officiate it all, and since it will most likely end up being someone like ambar showing up to do it as a freebie what is the real cost going to be? It's a close family affair, there's no one else (sarah and rachael are orphans, alej and tootsie have no other family, mora's side is covered and taffy is hit and miss with hers) so all the big costs are covered by doing it themselves at the farm

ID: 22a4a  No.10909

A band/DJ. The Cake.

ID: e6b18  No.10910

Not sure why people sound like they expect any of this to be well-thought-out when that's always been the major flaw with this comic…

It's Anthro TnA, not Shakespeare ffs. :P

ID: ea757  No.10911

It's not even that. I don't undetstamd why it's such a sin to have characters act with their hearts than doing the most rational logical thing every time.

ID: e6b18  No.10912


Love is one thing, but putting the entire farm and everyone living there's livelihood at stake, even for a wedding?

Seems kind of extreme, to say the least.

ID: efa4b  No.10913

File: 1527626178406.jpg (141.63 KB, 638x825, tumblr_p9ibo3GGmx1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: efa4b  No.10914

File: 1527626189131.jpg (113.53 KB, 638x825, tumblr_p9ibo3GGmx1r0ajyoo2….jpg)

ID: efa4b  No.10915

File: 1527626199978.jpg (152.21 KB, 638x825, tumblr_p9ibo3GGmx1r0ajyoo3….jpg)

ID: 430fc  No.10916


I guess to some anons here, treating your home like a gambling chip is okay long term investment choice.

Honestly, the loan's just another excuse to pad this comic out. I can smell the life support system smoking out of this thing.

ID: e6b18  No.10917

>Honestly, the loan's just another excuse to pad this comic out. I can smell the life support system smoking out of this thing.

Yeah, I got that much myself. :P

ID: 318f1  No.10918

It's all pointless anyway, I think we all know some "random coincidence" will make everything okay, or they'll resort to having Ambar suddenly directly involve herself again and bail Mora out, or some other BS. And given that the comic is quickly approaching its estimated end date and we still haven't finished this bankruptcy/"Taffy's whole character changes and she marries Randal" arc, I can only see an abrupt, rushed ending happening if they don't just stretch it out further.

Of course, given how everything else happens in this comic, particuarly the sorry excuses for romance, abrupt and rushed may be a strangely fitting way for it to end after all.

ID: ff460  No.10919


For most people there's a difference between finding a decision understandable and sympathetic and thinking it's the best one ever, Sheldon.

Not everyone is so consumed with the righteousness of their every thought, opinion, and action that they think doing anything else is an unpardonable sin that indicates the offender is an evil drooling moron.

ID: faee1  No.10920


You know what they say about throwing rocks in glass houses, right?

ID: 318f1  No.10921

No one said anything about "evil". Quit leaping on anyone who doesn't praise your fucking waifu's every move.

ID: ff460  No.10924


Calm down, Sheldon.

ID: 318f1  No.10929

"Calm down", says the chick who just snapped at people for having an opinion about a decision Mora made that isn't glowingly positive.

Look, I'm sorry to break it to you, but Mora is being unbelievably irresponsible. She wants to do something nice for her friend and brother, I get that, but she's risking their home for this, and yet we're apparently supposed to be marvelling at what a good plan this is and how thoughtful she is. Taffy and Randal can get the documents signed and make their marriage official without a ceremony, and if they really want something big and grand, it can wait until after they save the farm from going under. There's literally no need to risk losing everyone here their home and workplace and possibly landing herself in jail. Even on the forum, where you usually see 9 out of 10 people praise the latest page, EVERYONE is saying what a terrible plan this is and that you don't need to spend a ton of money to have a nice wedding.

And actually, know what I just realized? Mora has not ONCE asked Taffy and Randal what THEY want. What if they don't care about having a big fancy event? What if Randal didn't want Mora to blow tons of money on the biggest, priciest diamond she could find? What if they care a fuckton more about keeping the farm afloat? In fact, neither of them have even been informed of the farm's impending bankruptcy, and I'm sure if Mora took this more seriously and told them, they'd tell her to hold off on any huge plans and focus on not losing the farm.

ID: 22a4a  No.10930

No one here is saying that it's a smart plan. or that it's a good idea. We're saying that we understand her and where she's coming from. We're calling you sheldon because you find it so incredulous that someone wouldn't take the most logical optimal solution to any problem.

I'm not praising her, or saying that I would do the same thing in her shoes. Everything you're saying is true. this is a bad idea. But a character making a bad decision doesn't make them a bad character. You feel me?

ID: 318f1  No.10932

Actually no, you're calling multiple people Sheldon, and you failed to even notice somehow that neither of the people originally called that were me.

And yeah, no shit we're questioning why Mora's making such a mind-blowingly reckless decision–she somehow sees nothing wrong with this plan and yet we're still meant to eat up all this "family" stuff and, in all likelihood, are probably intended to once again overlook how unrealistic and stupid this entire arc is.

ID: ff460  No.10934


Calm down, Sheldon.

ID: e6b18  No.10935

Always a charmer, Sechs, keep it classy sweetheart.

ID: 318f1  No.10938

File: 1527861888552.jpg (338.59 KB, 1231x510, common sense01.jpg)

Try actually reading the post, broken record.

Or I dunno, just say the same thing again, cause you're so intellectually superior. Maybe you should say it to these people too, at least one of whom is speaking from personal experience.

ID: 318f1  No.10939

File: 1527862011017.jpg (237.56 KB, 1238x515, common sense02.jpg)

Go on, let's see you go and call Nixie "Sheldon" for pointing out how thoughtless and reckless this all is. Screencap it, tell us how well it plays out for you.

ID: ff460  No.10940


I neither know nor care who Nixie is, they and their opinions are as irrelevant to me as you and yours.

Which is why you're mad, because my opinion of you is deeply meaningful to you, while your opinion of me means nothing to me.

Which is a very Sheldon-y thing to feel, Sheldon.

ID: e6b18  No.10941

You must be so lonely, winding up random anons on a webcomic thread for kicks. There's better ways to make friends y'know, or maybe you don't given your attitude here.

ID: e6b18  No.10942

Reign it in there, reign it in.

ID: ff460  No.10944


Okay, Sheldon.

ID: 318f1  No.10945

File: 1527879472414.png (343.04 KB, 700x350, you fuckin serious.png)

Nixie is the creator of several other comics that have been on the site. The fact that you don't know this is suprising, almost as surprising as your complete inability to comprehend a post that isn't agreeing with you and understand people's points even if you don't feel exactly the same way. Oh wait, no, it's not surprising, cause you're known for this behaviour and yet you think you're the mature one.

All this because you couldn't put aside your Mora fangirlism for two seconds, incredible. Like, holy shit, you can't even concede that maybe Mora should ask her damn "family" what they want and be honest with them about the farm's situation instead of assuming they want what she's aiming for and leaving their impending loss of home and job as a post-wedding surprise.

So… Do you think it's a display of intelligence and wit to repeat the same non-insult a million times?

ID: e6b18  No.10946

I think she's just trying to stir up more angst, don't let her get to you is my advice. Too bad the rule of 'don't be a dick' at the top of this very page apparently doesn't apply to Sechs either.

ID: 29325  No.10947

So what was the point of attempting to drag Nixie into this through screenshots? heck the KB forums in general.

why would you tell someone to go there and insult someone out of the blue for no reason?

ID: 318f1  No.10948

Did you not see Sechs' whole thing just now of calling everyone who thinks Mora's being stupid "Sheldon"? I was emphasizing that this isn't a "hater" thing, this is a common sense thing, and Nixie in particular has BEEN married on a budget, so her opinion is especially valid.

ID: 08c40  No.10949

To you think you look smart by taking her bait? Because at this point it's what's working.

ID: ff460  No.10950


Whatever, Sheldon.

ID: 83bea  No.10951

File: 1527910806305.jpg (311.12 KB, 700x1638, rL09yREYD3yl2vDb8cgsP96qcR….jpg)

ID: e6b18  No.10952

File: 1527969536843.gif (1000.87 KB, 498x278, qVZaG.gif)

ID: 14b47  No.10953


Mora has pubic hair? since when?

ID: 318f1  No.10954

Since very recently, and it looks stupid as hell, especially when literally no one else has this.

Seriously, she looks like she snipped off a lock of her hair and glued it to her crotch.

ID: f5a1d  No.10961

Avoiding the threesome is the best option.

ID: 83bea  No.10969

File: 1528176072034.jpg (841.11 KB, 800x1608, LL0562.jpg)

ID: 318f1  No.10970

Oh my fucking god, TELL THEM THE TRUTH

ID: f5a1d  No.10977

*incoming High Prime to save the day*

ID: e6b18  No.10979

As long as Ambar shows up rocking a tankini or something, I'll be happy just for that, yay for mom-boobers.

ID: 906cf  No.10981

File: 1528430166638.jpg (1.4 MB, 3300x5100, Morning_AlejandraHD_u18cha….jpg)

ID: 83bea  No.10982

File: 1528516302883.jpg (452.07 KB, 638x825, 1528496327.chalodillo_knig….jpg)

ID: 83bea  No.10983

File: 1528516317428.jpg (106.55 KB, 638x571, 1528496246.chalodillo_chal….jpg)

ID: f5a1d  No.10987

>hating Geekcku leads to unknown death
I'll risk it. Slut deserves the hate.

ID: 9fd98  No.10998

File: 1528953165846.jpg (667.07 KB, 800x1524, KH0071.jpg)

ID: 83bea  No.11005

File: 1529174046836.jpg (896 KB, 800x1608, LL0563.jpg)

ID: 318f1  No.11007

It's incredible, really, this just further emphasizes how terrible an idea it was to force them together, but I'm sure we're supposed to ignore that and treat this as an adorable lovers' quarrel.

ID: eb1ae  No.11009

I mean, yeah how they got together was badly executed but on the other hand this isn't a " they shouldn't be together at all!" kind of argument.

Actually it's not even that bad of an argument for a couple that would work together.

ID: 318f1  No.11010

Both of them are clearly demonstrating that they each still prefer people who look nothing like the other. But hey, nevermind that, everyone, they're a perfect, beautiful, destined couple because…they both dislike Mora and they're both cats or some shit.

Actually, combine this with the various other bits we've gotten demonstrating that Miles is indeed still the same as ever, and evidence seems to already be stacking up that if better writing suddenly took over, these two would be broken up before the comic's end.

ID: 22a4a  No.11011

Oh wow, so if your girlfriend likes Chris Hemsworth and puts up a poster of him in her workout area, then that proves that she doesn't really like you and you should break up?

ID: 6ab37  No.11012

>Rachel has a dog poster
>probably has wet dreams of taking the knot
Guess she has a fetish for dogs.

ID: 318f1  No.11019

It's more about Miles, honestly. Particularly the fact that he'd seemingly rather look at these posters than the girl who's pretty much required to be right there with him at all times and who we're supposed to believe he loves so much, and then on top of that, he's trying to tell her that she can't have anything she likes displayed despite the fact that they share the workspace, as much as he proclaims it his alone (and the fact that he's calling it his "lion's den" is just laughable), even outright yelling at her that "[she is] NOT putting that up".

That and, again, since apparently you only read what you felt like reading, other things we've seen since their unbelievably shittily written forcing together that show bit by bit that Miles hasn't changed.

But if you wanna roll with your analogy that you think is the perfect defense of your OTP here, let's say it's more like a woman who's shown absolutely no interest in men who AREN'T like Chris Hemsworth getting together with someone who isn't, under completely contrived circumstances, and then continuing to show that she carries the aforementioned interest, while the guy is also making a show of how much he wants to spend his time ogling girls who don't look like her and angrily stating that only HE can have these kinds of posters up.

ID: 212c0  No.11020

>Accusing someone of selectively reading.

Well if this ain't the pot calling the kettle black

ID: 22a4a  No.11021

Let me put this another way. If you're in a relationship for a while this is the kind of thing that you have argued about.

Not this specifically, but this kind of "Separate Spaces/Shared Spaces" problem. It is not an irreconcilable thing, usually resolved with either relenting and letting both things stay or both being put away. Ideally.

This is not a relationship ending argument. There was a show a while back where Jerry Seinfeld had a panel of comedians that settled arguments like this one. This is a common and relatable enough experience that they had a game-show about it. It's not a big a deal as you are making it out to be.

ID: 318f1  No.11022

I love how you dodged most of what was actually pointed out AND pretended I said this alone is a relationship-ending thing when I didn't.

And seem to think they've been together for a significant amount of time.

ID: 22a4a  No.11023

I'm not dodging. I'm saying that you are makimg this out to be a bigger point of contention than it is.

ID: ab63e  No.11024

……You're an idiot.

ID: 22a4a  No.11026

He's not an idiot. He just lacks experience when it comes to relationships outside of fiction. These things come with time. Don't be so hard on him.

ID: 318f1  No.11034

Oh yeah, I clearly have no experience with relationships outside of fiction. You know this for a fact because I didn't view this moment as positively as you did.

ID: 22a4a  No.11036

I'm not positive. I'm neutral. It's nothing. I only say that, because it seems you've never had an argument like this before and seem like you think it's a big deal. Every relationship has little things like this.

ID: e6b18  No.11037

If this were an actual relationship, or at least written as a belivable one anyway. Me, I just kinda stopped caring one way or another, not worth getting all flustered over a web comic, got bigger fish to fry irl. :P

ID: 55d1c  No.11038

I’m amazed at your level of not-caring.
Imagine what you could accomplish if you devoted yourself to something that you did care about that actually mattered.

ID: 318f1  No.11039

Oh, but don't you know? Their relationship is 100% realistic and believable and definitely not forced anime bullshit.

…Did…you not notice they literally said they have more important things to worry about?

ID: 83bea  No.11043

File: 1529431601260.jpg (94.5 KB, 734x945, DgBCD7yX4AEeuiw.jpg)

ID: 83bea  No.11044

File: 1529431644405.jpg (90.16 KB, 722x945, DgBCGl1XUAAw0TF.jpg)

ID: 9fd98  No.11046

I approve of this penguin woman

ID: 83bea  No.11050

File: 1529643796560.jpg (665 KB, 700x1290, tumblr_papklp9tIH1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: ff460  No.11051


Hey. Hey.

Be mad about >>11050

I order you to.

ID: 6ab37  No.11052

Literally a succubus.

ID: 318f1  No.11056

So wait, this barely gets a reaction out of her, but MILES had her at max ecstasy?

ID: 6ab37  No.11059

Cause Miles' a sex machine.

ID: 5417c  No.11060

There goes another raffle and yet another winner of the mod community of las lindas in chalos stream…

Shaze, MrAMP, etc…
It's never someone random… so tiring and frustrating

ID: 318f1  No.11061

That's funny, tell us another.

ID: 22a4a  No.11063

Because in this pic she's coming down on the afterglow of her second orgasm and he's just cumming now? Orgasms are seldom as simultaneous as they are in porn.

ID: 83bea  No.11068

File: 1530015176586.jpg (850.92 KB, 800x1608, LL0564.jpg)

ID: 6ab37  No.11069

>trading workouts for lessons
So sex?

ID: ab63e  No.11070

Mora is pretty much the readers right now.

ID: 318f1  No.11072

I know, right? It's like them ending up together was a poorly written, forced load of garbage and just trying to superficially convince us they're an adorable, perfect couple doesn't make them one or equal genuine character development.

ID: ab63e  No.11073

ID: 318f1  No.11074

How about you stop getting so pissed off whenever someone openly criticizes this comic?

ID: ab63e  No.11075

Did…….did you just ignore the fact that I Literally just criticized the comic?

See, this is why you need to shut the fuck up.

ID: 318f1  No.11076

So it's alright when YOU do it. Got it.

ID: 57464  No.11077

I feel like when it comes to LL threads here, there's a lot of making mountains out of mole hills.

ID: ab63e  No.11078

No, there's just a difference someone who makes a snarky comment every now and then and someone who spends YEARS of their lives hating something.

ID: faee1  No.11082


There's just something about Las Lindas (and/or maybe Chalo's art in general) that brings out everyone's autism. Maybe that's what happens when you follow an underwhelming webcomic for 13 years with no payoff.

ID: b6562  No.11084

Worse then no payoff. Literally the only thing I said would be 100% unacceptable way back when is being forced on us. MilesRach is bad and shouldnt ever happen and I hate it

Least now theres tons of porn by chalo

ID: 318f1  No.11086

Even people who WANTED them together think this sucks, that should say something.

ID: 1e980  No.11089

File: 1530427931477.png (1.06 MB, 1254x1618, db922649d9c858c663d00b6ae2….png)


Looks like he's holding another later today so here's to hoping the rigging isn't as overwhelming this time…

ID: 04795  No.11092


I hope you never win. With that attitude you deserve jack shit

ID: 6ab37  No.11093

Dat ass.

ID: 64f24  No.11094

Good luck, bro…

ID: 83bea  No.11095

File: 1530534245063.jpg (99.38 KB, 638x825, DhE_wO1X4AUsIn0.jpg)

ID: 83bea  No.11096

File: 1530534258832.jpg (98.88 KB, 638x825, DhFFUTSXkAEhPlm.jpg)

ID: 83bea  No.11097

File: 1530534282087.jpg (92.86 KB, 638x825, DhFB4DrW4AAUEle.jpg)

ID: 533ca  No.11103

File: 1530572408397.jpg (279.96 KB, 720x510, 1530567673.chalodillo_olds….jpg)

ID: 1e980  No.11105

File: 1530717986974.png (788.42 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (66).png)

ID: 6ab37  No.11106

Is she fucking a human?

ID: 318f1  No.11107

I swear, her fuckin' out-of-place crotch tuft there looks stupider every time I see it.

ID: 83bea  No.11110

File: 1530765559435.jpg (301.01 KB, 800x1800, X3rvjQ5xQbXRkXJo7xqh1YxtPb….jpg)

ID: 318f1  No.11111

So wait, Taffy had never been to Diana's grave before? That's kinda surprising, given she's the character consistently referred to as Mora's best friend and she's been dating Randal for a good half a year or so.

ID: ff460  No.11112


Maybe they're not the sort of people that consider visiting a grave to be a best friend/couple date activity.

ID: b6d7f  No.11113

you just try to find any and everything to complain about regarding LL, dont you?

ID: 1e980  No.11114

File: 1530798931550.jpg (134.57 KB, 660x1020, MorningSarah_Prev.jpg)


Just like how just get off on thinking any line of questioning is considered an callous attack, don't you?

Always black and white with you people…

ID: ab63e  No.11115

Nah, it's just that with You it's always a callous attack.

ID: 6c924  No.11117

someone nitpicking every little thing on every piece of art chalo does gets annoying. especially when it's the same person each time.

there's difference between pointing out something that's actually a bit of a screw up or more on chalo's ens and not being able to just let a picture be and trying to find anything to complain about in some weird "ah-ha!" moment

ID: ab63e  No.11120

Shhhhhhhhhhh, don't say he's the same person, he gets really pissy when you call him out on that obvious bullshit.

ID: 318f1  No.11123

You seriously read that as a complaint? Jesus Christ, grow a thicker skin.

You literally just got done responding to someone you thought was me, who you think is some boogeyman of yours, because you think anyone and everyone who doesn't just kiss this comic's ass and never, ever so much as mildly question something is the same person.

ID: ab63e  No.11125

See? I told you he gets pissy.

ID: 318f1  No.11126

I'm sorry, but it's hilarious that it was pointed out to you exactly why your mentality is fucking stupid and you still see this as some "Gotcha!" victory for yourself.

ID: ff460  No.11127


He does get pretty pissy, yeah.

ID: 0ee07  No.11128

nobody has been kissing this comic's ass. Most people here are neutral. It's just groan inducing having someone here that finds displeasure or some inconsistency almost every single fucking picturece when it doesnt matter they much.

and you should really be the last person telling someone to grow thicker skin

ID: 318f1  No.11129

They're the one who took a mere question as bitching.

ID: ba73f  No.11130


A casual reminder to all neutral parties that this site and its admins are all under one massive glass house, glass-etched smiles in tow, as seen with these two comments.

Carry on with extreme caution.

ID: ff460  No.11133


And yet you never leave. You just sit here bitch bitch bitch bitch bitching.

What's the matter? Got no place else to go? No one else that will have you? Everyone else hates you too much? Nobody loves you?

ID: e6b18  No.11134

Rich, coming from someone who 'never leaves' themselves, always here continuing to antagonize every anon you can.


ID: 22a4a  No.11135

Awright break it up. Take a week off. Get some fresh air. Have a rage dump. Go do whatever you need to do to forget about las lindas. Just enjoy something for Christ's sake, I've had it with your hate.

ID: ab63e  No.11136

She doesn't leave because she co-owns the site, dumbass.

ID: ff460  No.11138


Well, not anymore, but I'm also not the one that hates the site and everything about it, so…?

That guy really needs some therapy.

ID: 318f1  No.11146

This is funny as fuck, you keep talking to entirely different people, as evidenced by their damn poster IDs, and are still completely convinced that it's all one guy. Maybe it's time to accept that more than one person alive on this planet actively critiques, dislikes or even remotely questions this comic, huh?

ID: faee1  No.11147

It's embarrassing that someone who once ran the board can't into poster IDs.

ID: 22a4a  No.11148

I mean, then there's either two assholes…

ID: da198  No.11149

I mean I can't think of a single way to coordinate such a quick ID change.

ID: 22a4a  No.11150

Yeah, I don't know where I was going with that train of thought. How could I simulate a conversation between two IPs within minutes of each-other?

ID: da198  No.11151

Yup. Way to hard. You'd need, like, a handheld computer that can connect to the internet on a separate network to do that. It's not like everyone has one in their pocket.

ID: 318f1  No.11152

File: 1531226717999.jpg (41.18 KB, 600x350, drax and mantis laughing.jpg)

Oh yeah, I must have a few dozen different phones and other devices, blew tons of nonexistent money on them just for the purpose of messing with you guys.

This is truly amazing, you're trying so hard to "prove" that everyone who doesn't agree with you is all one person, I don't know whether to feel sorry for you or just laugh even harder.

ID: a85db  No.11153


Just hopping in here as a quick reminder that not only is faking an ID easier than that, but we've seen people assmad enough to do it before. And there's definitely someone assmad enough at this entire comic to do it.

ID: 318f1  No.11154

Friendly reminder that this idiotic, paranoia-laced five-day argument started because someone dared to harmlessly question something that could've been cleared up with more careful writing, and someone else took it as a scathing insult.

ID: ff460  No.11155


Yeah because you're clearly not assmad at all.

You are the least mad, and most calm, collected, and not at all obsessed person in the world.

You could stop bitching about the comic any time you wanted to. It doesn't mean anything to you. It's not an unhealthy fixation at all.

ID: 8c692  No.11156

I mean, to be fair, you complain so much about anything the comic does of course people are going to start thinking everything you say is some issue you have with it.

Theres a point where the complaining becomes more annoying that the writing issues themselves

ID: e6b18  No.11157

Simple instrustions for innocent bystanders to this flame war.

ID: e6b18  No.11158

ID: e17f2  No.11160

File: 1531375243665.png (52.71 KB, 790x1010, carl face.png)

I came here for porn and all I find are people bitching at each other over a shitty comic.

ID: 83bea  No.11161

File: 1531397944638.jpg (81.05 KB, 638x825, Dh2jjS3V4AAea8L.jpg)

ID: e17f2  No.11162


Now we're getting somewhere.

ID: 96b81  No.11164


What is this? Mora with a normally sized head? More please!

ID: 222a6  No.11165

File: 1531458169400.jpg (713.39 KB, 1493x905, chal.jpg)

i'll just leave this here and see people ignore Chalo and co. damage-controlling their comment section ;)

ID: a86c8  No.11167

it's not really anything new. he's defended the comic's direction in streams before no matter how bad gotten.

ID: 318f1  No.11169

I know, right? Mora actually looks alright in this one, even her tits look way better than they have in a long time. Kinda reminds me of how she looked years back.

Wait, is…

Is that Chalo sockpuppeting but he forgot to switch to an alt account?

Remind me, didn't he once justify Rachael and Miles' shitty forced pairing by basically claiming that because they're both cats, no one else would've ever satisfied them and they were naturally destined to end up together or some shit? Cause like, if so, I shudder to think of the justifications he's come up with for other shitty things in this comic.

ID: ab63e  No.11170

Please, just shut the fuck up, for one god damn minute, just shut the fuck up about this dumbass comic.

ID: 318f1  No.11172

How about YOU shut the goddamn fuck up and stop targetting specifically me, you overreacting clown? And if you think this comic is so stupid, quit white-knighting for it so hard that a single negative word about any aspect of it, even one that FANS dislike, sends you into fucking rage mode. Christ, I said something positive in the same post, about one of my least favourite characters, but no, gotta practically shit your pants in white-hot fury over one part of the post that was negative about something few people were happy about.

ID: 96b81  No.11173

File: 1531530501760.png (44.76 KB, 967x220, 002.png)


That must be an error with the comments, unless Soulkat also made the same mistake and became his own harshest critic

ID: ff460  No.11174


I'm sorry but I can't read this in anything but a CoD twelve-year-old voice. Especially the "YOU shut the goddamn fuck up" bit, just try reading that in anything other than an angry squeak.

ID: 222a6  No.11175

Well, it's either SoulKat inciting drama or stabbing Chalo in the back, either way, I'm mighty amused about how they are gonna explain this.

ID: 222a6  No.11176

>>11173 No error, my comments are still there under my name, so as some of my friends', if you click on Chalo and SoulKat's profile you can see each has used two different aliases when posting these.

ID: 96b81  No.11177


Soulkat is the LL writer. If anything he would be talking about himself. It makes no sense. To me the page is shuffling some comments and mixing them with random accounts.

ID: 318f1  No.11181

As usual, Sechs focuses only on what catches her eye the most and fails gloriously at comprehending the actual content of the post, then pretends it's the poster's problem.

I swear, I could've suddenly been praising Mora like the sun shines from her tits and you'd probably still mock me because I began the post by shooting back at some guy telling me to shut the fuck up for…basically nothing. I COMPLIMENTED a pic, saying it looks good and reminds me of a time when the comic looked its best, I expressed surprise at what seems to be a screenshot of Chalo trying to sockpuppet, and then I brought up the idiotic justification no one thought made any sense that Chalo gave for a page that next to no one liked. And that was enough to flip this guy's rage switch.

ID: ede16  No.11182

I’ve confirmed with Mihari that these comments are not from them. We’ll be addressing these issues as we move forward.

ID: 83bea  No.11183

File: 1531544944929.jpg (770.79 KB, 800x1524, KH0072.jpg)

ID: 6ab37  No.11185

So they're looking for that Ayah girl?

ID: ff460  No.11186


You should calm down, man. Go outside. You don't wanna turn into another Hirtes.

ID: 22a4a  No.11187

You really can't see it? your compliments are so goddamned backhanded. Like, you can't say anything positive without insulting at the same time.

ID: 222a6  No.11188

lol, good luck convincing the haters, Iddy.

ID: 6a4cd  No.11190


The haters are going to believe whatever they already want to. Trying to convince them is a waste of time.

We’ve been toying with new comments systems ever since Disqus did some fuckery with ads awhile back, with not much success. We thought a system called Vuukle would be the next best thing but then discovered that they hid video ads in their plugin that popped up and caused problems if a page was left over.

So Mihari pilot tested another called wpDiscuz and evidently it’s having problems keeping people’s avatars and comments in order. So that’s going out the window.

We’re probably going to wind up paying Disqus to stop being butts with ads and use them.

ID: 83bea  No.11195

File: 1531654819036.webm (1.07 MB, 720x1280, @Mastergodai I had to do ….webm)

ID: 9fd98  No.11223

File: 1531979633619.jpg (77.48 KB, 638x825, tumblr_pc32sziiN71r0ajyoo1….jpg)

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