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Webcomics are the worst artform in the world, except for all the other ones.
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And now for something completely different.
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ID: 06a48  No.12603

A bad habit is a bad habit. But at least things have stuck with the main characters for a while so there's that. If the comic is a hobby than an erratic schedule and unfocused plot isn't that bad considering the priorities of the people making it. But if they want anything more than that then they'll have to fix the glaring problems.

Mangaka are notorious for not planning their comics, which is why so many have rushed or unresolved endings. A lot of the longer running manga go through their main plot and then spend several years not doing much else and going in circles.

ID: bee5f  No.12604

File: 1555579259880.png (263.67 KB, 838x428, all_aboard_2.png)


Magnaka generally have little life outside of pumping out comics like a machine. It absolutely destroys them mentally and burn-out and creative bankruptcy is real. Just look at stuff like Bleach.

Japanese people will work themselves to the bone - which is why passing out from exhaustion at work is a sign of a 'good worker'. Many do not have romantic or social lives and the rate of Japanese people raising families in their dying country is scarce.

Yes, they may be able to adhere to strict schedules but at great risks to physical and mental health. Yes, they may take vacations but it's rare. There is such a thing as too much work too.

Even if Skidd isn't pumping out work like a machine, they managed to upload 5 things last month - all comics.


Maybe so, but at least it's not like some other webcomics that have large gaps of updates. Megatokyo has not updated since May 2018, Ava's Demon frequently goes on 6 month hiatuses. Even popular comics like Tamberlane have 2 month breaks here and there.

If you are talking Katbox nobody updates more then Sage, but the updates are more or less the same as Las Lindas,Rascals and others. Eye of Ramalach updates slower then UberQuest usually.

ID: c2815  No.12605

>And the sad thing is, if western webcomic artists carefully PLANNED their stories like the japanese do… And if they drew more pages instead of doing smut smut smut, perhaps we'd see more finished webcomics, and good ones at that.

There are a lot of Manga authors who just wing it and change any plans they might have had either of their own reasons or due to editorial. Not to mention working as much as they do comes with a bunch of physical and mental health issues.

For a lot of western artists a webcomic is just a hobby instead of an actual job like a Manga Author's work is. Even if you're consistent theres no guarantee that your webcomic will make enough to support you.

Artists do smut commissions in this case because as far as furries go that stuff sells easily.

the problem with Uberquest isnt that Skidd and phuufy dont want to do it and get to all these plot points. The problem is that their financial issues are to the point where skidd has to do back to back commissions in order to live. This is especially hard with a family involved

ID: 06a48  No.12606

When it comes to making webcomics, it's best not to take chances in losing viewers. It may work for webcomics that have been around for 20 years or comics that have great art and a rabid fanbase that are patient with a hiatus. But if you're trying to remain relevant and keeping an active pace then it's better to have a schedule and a plan. It'd least help this comic.

ID: 8ab59  No.12609

Hey, does anybody remember the last Kickstarter they did?

You know, the one for Vol. 2 that still hasn't came out.

Even though it's been about 2 years.

I sure do. :I

ID: f86c6  No.12613

File: 1555679665504.png (3.87 MB, 2000x3500, Page232.png)

ID: 02e2b  No.12627

Vol 2 did not come out? I thought it had

ID: 3326f  No.12628

Never got an email for it, so no idea.

ID: e4d46  No.12629

File: 1555813950274.png (212.59 KB, 856x881, 1469633466018.png)



tl;dr of their whole ordeal since the Kickstarter's completion:

Merch concept art
Merch & Toys sent out.
Happy Tax day 2019! This time we'll send them out REAL soon!

All with an eroding "ETA August 2017" hanging over the whole shindig.

ID: f86c6  No.12662

File: 1556584828799.png (2.28 MB, 3143x4699, Mousechievous003.png)

Oh Cheezus.

ID: e4d46  No.12688

File: 1557171610126.png (3.07 MB, 3000x3500, mactravian_february_comms.png)

ID: e4d46  No.12693

File: 1557417538537.jpg (200.31 KB, 2010x2048, D0uVW0qX0AMbVl4.jpg)

ID: e6091  No.12695

All hail the perfect ass! <3

ID: 6e304  No.12717

File: 1557950311272.jpg (122.43 KB, 1101x1159, IMG_20190515_155722.jpg)

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File: 1558220200276.png (974.37 KB, 800x1057, 1558160346982.png)

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File: 1558571473664.png (4.88 MB, 2000x3500, Page233.png)

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File: 1558673963513.png (1.32 MB, 4262x3898, Doodles189.png)

ID: e6091  No.12755

one word, HAWT!

ID: e4d46  No.12771

File: 1559054969651.png (1.33 MB, 4143x3742, Doodles163.png)

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File: 1559054993987.png (1.4 MB, 4769x3622, Doodles194.png)

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File: 1559055010143.png (1.33 MB, 4769x3622, Doodles194m.png)

ID: e6091  No.12774


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File: 1559441157334.png (104.64 KB, 651x895, 3aa54b9e4db0150664696e3cec….png)

ID: f86c6  No.12787

File: 1559441185085.png (108.56 KB, 802x905, 78d8f18e23a438ca9e4caf4f8d….png)

ID: f86c6  No.12788

File: 1559441371311.png (177.12 KB, 673x712, 11de87f6c5bb464687d785df61….png)

ID: e4d46  No.12790

File: 1559448749777.jpg (688.22 KB, 1200x1120, 1309592338.phsuke_sydakcom….jpg)

ID: e4d46  No.12825

File: 1560784029958.png (935.13 KB, 4142x3582, Doodles211.png)

ID: f86c6  No.12871

File: 1561857453555.png (3.23 MB, 2000x3500, Page234.png)

ID: e4d46  No.12877

File: 1561906615631.png (149.25 KB, 988x898, 6475ec1caf5214d0ed10c599d1….png)

ID: e4d46  No.12878

File: 1561906640538.jpg (53.15 KB, 958x860, D96e8XMWkAASY_Y.jpg)

ID: e4d46  No.12890

File: 1562769356744.png (1.86 MB, 5000x3604, 7.8.19Doodles.png)

ID: e6091  No.12891

I like where this is leading…

ID: f86c6  No.12897

File: 1562979757193.png (1.25 MB, 1920x1080, sesamerides.png)

Incomplete pic from a stream a few days back. The full version may pop up somewhere later.

ID: 6b5b0  No.12911

So it was announced in Skidd's Discord the Katbox is closing down and Uberquest will have to find a new place.

ID: 9e4f4  No.12912

The katbox isn’t closing down. An announcement will be made this weekend with details.

ID: f86c6  No.12930

File: 1563585812284.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, sesameass.png)

ID: 9e4f4  No.12933

Kind of have to eat my words on this one. When I said this we had a new admin lined up but he decided he couldn't take it on Thursday.

ID: 06a48  No.12934

I'll be your new admin. Things are going to change around here. As an organization we've gotten complacent, arrogant, and lazy. Not on my watch. Do as I say and we'll triple our production and profits. Get in my way and there will be severe penalties for doing so. I have no place in my regime for stragglers and liabilities. Our competitors will be faced with assimilation or annihilation. Resistance is futile. Your soul is mine.

ID: e87f1  No.12939

The fuck, Richard?

ID: e4d46  No.12987

File: 1564418301273.png (2.96 MB, 2000x3500, Page235.png)

ID: e4d46  No.12988

File: 1564418589036.png (2.63 MB, 2000x3500, Page236.png)

Guessing this is the new artstyle? Eh…

Also, now she's getting desperate… {"It's for her mental health! Poor thing!" defenses inbound…}

ID: e4d46  No.12989

File: 1564418616160.png (4.68 MB, 3616x4816, Doodles238N.png)

ID: e4d46  No.12990

File: 1564418651002.jpg (220.47 KB, 1900x2048, D5hPwFmXkAM5LXV.jpg)

ID: 03bce  No.12991

…What, getting all excited and flustered at him mentioning bathing? That's "desperate"?

Especially when they've already become a thing officially?

ID: bee5f  No.13009

File: 1564824678130.png (682.99 KB, 620x1085, Page237.png)

Oh noes..

ID: e4d46  No.13026

File: 1565461655010.png (126.32 KB, 749x714, 5e72704787601bc23954251a34….png)

ID: e4d46  No.13027

File: 1565461670982.png (112.13 KB, 526x897, 962fd2b6a028c1e5c4e20b565c….png)

ID: e4d46  No.13028

File: 1565461683710.png (130.72 KB, 801x906, dfbaf21182216941abd7af388d….png)

ID: e4d46  No.13029

File: 1565461700611.png (162.72 KB, 1181x928, f9264f50e35970ca85f562762a….png)

ID: e6091  No.13033

Must be writing some ah, 'interesting' material there. X3

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