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File: 1531952348077.jpg (865.72 KB, 800x1608, LL0565.jpg)

ID: d9137  No.11219[Last 50 Posts]

like cats and cows

ID: 7ddd0  No.11220

Here comes the wedding debt.

ID: a8c13  No.11221

The lack of self-awareness on this page is astounding.

ID: ed870  No.11224

File: 1531979701226.jpg (138.83 KB, 638x817, 20180719_005439.jpg)

ID: d9137  No.11228

File: 1532126857046.jpg (127.07 KB, 700x906, Dihow3lXsAEzvE9.jpg)

ID: d9137  No.11230

File: 1532216128834.jpg (552.63 KB, 700x1212, tumblr_pc8o8oLYao1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: d9137  No.11233

File: 1532311306076.jpg (89.82 KB, 1280x642, 1532308170.chalodillo_geev….jpg)

ID: ed870  No.11243

File: 1532585770757.jpg (834.85 KB, 800x1608, LL0566-1.jpg)

ID: a8c13  No.11247

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot they're supposed to be a thing now for…some reason.

Like… Damn, by comparison, Rachael and Miles feel more genuine, and we just saw Rachael laughing out loud at the very suggestion of Miles being her ideal man. Outside of "generic hot 4 teacher fantasy", what reason has been given for us to even care about these two getting with each other?

ID: 7ddd0  No.11248

She wants the knot again.

ID: a183e  No.11249


Potential future porn?

ID: a8c13  No.11251

I said outside of generic porn.

ID: 9ff6d  No.11252

Why do we need a reason?

ID: d9137  No.11253

File: 1532723559218.png (458.08 KB, 825x1275, 1532706414.chalodillo_mora….png)

ID: d9137  No.11254

File: 1532723574405.png (409.9 KB, 670x1275, DjH_blrWsAUvIiO.png)

ID: a8c13  No.11255

I honestly can't tell anymore, does the fandom believe this to be an actual story, or do they see it as framing for porn scenes?

ID: d9137  No.11256

File: 1532792415485.png (616.51 KB, 1000x671, DjJ6m9HVsAE3wAg.png)

ID: d9137  No.11257

File: 1532792428521.jpg (597.87 KB, 800x1144, tumblr_pcl1domnTS1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 7ddd0  No.11258

Amber probably calls the pizza boy while he's gone.

ID: a8c13  No.11259

>these times of strife

That apparently aren't important enough to even hint at in the comic itself.

ID: 70919  No.11260


You don't get it. She is talking about the fan backlash the comic has gotten since Miles and Rach hooked up.

ID: 04d05  No.11263

File: 1532877216856.jpg (141.35 KB, 640x929, shut-the-fuck-up-comic.jpg)

ID: 0d6f6  No.11264

at this point I would just ignore him. He's gonna have an issue with something no matter what so just dont let it ruin your experience.

ID: 04d05  No.11265

I know, it's just fun to piss him off.

ID: a8c13  No.11268

ID: d9137  No.11272

File: 1533003078811.jpg (585.16 KB, 638x825, tumblr_pcpfvyE03J1r0ajyoo3….jpg)

ID: d9137  No.11273

File: 1533003096394.jpg (570.95 KB, 638x825, tumblr_pcpfvyE03J1r0ajyoo2….jpg)

ID: d9137  No.11274

File: 1533003112298.jpg (563.68 KB, 638x825, tumblr_pcpfvyE03J1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: 7ddd0  No.11275


ID: a523e  No.11276

Eh works for me I guess.

ID: d9137  No.11277

File: 1533058664809.jpg (432.4 KB, 700x1083, tumblr_pcqosriduZ1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: d9137  No.11282

File: 1533151484875.png (326.44 KB, 638x915, Djhzc_YX0AAMOrz.png)

ID: 3a620  No.11297

File: 1533670968576.png (63.7 KB, 477x310, Screenshot_2018-08-07 Chal….png)

So Chalo finished the little comic featuring Mora and that random human guy. He didn't say who it was for, or why he made the comic. Anyway, he seems to be working on yet another sketch comic page featuring Shin and some random mouse girl. Should be interesting.

ID: 3b10f  No.11298

Cool, though I'm guessing he won't be posting it up publicly, which is a damn shame. Because cringy OC wish fulfillment inserts aside, I'll always take more Mora porn.

ID: 22d86  No.11299

File: 1533700408128.png (1.76 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (75).png)


Probably will be locked behind his Patreon or something…..

ID: 7ddd0  No.11300

Soon, human males will be taking all female anthros.

ID: a183e  No.11301


Sarah has had sex with men and women, Randal has cheated on Taffy with her D&D friends, Toots like watching Alejandra getting fucked by guys, and Mora is still a filthy whore that cheats on Minos.

It's all canon to me and none of you can stop me from believing it!

It also makes the main comic better. Knowing all the fucked up sex lives each character leads.

ID: b2ab8  No.11302

I do find cuckholded Taffy to be kind of hilarious.

ID: a183e  No.11303


Exactly! The base comic is bad aside from the visuals but when you include the porn you give the characters a lot more interesting faults to make them bearable.

Hate a character? Remember they're a fucked up person that whores out on the fly to random people. Love a character? Enjoy the porn! Ship characters? What are you doing?!

Everyone's a whore and the comic should end in a twenty page orgy that the heavens will sing about for thousands of years.

ID: 38a16  No.11305

Id pay money for a LL orgy pic that everyone is enjoying each other and Miles is crying in the corner alone

ID: d5b21  No.11306

And I would pay money for an orgy of all the girls and with miles to counter.

ID: 7ddd0  No.11307

Guess we can agreed that we need more NTR porns.

ID: 38a16  No.11308

>2018 >liking Miles

ID: 7ddd0  No.11311

He's pretty much /ourguy/. Cat gets the bitches and pussies.

ID: 38a16  No.11312

Hes pretty much insufferable

Randal is best husbando

ID: a8c13  No.11313

If he represents any part of the fandom, that's scary as fuck.

ID: a183e  No.11314

I think a porn comic ongoing would be a lot more popular but the fanbase is crazy and autistic with many of them not liking porn. Not to mention the site can't have it because advertisers don't like it.

It's crazy how this comic obviously wants to do something while allowing itself to be held hostage.

ID: a8c13  No.11315

Autism has jack and shit to do with anything, stop using "autistic" as a meaningless adjective to describe things you don't like. It wasn't cool when people called everything "gay", this isn't any different.

ID: a183e  No.11318

>stop using "autistic"
>wasn't cool when people called everything "gay"

You obviously took that as a personal attack. So thanks for letting me know a couple of things about you.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

ID: a8c13  No.11320

You don't need to be autistic or gay to be tired of seeing people use those words to replace existing negative adjectives.

ID: ed870  No.11321

File: 1534056460319.jpg (745.54 KB, 800x1524, KH0073.jpg)

The crazy bitch is back.

ID: a8c13  No.11322

Y'know, it only just occurred to me, what kind of animals are Ayah and Drake supposed to look like? Cause I've never been able to place what they are.

ID: 0fb03  No.11323

Apparently, they're fennec foxes.

ID: a8c13  No.11324

I had a feeling Ayah was, but I wouldn't have guessed Drake was.

ID: 7ddd0  No.11325

Looks like a waifu is going to die.

ID: d9137  No.11328

File: 1534121340660.jpg (386.27 KB, 1339x2048, Dkbah4SU8AAxylo.jpg)

ID: 1a126  No.11344

File: 1534291160970.png (7.37 MB, 3300x5100, Morning_TaffyHD_u18chan.png)

ID: a8c13  No.11346

It's kinda funny seeing things like this and then remembering SK once flipped his shit over Chalo drawing Taffy in lingerie.

ID: e9fae  No.11347

fucking WHY?

ID: a183e  No.11348


I remember when Chalo himself said that Sarah was off limits when it came to doing nsfw and here we are.

At least she's a "virgin" in the comic itself.

ID: a8c13  No.11349

Yeah, bet that won't last long, knowing this comic.

ID: a183e  No.11350

>new boy randomly shows up and sarah immediately falls in love
>entire subplot is forgotten
>random page has sarah in bed with the boy
>by the time this happens there will be a dozen pin ups and side comics of sarah fucking the boy as well as random characters

It's a shame this comic moves at a glacier pace with inconsistent updates and juggles a dozen characters and plots that are constantly forgotten.

ID: a8c13  No.11353

Nah, the sudden personality u-turn and rushing their forced, terribly written relationship along into crazy nightly sex would only happen after we're forced to endure potentially years of the team shoving them in our faces and practically screaming that they're destined for each other so we need to be ecstatic over the idea of them fucking even if there's literally no actual justification for them being together.

ID: 2132e  No.11356


Only reason Chalo said that was because Sarah was underage at the time. Then came the Ask the High Prime post where Sarah confirmed she turned 18 and the mass influx of her lewds began.

ID: a8c13  No.11357

She turned 18 LOOONG before that post, dude.

ID: a183e  No.11362

>she's forever pure
>untillllllllllll now
>porn, porn, porn, porn

I'm not complaining, I just find the 180 amusing. I don't even know half the characters Sarah has fucked.

ID: d9137  No.11363

File: 1534551059336.jpg (875.55 KB, 800x1608, LL0567.jpg)

ID: a8c13  No.11364

And still no explanation as to why they're apparently such a devoted couple now that they're preparing to leave together.

Also, I wonder how quickly Ailana will be written as a new antagonist now that we know she dislikes Mora.

ID: 7ddd0  No.11365

Just kiss already.

ID: a8c13  No.11368

Judging by how they're acting with each other and the fact that they're already making plans to run off together, I'd say they've probably done so AND fucked by now, knowing Las Lindas.

I can't get enough of this, suddenly they're together (and likely intimate), and they're preparing to leave the farm together and go who-knows-or-cares-where. Barely a month after meeting back up. Every other pairing in this comic is a masterpiece in realism compared to this, and it feels like it's being done purely out of obligation and lack of any idea of what the fuck to do with Idward anymore.

ID: 77b2e  No.11369


There is something I don't get. Ailana was a Chell style trickster who used Idward's "goodhood" for her own means. She was smart and cunning.

How comes now she is portrayed as a borderline retard who can't even talk properly?

ID: a8c13  No.11370

The speech thing is because in her debut comic, Din and Jin were using magic to make Idward and Ailana able to understand each other. Now she has to actually learn English because Jin broke the spell the minute she saw Ailana hug Idward upon reuniting with him, which she did because that one innocent action somehow proved Din right about love being a farce and raw lust conquering all and shit despite the excuse for every bad or lame couple in the comic happening being some shit about how they were destined to be deeply in love.

Still doesn't explain her change in behaviour though. Or how the fuck she even got there.

ID: 2224b  No.11371

All of this and yet nobody's asked where the fuck Id's beard came from, though it's as pointless as everything else going on I guess…

ID: a8c13  No.11373

Still not as pointless as Rachael cutting off nearly all of her hair though.

Oh wait, no, that did have a point, further emphasizing that she turned into a different person upon the speaking of Miles' magic words (and yet still retains traces of herself when they aren't shoving how "perfect" and "cute" she and Miles are supposed to be down our throats).

ID: 04d05  No.11374

Can……can we just please ban this idiot so we don't have to keep seeing him talk about this fucking comic anymore?

ID: 8f91c  No.11375

I would, but I don't want to give him the satisfaction.

But he is getting a little less entertainingly cranky and more annoyingly curmudgeonly. Maybe a month or two off would do him some good.


ID: a8c13  No.11378

I think you have to be legit nuts if you honestly, truly believe that every post between >>11346 and >>11373 was all the work of one person.(Well, if you insist...)

ID: 7ddd0  No.11379

Soon, she'll take the barb cock.

ID: 2224b  No.11382

Welp, not the same person after all it seems, if you can check for IP addresses for posts, I'd suggest trying it instead of making assumptions.(And yet you didn't learn from his example. you get a time out as well.)

ID: 90d5d  No.11386

File: 1535050838331.jpg (224.53 KB, 675x1650, DlTWpR5WsAAD0H_.jpg)

ID: b12ec  No.11388

I love it loud

ID: 90d5d  No.11390

File: 1535052475299.jpg (845.92 KB, 800x1608, LL0568.jpg)

ID: 7ddd0  No.11391

First furries, now humans.

Guess he shouldn't have explain that much of his relationship with Mora.

ID: 90d5d  No.11392

File: 1535083756514.jpg (353.2 KB, 800x1224, tumblr_pdy5nl8aqe1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 7ddd0  No.11394

So is everyone in the farm a Christian?

ID: 0fb03  No.11395

Not that I'm aware of? I thought bridesmaids wore matching dresses and jewelry.

ID: 8f91c  No.11397

Traditionally they do.

ID: 8a172  No.11401

I’ve always found the idea of there being Christianity among the primed to be a very bizarre notion. If I remember my chaloverse history correctly there was at some point a titanic battle with emperor bigbad which actually destroyed the world.

After the bigbad was deaded a literal goddess remade the world, which is why it’s called NeoEarth.

Maybe there’s a sect of Christians out there that say that was their god idk. Mora wearing a cross otherwise doesn’t make sense. The primes KNOW their religious figure exists.

ID: 04d05  No.11402


Maybe she wears it because it looks pretty.

ID: 8f91c  No.11403

Maybe Taffy grew up in a prime christian household and worships bunny Jesus. He died on the cross for bunny sins and was resurrected three days later to leave chocolate eggs for the good little boys and girls.

ID: 04d05  No.11404

Maybe it's Maybelline.

ID: 1be2e  No.11405


Well, the Christian god said "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me". Which actually allows for the fact that there are other gods, just that you're not allowed to hold them higher than Him. So it's entirely possible that they can acknowledge the Prime goddess as a divinity, but that the Christian God still ranks higher.

Just spitballing.

ID: 8a172  No.11406


Granted. And to be fair I don’t actually know what religions are like on the new earth. I’m sure it comes to no surprise to anyone that lore was very sparse or made up on the spot, so your spitballing is as good as mine.

ID: 90d5d  No.11407

File: 1535392123440.jpg (108.4 KB, 638x825, Dln3zNqXoAAxfnT.jpg)

ID: 90d5d  No.11409

File: 1535398264048.jpg (81.11 KB, 638x825, DloFrnFX4AArHMe.jpg)

ID: 90d5d  No.11412

File: 1535415382486.jpg (107.63 KB, 638x825, DlpI3YuXsAET4QF.jpg)

ID: 8f91c  No.11415

Another spitball, just because a being calling itself a goddess fixed the earth doesn't make it God, creator of all things. It's just an incredibly powerful alien entity. maybe it's just an oversized nanozell spirit, clearly not anything truly divine.

ID: 90d5d  No.11425

File: 1535857349216.png (327.63 KB, 500x882, DmDDrwzXcAYfI3l.png)

ID: 90d5d  No.11432

File: 1535949247966.jpg (247.88 KB, 700x1575, tumblr_pegmz0lPs71rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: ed870  No.11433

File: 1535950186923.jpg (236.42 KB, 1184x1280, 1535254625.chalodillo_maty….jpg)

ID: 8f91c  No.11434


ID: 3d53c  No.11437

File: 1536161786139.jpg (945.88 KB, 800x1524, KH0074.jpg)

ID: 90d5d  No.11440

File: 1536190162797.png (415.42 KB, 730x1648, DmXfu8uW0AEMiCk.png)

ID: a3a4d  No.11441

File: 1536606678379.jpg (1023.65 KB, 800x1608, LL0569.jpg)

ID: 7ddd0  No.11443

Selling apples to random farmers?

ID: 1be2e  No.11444


That's probably a Las Lindas employee driving buckets of picked apples back to storage.

ID: a85a1  No.11445

It is an apple orchard. There's an idea. Get a lisence to distil. There is a reason why Lairds is still thriving while being older than America.

ID: 95714  No.11446

File: 1536689340917.jpg (349.86 KB, 830x1194, Geecku stream.jpg)

Any update on this?

ID: 33e69  No.11448

The pic is done. Chalo posted it on his Patreon already. It's part of the "Good Morning" series.

ID: 90d5d  No.11450

File: 1536834496315.jpg (306.43 KB, 700x1071, tumblr_pez95a11YI1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 90d5d  No.11454

File: 1537142819722.png (426.08 KB, 700x952, DnOyeO2XcAA0xsP.png)

ID: 0fb03  No.11455

File: 1537174934949.jpg (496.11 KB, 825x1275, MorningGeecku.jpg)

ID: 90d5d  No.11456

File: 1537188050765.jpg (946.21 KB, 800x1608, LL0570.jpg)

ID: 8f91c  No.11457

What is the dick move now? tricking her into running up a tree?

ID: 32b7d  No.11458

She basically pulled a Tom S. move on her. Making her do all the work of picking the apples

ID: 75914  No.11459

Ah. That makes sense.

ID: 0fb03  No.11466

File: 1537487575680.jpg (198.7 KB, 1020x660, MorningMoraPreview.jpg)

ID: 90d5d  No.11489

File: 1537608276865.jpg (155.31 KB, 765x1350, DnrCzoUXoAAycx_.jpg)

ID: 90d5d  No.11490

File: 1537815682606.png (219.15 KB, 600x600, tumblr_pfkk5hZW9n1r0ajyoo1….png)

ID: 90d5d  No.11506

File: 1537908396037.jpg (284.86 KB, 800x1120, tumblr_pfmplcVmh31rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 8f91c  No.11507

That is some mighty fine wisdom.

ID: ca534  No.11508

File: 1537977793585.png (909.57 KB, 988x1280, 20180926_110213.png)

ID: ca534  No.11509

File: 1537977836681.png (662.95 KB, 988x1280, 20180926_110342.png)

ID: ca534  No.11510

File: 1537977909375.png (975.74 KB, 988x1280, 20180926_110451.png)

ID: f9f42  No.11511

File: 1538001841859.jpg (338.47 KB, 1055x747, puss.jpg)

Is Sarah unofficially the biggest thot in LL?

ID: 07866  No.11516

Is this from a Chalo stream or something?

ID: e60f8  No.11517

File: 1538027289738.jpg (336.6 KB, 1645x2412, 57e6e1a5f935b8ef9704c03e57….jpg)

Gift art it seems by avante92

ID: 7ddd0  No.11524

ID: ed870  No.11530

File: 1538229043784.jpg (856.57 KB, 800x1524, KH0075.jpg)


ID: 0fb03  No.11543

File: 1538547925685.jpg (284.57 KB, 1275x825, MorningMora.jpg)

ID: ed870  No.11553

File: 1538893952826.jpg (1005.48 KB, 800x1608, LL0571.jpg)

ID: 90d5d  No.11563

File: 1539016143517.jpg (102.28 KB, 765x1080, Do_5amVX4AAMEBB.jpg)

ID: 90d5d  No.11564

File: 1539016159027.jpg (116.02 KB, 765x1080, Do_7eNWXkAIlsGg.jpg)

ID: 90d5d  No.11565

File: 1539016182233.jpg (66.44 KB, 765x1080, Do_7PfJW4AAm18T.jpg)

ID: 90d5d  No.11566

File: 1539037437396.jpg (167.15 KB, 800x1320, tumblr_pgaws0dTaj1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 7ddd0  No.11576

Going to feel sorry for Grant.

ID: 90d5d  No.11584

File: 1539436332727.jpg (1.03 MB, 800x1608, LL0572.jpg)

ID: 23300  No.11587

This page is the worst so far! Nice to see the Sarah character assassination is continuing unabated! She's supposed to be the childlike, innocent, care-free character on the farm but here she is shirking her responsibilities and dumping them on other people! I guess this comic's terrible writers care as much about character consistency as they do about their fans! Worst. Comic. Ever.


ID: 665d9  No.11591


For real though, it's a pretty boring comic.

ID: 90d5d  No.11593

File: 1539704174339.jpg (199.02 KB, 800x1408, tumblr_pgobxqqbWA1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 90d5d  No.11594

File: 1539722732952.jpg (117.93 KB, 765x1080, tumblr_pgpl5tLIJi1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

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