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new ask the high prime
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ID: bf2fd  No.12327

And now we wait for our resident shitraker(s?) to complain about what they don't like with this comic page for… idk how many times this would make it now.

ID: 4496f  No.12328

File: 1551806862384.jpg (90.59 KB, 773x1000, D02j2NoVsAAZ1v_.jpg)


And that didn't take long for the opposition pot to call the kettle black by bellyaching about bellyaching.

Until the inevitable justification of anon's "do as I say, not as I do" M.O., some smut for the image(?) board.

ID: bf2fd  No.12329

No need to be such a smartass about it… :/

ID: 1ad98  No.12331

Really, it's about damn time someone told her. But honestly, I still want to know what even made Mora think TAFFY AND RANDAL of all characters would prioritize their wedding over the farm.

ID: a090c  No.12332


Brain nanomachines, probably.

ID: fa4be  No.12333

Well, there's this thing humans have called "love" and when a human has this "love" for another they want to do everything they can to make that other human happy. Even to their own detriment. I know this can be hard for a reptilian android to understand, but not all sentient life operates entirely on logic.

ID: 1ad98  No.12334

Jesus fucking Christ, spare me the passive-aggressive dehumanizing bullshit, are you really that pissed that someone feels that Mora should've at least known better than to think Taffy and Randal would prefer a wedding none of them can afford over having a goddamn home?

ID: 3e8b2  No.12335

I'm not saying she's right. I'm saying I understand her. I empathize with her. There is nothing wrong with the writing if she doesn't behave in the most optimal strategy. She is written like a person with more heart than sense, but that's also human. It's what people who like Mora like about her.

You complaining about her in this sense makes it seem like you can't fathom what would cause her to act this way. It's what caused me to mock your lack of humanity. Your soulless analytical pit that you call a heart.

ID: 081e6  No.12336

All this bitching and moaning isn't gonna make them write a better comic…

ID: 1ad98  No.12337

How about you stop trying to psychoanalyze someone based on a post they made that you don't like?

ID: a090c  No.12338


Or you could just recalibrate your nanomachines.

ID: 3e8b2  No.12339

Now you're just being reductive to avoid addressing any of my points or admitting you were wrong.

ID: 3c215  No.12347

File: 1552255781968.jpg (117.13 KB, 765x990, D1T7UPvX0AASdcM.jpg)

ID: 4496f  No.12350

File: 1552277334045.jpg (265.5 KB, 1521x1980, D1KudUFX0AICyPS.jpg)

ID: 3c215  No.12351

File: 1552278814094.jpg (99.71 KB, 638x714, D1WbV8qW0AAxvPm.jpg)

ID: 66d7a  No.12352


so are we ever going to get an update to mousechievous again?

ID: 9671f  No.12353

File: 1552357090025.png (7.46 MB, 3143x4699, Mousechievous001.png)


ID: 4496f  No.12355


Let's see how long THIS lasts, now…. and how long until they push the "censored cheesecake" button with that mouse.

ID: 1ad98  No.12356

Why is this in the Las Lindas thread though?

ID: 3c215  No.12357

File: 1552397150892.jpg (72.74 KB, 638x825, D1bfiuGW0AEgmLJ.jpg)

ID: 3c215  No.12358

File: 1552487673143.jpg (306.7 KB, 800x1155, AtHP_FreeStyle.jpg)

ID: 2a8c5  No.12359

Livin' the dream.

ID: e426d  No.12360


This should have it's own thread. Or at least be in the UberQuest one.

ID: 1ad98  No.12361

Yeah, I totally buy that she wouldn't notice he's getting off on this.

ID: 2a8c5  No.12362

2ho says she's not also into it?

ID: 1ad98  No.12363

Her facial expression does not convey sadistic sexual pleasure. Obliviousness is indicated through her dialogue. She's actually serious about her workouts while it's long been clear that Miles hears the word and thinks the same thing as the fans.

Also, it just occurred to me that Chalo forgot to make the end of Miles' tail white.

ID: 081e6  No.12364


Yeah, Chalo's slipping if he forgot that. x:

I'm hoping we don't have another Tila incident. Cause her hair started out as pale blond, then they changed it to white for no reason.

ID: 1ad98  No.12365

They changed a number of things for no reason, really–hell, they one day suddenly claimed her to be Toby's mom too, despite him sharing absolutely no traits with her.

ID: 3c215  No.12366

File: 1552599393974.jpg (80.28 KB, 638x875, D1bJB9kWkAcBN2-.jpg)

ID: 2a8c5  No.12367

She's not stupid, she knows he's getting off on it. Why would she continue if she wasn't getting something out of it too?

ID: 1ad98  No.12368

I think you're trying a bit too hard to read a simple tropey situation as some kind of mutual foreplay routine.

ID: ec7e6  No.12369

>they one day suddenly claimed her to be Toby's mom too, despite him sharing absolutely no traits with her.

This can be easily explained in one of two ways:
A) Toby takes more after his yet-to-be-seen dad
B) Toby's adopted

ID: 1ad98  No.12371

1. Except it's an established rule of the loose lore that when hybrids happen, they have at least one trait from the parent they don't take the most after, ie. Joy and Hope having coyote tails and sharp teeth. Of course, the comic's lore is something we know the creators don't care about keeping consistent even within a single arc, and we've also been told that the reason Tiggs has huge boobs is supposedly because she's half cow, so who the fuck knows anymore.

2. Oh no, they've made it clear that they want us to believe Toby is in fact the biological son of Tila.

ID: a18ae  No.12373


That's so much bullshit. Chalo has said on stream several times that Tila is Toby's stepmother.

ID: 1ad98  No.12374

Yeah, what, after enough people pointed out that she couldn't be his biological mother by the universe's own rules? Because guess what, yes, they did push that that's what she is. In fact, would you like to see what her profile was changed to say after they came up with that bit, back when there was still a character profiles page? Cause TV Tropes has 'em all preserved, copypasted verbatim, and here's hers!

>Tila Sunrise is an affable and beautiful snow leopard, born and raised in southern Finland among many crystal lakes and gorgeous mountains. She is now living on the Prime continent with her husband, Richard Wainwright, and chose to retain her maiden name thanks to her incredibly popular chain of hotels christened 'Sunrise Inns'. Tila is a woman of great passions and few worries. When Richard, a poor author traveling the world for inspiration, wandered into her life, Tila chose to accompany him and spent the next three years appreciating the beauty of Neo-Earth. Such were the greatest years of Tila's life; a proposal in Spain, a honeymoon in France, and a seemingly never-ending adventure of living off the land and the kindness of those they met along the way. It was only when she became pregnant with Toby that the couple decided to focus on their careers for the sake of his future. While Tila is a kind and generous host, much of her success is born of her inspirations from rabbit culture in France and her hotels now have become the most popular family getaway in the entire nation. Now semi-retired, Tila spends her time doting on her husband and three children, keeping up with the many friends she has earned world-wide. There's even talks of her likeness being used in fictional works… but only time will tell.

Woah wait, let's zoom in on a particular detail there…

>It was only when she became pregnant with Toby that the couple decided to focus on their careers for the sake of his future.

Huh, would you look at that. "Pregnant with Toby".

ID: a090c  No.12375


Your deep and insightful analysis of furry comics, complete with careful and exacting documentation of their contents so you can catch the creators in any flaws, must make you a real hit on the social scene.

ID: bf2fd  No.12376

File: 1552856760044.jpg (468.11 KB, 849x565, iStock_000016172223Small-1.jpg)

Is this is all you know how to do, seriously? This thread gets toxic enough as it is, I just wanna fap to furry porn ffs.

ID: a090c  No.12378


Who's stopping you? I'm not putting a gun to your head forcing you to whine.

ID: 081e6  No.12379


You understand you're fighting a losing battle, yes? The comic isn't magically going to get better overnight, and some people's opinions just won't change no matter how many you times you shove how much you hate it down their throats.

All this anger, dude. It just creates MORE anger.

ID: bf2fd  No.12380

Likewise, nobody is forcing you to keep this high school locker room grade angst going, either, yet here we are.

ID: a090c  No.12381


Is that why you think everyone in high school made fun of you too, angst?

ID: bf2fd  No.12382

File: 1552917551389.jpg (49.31 KB, 563x585, Lolwutmate.jpg)

>Is that why you think everyone in high school made fun of you too, angst?

ID: bff13  No.12383

I swear people in these threads overthink shit that just does not matter in the long run.

" Tila is Toby's mom!"

and? Yeah it happened, but how does it effect the story? Just what big thing does that alter? Sure she could have been his step mom or not related to him at all, but her being so isnt some grand issue either. Especially when we hardly knew anything about these characters in the first place.

It just feels like trying to find anything to nitpick

ID: e7756  No.12384


It's a desperate attempt to assert authority and relevance in their lives because they have no ability to create or self-validate. So they try to prove they can be objectively correct about something, anything at all to make themselves feel important, without ever considering that maybe a furry titty comic isn't worth taking so seriously. Because they can't find anything to be truly passionate about and positive worth, so they smugly declare gotchas over the parent of a titty furry's kid.

Sort of like people who receive so little attention and validation that they try to pick fights with people they perceive as more important than themselves.

ID: ec7e6  No.12385

Just like how you make yourself feel important by white knighting this comic when someone points out a flaw or inconsistency, regardless of how glaring it might be. Because you yourself can't find anything to be truly passionate about, so you smugly type away and devalue any sort of criticism that gets thrown at Las Lindas by hurling insults that are as obvious as they are petty to said critics.

ID: a090c  No.12388


Nah, I'm just mocking you 'cause you're a loser.

ID: 5af83  No.12400

File: 1553016504210.jpg (31.76 KB, 500x375, qzrvj5q96ciy.jpg)


Dude, that's some autistic level fixation. Is literally like the "sonic with blue arms" thing

ID: 1ad98  No.12403

No, that's what we call "proving someone wrong with actual evidence that literally anyone can go and grab within one minute, after that person incorrectly called bullshit on something".

ID: a090c  No.12416


And that improved your life in what way?

ID: e9a92  No.12427

It's not that you're wrong or we don't believe you. It's that you're the only one who cares.

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