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File: 1544349204983.jpg (205.77 KB, 700x1119, tumblr_pjgfnxvO7s1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 3c215  No.11905[Last 50 Posts]

new ask the high prime

ID: 1ad98  No.11914

Wow, so she hasn't already given in and fucked Miles? I'm shocked that such restraint was shown.

ID: 1ad98  No.11921

So I'm hearing Chalo has fallen badly ill yet again and is taking a month off, can anyone verify?

ID: 0b464  No.11922

Yeah, he caught what they refer to as "con crud". So he's going to take it easy for a little bit while he recovers.

ID: 1ad98  No.11923

Poor guy can't seem to catch a break healthwise, can he?

ID: 3c215  No.11925

File: 1544799692335.jpg (107.51 KB, 765x1080, DuVlzpmUcAA8Bzt.jpg)

ID: 0b464  No.11930

File: 1545020530005.png (346.15 KB, 263x553, Screenshot_2018-12-16 Chal….png)

Chalo is working on another lewd color sketch comic commission for a friend. It features a shark dude and an elephant gal.

ID: a090c  No.11932


I bet sharks are so soft.

ID: 3c215  No.11933

File: 1545098283308.jpg (274.92 KB, 600x600, 1545089325.chalodillo_hata….jpg)

ID: 3c215  No.11934

File: 1545098326410.jpg (184.2 KB, 700x796, 1545089431.chalodillo_mora….jpg)

ID: 3c215  No.11935

File: 1545098342782.jpg (222.16 KB, 640x1280, 1545090635.chalodillo_medi….jpg)

ID: 3c215  No.11936

File: 1545099905477.jpg (132.7 KB, 765x1350, DuqjOAqUYAAyKSb.jpg)

ID: 9671f  No.11937

Oh baby, now this looks good.

ID: 3c215  No.11939

File: 1545251301174.jpg (238.4 KB, 765x1530, DuzLPgPVsAEQDCe.jpg)

ID: 1c924  No.11942

File: 1545454203961.jpeg (65.42 KB, 560x461, 1AA199C7-6FB7-4953-AC93-3….jpeg)

ID: 081e6  No.11943

File: 1545559422055.jpg (33.27 KB, 450x300, Facepalm.jpg)

ID: 3c215  No.11944

File: 1545574279634.jpg (698.34 KB, 800x1608, LL0577.jpg)

ID: bf2fd  No.11949

It took me a second to realize that's the gauge in his ear, not his eye in the bottom panel…

ID: 3c215  No.11951

File: 1545768344931.jpeg (972.44 KB, 2000x1336, Katbox_Winter_2018_200dpi.jpeg)

ID: 3c215  No.11954

File: 1545933207295.jpg (678.48 KB, 765x990, 1545932624.chalodillo_mist….jpg)

ID: 3c215  No.11965

File: 1546285916512.jpg (888.85 KB, 1696x2048, Dvv6dxoUcAAepJR.jpg)

ID: 3c215  No.11976

File: 1546440215757.jpg (96.76 KB, 700x875, Dv4PWzRVYAAru_4.jpg)

ID: 38ce3  No.11977

Is it just me, or does Mora look bigger than usual in this?

ID: bf2fd  No.11978

I kinda wondered, then I saw her head was just comparatively tiny to the rest of her body….

ID: 3c215  No.11982

File: 1546722420301.jpg (708 KB, 800x1524, KH0078.jpg)

ID: 1ad98  No.11984

Honestly, Chalo's sense of the characters' proportions and heights seems to be slipping more than usual lately.

ID: 3c215  No.11993

File: 1546975379409.jpg (129.76 KB, 700x940, DwaCRIcUYAAkVGN.jpg)

ID: ce819  No.11994


is just me or Chalo is drawing heads really small nowadays?

ID: e426d  No.11995


This pic looks more like Godai's work then Chalo's.. or is that just me?

ID: 1ad98  No.11996

It's not just you. Chalo seems to have put so much attention into her tits and inexplicable muscles that he forgot to properly draw her head.

ID: a090c  No.11998


I don't think that means what you think it means.

ID: 1ad98  No.12000

Alright, what has Mora done recently that would suddenly give her such huge muscles?

ID: 90553  No.12001

Be fictional?

ID: 081e6  No.12002

Oh, gee whiz. It's almost like Chalo can't draw consistent body types.

ID: aae2b  No.12003

Mora has had abs for a good while now. Like I can recall it being in a picture years back. More than likely he just gave he muscles because she did used to do physical work on her farm and because he and other people thought it would be attractive on her.

Just like how Alej suddenly got a chubby belly despite her and mora having the same body type down to the letter not too long before the changes.

it's not really an issue to be honest.

ID: a090c  No.12004


Manual labor on a farm every day?

ID: 3c215  No.12005

File: 1547175818183.jpg (777.72 KB, 800x1608, LL0578.jpg)

ID: bf2fd  No.12006

She's passed the torch to Sunny for ownership of the farm, plus name me one time we ever saw her actually do any work on said farm in this comic, besides the very first few pages.

ID: a090c  No.12007


No, you're right, it's much more reasonable to assume that your personal dislike of the character means that she could not possibly develop something that you will never have: muscle tone.

ID: bf2fd  No.12008

Who said I disliked her? I love her current looks, something I've said many a time before, it was just never explained where she got them from. Since when did this become a matter of me wanting a body like hers, btw? Fool, you crazy. :P

ID: 1ad98  No.12012

…What manual labour has she done recently that would suddenly make her so huge?

Don't worry about it, she just automatically assumes anyone who says the slightest thing about Mora that isn't 110% positive and supportive is literally insane.

ID: 7995e  No.12013

the muscles are just some stylistic choice chalo decided to do because he wanted to like just about everything else.

If he everactually did need some kind of justification for it he could say that it's because Mora's always been strong like when she made Tootsie's robot lean over by pulling down on the thing's arm or something like "oh primes just stay physically fit easier than humans" or whatever.

ID: 1ad98  No.12014

But we already know by now that, as goddamn facepalm-tacular as this explanation is, her ridiculous super strength is because of her space demon heritage and shit.

ID: 3e8b2  No.12015

There's a gym in the barn. she could work out there

ID: bf2fd  No.12016

I doubt Rachael would let her anywhere near that… >.>

ID: 1ad98  No.12018

That and, hm, if that were the case, maybe she'd have shown signs of it a lot sooner instead of just suddenly being totally ripped, and if that is what we're to believe, maybe we could've been, I dunno, SHOWN the slightest evidence of this workout regimen even ONCE?

ID: e426d  No.12019


Technically we have seen Mora workout with Taffy, but it seemed a mixture of cardio/yoga.

ID: 61ade  No.12020

It feels like ya'll are overthinking it. It's not even a story/plot point.

ID: 8fa5a  No.12022

The Las Lindas fanbase are full of drama queens arguing over shit writing and degrading quality in art.

ID: 3c215  No.12024

File: 1547408673012.jpg (238.12 KB, 700x1119, tumblr_plabrsvPaR1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 0b464  No.12057

File: 1548003639992.jpg (84.33 KB, 960x540, Chalo comic scrnshot.jpg)

This was being worked on a few days ago. It appears Chalo is working on another smut comic page. This one looks like it features a lion dude (seems like Pyrro, from Knighthood) and some bat girl.

ID: 9a101  No.12064

What's been going on with Chalo lately? His output has been dropping dramatically.

I remember when he used to do 4 main comics and 4 bonus comics a month. Now he can barely manage to do 1 main comic, 1 bonus comic, and 1 ask the high prime. He hasn't done a request stream or bonus illustration in like 2 or 3 months either.

ID: 0b464  No.12065

Well, the new format with the Patreon is: Every 2 LL updates is 1 bonus comic update. AtHP is done in between those, I think? As for the illustrations, I'm sure he's working. I know he just posted the recent finished LL page to his Patreon (the Katbox site is undergoing maintenance still). Can't blame the guy if he's getting tired. -shrug_

ID: 0b464  No.12066

File: 1548341323484.jpg (535.94 KB, 800x1608, LL0579.jpg)

ID: 07652  No.12067


ID: 4416f  No.12068


This is actually a clever twist. Drop the vegetable thing and try a vineyard or a distilery.

ID: 07652  No.12069

Well, not so much drop the entire thing, but it's a way to use your unsold stock in a way that will keep for the winter.

ID: 081e6  No.12070

ID: 1ad98  No.12071

I'm still unsure of what's stopping their stock from selling anyway, that didn't seem to be a problem during the previous winter. Does this just mean their success really was that dependent on winning at the festival?

ID: 3e8b2  No.12072

Well, in good years most farms produce more than they sell. The government usually buys what's left over, but I don't know what Prism's situation is on farming subsidies.

ID: 0b464  No.12074

File: 1548478999940.jpg (596.36 KB, 800x1524, KH0079.jpg)

ID: 4fb72  No.12075


God, who cares about this crap? To think BatB was cancelled over this pseudo shonen shit. I rather take two Las Lindas updates than this.

ID: 1ad98  No.12076

Are you shitting me, they're seriously having her full-on do some Super Saiyan bullshit now?

ID: 12f99  No.12078

I do honestly feel like something went on behind the scenes to swap out BatB etc for this. Feel free to call me a nutter, I just haven't seen enough love for this comic then or now to justify this one being picked out of the batch.

That said I honestly think some parts have been ok and I've enjoyed them. This sadly isn't one of those parts. This just doesn't feel earned, it came on too fast. Here they are fighting essentially a powered up bad ass who (as far as I'm aware) should kind of feel like the ultimate challenge. They should feel absolutely beaten down and lost b4 Joy gets to finally "unlock" her powers or be their saving grace wtv. Have more build up. Have the villain destroy more towns b4 they meet her again, cause more havoc and chaos. Have her toy with them mercilessly almost breaking them one by one.
What's she going to do after Joy breaks free? Run and go power up with another demon? I could see one route that might be ok where she takes another b4 fleeing, essentially baiting the heroes into a trap of sorts. I just don't see that happening the way this has been written recently. Sorry for the harsh review, but this could be better.

ID: 8944b  No.12079


>God, who cares about this crap?

I'm guessing Chalo does? Obviously whoever does his writing enjoys it, too, but Chalo must have some interest in it, if he draws it.

ID: 0b464  No.12083

Curran is the writer for Knighthood. Also, I believe Chalo likes Knighthood because it gives him a chance to touch on more of the history of the 12 Crests (which probably would have happened had "The Crest Diaries" not been cancelled). It's also kind of a history lesson with the Primes and Narakhans and all that. That's my thought on this. I mean, I like the comic and have been following it since it debuted back in 2008.

ID: 1ad98  No.12084

Funny, cause we're getting a lot less of that and a lot more of "Uninspired Shonen Cliche Checklist: The Series".

ID: e0153  No.12085

Agreed, the writing in this needs to be bumped up a notch.

ID: e426d  No.12087


Seems Chalo is type-casted to only do fluffy cheesecake stuff and whenever he ventures to do something more serious it gets constant complaints.

Knighthood isn't the most fantastic thing ever but I don't get all the hate. I think if it had a broader cast and more 'light hearted' moments exploring characters rather then technique/backstory-lore/the next fight/training bits it would really shine.

ID: bf2fd  No.12088

I just wanna slap Ayah's juicy butt, I mean it's RIGHT THERE, give it a smack and watch it jiggle. <3

ID: 1ad98  No.12090

No one is asking for it to be another shallow fanservice fest, we just want actually good goddamn writing as opposed to assortments of ancient shonen tropes with nothing unique added.

Also, can people just stop calling the material in Las Lindas "cheesecake"? Call it what it is, fanservice, ecchi, straight-up softcore porn at times.

ID: 4496f  No.12091

File: 1548693315195.png (1.67 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (46).png)


>whenever he ventures to do something more serious it gets constant complaints

Well if he's going to branch out from borderline cockteasing in his comics… maybe he should put more effort than "untapped power emerges from psuedo-crisis" cliche moment #32,765 in 2019?

ID: e0153  No.12092

One person's complaint is another's honest critique. I don't wish to come across as insulting. I've honestly been enjoying knighthood over all until now. This latest segment or style just needs some work. Curran needs to up his writing game a lil' bit is all I'm saying. Sadly this is one of the few places I think one can say stuff like that without being entirely slammed by an overzealous portion of the fan base :S

ID: 8fa5a  No.12093

Something I've noticed with a lot of furry artists is that they can't keep up a consistent schedule for their main comic. Las Lindas is updating better then it has in the past but it's never been reliable in its schedule. So juggling a side comic while not updating the main comic will never be a good idea because that divides the attention of the artist and the audience.

Another thing is that artists tend to do a lot of commissions to make ends meet as well. And that's understandable. I have noticed that webcomics in general have a difficult time gaining readers but once they do it becomes a loyal fanbase that will stick around regardless. But Las Lindas has been around forever and is easily the most recognizable and of the most popular furry comics out there. And it would be even better if it had better writing and more consistent updates.

Chalo is lucky that his fanbase is always loyal but the way the comic is run is so haphazard and directionless. Nobody seems to know how to keep things on track.

ID: 3c215  No.12095

File: 1548741377000.jpg (72.79 KB, 638x825, DyDe1CDW0AUm1ly.jpg)

ID: 3c215  No.12096

File: 1548741392372.jpg (61.99 KB, 638x825, DyDNM8hUcAASaEF.jpg)

ID: 3c215  No.12097

File: 1548741406108.jpg (66.66 KB, 638x825, DyDdO_JXcAAvAA3.jpg)

ID: 081e6  No.12101

File: 1548977023922.jpg (239.76 KB, 620x991, AtHP_SixorEight.jpg)

*playing into the stereotype that rabbits are explosive breeders*

ID: 1ad98  No.12102

It's incredible how she's gone from a character that averts rabbit stereotypes to one that embodies them.

And yeah, Taffy, I think you'll wanna rethink that number of kids once you figure out how hard it'll be to afford even half that many.

ID: 3c215  No.12115

File: 1549099355045.jpg (874.18 KB, 800x1587, LL0580.jpg)

ID: cc099  No.12116

File: 1549107779615.jpg (488.9 KB, 3966x3060, iqDJZ2s.jpg)

Could someone take sarah from this image

ID: cc099  No.12117

File: 1549107846402.jpg (313.27 KB, 2974x2295, mzfB4kA.jpg)

And replace sunny with her in this image? Many thanks

ID: a090c  No.12118


Yeah man you take that blog comic super serious! You push that reality check on 'em! Yeah!

ID: 1ad98  No.12120

Anyone else find the new logo a little…excessive?

ID: e426d  No.12122


So is it just me or does it seem like the original idea was to have Tootsie nursing on Alej? But that was a bit too NSFW..

ID: 1ad98  No.12127

Sometimes I forget they're still trying to pretend like this series isn't something that needs a firm R rating.

ID: 4496f  No.12128

Wouldn't be the 1st time they censored a page…or the second.

ID: 61ade  No.12131

I doubt it. If so then the page would have started off that way when he was streaming it or he would have uploaded that version of the page on patreon or something. Instead it's always had tootsie sleeping on her chest like that.

Plus even if it does get or need an R rating, that doesn't mean every scene is going to match that rating.

ID: f914d  No.12132


Yeah, just the blatanly obvioius opportunities, if Learning Curves and BatB are clear evidence of Chalo's restraint, or near-complete lack thereof (near because Taffy still has not been shown 100% visibly penetrated during sex, so don't use that one AtHP post as a counterargument).

ID: 8fa5a  No.12133

I'm honestly surprised there aren't uncensored versions of the pages on the Patreon.

ID: 4fb72  No.12134

File: 1549249106453.jpg (337.33 KB, 600x733, 41f6db0cbd2e34567625144310….jpg)

ID: e426d  No.12135


Well it'd be one thing if she was just sleeping on her chest. But it seems like her nightgown strap is pulled down and Tootsie seems positioned oddly - not to mention Alejandra seemingly especially flustered despite them both just sleeping together clothed.

I mean, its not the first time there is a hint of lactation fetish with these characters (and there is nothing wrong with that - LL has long been known for its fanservice) I just was merely making an observation.

I mean nip-slips have happened at least two or three different times with Chalo.

ID: bf2fd  No.12136

You do understand all those sketches are considered non-canon, right?

ID: c0069  No.12137

Why do you care if Taffy has an intact hymen?

ID: bf2fd  No.12139

I don't care one way or another, I'm just stating fact, those are non-canon. :P

ID: 1ad98  No.12141

Why do you think this is about someone trying to wish Taffy's virginity back when it's blatantly just about a particular picture not being canon?

ID: 3e8b2  No.12142

I was meaning to reply to >>12132. Sorry to imply anything.

ID: 3c215  No.12146

File: 1549468141284.jpg (154.32 KB, 638x825, 1549467077.chalodillo_mora….jpg)

ID: 3c215  No.12147

File: 1549468155331.jpg (467.08 KB, 700x1119, 1549467220.chalodillo_athp….jpg)

ID: 1ad98  No.12148

Wait, since when did Sarah have inverted nipples?

ID: 3c215  No.12149

File: 1549492211396.png (301.8 KB, 638x918, Dyu5VZTWoAAg6v7.png)

ID: bf2fd  No.12150

Dunno, but they're awfully cute. <3

ID: cc099  No.12156

I hope they go back to normal, shes my fav LL girl and I prefer non-inverted :(

ID: 1ad98  No.12159

I mean, admittedly, they are and they do suit her better. ♥

ID: f30eb  No.12160

I generally prefer non-inverted too. Having said that, I saw an edit where they made them non-inverted and it didn't really fit this piece as well. Kinda cuter this way on this one, least imo

ID: e426d  No.12161

Really random request but, does anyone have the Lost Kittens comic? I cannot find it anywhere online anymore.

ID: 3c215  No.12166

File: 1549832630290.jpg (855.82 KB, 800x1587, LL0581.jpg)

ID: e426d  No.12167




ID: bf2fd  No.12168

Given how they had literally all night prior to this scene, it could've occurred anytime between then and when they first shacked up.

Like eating your fave pizza every day, eventually you've had your fill. :P

ID: 3c215  No.12169

File: 1549929978278.jpg (233.42 KB, 640x1280, 1549902947.chalodillo_hole….jpg)

ID: 1ad98  No.12173

Come on, let's not try to dance around it, it absolutely WAS supposed to be taken from that page that Tootsie had been drinking from Alej's tits that night.

ID: bf2fd  No.12174

Still wish we could've actually SEEN it though, I feel kinda let down, honestly >3<

ID: 081e6  No.12178

File: 1550104639539.jpg (339.18 KB, 620x1145, AtHP_BabysittingGeecku.jpg)

ID: 3c215  No.12182

File: 1550166539989.jpg (72.22 KB, 720x720, DzYR5FzX0AERqWV.jpg)

ID: 1ad98  No.12183

Oh, yay, he's doing that stupid-looking attempt at pubes with Ambar now too.

ID: 081e6  No.12184

File: 1550215392955.jpg (72.43 KB, 617x434, peter-griffin-who-the-hell….jpg)

ID: bf2fd  No.12185

I think Ambar's got a nice pair of tits, she's also got that milf thing going on so… yeah, I don't really care otherwise. :P

ID: 1ad98  No.12186

"Oh no, someone with an opinion I don't like about a detail of this picture, better whip out my overused reaction image!"

ID: 04b34  No.12187

For the last time, you dense fucking idiot.

Nobody fucking cares if you don't like it, they do care about you bitching about it all the fucking time.

How hard is that to understand?


ID: 1ad98  No.12188

You could just as easily ignore what I said, seeing as it was a single easily ignored sentence. But okay, sure thing, He Who Rageposted in All-Caps at Rascals.

ID: 04b34  No.12189

ID: 3c215  No.12190

File: 1550279740836.jpg (109.87 KB, 638x1125, DzfSXFQXgAARKfL.jpg)

ID: 1ad98  No.12191

So you have no actual rebuttal to that, got it.

ID: 04b34  No.12192

So YoU hAvE nO aCtUaL rEbUtTaL tO tHaT, gOt It."

My god, you're just like those dumb fucks that want people to "debate" them.

ID: 8fa5a  No.12193

Ladies please!

ID: e426d  No.12194


We're gonna deal with it until a mod or admin bans him for it. Then maybe some ban-evasion or I'm sure there will be another image board to complain on.

Yadda Yadda, Chalo is horrible and how dare he work with Soulkat ~!1

Rather then ya know, reading a comic he does like. Or making his own, or just doing anything else.

Its been years worth of obsession.. can't be healthy.

ID: bf2fd  No.12195

Maybe they just need to get laid? Idk…

ID: 081e6  No.12197

They have a point, you know. It's not the fact that Ambar suddenly has six pack abs that gets you (again, this is Chalo we're talking about), but that she suddenly has pubic hair?

ID: e426d  No.12198


Well the post implies this is a flashback. So who knows.

ID: bf2fd  No.12199

ID: 3c215  No.12204

File: 1550511988413.png (286.47 KB, 617x1078, 1550505027.chalodillo_brid….png)

ID: 0b464  No.12205

File: 1550553240279.jpg (513.08 KB, 800x1524, KH0080.jpg)

ID: 02640  No.12206

Name: Joy
Species: Pissed

ID: bf2fd  No.12207

Well, goodbye Ayah, at least you had your looks… >.<

ID: 081e6  No.12208

Okay. Knighthood just officially went from "sending a crappy Naruto fanfiction to Shonen Jump" embarrassing to "taking a shit in front of Akira Toriyama and calling it your masterpiece" embarrassing.

They cancelled Learning Curves for THIS?

ID: 1ad98  No.12210

Jesus Christ, I'm embarrassed for this comic now. And everyone who still thinks this is legitimately well written and cool.

ID: 3ad2a  No.12211

Cue Huey Louis and the News.

ID: f30eb  No.12212

Ty! \o/ I wanted to give this comic a fair shot at the start (I still don't think it was legitimately chosen), but this latest bit is just cringe worthy.

ID: bc8f8  No.12214


….They cancelled BatB and LC for this AND people were okay with that back then?! Hope the anti-softcore porn movement was worth it, peeps…

ID: 3ad2a  No.12215

Why don't you four try posting and talking about a comic you do like. This horse is clearly dead.

Besides that, some people actually like shonen trash.

ID: 1ad98  No.12216

This isn't about hating shonen stuff.

It's about Knighthood's writing being a total dumpster fire.

ID: f30eb  No.12217

Like whatcha like. I can't speak for others, but I'm not meaning to rain on your parade. I was actually enjoying knighthood just fine up until recently. My beef with it is this particular moment doesn't feel earned. We haven't spent enough time with Joy trying to unlock this new power and possibly struggling to do so. We haven't spent enough time getting to know the villain so she feels truly threatening.

If you'd like to hear about a comic I do like AND to be fair (Not going to compare this to something like blacksad) I liked Learning Curves. And no not just because lewds -_- I grew attached to the characters and could relate to them on an emotional level. Decisions felt real and earned.

ID: 3e8b2  No.12218

Nah, I mean like currently like. Non-LL related. That no one else is talking about. start a thread and go nuts.

ID: f30eb  No.12219

Sorry, not about to just up and leave because a little criticism makes you uncomfortable. I have interest in the series, I'd like to see it flourish. Sometimes that means giving negative feedback. However, I can politely give you the same advice you're trying to pass off to us. If you dislike it, find another thread you enjoy. Go nuts

ID: 3e8b2  No.12220


Then can you offer any new criticism? Rather than saying the last things that have been said about knighthood over and over again? I'd like to hear that. Just surprise me. I'm getting bored of *Las Lindas page*
"I hate Mora! Taffy and Rachael are ruined forever"
*Knighthood Page*
"Ugh, more shonen naruto bullcrap. So Cringy"

It's like clockwork and the ticking is driving me nuts. If you have any new opinions I'd love to hear them.

ID: 1ad98  No.12222

Again with these notions that everyone who complains or critiques in the slightest is the same person, everyone who says something negative or criticizes anything in Las Lindas automatically despises Mora (despite even forumites who have no problem with her pointing out how poor her decisions have been lately), and people are mad that Knighthood is shonen as opposed to the fact that it's just really fucking shoddily written.

Look, if you want to think this shit's great, go right ahead, but don't start whining when everyone else expresses how they feel about each increasingly stupid and lazy page. The person you responded to even went into greater detail about why they're so put off by this, and apparently that's still not good enough, so what do you even want really?

ID: f30eb  No.12223

I can and I have "this particular moment doesn't feel earned. We haven't spent enough time with Joy trying to unlock this new power and possibly struggling to do so. We haven't spent enough time getting to know the villain so she feels truly threatening."

There's even a constructive part to that criticism that should be relatively obvious. Have Joy really struggle to unlock this ability. Put her through her paces and push it just to the point where she feels like giving up hope, where she truly feels like she's going to break, but needs it for an incredibly important moment.

Have more shots of the villain. Rumors of her destructive rampage and powers. Have her sow chaos and disorder and have those that have tried to face her be demolished time and time again. Both of these things need to take place over a longer stretch of time as well.

I'll toss in a couple other new things as well for good measure. 1: Tell us WHY this is fine tell mus how this is actually good story telling. Explain it in an honest and sincere manner. It's a win win if you can change my mind at the very least because I'll be enjoying the story again. 2: I've no prob with Las Lindas. I like it and think it works just fine with the type of story it is. I like the characters especially Miles tbh despite what I've heard about others disliking him.

I get that you like this, and I have no wish to insult anyone's work. I'm a creator too and I understand how much effort and care is put into these pieces. There's no way I'd call anything "crap, garbage or shit" cause it's not. But to go around saying everything is hunky dory would be a disservice the creators and the fans.
TY! \o/

ID: 1ad98  No.12224

>especially Miles

Okay but why tho

ID: 3e8b2  No.12225

Thanks. that's all I really asked for.

ID: 0b464  No.12226

Ok, I probably am in the minority here, but I actually enjoy Knighthood. Sure, I wish more could be done per page, but at the same time, it would overwhelm if there was so much crammed into a single page. Yes, this has been going since late 2008, but I was really eager to read the story when it was first mentioned. The writing is decent, but could use a little revision in some areas. But I think the other thing that one needs to take into account is this is also Chalo's idea as well, in that he gets to explain more about the Crests and the Prime history and what have you. Sure, Curran may be the writer for the comic, but Chalo also gets input for what can be done. I will admit, I was surprised at the one page where Ayah massacred that Knight cell (rest in peace Codex, we barely knew you..) And now we're at the part where Joy finally has her Clan Power starting to show itself (not sure -what- that is exactly, but it seems neat). I'm just going to sit back and watch how things progress. It's a shame that there's not more frequent updates, but considering it's just a side story to the main Las Lindas comic, I'll take what I can get. -shrug-

ID: 4496f  No.12227

File: 1550681714985.png (1.3 MB, 4208x4375, Doodles064.png)

ID: 4496f  No.12228

File: 1550681737422.png (1.54 MB, 4247x4370, Doodles065.png)

ID: f30eb  No.12229

I relate to him, especially when I was younger lol. He's honest in what he wants, is frustrated the world doesn't seem to want to conform to his views (the world never will) and it often bites him in the ass :P Usually has to learn lessons the hard way. He does learn them, but he does so while still remaining true to his own principles I feel. Comes across as an asshole, but truthfully just lacks tact (at least imo) That's the abbreviated version of why I like Miles anyway :P

I'd agree with you on all points there. I've been liking the story up until now and I am a-ok with Chalo going over some lore. I wouldn't want them to fit more stuff in a single page, I think that would detract from it somewhat, make it too busy/clustered. I just think this current event could have used more build up. More events like you mentioned with Ayah, etc. But who knows, maybe there's a reason this segment feels so rushed. I hope it transitions to something I'm not expecting.

ID: bf2fd  No.12230

Welp, looks like Ayah's gonna die, I'll miss dem thighs, babe. :(
*a moment of silence for dat ass*

ID: 1ad98  No.12231

>implying Miles actually learns anything

If he did, he'd have stopped being such a douchebag long ago. Hell, if the point of any of his scenes was to actually teach him lessons and make him aim to be better, he wouldn't inexplicably be with Rachael right now and would've had to either genuinely earn it or accept that she's not into him and move on. And honestly, I think he's definitely in a world that conforms to his views and wants, has been pretty much ever since he found the plane.

If Joy is actually already about to end a character who's been built up as such a massively powerful threat, I call bullshit.

ID: f30eb  No.12232

If you can call that building up >_> Even if Ayah has to retreat or it's a stalemate…. Some powerful threat :S I honestly hope something I don't see coming happens.

In terms of Miles, people learn all the time and continue to be douchebags :P Never said he wasn't one either, just that I like his character :) I think his relationship with Rachael, was a bit rushed in terms of pages, but I still liked it. Kinda starts off as this unique kind of respect/friendship/relationship. Odd, but fitting. In terms of being handed stuff though, if that were completely true, Taffy would have had sex with him :P Mora wouldn't hate him. etc etc

I'd actually like to know which characters in the series you like and why as a point of reference if that would be cool :)

ID: 0b464  No.12233

Oh wow, someone who actually agrees. I was worried, considering most of the folks here on the site are a bunch of whiners and no funsies. Seriously, every time a Knighthood page gets posted, everyone seems to bitch and moan about all the cliches. Let some of us have our fun. I think it's entertaining, and I love learning about the lore. Plus it's nice to see Chalo expand his artistic horizons by drawing certain scenes you wouldn't have expected (like the page with Ayah murdering those Knights and the Nanozell Spirit). But anyway, I don't care what those other people say/think. I am enjoying the story a great deal. I'm just looking forward to when it gets to the part where Joy encounters Minos…and Geecku.

ID: 1ad98  No.12234

They barely even reached a genuine friendship stage before he declared them dating and she suddenly did a character 180 and went along with it.

Of course, her character seems pretty inconsistent now, given we've also seen her laugh hysterically at the notion of him being her ideal man.

Also note that I said the plane marked the world starting to bend to his whims, which was long after his breakup with Taffy. Hell, he'd already been handed Rachael as some sick kind of raise by then.

And at this point? Out of the main cast, basically just Alej and Sunny are still actually good, maybe Tootsie when she's not just being used to regurgitate memes and references.

Not liking bad writing doesn't mean we hate fun any more than it means we hate shonen.

ID: f30eb  No.12235

I dunno, laughing at Miles for being incredibly presumptuous and cocky seems right up her alley. Key words at him, not with lol.

Fair enough about the past the plane point, I just don't see those as free givens to him I suppose. He even had the opportunity (if I am remembering right) to take off in that plane and and go elsewhere "start fresh" but opted not to. To me that shows some growth. He had something, but showed restraint and thought in not immediately using it, and then opted to stay, possibly even realizing that just running away from his problems does him no good. That plane would be grounded again eventually and he'd be back to square one, just with unfamiliar faces.

That said, you hate a character, you hate a character, nuff said :P I'd actually ask do you hate him because he's poorly written or do you hate him because he's a jerk? One implies decent writing eliciting an emotional response. I don't think you'd have such a strong negative response towards him if it was bad writing. How would you fix him if you could? I'd actually really like to see your answer on that last one :)

side note out of curiosity, do you dislike the other character you didn't mention or they just kinda "eh wtv"

ID: f30eb  No.12236

Learning about the lore/world building and backstories are actually some of my favorite parts in these comics :) And I love seeing new things from artists which they don't commonly get the chance to do. I think the vast majority of people who are liking something are largely quiet sadly ^_^' That said, I hope my recent critiques haven't dulled your enthusiasm for the story. They honestly come from a place of wishing for improvement in the future, never to trash on anything. I'm not sure why you mention Joy meeting Geecku and Minos. Maybe I'm missing something or you have some inside info on that, so no spoilers plz XD I am intrigued as to why that would be a thing now tho haha

ID: 1ad98  No.12239

>I dunno, laughing at Miles for being incredibly presumptuous and cocky seems right up her alley.

Oh, I didn't say it isn't. But it's pretty inconsistent to have her be all lovey-dovey waifu with him one moment and then basically confirming he's still not her type the next. And this was after she'd ALREADY confirmed he's still not her type.

>He even had the opportunity (if I am remembering right) to take off in that plane and and go elsewhere "start fresh" but opted not to.

No, at the point where his and Rachael's scene last made sense, she said he can go run off with some dream girl or stay with the one real friend he has, and he chose the latter. Which then devolved into him dictating that they're a couple now, her going along with it without question and them kissing like they've been in love for years. The plane wasn't even ready by then, and yeah, he still plans to run off when it's done, only this time with Rachael.

>I'd actually ask do you hate him because he's poorly written or do you hate him because he's a jerk?

Both. Because early on, he wasn't terrible. He had potential to actually BE the "jerk with a heart of gold" his fans THINK he is. But by the time Digit arrived, he'd begun turning into basically every self-entitled Nice Guy ever. Learning Curves only made things worse, especially when we saw Hope reward him with sex after he ruined their date because SoulKat is a person with a frightening mindset who "[doesn't] believe sex should be a reward for good behaviour"–basically he literally said she owed it to him because he did something nice for her. And that was even before the plane turned him into a Reality Bender, if I recall correctly.

>side note out of curiosity, do you dislike the other character you didn't mention or they just kinda "eh wtv"

Mainly dislike, yeah. And what's sad about that is I used to like many of them.

ID: f30eb  No.12240

I disagree on a few of those points just from my personal perspective, but for the time being I'ma put that aside. Will get back to that later.

I realize this might potentially be a long one, so will wait on it take you're time, but what flaws do you see with the characters you no longer enjoy? How would you fix these situations if you could for each of these characters including Miles?

ID: 3c215  No.12241

File: 1550749032078.jpg (525.5 KB, 765x1200, 1550711547.chalodillo_mora….jpg)

ID: 1ad98  No.12244

But those are all objective facts. They're not opinions, just things that actually happened.

And as for the others, they all just either stagnated or actively became worse as characters, some over time and others all at once. To fix them would require going back anywhere from dozens to hundreds of pages.

…Did he retcon her age AGAIN?

ID: 0b464  No.12245

Oh, well, it's because in the past, folks have asked about that, and Curran did mention that yes, Joy will eventually cross paths with both Minos and Geecku as part of her training to become a Knight. That will happen further down the road though. Since there are 12 Crests, and Joy has met 3 so far (Kate=Light, Carmesi=Fire, and Grace=Love) so there's still 9 more to go.

ID: 1ad98  No.12247

Your forgot Ambar, that's four.

Which begs the question, if this is her after meeting them and briefly training with one, what sort of overpowered god creature will she become after encountering all of them?

ID: 3c215  No.12248

File: 1550764492889.jpg (245.45 KB, 765x1530, Dzx631-W0AEGELZ.jpg)

ID: 8944b  No.12249

It's been brought up before, but why are so many people following this comic if they find it so detestable, in terms of writing?

Is Chalo's art really good enough that people stomach reading his webcomic? You can find equally good, if not better, art without putting up with the comics.

ID: f30eb  No.12250

"a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge." What you have there, are opinions. You are entitled to them, but unless you offer me a literal scientific study on the piece backed by peers, they will remain just that, opinions. And considering the topic and all its apparent emotional weight to you, that's also the best I can offer in return here. Opinions.

Right off the bat a difference of opinion is I don't see her being super lovey-dovey ever. She's just not the type and hasn't illustrated that to my eyes. Playful in these situations, sure, but lovey-dovey is more like how I'd describe Taffy and Randal.

In terms of allowing him to dictate anything, I also don't see that. If that were true she wouldn't have ribbed him for his provocative poster etc. Healthy couples do this to one another all the time btw, it's not really proof of her absolutely rejecting him on a fundamental level.

My plane point still remains the same though I was fuzzy on the initial details. Him opting to stay shows growth and a sign of maturing. I also don't see them eventually leaving one day as running away anymore. By opting to stay for the time being they are tackling current problems. Leaving in the future they really wouldn't have anything to "run" from… except maybe a distaste for Mora lol.

And like I said previously, if he was poorly written, Miles wouldn't be eliciting such a strong emotional response from ya. Feel free to hate him, not saying ya can't or even that you're not supposed to. But if he was poorly written he'd be bland and uninteresting. You wouldn't have much of a strong emotional response at all.

In terms of Learning Curves and Hope and all that, that was actually probably my favorite series of the bunch so far. And as far as Soulkat is concerned, I'm not opening that potential can of worms. I don't know him, never have, odds are never will and I will reserve judgement should I ever get the chance to meet him.

In any case, continue to dislike whatcha don't like. It's a shame you once enjoyed the series, but no longer really do. At least I try to offer helpful advice when I critique in the off hope of helping the series in the future so I can return to enjoying it. These are all just my opinions though. Should you actually find yourself with a spreadsheet of facts backed by your peers feel free to post it and I'll honestly give it a look, otherwise think I'm done discussing Miles for the time being ;) G'day o/

ID: f30eb  No.12251

Ahhk, makes sense. If I might ask and if you happen to know, When is this taking place in terms a timeline so to speak in comparison to Las Lindas? I'm assuming alongside due to Hope's story with Miles and her being an older sister to Joy.
I don't think that many people find it detestable tbh. There are a couple loud ones who frequent here. I've no idea why they don't move on, maybe they find it fun to get worked up? Like the people who will play a FPS and spit and curse at it then turn around and say "Oh yea it's a good game I love such and such" I know some people IRL like that :P One of them does sound like they have a personal vendetta tho >_> I'm not even going to pretend to know why.

I enjoy most things from Chalo and his writers and only rly critical of very recent events in knighthood. It's too late to change what's happening now, but maybe some feedback will trickle through and things will improve in the future :) I mean probably not, but I can dream XD In terms of the art, I love Chalo's art, but there has yet to be a story I honestly find terrible. Some are better than others sure, but none so far have honestly been what I would call bad :P

ID: 1ad98  No.12252

>I don't see her being super lovey-dovey ever. She's just not the type and hasn't illustrated that to my eyes.

See: the "We're dating" page, and the one a bit later where they try to really SHOVE how cute and perfect they want us to think the two are together with Mora serving as some kind of stand-in for everyone who reacted poorly to the other example. Maybe that was the wrong choice of wording, but it's still a stark-ass contrast to the examples of conflicting behaviour, or her behaviour previous to the page where they got shoved together.

>In terms of allowing him to dictate anything, I also don't see that.

"We're dating."

Right after several pages of explaining that she's not into him and why they shouldn't be together even if she were.

>If that were true she wouldn't have ribbed him for his provocative poster etc. Healthy couples do this to one another all the time btw, it's not really proof of her absolutely rejecting him on a fundamental level.

Yeah, I keep seeing this excuse from the remaining huge shippers of this pairing, and no, that's not flying. She's all but reinforcing what we already knew, that he's not the kind of guy she's into and they're only together thanks to forced, contrived writing that even people who wanted them together hated. Which Chalo later made worse, btw, by trying to justify it with some shit about them having a natural need for each other due to being the same species and having a total inability to be happy with anyone else regardless of compatibility.

>Him opting to stay shows growth and a sign of maturing.

And we've yet to see proof of that sticking. Just like every other moment like it.

>if he was poorly written, Miles wouldn't be eliciting such a strong emotional response from ya.

Poorly written characters can still elicit strong responses through how shitty they are.

>In terms of Learning Curves and Hope and all that, that was actually probably my favorite series of the bunch so far.

That doesn't address the issue I brought up. And frankly, I don't feel LC was even that great, it was actually kinda depressing cause we already know that not one couple in it remains together after when it takes place. Not helping is that it presented the same immature view of same-sex relationships as Tootsie had put on her for a long time (the notion that "straight girls making an exception and quietly wishing the other girl was a man" exist).

>And as far as Soulkat is concerned, I'm not opening that potential can of worms. I don't know him, never have, odds are never will and I will reserve judgement should I ever get the chance to meet him.

Well, you see, that was something he literally said on the forum once. Along with claiming that Davin getting to bang three girls he has no real attachment to and two of whom don't even like him is more realistic and less wish fulfillment-esque than having him be dating three girls.

ID: 1ad98  No.12255

Chalo once said it's taking place "during Las Lindas", but given he said that years ago, who knows WHEN "during Las Lindas" it is. I don't think we've been given any indication of how much younger Joy is than Hope, which would help out a lot because two years passed between LC's events and the start of LL, about 1 3/4 years have passed in-universe since LL began–all we really know is Joy's 17.

ID: 77eba  No.12256

I feel like anyone still hanging on to years old forum knowledge needs to just let that go.

It's been obvious by now that chalo constantly changes stuff so going " BUT THE FORUM!" when the thread itself hasnt been referenced for years and isnt even there any more, just seems like an extra headache you would give yourself for no reason.

As for following the comic myself. Even if there are some narrative ideas that arent executed well, there hasn't been anything to make me hate the comic.

Even some of the critique here ain't so bad. Honestly I'm more annoyed at the posters who try to find a problem and nitpick not just comic stuff but every little thing chalo does. Things like that debate over Mora's abs some posts above were just dumb and I'm hoping the thread doesn't go that route again with Mora's age.

ID: 1ad98  No.12258

He really should stop aging Mora up more and more though, pretty soon she's gonna be older than Randal.

Also the only reference to the forum was about something SK said, not one of the many indicators that they write this comic on the fly, so…

ID: 4496f  No.12259

File: 1550823024278.jpg (299.08 KB, 638x1125, las_lindas582SketchB.jpg)

ID: 3c215  No.12260

File: 1550843587528.jpg (187.44 KB, 1215x1500, Dvxs_KgVsAAywPs.jpg)

ID: 3c215  No.12261

File: 1550843604221.jpg (183.38 KB, 1215x1500, Dvxs_KYUYAEDGWD.jpg)

ID: f30eb  No.12263

>SoulKat is a person with a frightening mindset

Can we leave personal attacks out on individuals writing a FICTIONAL piece of work? Srsly this is coming across as a personal vendetta against some of these people. Also just adding the word "we" a lot doesn't mean you actually speak for a lot of people. From the looks of it not that many people actually hate Miles or anything that strongly for that matter. You are sadly not the voice of the people on this

ID: 1ad98  No.12264

Again, HE LITERALLY SAID THAT. He's said an awful lot of off-putting and very telling shit, and that one in particular honestly makes the connection between him and Miles all the clearer. And yeah, sorry, but Miles is not as popular a character as you seem to believe he is.

Also, here's the ONE instance of me using "we" in that post:

>we saw Hope reward him with sex after he ruined their date

We, the audience, did in fact see that happen, so…

I love how he acknowledges that he misdrew Miles too big there but does nothing to correct it.

ID: 0f545  No.12265


I spent many years in the Katbox forum. Soulkat is a mini tyrant with an enormous ego. If things don't go his way he will find a way to force people do what he wants.

ID: 04b34  No.12266

Please, somebody just please ban him, I'm so fucking sick of his shit, it's so tiring.

ID: f30eb  No.12267

>She's all but reinforcing what we already knew
>And we've yet to see proof of that sticking
>We, the audience, did in fact see that happen, so…

It's not just there. It's speckled throughout all your writing and despite being anon, can pretty much tell it's from the same person. You make these assumptions based upon your own feelings and because you feel that way, everyone else must too. You seem to forget you have people disagreeing with you, otherwise you wouldn't be having these conversations.


He also probably didn't LITERALLY SAY he had a frightening mindset. You said that. And last I checked he's not here with a perpetual hate boner for a character because they touched your waifu.

>Miles is not as popular a character as you seem to believe he is.

Where on earth did I say he's popular? I said it doesn't appear as hated as you think he is. NONE of the series or cast are as hated as you think they "rightfully" are. Let others speak for themselves if you're so convinced these tons of people hiding in the wood work all hate these things the same way you do. Pretty sure these works would be dead in the water if they were that loathed.

I'm not claiming to know the guy. Nor am I defending his character if he was/is a jerk. I'm just asking attacks of that nature be left out unless the person is here to defend their actions. He shows up, have it at it. I thought he left long ago anyway

ID: f30eb  No.12268

Agreed. If not for our sake then for his own well being. That is one unhealthy obsession.

ID: f30eb  No.12269

We, the audience all see the same event, but each person internalizes and interprets it in a different way. Food for thought.

>I love how he acknowledges that he misdrew Miles too big there but does nothing to correct it.

It's a funny little snippet, but it has no real impact on the overarching plot so not a big deal.

ID: 1ad98  No.12270

>It's speckled throughout all your writing and despite being anon, can pretty much tell it's from the same person.

Congratulations, you know how to spot an ID and know that you have in fact been holding a conversation with one person. Also, the instances of "we" there are in fact used in statements applicable to everyone.

>You make these assumptions based upon your own feelings and because you feel that way, everyone else must too.

No, see, people have indeed voiced their dislike of this character, plenty, and it's especially hard to miss whenever they get lectured or shouted at by his fans.

>You seem to forget you have people disagreeing with you

I haven't forgotten that at all, but go off I guess.

>He also probably didn't LITERALLY SAY he had a frightening mindset. You said that.

Sorry for calling it what it is.

>And last I checked he's not here with a perpetual hate boner for a character because they touched your waifu.

So you're actually under the impression that the only reason someone could hate this character is because of some "waifu pureness" mentality, that's fucking golden. Nevermind the fact that people who DON'T like Rachael can't stand him either. Look, I get it, you think they're a cute and perfect couple and their pairing played out totally naturally and shit, but Christ.

>NONE of the series or cast are as hated as you think they "rightfully" are.

When did I say anything about them being rightfully hated? Quit putting words in my mouth cause you're retroactively getting pissed off about my post.

>I thought he left long ago anyway

Oh no, it turns out he is indeed still the writer, despite claiming to have left and people being led to think the "We're dating" shitshow was his grand finale.

ID: 04b34  No.12271

>Oh no, it turns out he is indeed still the writer, despite claiming to have left and people being led to think the "We're dating" shitshow was his grand finale.

Dude……stop it.

You need help, that is fucking crazy talk.

You have an unhealthy obsession with this comic that's one the levels of an meth addict.


ID: 1ad98  No.12272

Except it isn't, because this has literally been confirmed by people who are closer to Chalo and frequent his streams and shit. What, did you think Chalo was actually doing it all alone now?

ID: 04b34  No.12273

……You're hopeless.

Just stop.

ID: 1ad98  No.12274

Mhmm. Yeah, hopeless because I acknowledge that Chalo isn't doing it all by himself.


ID: f1292  No.12277


If the comic's the meth to the anons, you and your admin bretheren are the enablers to said addiction, constantly egging them on to respond just to get your jollies off to their opposition.

Christ almighty, even the u18 thread mellowed out more than this thread, and that was the primordial ooze that this thread spawned from in a way. Much like DA artists, that much has stayed consistent around here for years on end without change.

But go ahead and downplay my response with some snarky retort or superiority-complex ridden diatribe, you'll just be proving me right regardless of what ego-infested quip you come up with this time.

ID: f30eb  No.12278

You just don't seem to get it. The issue at this point isn't even the like or dislike of a character. You seem hell bent on telling everyone else their opinion is wrong when it's just that, an opinion.

People then try to ask you for positive input. Something to go along with your critiques to fix something you deem as terrible. Butcha don't. That'd be too much work. Not that you'd even have the remotest idea of how to fix or write a competent narrative. Go ahead. Prove me wrong on this one. If the problems are so glaringly obvious to you the solutions should be as well.

In terms of your claims on Soulkat. Proof. Screenshot, written conformation, something. Otherwise I'll be completely honest on this one, you sound like a flat-earther

ID: 1ad98  No.12284

Well, let's see, one way to fix things would be to not have your characters' personalities change at the drop of a hat. Don't have a character act a certain way for hundreds of pages, sweep it all under the rug, have them contradict their previous behaviour with no actual buildup or proper character development (and in some cases even actively devolving), and go "No, you just don't understand this character!" Consistency in general is not a polite suggestion, in fact, and the amount of inconsistencies, retcons and moments where the writers just forgot their own lore are too numerous in this comic to even list. And on top of this, have characters RETAIN what they learn. Don't have Miles have a big epiphany about what a dick he is, only to proudly announce that he'll never change and it's the world that should change for him. Don't have Mora constantly take a step back as a character every time she takes one forward to the point where she needs the farm's bankruptcy explained slowly to her and doesn't seem to give a shit about it until the last minute but we're still supposed to think she has great business sense. Don't have Sarah's maturity increase only to end up making her more and more childish afterwards until finally she doesn't recognize kissing when she sees it and says things like "boys are gross".

Another would be to actually learn how women and relationships work instead of taking everything you know from anime and porn, so your romances aren't written like a 14-year-old would write them. Don't constantly send the unhealthy message that if you're in a relationship, you need to start having sex ASAP because if you don't, you won't feel truly fulfilled or it somehow makes your love less genuine. Maybe avoid having a character win someone over after doing nothing to earn it, a character having their personality changed and/or their standards suddenly lowered to better fit the relationship they've been put into, characters suddenly being together because why not, characters rushing a relationship along and acting like they've been together far longer than they have been, etc. Also maybe take less advice from horny fans who'll literally start demanding two characters end up fucking because it turns out they use the same brand of shampoo. In fact, that leads into the general tip of "Don't write your story as you go, especially if that involves taking fans' theories and wishes, making them canon and watching them marvel as they're led to believe it was planned that way for years."

Here's a really simple one too: Don't portray characters acting like total morons in the face of something with a simple solution as if they're being smart about it. Best and most specific example, Mora throughout the current arc. Even her fans have said she's being an idiot by refusing to tell Taffy and Randal about the farm being in danger of going under, taking out loans she knows she can't pay back, etc. It feels like in Final Fantasy 13, when the main characters keep playing right into the villain's plans, knowingly doing everything he needs them to do for him to succeed, and yet they think they're foiling his plans.

As far as Miles in particular goes? Maybe just not having him start being such an arrogant creep in the first place would've been a great long-term plan. Remember how he was really early on? How he was kind of a jerk, a bit perverted, but bearable and even easy to feel sorry for at times? He seemed like he wanted a relationship for more than just sexual gratification? Yeah, that hasn't been him for a long, long time. A smart move would've been to keep and develop THAT Miles, instead of introducing the selfish douchebag "Nice Guy" Miles who's long been a sexual assault lawsuit waiting to happen, and then intending him to be the male audience identification character. Of course, another thing that would've helped is if his origin wasn't, y'know, literally being SK's self-insert.

Just a little sampler for you.

ID: e426d  No.12285

Las Lindas has its laundry list of problems, but I think alot of the vitriol from some of the more.. 'rabid' fans comes from possibly the failure of completing the arcs for certain characters.

Namely Miles had alot of potential but it was wasted/avoided or otherwise glazed over because the conflict of him becoming a better person wasn't super interesting to LL's creators.

I think the worst/most blatant wish-fulfillment with Miles came with Geecku. It wasn't just that a sexy woman was trying to seduce him, but she had to give him a public BJ, whisk him away from his room then have sex all night *into the next day* until he literally runs out of steam from exhaustion. Only to later confess his feelings for Rachael and begin dating all within around a 24 hour period.

It's like, he couldn't just get Rachael but had to be sexed to exhaustion and confess it too. It was so over the top.

Miles and Mora are also very similar (strikingly so) but unfortunately too easily get what they want without really ever 'earning' anything. It makes it frustrating to read - but many of the characters also have this problem albeit with less abrasive personalities.

Im not honestly sure why people don't talk about how disappointing Rachael's arc is either. Besides being a criminal/kidnapper and generally kind of unpleasant to other people at the farm, she sort of 'fails' in her mission to get Sarah out of the farm. She goes from being sort of badass with her saving of Digit to complaisant and begrudgingly accepting of Mora's rule. As a sort of 'rival' she doesn't really do anything spectacular or awe-worthy besides sometimes smart mouth Mora (which is usually shot down). The power dynamic isn't exactly even between the two and we never get this rebellious tomboy badass just a mundane maintenance-worker of sorts.

Besides, she gets overshadowed as Alejandra as the sort of antagonist for much of the comic - who is the only one on par with Mora in terms of power/rule of the farm. Its not like we are gonna see Rach with a nano-spirit thingy of her own.

ID: 1ad98  No.12286

A big problem with Miles AND one of the biggest reasons why his sex-fest/confession arc sucked was honestly really nicely summed up by a post Sechs made back when the shit-ass "We're dating" page was new.

>The inability of Miles to change is not rooted in a belief that people can't change, it's rooted in the fact that Miles is the self-insert for an arrogant, selfish, condescending jerk and thus his chances of ever ceasing to be an arrogant, selfish, condescending jerk are extremely small.

>Basically for Miles to change, SoulKat would have to change, and according to most of what I've heard and seen over the years that is ridiculously unlikely.

>That's why this bad writing decision is so much more infuriating than all the bad writing decisions that came before it. All of those could have at least had some justifications, amounted to something, but this is so blatantly, transparently warping one character's personality and established characterization to please the whims of one writer who's injected himself into the beneficiary of this behavior that it's not really defensible in any other way than giving SoulKat emotional masturbation material.

ID: 3c215  No.12290

File: 1551123398179.png (413.79 KB, 680x880, 1551113053.chalodillo_feb0….png)

ID: 3c215  No.12291

File: 1551123412330.png (409.27 KB, 680x880, 1551113866.chalodillo_feb0….png)

ID: 3c215  No.12292

File: 1551123428423.png (471.98 KB, 680x880, 1551113957.chalodillo_feb0….png)

ID: bf2fd  No.12293

Wanna cuddle that precious, soft tummy… T~T ~~~<3

ID: 00d6c  No.12294

I need more of this penguin

ID: 3c215  No.12295

File: 1551186174355.jpg (977.68 KB, 800x1587, LL0582.jpg)

ID: 3e8b2  No.12296

Apples = Cider! Bottle that shit up.

ID: 4496f  No.12297


Something tells me Mora's gonna get extremely giddy over making Kumis (fermented horse milk, but I'm sure she'll not mind substituting).

ID: e426d  No.12298


Wait.. those panels don't quite make sense.

Harvest all the apples and plant new crops? Like remove an orchard? That's gonna be alot of work, why not plow a new field instead? And again.. apples can make cider so..

Then the next panel is more confusing, gr8 juice was a product (i assume a fruit juice blend) that didn't go so well (i guess?) for the farm - how are they gonna 'transform' it? Like extract ingredients from it (why would you do that?) turn it into craft beer (again that would be more like wine then beer). Why wouldn't they diversify and make multiple products? Farms can make more then one product..

I feel like this was written without knowing what beer is actually made of.. you know, hops,barley, yeast.. though that varies from beer to beer..

Wouldn't it made more sense for her to say that they need machinery to process the beer and ferment it? Basically like setting up a factory of sorts.. instead of… 'transforming fruit juice'.. like what even is this writing?

ID: 02136  No.12299


ID: 1ad98  No.12300

…So her plan is to make the farm exclusively a brewery instead of having this be secondary to what they're already doing.


Yeah, there's another thing, hat indication was there ever that Gr8 is a failed product? How do they plan to completely replace everything, especially when we've seen they practically have a FOREST for an orchard? How is any of this smart writing?

ID: e426d  No.12304


Lol I was tired when I wrote this. I thought 'plant' and assumed well 'plant' but they probably should have used factory,facility or something along those lines.

If Im not mistaken didn't a similar plotline to 'save the farm with an innovative product' already be used for Gr8 juice? Given it's been less then a year since the beginning of Las Lindas (in comic time) switching products twice in the same year - with having to revamp everything? Plus when Alejandra broke the news to Mora she specifically said they need to diversify and have more things to sell rather then just switch to selling one thing again.

ID: 1ad98  No.12306

Correction, it's been more than a year, but still less than two.

>Plus when Alejandra broke the news to Mora she specifically said they need to diversify and have more things to sell rather then just switch to selling one thing again.

You're putting way too much faith in their ability to remember their own story or even look back to the beginning of the arc to make sure they know what they're doing.

ID: 3e8b2  No.12307

Nanomachines. If you have any questions that is your answer.

ID: 1ad98  No.12309

Or, y'know, they could put actual thought into the writing so we don't ask tons of questions in the first place only to be given a cop-out answer from a fan akin to "A wizard did it."

ID: 3e8b2  No.12310


ID: 0f545  No.12311


For fuck's sake dude, LL is set in a world where tech is so advanced you can have A.I so human-like (prime-like?) they can have feelings, and magic also exists to some degree. And you are complaining about that?

ID: 396b6  No.12312


His nanomachines must be calibrated badly.

ID: 3c215  No.12313

File: 1551415097386.jpg (270.56 KB, 800x1205, tumblr_pno7741tab1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 1ad98  No.12314

Yes. Because neither of those are an excuse for not using your own material as reference and consistently failing to answer questions.

ID: 0f545  No.12315


I'm the only one who thinks Mora looks WAAAAY better with that color scheme?

ID: f66a2  No.12316

Alej looks really good here.

It's more like most people probably just don't care. It probably will be nanomachines and/or Geecku doing her magic or something.

it's expected at this point.

ID: 1ad98  No.12319

I'm not just referring to this, and neither of those would excuse them forgetting that Alej said at the beginning of this very arc that the farm can no longer just focus on making one thing. Now here Mora is, about to overhaul the entire farm into exclusively a brewery, and if we're now expected to believe Gr8 was some big failure, I can't see why this will be what results in them swimming in cash.

ID: 396b6  No.12320


Calm your nanomachines.

ID: 3c215  No.12321

File: 1551463101064.png (371.83 KB, 765x884, D0ljluVXcAAfclc.png)

ID: 3c215  No.12326

File: 1551760941247.jpg (866.76 KB, 800x1592, LL0583.jpg)

ID: bf2fd  No.12327

And now we wait for our resident shitraker(s?) to complain about what they don't like with this comic page for… idk how many times this would make it now.

ID: 4496f  No.12328

File: 1551806862384.jpg (90.59 KB, 773x1000, D02j2NoVsAAZ1v_.jpg)


And that didn't take long for the opposition pot to call the kettle black by bellyaching about bellyaching.

Until the inevitable justification of anon's "do as I say, not as I do" M.O., some smut for the image(?) board.

ID: bf2fd  No.12329

No need to be such a smartass about it… :/

ID: 1ad98  No.12331

Really, it's about damn time someone told her. But honestly, I still want to know what even made Mora think TAFFY AND RANDAL of all characters would prioritize their wedding over the farm.

ID: a090c  No.12332


Brain nanomachines, probably.

ID: fa4be  No.12333

Well, there's this thing humans have called "love" and when a human has this "love" for another they want to do everything they can to make that other human happy. Even to their own detriment. I know this can be hard for a reptilian android to understand, but not all sentient life operates entirely on logic.

ID: 1ad98  No.12334

Jesus fucking Christ, spare me the passive-aggressive dehumanizing bullshit, are you really that pissed that someone feels that Mora should've at least known better than to think Taffy and Randal would prefer a wedding none of them can afford over having a goddamn home?

ID: 3e8b2  No.12335

I'm not saying she's right. I'm saying I understand her. I empathize with her. There is nothing wrong with the writing if she doesn't behave in the most optimal strategy. She is written like a person with more heart than sense, but that's also human. It's what people who like Mora like about her.

You complaining about her in this sense makes it seem like you can't fathom what would cause her to act this way. It's what caused me to mock your lack of humanity. Your soulless analytical pit that you call a heart.

ID: 081e6  No.12336

All this bitching and moaning isn't gonna make them write a better comic…

ID: 1ad98  No.12337

How about you stop trying to psychoanalyze someone based on a post they made that you don't like?

ID: a090c  No.12338


Or you could just recalibrate your nanomachines.

ID: 3e8b2  No.12339

Now you're just being reductive to avoid addressing any of my points or admitting you were wrong.

ID: 3c215  No.12347

File: 1552255781968.jpg (117.13 KB, 765x990, D1T7UPvX0AASdcM.jpg)

ID: 4496f  No.12350

File: 1552277334045.jpg (265.5 KB, 1521x1980, D1KudUFX0AICyPS.jpg)

ID: 3c215  No.12351

File: 1552278814094.jpg (99.71 KB, 638x714, D1WbV8qW0AAxvPm.jpg)

ID: 66d7a  No.12352


so are we ever going to get an update to mousechievous again?

ID: 9671f  No.12353

File: 1552357090025.png (7.46 MB, 3143x4699, Mousechievous001.png)


ID: 4496f  No.12355


Let's see how long THIS lasts, now…. and how long until they push the "censored cheesecake" button with that mouse.

ID: 1ad98  No.12356

Why is this in the Las Lindas thread though?

ID: 3c215  No.12357

File: 1552397150892.jpg (72.74 KB, 638x825, D1bfiuGW0AEgmLJ.jpg)

ID: 3c215  No.12358

File: 1552487673143.jpg (306.7 KB, 800x1155, AtHP_FreeStyle.jpg)

ID: 2a8c5  No.12359

Livin' the dream.

ID: e426d  No.12360


This should have it's own thread. Or at least be in the UberQuest one.

ID: 1ad98  No.12361

Yeah, I totally buy that she wouldn't notice he's getting off on this.

ID: 2a8c5  No.12362

2ho says she's not also into it?

ID: 1ad98  No.12363

Her facial expression does not convey sadistic sexual pleasure. Obliviousness is indicated through her dialogue. She's actually serious about her workouts while it's long been clear that Miles hears the word and thinks the same thing as the fans.

Also, it just occurred to me that Chalo forgot to make the end of Miles' tail white.

ID: 081e6  No.12364


Yeah, Chalo's slipping if he forgot that. x:

I'm hoping we don't have another Tila incident. Cause her hair started out as pale blond, then they changed it to white for no reason.

ID: 1ad98  No.12365

They changed a number of things for no reason, really–hell, they one day suddenly claimed her to be Toby's mom too, despite him sharing absolutely no traits with her.

ID: 3c215  No.12366

File: 1552599393974.jpg (80.28 KB, 638x875, D1bJB9kWkAcBN2-.jpg)

ID: 2a8c5  No.12367

She's not stupid, she knows he's getting off on it. Why would she continue if she wasn't getting something out of it too?

ID: 1ad98  No.12368

I think you're trying a bit too hard to read a simple tropey situation as some kind of mutual foreplay routine.

ID: ec7e6  No.12369

>they one day suddenly claimed her to be Toby's mom too, despite him sharing absolutely no traits with her.

This can be easily explained in one of two ways:
A) Toby takes more after his yet-to-be-seen dad
B) Toby's adopted

ID: 1ad98  No.12371

1. Except it's an established rule of the loose lore that when hybrids happen, they have at least one trait from the parent they don't take the most after, ie. Joy and Hope having coyote tails and sharp teeth. Of course, the comic's lore is something we know the creators don't care about keeping consistent even within a single arc, and we've also been told that the reason Tiggs has huge boobs is supposedly because she's half cow, so who the fuck knows anymore.

2. Oh no, they've made it clear that they want us to believe Toby is in fact the biological son of Tila.

ID: a18ae  No.12373


That's so much bullshit. Chalo has said on stream several times that Tila is Toby's stepmother.

ID: 1ad98  No.12374

Yeah, what, after enough people pointed out that she couldn't be his biological mother by the universe's own rules? Because guess what, yes, they did push that that's what she is. In fact, would you like to see what her profile was changed to say after they came up with that bit, back when there was still a character profiles page? Cause TV Tropes has 'em all preserved, copypasted verbatim, and here's hers!

>Tila Sunrise is an affable and beautiful snow leopard, born and raised in southern Finland among many crystal lakes and gorgeous mountains. She is now living on the Prime continent with her husband, Richard Wainwright, and chose to retain her maiden name thanks to her incredibly popular chain of hotels christened 'Sunrise Inns'. Tila is a woman of great passions and few worries. When Richard, a poor author traveling the world for inspiration, wandered into her life, Tila chose to accompany him and spent the next three years appreciating the beauty of Neo-Earth. Such were the greatest years of Tila's life; a proposal in Spain, a honeymoon in France, and a seemingly never-ending adventure of living off the land and the kindness of those they met along the way. It was only when she became pregnant with Toby that the couple decided to focus on their careers for the sake of his future. While Tila is a kind and generous host, much of her success is born of her inspirations from rabbit culture in France and her hotels now have become the most popular family getaway in the entire nation. Now semi-retired, Tila spends her time doting on her husband and three children, keeping up with the many friends she has earned world-wide. There's even talks of her likeness being used in fictional works… but only time will tell.

Woah wait, let's zoom in on a particular detail there…

>It was only when she became pregnant with Toby that the couple decided to focus on their careers for the sake of his future.

Huh, would you look at that. "Pregnant with Toby".

ID: a090c  No.12375


Your deep and insightful analysis of furry comics, complete with careful and exacting documentation of their contents so you can catch the creators in any flaws, must make you a real hit on the social scene.

ID: bf2fd  No.12376

File: 1552856760044.jpg (468.11 KB, 849x565, iStock_000016172223Small-1.jpg)

Is this is all you know how to do, seriously? This thread gets toxic enough as it is, I just wanna fap to furry porn ffs.

ID: a090c  No.12378


Who's stopping you? I'm not putting a gun to your head forcing you to whine.

ID: 081e6  No.12379


You understand you're fighting a losing battle, yes? The comic isn't magically going to get better overnight, and some people's opinions just won't change no matter how many you times you shove how much you hate it down their throats.

All this anger, dude. It just creates MORE anger.

ID: bf2fd  No.12380

Likewise, nobody is forcing you to keep this high school locker room grade angst going, either, yet here we are.

ID: a090c  No.12381


Is that why you think everyone in high school made fun of you too, angst?

ID: bf2fd  No.12382

File: 1552917551389.jpg (49.31 KB, 563x585, Lolwutmate.jpg)

>Is that why you think everyone in high school made fun of you too, angst?

ID: bff13  No.12383

I swear people in these threads overthink shit that just does not matter in the long run.

" Tila is Toby's mom!"

and? Yeah it happened, but how does it effect the story? Just what big thing does that alter? Sure she could have been his step mom or not related to him at all, but her being so isnt some grand issue either. Especially when we hardly knew anything about these characters in the first place.

It just feels like trying to find anything to nitpick

ID: e7756  No.12384


It's a desperate attempt to assert authority and relevance in their lives because they have no ability to create or self-validate. So they try to prove they can be objectively correct about something, anything at all to make themselves feel important, without ever considering that maybe a furry titty comic isn't worth taking so seriously. Because they can't find anything to be truly passionate about and positive worth, so they smugly declare gotchas over the parent of a titty furry's kid.

Sort of like people who receive so little attention and validation that they try to pick fights with people they perceive as more important than themselves.

ID: ec7e6  No.12385

Just like how you make yourself feel important by white knighting this comic when someone points out a flaw or inconsistency, regardless of how glaring it might be. Because you yourself can't find anything to be truly passionate about, so you smugly type away and devalue any sort of criticism that gets thrown at Las Lindas by hurling insults that are as obvious as they are petty to said critics.

ID: a090c  No.12388


Nah, I'm just mocking you 'cause you're a loser.

ID: 5af83  No.12400

File: 1553016504210.jpg (31.76 KB, 500x375, qzrvj5q96ciy.jpg)


Dude, that's some autistic level fixation. Is literally like the "sonic with blue arms" thing

ID: 1ad98  No.12403

No, that's what we call "proving someone wrong with actual evidence that literally anyone can go and grab within one minute, after that person incorrectly called bullshit on something".

ID: a090c  No.12416


And that improved your life in what way?

ID: e9a92  No.12427

It's not that you're wrong or we don't believe you. It's that you're the only one who cares.

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