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Oop, old one isn't bumping, so time for a new one!

And remember, if you get angry that no one is giving your deep and serious analysis of the furry titty comic the due respect, regard, and consideration it deserved, it's admitting you've never actually touched a titty.
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File: 1556214474158.jpg (157.42 KB, 800x1169, D5A9-LXWAAAabkp.jpg)

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File: 1556308662993.jpg (422.02 KB, 800x1229, AtHP_DDPatches.jpg)

ID: 6aa56  No.12653

More Code of Princess outfits please

ID: 98028  No.12663

File: 1556589908030.jpg (229.75 KB, 765x1170, 1556570801.chalodillo_ac19….jpg)

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File: 1556589925455.jpg (156.7 KB, 765x1080, 1556571040.chalodillo_ac19….jpg)

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File: 1556589953810.jpg (217.53 KB, 765x1080, 1556571159.chalodillo_ac19….jpg)

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File: 1556589975095.jpg (120.77 KB, 638x900, 1556572587.chalodillo_acfu….jpg)

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File: 1556590003959.jpg (115.13 KB, 638x900, 1556572656.chalodillo_acfu….jpg)

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File: 1556590023790.jpg (124.7 KB, 638x900, 1556574574.chalodillo_acfu….jpg)

ID: b541e  No.12669

I'm pretty sure these were already posted in the last thread.

ID: 98028  No.12671

File: 1556828552831.jpg (881.34 KB, 800x1524, KH0083.jpg)

ID: 07dc6  No.12672

Wow, this is who everyone was so scared of?

ID: 9aeef  No.12673

Years or decades of peace would make anyone scared stupid of the slightest disturbance.

That and the evident chaos they caused.

ID: 98028  No.12674

File: 1556845475971.jpg (123.66 KB, 638x825, D5mKndnXsAIs-f4.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12675

File: 1556845489724.jpg (110.54 KB, 638x825, D5mRv2hWsAELo8V.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12676

File: 1556845517899.jpg (115.69 KB, 638x825, D5mSmkjWwAEGxOi.jpg)

ID: 07dc6  No.12677

Someone who's been hyped up as being so powerful and who's utterly annihilated people onscreen is just a slight disturbance?

I think it's more likely that they're moving things along a bit too quickly.

ID: ef6c7  No.12678


>That and the evident chaos they caused.

Someone forgot to read the other half of the comment.

ID: 48e08  No.12681

What the heck is Joy's dad doing there all of a sudden? ._.;

Also RIP, evil fennec girl thighs…</3

ID: 98028  No.12700

File: 1557781483236.jpg (794.73 KB, 800x1592, LL0588.jpg)

ID: 48e08  No.12702

We're never gonna get an explanation for that 'milkduds' thing, are we? =w=; Also kinda surprised it's still a thing all these years later tbh…

ID: 92b52  No.12703

ID: 724bb  No.12704


I never understood the inclusion of a valley-girl esque accent for a 'genius inventor' type. Maybe irony, but it just reads annoyingly.

Also the Milkduds joke landed a bit weakly (wasnt the last time we saw it when they confessed their love?) but I was never much of a fan, seemed more random then anything.

ID: 48e08  No.12706

Ah ok, thanks, and that show was fucking hilarious. XD

ID: 4305c  No.12707


Tootsie has never been a genius inventor or a scientist. Chalo has said it many times.

She's a tomboy grease monkey.

ID: e84e1  No.12708

She never built all those mechs she uses?

ID: 082e6  No.12710

Ah, so it's like so many other things in this comic, ie. taken from a preexisting thing.

Except she blatantly is.

The fuck do you call the scenes with her using stuff straight out of Tony Stark's training lab? Or the mech she created herself? She's basically been used as an expy of several genius inventor characters by now, so bull to the shit "she's not a genius inventor".

ID: 48e08  No.12711

I wonder if she's ever built a 'bot that could fuck… I mean this is the furry world we're talking about after all, one of the biggest rule 34 sources on the net… >.>;

ID: 724bb  No.12712


Isn't she super heavily based off of Gadget from Rescue Rangers? She has been shown doing alot of things sciencey and techy.. Im not sure about 'levels of intelligence' Im sure Tiare is way smarter then Toots or something.

ID: 98028  No.12713

File: 1557920387396.png (266.81 KB, 536x825, D6kuxXtX4AAKRoi.png)

ID: 4305c  No.12714


Those mechs are common technology in the LL world. In fact they are old technology as modern stuff is all made of those "nanozells".


Again, she isn't. The tech she usus is widely available to about everyone. Her mech is the RL equivalent of a really tuned up 60's muscle car.

ID: b2add  No.12718

I highly doubt Tootsie would waste time and resources on this when she's got a perfectly good Alej right next to her.

ID: 48e08  No.12719

She didn't always have Alej though, that's what I'm getting at, as in is there some forgotten machine in an old lab somewhere she just left lying around, perfectly good and ready for fucking?

These are the questions nobody asks, but I still wanna know the answer. :P

ID: 082e6  No.12723

Right, sure, common tech everyone uses, that's why no one else is ever seen using it. Everyone still drives cars, there was a tractor on the farm implied to have been used by Mora's family, Miles' little love plane is seen as something that can still be used, things like Ambar's imperial starship-ass private jet are awe-inspiring, and Tootsie's own mech came as a surprise to other characters when they first saw it, but sure, it's commonplace to see shit like mechs.

Tootsie has outright said before that she makes her own stuff–the fucking Gustaff ripoff she uses is of her own creation, this is fact. We've even had it all but stated that yes, her unfitting valley girl accent was added for ironic humor because she's a genius. This "Tootsie is neither a genius nor an inventor" thing is about as believable as the old bullshit about her being straight, or the claim that none of these characters are capable of speaking human languages when they all have human names and Mora spouts random Spanish for no reason, or the claim that feline Primes can never be truly attracted to anyone but other feline Primes or whatever bullshit was said, or any other ludicrous claim they've made that the comic never backs up.

ID: 48e08  No.12724

Whoa, slow down there, your hair's starting to smoke, keep that up and your head'll burst into flames from all that misguided rage.

ID: e84e1  No.12725

A sex machine that also milks Alej. Judging by the porn she likes watching her get fucked by other guys so why not a machine that also gets her milk? She'd probably make cheese out of it afterwards.

ID: 082e6  No.12726

That's what you call "rage"?

ID: 98c13  No.12727

File: 1558012143370.gif (421.35 KB, 500x300, giphy.gif)


Here we go…

ID: 4ec0a  No.12728

Can you back up the claim of tootsie actually saying she makes her own stuff? Not forum posts, those are non-canon.

ID: 4305c  No.12729


No, it is not commonplace because it is old as fuck. is just like Mile's plane. It is obsolete technology because everything else is way more advanced. Tootsie is the equivalent of someone making retro computers in modern day. I don't see why that's so difficult to understand when we know the current tech level in LL has nanomachines, true A.I and stuff that is borderline magic.

ID: 082e6  No.12730

File: 1558046625237.jpg (817.5 KB, 700x1540, LL0384.jpg)

Oh, you want a sample? Here's a page that, right before Phi acts as a Fluttershy expy in a moment pulled right from an episode of MLP, features Tootsie saying the Iron Man-ass reactor thing she was working on before Miles intruded is of her own design. That means she created it. She invented it, you could say. And it seems like something you wouldn't trust someone who's "just a tomboy greasemonkey" and/or a genuine ditz with handling.

Oh, and a few pages before this, she channels Dr. Insano (after making a lame pony meme reference) to state that this facility will be greater than ever because science. That doesn't feel like it indicates she's just going to follow instructions to put together something she didn't design that only requires basic mechanic skills.

ID: d3d82  No.12731

I love this. Even with a page where basically nothing happens, an argument still starts up

ID: 724bb  No.12733


Except Nano-Sprite-Whatever ghost things Digit,Phi and the others are - aren't technologic inventions. They are supposedly, energy beings with the property of ghosts. Way more evovled then Primes and Humans but basically act like Alexa for Primes for I guess, plot reasons. They fuck and breed and everything (because of course they do).

Starship like jets are just left-over remnants from the Prime's space-farring days, because they found Earth then remade it (I think with dragon magic) to Neo-Earth with help of those enslaved yet higher evolved beings known as Nanozells.

So if ANYTHING, the space-jets should be veeeeeeeeery old tech.

Anyways, you'd have to be stretching super hard to not get the implications that Tootsie ISN'T an inventor with a higher then average IQ.

ID: 4305c  No.12735


I never said she isn't. Just that she isn't anything like "wow amazing scientist!" Tiare would be like that. Heck, remember the nanozell clothes from the festival? Prime tech level is like MCU Asgardian.

Again, Tootsie is like people who still code stuff for obsolete operating systems. She prefers the metal and grease than all the fancy nanozell stuff. Just because she likes stuff that is far behind tech wise it doesn't mean she isn't smart. But Tiare and Ambar completely eclipse her.

ID: 98028  No.12736

File: 1558141212350.jpg (131.55 KB, 652x765, 1558133192.chalodillo_lewd….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12737

File: 1558141233987.jpg (111.67 KB, 825x638, 1558133299.chalodillo_pizz….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12738

File: 1558141257219.jpg (211.06 KB, 638x825, 1558133662.chalodillo_pizz….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12739

File: 1558141273220.jpg (361.45 KB, 638x1200, 1558133739.chalodillo_pizz….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12740

File: 1558141339782.jpg (200.54 KB, 724x1280, 1558133905.chalodillo_athp….jpg)

ID: 2e207  No.12741

File: 1558150769711.png (864.21 KB, 1500x1759, 1558141212350.png)

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