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Oop, old one isn't bumping, so time for a new one!

And remember, if you get angry that no one is giving your deep and serious analysis of the furry titty comic the due respect, regard, and consideration it deserved, it's admitting you've never actually touched a titty.
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ID: 48e08  No.12766

The thighs live to flee and awe us another day! Also I'll just come out and say it, we need more porn of Ayah…

ID: 98028  No.12767

File: 1559019885833.jpg (639.54 KB, 638x825, 1558991822.chalodillo_stre….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12768

File: 1559019906471.jpg (620.84 KB, 638x825, 1558991902.chalodillo_stre….jpg)

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File: 1559019930075.jpg (646.1 KB, 638x825, 1558992007.chalodillo_stre….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12770

File: 1559019949235.jpg (42.56 KB, 638x770, D7mV6_IXoAUDx0d.jpg)

ID: 48e08  No.12775

File: 1559112396286.jpg (166.39 KB, 1280x1145, 1559002202.chromefox_chalo….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12776

File: 1559255285312.jpg (821.04 KB, 800x1592, LL0590.jpg)

ID: 724bb  No.12777


This dialogue feels super clunky and weird. Also, they've been dating for what– a couple weeks, a couple months now? They seriously only ever spoke about business *all those years* prior too?

I find it hard to believe this relationship.

ID: e84e1  No.12778

Rarely talking about non-business stuff with her girlfriend seems to be pretty fitting for someone like Alej. Also it could be hyperbole.

ID: f7bc1  No.12779

Yeah, the whole point of the conversation is that Alej is basically just learning to have an identity separate from her work, so realizing she just talks about work even with her SO kind of makes sense.

ID: 98028  No.12793

File: 1559610879878.jpg (180.6 KB, 1050x638, 1559608904.chalodillo_acfu….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12794

File: 1559610936338.jpg (196.55 KB, 638x975, 1559609055.chalodillo_acfu….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12795

File: 1559610951101.jpg (93.44 KB, 738x2215, D8LcaSVX4AgCvJ9.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12796

File: 1559677757351.jpg (763.95 KB, 800x1236, 1559666158.chalodillo_morn….jpg)

ID: b541e  No.12797

File: 1559705305767.jpg (233.06 KB, 795x1280, 1559699489.chalodillo_athp….jpg)

ID: 18f9e  No.12798

Wow, I'm sorry, but… What even are these proportions now?

ID: 8fe1b  No.12799

The best proportions.

ID: 18f9e  No.12800

You think nothing being proportionate to each other and her head looking too small for her body is "the best"?

ID: e84e1  No.12801

Yeah it's definitely something I also noticed. I'm guessing that Chalo is defining his bodies more than just making thick women. That means he's giving them more muscles, likely wanting to give everyone the Rachael treatment. And of course we've been seeing the heads get smaller and smaller.

ID: 8fe1b  No.12802


ID: 18f9e  No.12804

How about no~

ID: c3268  No.12805

is it that time again already?

ID: 500f0  No.12806

ID: 18f9e  No.12807

See this? This right here? Reactions like this to any and all criticism are a big part of why Chalo's art has stagnated and gotten wonkier over the past few years.

ID: b94b0  No.12808

You know I'm starting to wonder that for all the criticism people sling at chalo here and other places

Has anyone actually ever thought about going to his streams and actually telling him the same complaints?

ID: f7bc1  No.12809


Why make criticisms directly to the person who actually has any amount of influence over the comic when you can sit on a completely unrelated website griping and then get all offended when people who have no influence over the comic tell you they're tired of hearing it?

ID: 27a50  No.12810

File: 1560013418985.jpg (342.73 KB, 1894x1983, D788eINWsAAac8-.jpg)

ID: e84e1  No.12811

Many artists will get criticisms from time to time and Chalo's been doing this for over a decade. It really depends on the type of people he's in contact with the most and who he decides to listen to.

There was this Marvel comic artist named Ryan Stegman that usually put out some amazing art and one time he started work on a new comic series and it was SHIT. It got so bad he had to say on Twitter that he didn't get hurt or anything and that he was just trying out a new style. He then went back to his usual style.

I've seen plenty of artists develop their style and then refine it in a way that got less and less appealing. And people on the Internet will make their opinions heard, even when praising something they'll be like "Well I don't like this but good job!"

ID: 98028  No.12812

File: 1560025924640.jpg (894.24 KB, 800x1592, LL0591.jpg)

ID: 18f9e  No.12814

Nah, more like why bother bringing it up right to him when people have already done that before and, no matter how well they worded it, been dismissed as "haters" and "trolls".

ID: 8fe1b  No.12815

Maybe he dismisses you because you're a fucking asshole.

ID: 18f9e  No.12816

Maybe you should take a few seconds to actually read the post, so you'll notice that not only did I never say I've said a word to him directly, but also that I specifically said others have, and that no matter how well they worded their critique and no matter what tone they used, Chalo's pretty much been conditioned to view all critics as hateful trolls, just like the others who work/worked on the comic do.

ID: 98028  No.12822

File: 1560515881005.jpg (81.57 KB, 1000x888, D89J66aXkAYo2D3.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12828

File: 1560915914247.jpg (1.11 MB, 4096x3352, D9YtVe4WsAIyM5k.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12829

File: 1560915939088.jpg (1.09 MB, 4096x3352, D9YtVe6W4AALOoL.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12831

File: 1561071652887.jpg (162.12 KB, 738x2215, D9idxHFXYAIO3Bk.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12840

File: 1561351161021.jpg (91.66 KB, 638x825, D9y-XkvWkAE4WJX.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12841

File: 1561351175740.jpg (119.2 KB, 638x825, D9y_3DoX4AAGlSU.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12842

File: 1561351199188.jpg (110 KB, 638x825, D9zAHdEWwAEdGHU.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12853

File: 1561536556398.jpg (679.17 KB, 800x1492, KH0085.jpg)

ID: 48e08  No.12854

That looks like either the end of a hole filled wiffle bat or a gun barrel… 0.o

ID: 1b456  No.12857

So remind me, WHY did her horn break?

Like… She didn't seem to be hit there at any point, nothing actually happened to it, so…

ID: f7bc1  No.12858


I think it's maybe meant to be a cheese-shaped vibrator, indicating it's something Toots made.

ID: d628c  No.12859

To mee it looks like she's launching a wiffle ball

ID: 98028  No.12862

File: 1561685128374.jpg (183.62 KB, 795x1280, 1561676924.chalodillo_athp….jpg)

ID: 48e08  No.12863

More Ayah plz. :3

ID: efeda  No.12880

I'm thinking it's due to the energy burst from her "Clan Power" emerging, so it may have broken then? Not sure why else it broke…

ID: 1b456  No.12883

And yet the other one didn't?

ID: 98028  No.12899

File: 1562985937046.png (355.02 KB, 638x975, 1562984408.chalodillo_alic….png)

ID: 98028  No.12900

File: 1562985965519.jpg (223.93 KB, 638x975, 1562983750.chalodillo_alic….jpg)

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