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File: 1552960884657.jpg (17.19 KB, 480x360, hqdefault234234.jpg)

ID: f7bc1  No.12389[Last 50 Posts]

Oop, old one isn't bumping, so time for a new one!

And remember, if you get angry that no one is giving your deep and serious analysis of the furry titty comic the due respect, regard, and consideration it deserved, it's admitting you've never actually touched a titty.

ID: 07dc6  No.12390

No one was deeply analyzing shit, only proving someone else's statement incorrect with easily obtainable material. I'm not sure why that makes you so upset.

ID: 98028  No.12391

File: 1552964753509.jpg (848.53 KB, 800x1524, KH0081.jpg)

ID: f7bc1  No.12392

File: 1552967144255.jpg (79.35 KB, 364x325, cranky-cause-you-never-tou….jpg)

ID: 48e08  No.12393

This is why we can't have nice things.

ID: aa086  No.12394

Don't bother arguing with Sechs my friend, she'll only insult you if you attempt to start a logical discussion.

ID: 07dc6  No.12395

Okay, I don't know what reaction they want us to have to the fuckin' "bork" thing, especially when we see his face looking like that, but I just let out a burst of laughter and something tells me that wasn't the intended reaction.

Oh, and I guess that not-cross thing just has no actual meaning anymore, given we're seeing it on Ayah. Or I dunno, maybe we're supposed to forget the explanation Chalo gave before and assume it's some Narakhan thing, and then shit's gonna go south fast when the girls are all seen wearing it at Taffy's wedding, who the hell knows anymore.

ID: f7bc1  No.12397


Because God knows we wouldn't want to be anything less than purely rational and logical about discussing the furry titty comic, eh, guy who never touched a titty?

ID: 07dc6  No.12399

You are speaking to multiple people.

Yet again.

Why is telling apart IDs the hardest thing in the world for you? Or is it not so much that it's hard and more that you don't even bother looking before you lash out?

ID: e1210  No.12401

I guess when multiple people make the exaxt same argument addressing one is the same as addressing all of them.

Christ, I take four days off and this is what I come back to. Would it kill people to be a little more positive? Like if you quit ragging on stuff you hate and talk about shit you enjoy you might end up happier.

ID: aa086  No.12402

Because that would require using ones brain, something that people like Sechs absolutely loathes.

ID: 500f0  No.12404

You're all only proving my point by getting this mad about it.

It's just. A fucking. COMIC.

I don't hate it. But I hate what it and everything associated with it does to you people.

ID: a79e2  No.12405


Painfully ironic, considering that Sechs and its ilk are a collective hive mind.

One of many here.

ID: e1210  No.12406

Be constructive or you're getting a time out

ID: f7bc1  No.12415


Don't be such a Hirtes.

ID: 724bb  No.12421


I mean, Im pretty sure most people know what proxies are. It's not hard to fake various ID-codes..


ID: 07dc6  No.12422

Or maybe… Just maybe…

She's speaking to multiple people.

ID: efeda  No.12424

Oh yeah, it's about to go down. Ayah is getting desperate, and now Joy's power seems to have been revealed. I am looking forward to what happens next. Also, wondering if Xing (the other hyena) will be able to get a shot or two.

ID: 07dc6  No.12425

Oh yeah, I kinda forgot they're hyenas. Which means now I have to question whether it's Chalo, Curran or both who's under the impression that hyenas are dogs, considering the one hyena's power that expects us to take an onomatopoeia associated with a literal lapdog seriously.

ID: 0ab79  No.12426

It's not uncommon to think of them as dogs. Not everyone spends their free time looking up hyena facts. I only just recently learned about it from Pack Street.

ID: 144cb  No.12428

I'm the only one who thinks Knighthood is insultingly bad? Las Lindas has mediocre writing, but it can be enjoyable. Knighthood has nothing of that. None of the characters are likeable or relatable and Joy is such an unbearable Mary Sue. Heck, I prefer fucking Ayah to all the supposed "heroes".

ID: 0ab79  No.12429

Yep. You're the only one. At worst it's ignorable

ID: 48e08  No.12430

>I prefer fucking Ayah
Glad to see I'm not the only one. XD

ID: f7bc1  No.12434

I mean honestly it must suck to go through life feeling personally insulted every time you see a piece of media that isn't very good, instead of just going "That media isn't very good".

ID: 724bb  No.12436


While I get the bit with them looking a bit like canines, its hard to say they don't know what sounds a hyena makes. Its so distinctive and most everyone knows Hyenas don't bark like dogs, so I can't imagine they are that ignorant..?

I mean that at least is a valid critique of the comic pages.

ID: 724bb  No.12437


Well, I think it's because we rarely get any insightful moments with Joy. "Its just mainly, I gotta be the best fighter ever and only beat all the crests - also tentacle lady!" We don't see Joy being a character beyond her wanting to fight.

What foods does she like? What's her insecurities? What is she compensating for? What does she feel that we all do? She barely interacts beyond..wanting to fight someone…or that her dad did it so she should too? Her mom is a crest yet she doesn't understand any Crest stuff - the comic repeatedly keeps trying to convince Joy and the readers why she is doing all this..

Maybe we just needed a backstory of how she saw something when she was young that inspired her or maybe her best friend was killed and she couldn't save them.. just…something..anything.

ID: 07dc6  No.12438

It's clear that Curran wants really badly to write a story on par with Shonen Jump material but fails to understand what makes the best of them actually work.

ID: f7bc1  No.12439


Right. Derivative writing on its own isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially if you're deliberately trying to get into a genre, but you actually have to analyze it and process it on more than a surface level. You can't just see that it's fight scenes along with occasional interaction moments and that's what you try to recreate, you have to look into the structure of it and why these things happen and build on that foundation of it rather than just trying to build a house that looks like what you see.

I guess don't give Curran too hard a time for that, it's not like professionals are any better about it sometimes. Just look at the Thundercats reboot.

ID: 07dc6  No.12442

Which one, the actually good one that CN fucked over, or that Thundercats Roar bullshit?

ID: f7bc1  No.12444


The Avatar knockoff one really wasn't that good. It had a very poor attempt to blend episodic and arc writing, struggled with character development (meaning every time they had some it got discarded at the end of the episode so it could be done over again), some pointless shocking swerves to prove it was "grown-up", and overall was just not that good. Just because CN canned it for a stupid reason (not selling enough toys, as usual) doesn't mean it was really worth keeping around.

I mean sure, it's a hundred times better than the stupid bullshit of 'Thundercats Roar', but that's not exactly difficult. Really all it had going for it were good character designs and nice animation, which were being used to distract from the fact that the writers didn't know what the fuck they were doing.

ID: 4ec0a  No.12445

It wasn't as amazing and deep as people remember it being, but I remember a handful of episodes being really good. I think that's the issue with that show. For what it was, it was good, but it wasn't what it was trying to be.

It wanted to be avatar, but it was more like…that 2002 He-Man Series. If they leaned more into that and abandoned the arc stuff altogether I think it would have been a lot better.

ID: f7bc1  No.12447


Yeah, they should have gone with the "colonizing a new planet" angle rather than try to make it some epic quest for Lion-O to reclaim his conquered kingdom, in blatant copying of Aang's quest to learn to be Avatar and fight off the fire nation. The way it wound up being was that the Thundercats had apparently never ventured more than like a week's drive away from their city and had to discover a bunch of stuff that was practically up against their walls, it just didn't make any sense.

ID: 4ec0a  No.12449

I don't think that's the only way they could have gone. I could see the series being centered around Lion-o as the newly crowned sheltered prince solving problems around his kingdom after his father was assassinated by mum-ra. Having leadership thrust upon him.

A lot of the characters at their core were fine as-is. It's just how they were used. And in this format you wouldn't be forces to use everyone every episode or come up with a contrived reason to split them up.

They also needed to ditch the shitty love triangle. And backstabbing revenant with the shittiest heel turn reason ever.

ID: 98028  No.12450

File: 1553455491805.jpg (855.52 KB, 800x1592, LL0584.jpg)

ID: 07dc6  No.12452

>Ran and I have decided to raise our family here.

Well hey, it's not like anyone can ever leave, so I imagine everyone will be.

ID: 724bb  No.12453


Is this implying she is already pregnant?

ID: a79e2  No.12455

No, but it's not like that'd be difficult given her desires and the enabler 2 feet in front of her there.

ID: 07dc6  No.12457

Given what a rabbit stereotype she's quickly become, how much she seems to have taken both Mora and Cocoa's terrible advice from awhile back to heart, and how rushed every relationship's progression in this comic has gotten, it honestly wouldn't surprise me if she was.

ID: 4ec0a  No.12458

I'm confused, was she ever not a rabbit stereotype? Traditional, family oriented, definitely catholic inspired.

Why is "wanting a family" such a bad thing for her?

ID: 07dc6  No.12459

It's not. Literally no one said it is. The stereotype part comes in with things like her immediately wanting more kids than she can afford and fucking Randal for an absurdly long time and such. In fact, for the majority of the comic's run, they kinda made a point of avoiding the stereotype of rabbits being insatiable with Taffy.

Not getting where you see "Catholic inspired" either, I think you may be thinking of Naylor's rabbits there.

ID: c3340  No.12460

Of it's not a bad thing then why do you care?

ID: 724bb  No.12461


Nothing to do with Naylor, it was an old saying long long before that.


Was this the whole, waiting before marriage to have sex kinda thing? Cause she kinda had all sorts of premartial sex.

ID: 98028  No.12464

File: 1553784066578.jpg (707.83 KB, 3508x4961, D1LOQpqWsAAcHyz.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12465

File: 1553784091239.jpg (1 MB, 4000x4000, D2uXWeiWwAAoeUN.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12466

File: 1553784111884.jpg (103.11 KB, 1280x751, D2DZvklX0AEpBhV.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12467

File: 1553784128066.jpg (182.23 KB, 1487x1600, D2uX3khVYAEWimY.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12468

File: 1553806193475.jpg (208.09 KB, 1200x918, D2w-jPuVYAIs9OX.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12469

File: 1553806211472.jpg (434.8 KB, 3528x5000, D2w7QukX4AsQ3Rk.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12470

File: 1553806233054.jpg (257.29 KB, 638x714, 1553752234.chalodillo_bigp….jpg)

ID: 07dc6  No.12471

Wasn't this one already posted?

ID: 27a50  No.12472

File: 1553824411977.jpg (309.43 KB, 2048x2048, D2yFVE7U8AAJdic.jpg)

ID: 48e08  No.12474

File: 1553894195432.png (Spoiler Image, 2 MB, 2000x3000, rachael run3.png)

Spoiler for those who dun like dicks

ID: 98028  No.12478

File: 1553901568052.jpg (93.8 KB, 1020x1149, D21rNZYXcAE9bEh.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12485

File: 1554057832838.jpg (191.43 KB, 723x1280, 1553916308.chalodillo_athp….jpg)

ID: 07dc6  No.12487

Guys, you can try all you want, "Once you go bunny, you never go back" absolutely does not flow or work like the phrase you're aping, and it just feels like you're awkwardly trying to establish rabbit Primes as some kind of stand-in for black people.

Also I miss when this WASN'T literally Cocoa's entire character.

ID: 724bb  No.12490


Cocoa is fine side character for fap material, she shows up so rarely it doesn't really phase me.

Besides that threesome pic with Cocoa,Pepper-Ann and Graham was kinda hot.

Besides, she doesn't have sex anymore then Mora and Minos. Aren't Pandas known for being especially lazy about everything, including reproduction? So if anything, Cocoa is defying the stereotype.

ID: 98028  No.12491

File: 1554097254906.jpg (825.33 KB, 800x1592, LL0585.jpg)

ID: 07dc6  No.12493

Oh hey, that was actually kinda funny.

ID: e5219  No.12496

I remember around 2013 and such when she was getting ultra-popular thanks to the u18chan edits and all so she got an upgrade.
It's too bad she went from "self conscious nerd" to "turbo slut bunny chaser"

ID: 07dc6  No.12505

No, what happened was they did a side comic character popularity poll, Cocoa turned out to be the most popular, and so they decided to have her appear in the main comic and such. And in the process, they apparently got the impression that she needs to be…y'know, entirely THIS now. This and out-of-context memes (for example, the HI-LARIOUS AtHP bit where she says during sexual roleplay that she was frozen today and I guess that in and of itself is supposed to be gut-bustingly funny because what's-his-face there can barely contain himself when she says it).

ID: 5864b  No.12506

God, you are such an asshole.

ID: 724bb  No.12507


How dare Chalo use memes to make a cutesy couple interaction.

Also if she was just a stand in "ugly fat girl nerd" along with the "high tech nerd" -tootsie, the "moe waifu nerd" - taffy and the "angry glossed over but desperate for attention nerd" - Pepper Ann she didn't really stand out much.

Pepper-Ann already has the complex about her body,getting noticed and power in general. I get they can all be 'nerds' but having Cocoa the more outgoing,cosplaying,gamer nerd that is super chill about most everything is a better dynamic then "frumpy fat girl also down on herself". This plays off well with the neurotic,temperamental,socially awkward Pepper-Ann.

Like, so what is Chalo is playing up her sex appeal? HE DOES THAT WITH EVERY FEMALE CHARACTER. It's not even the most controversial character he has. Honestly, a minor character that gets more screen-time and fanart should be something people would be happy about.

ID: 07dc6  No.12509

>How dare Chalo use memes to make a cutesy couple interaction.

Literally not what I said. At all. But go the fuck off I guess. Just from that one sentence, I can tell you're the type who probably laughed out loud at that AND the comic's misuse of "What's a paladin?"

>if she was just a stand in "ugly fat girl nerd"

Who said she has to be ugly? When was she EVER the ugly one?

>having Cocoa the more outgoing,cosplaying,gamer nerd that is super chill about most everything is a better dynamic then "frumpy fat girl also down on herself".

Again, her having more confidence is generally not what people's problem is.

>so what if Chalo is playing up her sex appeal?

And AGAIN… Not the actual complaint.

Aww, I'm sorry, did I hurt your feelings by not finding it funny when old memes and reviewer quotes are used incorrectly and we're practically given a cue to laugh at them?

ID: e1822  No.12510

Sheldon is back?

ID: 4ec0a  No.12511


ID: 500f0  No.12513

Dude, you're twisting our words so we CAN'T disagree, or WE look like the assholes.

ID: 724bb  No.12515

File: 1554256820452.png (521.13 KB, 917x606, 8f922c4d3d3c01b19e6560ee4f….png)


Want to pick apart my response? Fine. I will do the same to your to see how much of a hypocrite you are.

>Literally not what I said. At all. But go the fuck off I guess.

"And in the process, they apparently got the impression that she needs to be…y'know, entirely THIS now. This and out-of-context memes (for example, the HI-LARIOUS AtHP bit where she says during sexual roleplay that she was frozen today and I guess that in and of itself is supposed to be gut-bustingly funny because what's-his-face there can barely contain himself when she says it)."

Says you aren't complaining about a meme and it's drawn out of nowhere but you spend several sentences complaining about the joke/meme. Magical amnesia?

> I can tell you're the type who probably laughed out loud at that AND the comic's misuse of "What's a paladin?"

I rarely find jokes in Las Lindas/ATHP funny, I just don't know why you are so butthurt over a joke yourself. Clearly anyone who points this out must be the absolute opposite - nice black and white thinking.

>Who said she has to be ugly? When was she EVER the ugly one?

"I remember around 2013 and such when she was getting ultra-popular thanks to the u18chan edits and all so she got an upgrade.
It's too bad she went from "self conscious nerd"" to which you responded..

"what happened was they did a side comic character popularity poll, Cocoa turned out to be the most popular, and so they decided to have her appear in the main comic and such."

There obviously was a shift in character design from 2009-2010 to 2012 (when Cocoa started getting more popular). The original design (seen here) obviously didn't put much thought into making her looking attractive or stand out.

>Again, her having more confidence is generally not what people's problem is.

>And AGAIN… Not the actual complaint.


Oh noes, she got married. Oh noes, she is sexier. Oh noes, she tells stupid jokes in cosplay that you don't personally find funny. Oh noes, Chalo isn't TRUE AND HONEST to her nature despite being the fucking creator. Oh noes, this isn't something I can entirely control and rather then make my own story/comic/characters I'm gonna whine about every little insignificant thing!!1

ID: afee6  No.12516


ID: 07dc6  No.12520

>Says you aren't complaining about a meme

No, what I said was that I never said or implied "How dare Chalo use memes to make a cutesy couple interaction."

>I just don't know why you are so butthurt over a joke yourself.

I'm not. Cause it's not even a joke. She said the line, straight-faced, in the middle of a spiel, and the guy starts cracking up. And this whole thing with referencing old memes, reenacting scenes from other stuff, or even just straight-up plagiarizing other people's comics is a common thing with this comic, I've noticed, which is what makes this so much worse. Chalo and SK way too often seem to think quoting the old Channel Awesome stable and recreating MLP scenes and having characters do meme faces and shit is comedic gold or something.

>There obviously was a shift in character design from 2009-2010 to 2012 (when Cocoa started getting more popular). The original design (seen here) obviously didn't put much thought into making her looking attractive or stand out.

Still doesn't look "ugly" at any point. If you personally saw her as the ugly one back then, that kinda seems to speak more to how you viewed her than what was intended.


This has nothing to do with "headcanons", nor does a sudden complete character shift qualify as development, but whatever, stock fan reply. Also notice that neither of us were all-caps raging about this like you strawman us as doing. You are literally getting seriously pissed off about people not liking how a minor character is written.

>Oh noes, she got married.

Still not the issue.

>Oh noes, she is sexier.

She was never not sexy.

>Oh noes, she tells stupid jokes in cosplay that you don't personally find funny.

Again, no one's complaining about her cosplaying, don't even know what corner of your ass you pulled that from, and again, merely referencing a line doesn't constitute a joke.

Yeah, this.

ID: 4ec0a  No.12521

That' goes for you, too.
Last warning.

ID: 7e980  No.12523

I think these threads have hit a point where Chalo could draw Mora or somebody just brushing their teeth and someone would still find a problem with it because just about everything gets nitpicked here

ID: 642e3  No.12524

File: 1554315004327.png (771.08 KB, 2220x631, Lesbeach.png)

Can't we just go back to waiting for lewds?

ID: 48e08  No.12525

That's exactly what I've been trying to do, but as long as most folks see fit to use this as their personal tantrum board…

ID: 98028  No.12526

File: 1554330093278.jpg (116.45 KB, 638x900, 1554315165.chalodillo_ac19….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12527

File: 1554330112561.jpg (176.23 KB, 638x900, 1554315266.chalodillo_ac19….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12528

File: 1554330131579.jpg (140.28 KB, 638x900, 1554315338.chalodillo_ac19….jpg)

ID: 48e08  No.12529

This makes me wonder, if some Primes can grow to be in excess of 8 feet tall, does that mean the society they live in has special accomodations? Like how big does that bathroom have to be to fit Tila's 8 foot tall curvy body, and what would it look like to someone less staturally inclined? These are some of the questions I like to wonder about this comic. :P

ID: 98028  No.12530

File: 1554392249694.jpg (368.28 KB, 515x990, 1554357002.chalodillo_abbi….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12531

File: 1554392266230.png (326.35 KB, 638x900, 1554357199.chalodillo_marc….png)

ID: 98028  No.12532

File: 1554392286178.png (393.54 KB, 638x900, 1554357300.chalodillo_marc….png)

ID: 98028  No.12533

File: 1554392303255.png (413.85 KB, 638x900, 1554357497.chalodillo_marc….png)

ID: 500f0  No.12534

File: 1554402723115.jpg (97.56 KB, 765x1080, MoraPirate.jpg)

ID: 500f0  No.12535

File: 1554402744817.jpg (104.69 KB, 765x1170, BearSwordmaster.jpg)

ID: 500f0  No.12536

File: 1554402804824.jpg (70.26 KB, 765x1080, LewdAlej.jpg)

ID: 500f0  No.12539

File: 1554446480182.jpg (127.13 KB, 700x940, SwimsuitAlej.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12540

File: 1554520259824.jpg (175.32 KB, 1200x1366, D3WMQsQWAAEuHdi.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12549

File: 1554771536707.jpg (797.14 KB, 800x1524, KH0082.jpg)

ID: e84e1  No.12550


ID: b541e  No.12553

Alej creampies are always welcome in my book.

ID: f7bc1  No.12555


"Nothing personnel, kid."

ID: 98028  No.12556

File: 1555038143364.jpg (463.88 KB, 800x1417, AtHP_NaeriePast.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12557

File: 1555038159226.png (118.57 KB, 476x852, D363EA6XkAAQeK8.png)

ID: 98028  No.12558

File: 1555038176994.png (190.75 KB, 476x852, D363EA9W4AAxsH7.png)

ID: 48e08  No.12561

File: 1555043475470.png (136.59 KB, 555x143, 3gV1ooT.jpg.png)

ID: 4d8be  No.12572

Could someone please color this one?

ID: b541e  No.12581

File: 1555511670019.jpg (819.12 KB, 800x1592, LL0586.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12582

File: 1555531205789.jpg (456.53 KB, 800x1229, AtHP_Tango.jpg)

ID: 07dc6  No.12583

Okay, so now we're back to the original "something bad happened to her that made her like this" story? After several years of saying there was no trauma or any other problems and she's just LL's Maud Pie?

ID: 724bb  No.12585


I don't mind the concept here (its a cute brother/sister moment) but what kind of sister stuffs her brother's face in her cleavage to shut him up?

It would've made more sense if she hit or punched him instead.But then we wouldn't have Taffy's embarrassed angry reaction.

Chalo can do good stuff, but geez sometimes its so needlessly sexual it takes you out of it.

ID: e84e1  No.12587

>what kind of sister stuffs her brother's face in her cleavage to shut him up
A sister that doesn't think of it as sexual in anyway and doing so out of desperation with little time to think. Also an anime trope and it's also part of the punchline considering Taffy's expression.

ID: b94b0  No.12588

>Okay, so now we're back to the original "something bad happened to her that made her like this" story? After several years of saying there was no trauma or any other problems and she's just LL's Maud Pie?

We knew little to nothing about Naerie. He never said she never went through any trauma .

ID: 07dc6  No.12591

Short answer: When in doubt, Chalo always resorts to ecchi anime tropes.

It was heavily suggested in the past, particularly through in-character forum posts, that not only did something traumatic happen, but it's also tied to why, until this was retconned too, Ambar and her husband weren't on good terms with each other. Then, as mentioned, sometime after starting the ask blog, Naerie just became an outwardly stone-cold character just because. And now it seems we're back to the original backstory, cause here's this AtHP thing suggesting something pretty awful happened that completely changed her.


Realistically, money would stil be an issue once the expensive conversion of an entire farm into an entirely different kind of facility is finished, and Alej even said at the beginning of the arc that they can no longer afford to focus on just one thing, yet here Mora is ready to have the place focus on just one different thing.

ID: 48e08  No.12594

Sweet Jesus H. Fuck on a pogo stick, how many time has this thread turned into a dumpster fire now…?

ID: 07dc6  No.12595

Mere discussion is a dumpster fire now?

ID: e84e1  No.12596

To be fair, you're not helping.

ID: b541e  No.12602

In all honesty, I'm not seeing it.

ID: 6980b  No.12607

You're overreacting.

ID: 48e08  No.12608

Imho it's just as silly when others do it for literally no reason, I only wish this was the reaction it got instead of everyone feeding into it…

ID: 6980b  No.12610

Aww…I kind of want to see li'l Mora learning to tango now.

ID: 98028  No.12620

File: 1555731894722.jpg (773.41 KB, 800x1592, LL0587.jpg)

ID: 724bb  No.12621

ID: 07dc6  No.12622

Yeah, again, good luck with that.

Oh, I mean, uh… Ha ha, comedy, it's funny cause bunnies fuck lots.

And yeah, speaking of culinary school, what the hell ever happened to going back? They ever going to explain why she just suddenly gave up entirely on that?

ID: f7bc1  No.12624

File: 1555775590227.jpg (141.45 KB, 1366x768, c0ffa2_6546613.jpg)

ID: 4ec0a  No.12625

Culinary school is a losing investment. It is absolute misery and you have almost no chance of returning your investment.

ID: b94b0  No.12626

Culinary School just might not be worth it at this point. Nothing says the financial aid she could get would cover all her expenses. Depending on her location she would have to find another job to provide for herself. Even graduating she'd possibly have loans to pay off and if she ends up back working at Las Lindas then what was the point of even going in the first place?

ID: fd564  No.12631

Also when you grow up in a family with 12 kids, six is not that many.

ID: 07dc6  No.12634

Where was it ever stated that Taffy is one of twelve kids?

And either way, doesn't change that she's not taking into account where she lives now, ie. an already packed house on a farm in serious financial trouble whose owner has already told her the house will have to have expansions built onto it to allow any amount of kids to be raised there, let alone SIX TO EIGHT, on top of however many all the other couples inevitably have in the ending.

ID: 9ef18  No.12635

It was in her backstory comic, I think.

And you do realise that she won't be having them all at once, right? 2 to 5 years appart helps. By thrle time you're on 4, 1 and 2 are old enough to help out.

ID: 724bb  No.12636


Pretty sure it's just a 'joke' ripped from this movie..


ID: 07dc6  No.12638

Where did I say she will be having them all at once? Why would I even assume she would or necessarily could? And why did you dodge the points I actually brought up?

And I remember her backstory comic and sure don't remember there being twelve kids.

I dunno, that seems a tad obscure for it to be one of the ever-growing list of things they've yanked jokes, scenes and characters from, pretty sure they're just going the tired "lol bunnies fuck a lot" route.

ID: cb899  No.12639

She had, like, a ton of brothers though. Not kids, but the were at one point. Twelve wasn't a specific number anyway. I pulled it out of my ass to illustrate a point. One person's perspective on what a big family is can vary depending on their life experiences.

And besides that, it's a farm. Lots of room for a big family. Practically by design. Not to mention three superhumans, and two sentient nanobot clouds to help with building additions if need be.

ID: 98028  No.12643

File: 1556143846874.jpg (215.25 KB, 776x1200, D47aQXiUYAA4I2U.jpg)

ID: 07dc6  No.12644

Yes, a farmhouse that's, again, already kinda packed as it is and apparently still barely getting by.

Oh wait, I say that like I expect everything WON'T conveniently go perfect in the end.

ID: 1be5c  No.12645

Now who isn't reading. Las lindas os acres of land. Houses can be expanded. And they are takimg time to travel before having kids.

Like I said. Six to eight kids is the end goal. Totally fine and respectable even (or perhaps even especialy) with their circumstances.

ID: b541e  No.12649

File: 1556200489587.png (437.18 KB, 893x1133, 1556157013.chalodillo_sand….png)

ID: b541e  No.12650

File: 1556200507086.jpg (565.3 KB, 800x1236, 1556158293.chalodillo_morn….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12651

File: 1556214474158.jpg (157.42 KB, 800x1169, D5A9-LXWAAAabkp.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12652

File: 1556308662993.jpg (422.02 KB, 800x1229, AtHP_DDPatches.jpg)

ID: 6aa56  No.12653

More Code of Princess outfits please

ID: 98028  No.12663

File: 1556589908030.jpg (229.75 KB, 765x1170, 1556570801.chalodillo_ac19….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12664

File: 1556589925455.jpg (156.7 KB, 765x1080, 1556571040.chalodillo_ac19….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12665

File: 1556589953810.jpg (217.53 KB, 765x1080, 1556571159.chalodillo_ac19….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12666

File: 1556589975095.jpg (120.77 KB, 638x900, 1556572587.chalodillo_acfu….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12667

File: 1556590003959.jpg (115.13 KB, 638x900, 1556572656.chalodillo_acfu….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12668

File: 1556590023790.jpg (124.7 KB, 638x900, 1556574574.chalodillo_acfu….jpg)

ID: b541e  No.12669

I'm pretty sure these were already posted in the last thread.

ID: 98028  No.12671

File: 1556828552831.jpg (881.34 KB, 800x1524, KH0083.jpg)

ID: 07dc6  No.12672

Wow, this is who everyone was so scared of?

ID: 9aeef  No.12673

Years or decades of peace would make anyone scared stupid of the slightest disturbance.

That and the evident chaos they caused.

ID: 98028  No.12674

File: 1556845475971.jpg (123.66 KB, 638x825, D5mKndnXsAIs-f4.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12675

File: 1556845489724.jpg (110.54 KB, 638x825, D5mRv2hWsAELo8V.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12676

File: 1556845517899.jpg (115.69 KB, 638x825, D5mSmkjWwAEGxOi.jpg)

ID: 07dc6  No.12677

Someone who's been hyped up as being so powerful and who's utterly annihilated people onscreen is just a slight disturbance?

I think it's more likely that they're moving things along a bit too quickly.

ID: ef6c7  No.12678


>That and the evident chaos they caused.

Someone forgot to read the other half of the comment.

ID: 48e08  No.12681

What the heck is Joy's dad doing there all of a sudden? ._.;

Also RIP, evil fennec girl thighs…</3

ID: 98028  No.12700

File: 1557781483236.jpg (794.73 KB, 800x1592, LL0588.jpg)

ID: 48e08  No.12702

We're never gonna get an explanation for that 'milkduds' thing, are we? =w=; Also kinda surprised it's still a thing all these years later tbh…

ID: 92b52  No.12703

ID: 724bb  No.12704


I never understood the inclusion of a valley-girl esque accent for a 'genius inventor' type. Maybe irony, but it just reads annoyingly.

Also the Milkduds joke landed a bit weakly (wasnt the last time we saw it when they confessed their love?) but I was never much of a fan, seemed more random then anything.

ID: 48e08  No.12706

Ah ok, thanks, and that show was fucking hilarious. XD

ID: 4305c  No.12707


Tootsie has never been a genius inventor or a scientist. Chalo has said it many times.

She's a tomboy grease monkey.

ID: e84e1  No.12708

She never built all those mechs she uses?

ID: 082e6  No.12710

Ah, so it's like so many other things in this comic, ie. taken from a preexisting thing.

Except she blatantly is.

The fuck do you call the scenes with her using stuff straight out of Tony Stark's training lab? Or the mech she created herself? She's basically been used as an expy of several genius inventor characters by now, so bull to the shit "she's not a genius inventor".

ID: 48e08  No.12711

I wonder if she's ever built a 'bot that could fuck… I mean this is the furry world we're talking about after all, one of the biggest rule 34 sources on the net… >.>;

ID: 724bb  No.12712


Isn't she super heavily based off of Gadget from Rescue Rangers? She has been shown doing alot of things sciencey and techy.. Im not sure about 'levels of intelligence' Im sure Tiare is way smarter then Toots or something.

ID: 98028  No.12713

File: 1557920387396.png (266.81 KB, 536x825, D6kuxXtX4AAKRoi.png)

ID: 4305c  No.12714


Those mechs are common technology in the LL world. In fact they are old technology as modern stuff is all made of those "nanozells".


Again, she isn't. The tech she usus is widely available to about everyone. Her mech is the RL equivalent of a really tuned up 60's muscle car.

ID: b2add  No.12718

I highly doubt Tootsie would waste time and resources on this when she's got a perfectly good Alej right next to her.

ID: 48e08  No.12719

She didn't always have Alej though, that's what I'm getting at, as in is there some forgotten machine in an old lab somewhere she just left lying around, perfectly good and ready for fucking?

These are the questions nobody asks, but I still wanna know the answer. :P

ID: 082e6  No.12723

Right, sure, common tech everyone uses, that's why no one else is ever seen using it. Everyone still drives cars, there was a tractor on the farm implied to have been used by Mora's family, Miles' little love plane is seen as something that can still be used, things like Ambar's imperial starship-ass private jet are awe-inspiring, and Tootsie's own mech came as a surprise to other characters when they first saw it, but sure, it's commonplace to see shit like mechs.

Tootsie has outright said before that she makes her own stuff–the fucking Gustaff ripoff she uses is of her own creation, this is fact. We've even had it all but stated that yes, her unfitting valley girl accent was added for ironic humor because she's a genius. This "Tootsie is neither a genius nor an inventor" thing is about as believable as the old bullshit about her being straight, or the claim that none of these characters are capable of speaking human languages when they all have human names and Mora spouts random Spanish for no reason, or the claim that feline Primes can never be truly attracted to anyone but other feline Primes or whatever bullshit was said, or any other ludicrous claim they've made that the comic never backs up.

ID: 48e08  No.12724

Whoa, slow down there, your hair's starting to smoke, keep that up and your head'll burst into flames from all that misguided rage.

ID: e84e1  No.12725

A sex machine that also milks Alej. Judging by the porn she likes watching her get fucked by other guys so why not a machine that also gets her milk? She'd probably make cheese out of it afterwards.

ID: 082e6  No.12726

That's what you call "rage"?

ID: 98c13  No.12727

File: 1558012143370.gif (421.35 KB, 500x300, giphy.gif)


Here we go…

ID: 4ec0a  No.12728

Can you back up the claim of tootsie actually saying she makes her own stuff? Not forum posts, those are non-canon.

ID: 4305c  No.12729


No, it is not commonplace because it is old as fuck. is just like Mile's plane. It is obsolete technology because everything else is way more advanced. Tootsie is the equivalent of someone making retro computers in modern day. I don't see why that's so difficult to understand when we know the current tech level in LL has nanomachines, true A.I and stuff that is borderline magic.

ID: 082e6  No.12730

File: 1558046625237.jpg (817.5 KB, 700x1540, LL0384.jpg)

Oh, you want a sample? Here's a page that, right before Phi acts as a Fluttershy expy in a moment pulled right from an episode of MLP, features Tootsie saying the Iron Man-ass reactor thing she was working on before Miles intruded is of her own design. That means she created it. She invented it, you could say. And it seems like something you wouldn't trust someone who's "just a tomboy greasemonkey" and/or a genuine ditz with handling.

Oh, and a few pages before this, she channels Dr. Insano (after making a lame pony meme reference) to state that this facility will be greater than ever because science. That doesn't feel like it indicates she's just going to follow instructions to put together something she didn't design that only requires basic mechanic skills.

ID: d3d82  No.12731

I love this. Even with a page where basically nothing happens, an argument still starts up

ID: 724bb  No.12733


Except Nano-Sprite-Whatever ghost things Digit,Phi and the others are - aren't technologic inventions. They are supposedly, energy beings with the property of ghosts. Way more evovled then Primes and Humans but basically act like Alexa for Primes for I guess, plot reasons. They fuck and breed and everything (because of course they do).

Starship like jets are just left-over remnants from the Prime's space-farring days, because they found Earth then remade it (I think with dragon magic) to Neo-Earth with help of those enslaved yet higher evolved beings known as Nanozells.

So if ANYTHING, the space-jets should be veeeeeeeeery old tech.

Anyways, you'd have to be stretching super hard to not get the implications that Tootsie ISN'T an inventor with a higher then average IQ.

ID: 4305c  No.12735


I never said she isn't. Just that she isn't anything like "wow amazing scientist!" Tiare would be like that. Heck, remember the nanozell clothes from the festival? Prime tech level is like MCU Asgardian.

Again, Tootsie is like people who still code stuff for obsolete operating systems. She prefers the metal and grease than all the fancy nanozell stuff. Just because she likes stuff that is far behind tech wise it doesn't mean she isn't smart. But Tiare and Ambar completely eclipse her.

ID: 98028  No.12736

File: 1558141212350.jpg (131.55 KB, 652x765, 1558133192.chalodillo_lewd….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12737

File: 1558141233987.jpg (111.67 KB, 825x638, 1558133299.chalodillo_pizz….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12738

File: 1558141257219.jpg (211.06 KB, 638x825, 1558133662.chalodillo_pizz….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12739

File: 1558141273220.jpg (361.45 KB, 638x1200, 1558133739.chalodillo_pizz….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12740

File: 1558141339782.jpg (200.54 KB, 724x1280, 1558133905.chalodillo_athp….jpg)

ID: 2e207  No.12741

File: 1558150769711.png (864.21 KB, 1500x1759, 1558141212350.png)

ID: 98028  No.12743

File: 1558362511244.jpg (123.52 KB, 638x1125, D6-64gFXkAA1Tr4.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12746

File: 1558392854519.jpg (800.65 KB, 800x1592, LL0589.jpg)

ID: 48e08  No.12747

ID: 4d8be  No.12749

I know its a long shot, but someone wanna redraw minos as Randal? Id be eternally grateful

ID: efeda  No.12761

File: 1558880257785.jpg (856.75 KB, 800x1492, KH0084.jpg)

ID: 27a50  No.12762

File: 1558883317406.jpg (171.9 KB, 800x1288, D7dMn3gXoAANsfi.jpg large.jpg)

ID: 27a50  No.12763

File: 1558887635220.jpg (345.7 KB, 1016x1280, 1555793845.missdetrop_mora.jpg)

ID: 48e08  No.12766

The thighs live to flee and awe us another day! Also I'll just come out and say it, we need more porn of Ayah…

ID: 98028  No.12767

File: 1559019885833.jpg (639.54 KB, 638x825, 1558991822.chalodillo_stre….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12768

File: 1559019906471.jpg (620.84 KB, 638x825, 1558991902.chalodillo_stre….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12769

File: 1559019930075.jpg (646.1 KB, 638x825, 1558992007.chalodillo_stre….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12770

File: 1559019949235.jpg (42.56 KB, 638x770, D7mV6_IXoAUDx0d.jpg)

ID: 48e08  No.12775

File: 1559112396286.jpg (166.39 KB, 1280x1145, 1559002202.chromefox_chalo….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12776

File: 1559255285312.jpg (821.04 KB, 800x1592, LL0590.jpg)

ID: 724bb  No.12777


This dialogue feels super clunky and weird. Also, they've been dating for what– a couple weeks, a couple months now? They seriously only ever spoke about business *all those years* prior too?

I find it hard to believe this relationship.

ID: e84e1  No.12778

Rarely talking about non-business stuff with her girlfriend seems to be pretty fitting for someone like Alej. Also it could be hyperbole.

ID: f7bc1  No.12779

Yeah, the whole point of the conversation is that Alej is basically just learning to have an identity separate from her work, so realizing she just talks about work even with her SO kind of makes sense.

ID: 98028  No.12793

File: 1559610879878.jpg (180.6 KB, 1050x638, 1559608904.chalodillo_acfu….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12794

File: 1559610936338.jpg (196.55 KB, 638x975, 1559609055.chalodillo_acfu….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12795

File: 1559610951101.jpg (93.44 KB, 738x2215, D8LcaSVX4AgCvJ9.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12796

File: 1559677757351.jpg (763.95 KB, 800x1236, 1559666158.chalodillo_morn….jpg)

ID: b541e  No.12797

File: 1559705305767.jpg (233.06 KB, 795x1280, 1559699489.chalodillo_athp….jpg)

ID: 18f9e  No.12798

Wow, I'm sorry, but… What even are these proportions now?

ID: 8fe1b  No.12799

The best proportions.

ID: 18f9e  No.12800

You think nothing being proportionate to each other and her head looking too small for her body is "the best"?

ID: e84e1  No.12801

Yeah it's definitely something I also noticed. I'm guessing that Chalo is defining his bodies more than just making thick women. That means he's giving them more muscles, likely wanting to give everyone the Rachael treatment. And of course we've been seeing the heads get smaller and smaller.

ID: 8fe1b  No.12802


ID: 18f9e  No.12804

How about no~

ID: c3268  No.12805

is it that time again already?

ID: 500f0  No.12806

ID: 18f9e  No.12807

See this? This right here? Reactions like this to any and all criticism are a big part of why Chalo's art has stagnated and gotten wonkier over the past few years.

ID: b94b0  No.12808

You know I'm starting to wonder that for all the criticism people sling at chalo here and other places

Has anyone actually ever thought about going to his streams and actually telling him the same complaints?

ID: f7bc1  No.12809


Why make criticisms directly to the person who actually has any amount of influence over the comic when you can sit on a completely unrelated website griping and then get all offended when people who have no influence over the comic tell you they're tired of hearing it?

ID: 27a50  No.12810

File: 1560013418985.jpg (342.73 KB, 1894x1983, D788eINWsAAac8-.jpg)

ID: e84e1  No.12811

Many artists will get criticisms from time to time and Chalo's been doing this for over a decade. It really depends on the type of people he's in contact with the most and who he decides to listen to.

There was this Marvel comic artist named Ryan Stegman that usually put out some amazing art and one time he started work on a new comic series and it was SHIT. It got so bad he had to say on Twitter that he didn't get hurt or anything and that he was just trying out a new style. He then went back to his usual style.

I've seen plenty of artists develop their style and then refine it in a way that got less and less appealing. And people on the Internet will make their opinions heard, even when praising something they'll be like "Well I don't like this but good job!"

ID: 98028  No.12812

File: 1560025924640.jpg (894.24 KB, 800x1592, LL0591.jpg)

ID: 18f9e  No.12814

Nah, more like why bother bringing it up right to him when people have already done that before and, no matter how well they worded it, been dismissed as "haters" and "trolls".

ID: 8fe1b  No.12815

Maybe he dismisses you because you're a fucking asshole.

ID: 18f9e  No.12816

Maybe you should take a few seconds to actually read the post, so you'll notice that not only did I never say I've said a word to him directly, but also that I specifically said others have, and that no matter how well they worded their critique and no matter what tone they used, Chalo's pretty much been conditioned to view all critics as hateful trolls, just like the others who work/worked on the comic do.

ID: 98028  No.12822

File: 1560515881005.jpg (81.57 KB, 1000x888, D89J66aXkAYo2D3.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12828

File: 1560915914247.jpg (1.11 MB, 4096x3352, D9YtVe4WsAIyM5k.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12829

File: 1560915939088.jpg (1.09 MB, 4096x3352, D9YtVe6W4AALOoL.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12831

File: 1561071652887.jpg (162.12 KB, 738x2215, D9idxHFXYAIO3Bk.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12840

File: 1561351161021.jpg (91.66 KB, 638x825, D9y-XkvWkAE4WJX.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12841

File: 1561351175740.jpg (119.2 KB, 638x825, D9y_3DoX4AAGlSU.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12842

File: 1561351199188.jpg (110 KB, 638x825, D9zAHdEWwAEdGHU.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12853

File: 1561536556398.jpg (679.17 KB, 800x1492, KH0085.jpg)

ID: 48e08  No.12854

That looks like either the end of a hole filled wiffle bat or a gun barrel… 0.o

ID: 1b456  No.12857

So remind me, WHY did her horn break?

Like… She didn't seem to be hit there at any point, nothing actually happened to it, so…

ID: f7bc1  No.12858


I think it's maybe meant to be a cheese-shaped vibrator, indicating it's something Toots made.

ID: d628c  No.12859

To mee it looks like she's launching a wiffle ball

ID: 98028  No.12862

File: 1561685128374.jpg (183.62 KB, 795x1280, 1561676924.chalodillo_athp….jpg)

ID: 48e08  No.12863

More Ayah plz. :3

ID: efeda  No.12880

I'm thinking it's due to the energy burst from her "Clan Power" emerging, so it may have broken then? Not sure why else it broke…

ID: 1b456  No.12883

And yet the other one didn't?

ID: 98028  No.12899

File: 1562985937046.png (355.02 KB, 638x975, 1562984408.chalodillo_alic….png)

ID: 98028  No.12900

File: 1562985965519.jpg (223.93 KB, 638x975, 1562983750.chalodillo_alic….jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12908

File: 1563289675228.jpg (88.53 KB, 765x1076, D_lAvaAXUAE-BdD.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12909

File: 1563289691598.jpg (138.88 KB, 1650x1800, D_kYwyjX4AAisuw.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12918

File: 1563402561955.jpg (87.56 KB, 638x975, D_tYwA2XsAEf8Lt.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12922

File: 1563485934777.jpg (338.31 KB, 2000x1940, D_vMhrgWwAAs4Va.jpg)

ID: 1b456  No.12925

I have to be honest, they'd be so great together.

ID: 98028  No.12936

File: 1563731488272.jpg (110.56 KB, 800x686, EABBkoJWkAUvAki.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12937

File: 1563731505782.jpg (99.74 KB, 800x711, EABB0CNXsAEMZXc.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12938

File: 1563737175512.jpg (798.62 KB, 800x1592, LL0592.jpg)

ID: 1b456  No.12943

I can't be the only one noticing how sloppy Chalo's getting in the face department. You cannot look at Rachael's face in the last panel of the new page and Sarah's in that first cafe image and tell me there's nothing wrong with those.

Also Chalo continues to display why he desperately needs to actually reference his own past work, because here we see Rachael's boobs starting to get close to the head-size mark. Or is that just thanks to the magic of being attached to Miles while quitting wearing a bra?

ID: f7bc1  No.12944

File: 1563812205215.png (302.86 KB, 456x299, 242a72aa-e834-430d-b4aa-ba….png)


I don't think it's "getting sloppy", I think he's deliberately trying out a new style. Furry artists seem to feel driven to change up how they do faces every so often and they can go through some truly horrifying iterations. (Example provided, luckily Max Blackrabbit didn't stick with this style for very long.)

They don't look good, though, no. He seems to be angling for something more "toon-y".

ID: 98028  No.12945

File: 1563848809622.jpg (167.81 KB, 800x1288, EAIBE0SX4AAYmoS.jpg)

ID: 98028  No.12946

File: 1563848828830.jpg (314.82 KB, 638x825, 1563775355.chalodillo_memo….jpg)

ID: 724bb  No.12949

File: 1563902448813.jpg (849.63 KB, 700x1441, LL0413.jpg)


Chalo's faces have went from more anime-ish designs to almost always having a gnarled teeth look. I think he is trying for the cute 'fang' look but the way the teeth are often drawn are bulky and may give off the appearance that some are missing.

The art seems alot more 'floaty' now, I still feel circa 2011-2013 Chalo was at his peak with proportions and expressions.

If anything, it feels more 'furry' now - heavier emphasis on the animal-ish nature of characters then before which was way more anime-inspired.

The anatomy seems to be pushed to more exaggerated style but it's lost a bit of the charm and characters seem alot less cute now.

ID: 1b456  No.12956

The latest Knighthood page shows he's also lost his grasp of how to keep a face's structure consistent when seen from the side.

ID: f7bc1  No.12957

>Chalo's faces have went from more anime-ish designs to almost always having a gnarled teeth look. I think he is trying for the cute 'fang' look but the way the teeth are often drawn are bulky and may give off the appearance that some are missing.

Reminds me of how the Penny Arcade dude's art has gone to shit.

ID: 724bb  No.12963


Oh wow, yeah I dont read Penny Arcade anymore - it had a good style in the mid 2000s or so but now it's gone full on tumblr style with red noses and everything.

ID: b6b85  No.12974

File: 1564254946331.jpg (692.32 KB, 800x1592, LL0593.jpg)

ID: f7bc1  No.12976

>Don't be stupid.

He can't help it, he is stupid.

ID: 724bb  No.12977


Dialogue is a bit clunky here..

"I was convinced it wouldn't work.." doesn't have much of a lead in from him asking if she was crying. She should of stated her aw of it working first and fore most - then got choked up, would've made a more emotional impact.

Though, why Rachael is getting so emotional after figuring something out is a bit odd, it's not the first time she succeeded at a task on the farm. Wouldn't her being useful or finding her place be a more emotional reaction?

Also she was said to be a prodigy in her origin comic, so we assume as a kid it meant she was highly skilled already - spending her life on the streets, being a dedicated fighter -ect, it's not like we've seen Rachael *lose* much in the course of the comic, on the contrary - she has gotten almost nothing but windfalls save for the Minos kiss, Fight with Mora and being pared with Miles..

Also it weirdly gives Miles a backhanded compliment.

Anyways, I wonder how long until we get a sex scene between these two to top off the comic.

ID: 1b456  No.12978

Yeah, she's gradually been getting dumber for years now, honestly, and half the dialogue sounds like she's clumsily trying to tell him to fuck her or something.

ID: 48e08  No.12993

File: 1564518554593.jpg (72.97 KB, 1600x900, Bunnytits.jpg)

Screencap from last night's stream, really hoping this gets posted sometime. :P

ID: 48e08  No.12994

Dark nips are my dig

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