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File: 1564608728181.jpg (133.61 KB, 638x900, EA1M4VTXUAAnEQt.jpg)

ID: 75cf9  No.12998

last one is not bumping

ID: 75cf9  No.12999

File: 1564608743697.jpg (129.12 KB, 638x900, EA1PAsAXUAYTg9h.jpg)

ID: 75cf9  No.13000

File: 1564608759586.jpg (125.61 KB, 638x900, EA1SgdwXoAExKld.jpg)

ID: 75cf9  No.13001

File: 1564608774759.jpg (486.23 KB, 2782x4096, EA1IsvfXkAA48wV.jpg)

ID: cef16  No.13002

Anyone got this or was it gonna be posted later somewhere?

ID: 744db  No.13003


Hm, Risty would have been a better choice than Cattleya.

ID: 75cf9  No.13004

File: 1564681853604.jpg (150.67 KB, 426x1280, 1564626311.chalodillo_amba….jpg)

ID: 75cf9  No.13006

File: 1564790060204.jpg (315.19 KB, 738x2215, EA71GMDUwAAqYhh.jpg)

ID: 75cf9  No.13011

File: 1564878195946.jpg (121.17 KB, 638x825, EBAsatFXsAEs-Cb.jpg)

ID: 75cf9  No.13012

File: 1564979205933.jpg (692.83 KB, 800x1492, KH0086.jpg)

ID: cef16  No.13013

ID: 75cf9  No.13021

File: 1565154954573.jpg (187.14 KB, 638x1200, EBVtW1_X4AAczkd.jpg)

ID: 75cf9  No.13022

File: 1565242301396.jpg (210.27 KB, 1350x765, EBaZnbYWkAAp-dV.jpg)

ID: 70a96  No.13023

Some of Chalos actual sex stuff has been the best, but boy oh boy that slappin shot fills me with hope. Just wish the creampie was a lil messier, could anyone add a bit of a cum spurt to it? I'll be eternally greatful

ID: 70a96  No.13024

Silly phone.

*hasnt been

ID: 75cf9  No.13034

File: 1565672095162.jpg (794.9 KB, 800x1611, LL0594.jpg)

ID: 46092  No.13035

>When did you get so big?

When it was bullshitted into the comic that he's suddenly like that, of course.

ID: cef16  No.13036

ID: 46092  No.13037

My dude, are you seriously about to start stanning this pairing and the ridiculous favours done to gratify Miles?

ID: cef16  No.13038

I'm just sick of hearing how much people hate Miles, it's beyond beating a dead horse at this point… He's just another Kyle, I get it, sheesh.

ID: 34b9a  No.13039


Cue the "Mora walks in on them during on the floor of the factory"

I mean, it's pretty much the last couple to get it on - this was bound to happen.

ID: 25ce0  No.13040

File: 1565708443617.png (369.54 KB, 1081x879, 1556838443175.png)

ID: 46092  No.13041

Well get used to it. He's a bad character who's been getting a ton of favours handed to him by the writer, including a devoted, increasingly dumbed-down girlfriend he did nothing to earn, and even the people around here are usually more than happy to point it out.

Knowing this comic, I wouldn't doubt that Rachael will scream so loud she can be heard halfway across the whole property.

ID: 70549  No.13042


We are talking about miles not taffy.

ID: 46092  No.13043

What does Taffy have to do with either part of that post?

ID: cef16  No.13045

>My dude, are you seriously about to start stanning this pairing and the ridiculous favours done to gratify Miles?

Wtf is 'stanning'?

ID: cef16  No.13046

Is she just talking about his muscles? Everyone is acting like she's talking about his dick or something, we all know he's a little sawed-off down there…

ID: 75cf9  No.13047

File: 1565826071020.jpg (165.41 KB, 800x1288, EB95PAHXkAA-aSg.jpg)

ID: a109e  No.13048


And we'll probably never see those acts actually carried out in a picture from Chalo. Forever denied…

ID: 46092  No.13049

Oh, I have no doubt it'll turn out he's magically got a huge dick now too.

ID: 35201  No.13050

File: 1565837962211.jpg (22.2 KB, 300x300, EB-nBsCX4AAWXJV.jpg)


Well until then, this is all you're getting.

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