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File: 1567525525206.jpg (188.24 KB, 390x786, post.jpg)

ID: 7d5b0  No.13139[View All]

Time to post my comic here! Deviants is the main comic for Sexyverse Comics, a world where various "monster" races live alongside humans. This is an explicit NSFW webcomic so I'll start this thread off with a SFW crop of the first page.

Jameson has been given a very important job by his mother. He’s to become the new sex servant for a succubus?! Satisfying the carnal desires of a woman over twice his age will require a lot of blood, sweat, and every drop of cum! Updates every Monday!

Vote for Deviants on TopWebcomics! It's fast, free, just a couple clicks, and you can vote everyday!

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ID: 7d5b0  No.14279

File: 1588202424889.jpg (723.85 KB, 900x1420, ch 4 pg 6.jpg)

Well if mom can have someone stay for a sleepover, so can I!

ID: 7d5b0  No.14295

File: 1588491270063.jpg (233.96 KB, 1000x500, episode 1 scene 1.jpg)

So a naked woman with pale skin and huge tits is just chilling on your bed. What would you do? Don’t worry, I’m a mind reader.

Life with Harley is a weekly series exclusive to Patreon! What happens when you come from work to find Harley Quinn naked and waiting on your bed? The smart thing would be to call the police and hope you get out alive but where's the fun in that? What follows is a series of nonstop sexy shenanigans and gratuitous nudity and hardcore fucking! Never stick your dick crazy but sometimes it's worth it!

ID: 7d5b0  No.14322

File: 1588749221265.jpg (661 KB, 900x1420, ch 4 pg 7.jpg)

Were you expecting it’d be anything but that?

ID: 7d5b0  No.14345

File: 1589366569940.jpg (316.99 KB, 1000x500, episode 1 scene 2.jpg)

The time between this scene and the last was about a few seconds.

ID: 7d5b0  No.14346

File: 1589366607178.jpg (878.51 KB, 900x1420, ch 4 pg 8.jpg)

A little bit of preparation for the main event!

ID: 7d5b0  No.14377

File: 1589851049851.jpg (616.3 KB, 1000x1000, episode 1 scene 3 and 4.jpg)

Fun fact: The best way to get on a woman’s good side is to eat her out until she cums. The tricky thing is that you kind of have to be on her good side in the first place in order to eat her out.

Harley’s a slut but she’s a fun slut. If you can satisfy her then you should take that as an accomplishment.

ID: 7d5b0  No.14378

File: 1589851091182.jpg (244.45 KB, 1000x500, mai 1.jpg)

Mai is very confident in her skills and refers to herself as the best ninja. But does she have what it takes to take on… The Final Boss?

Powerful. Wealthy. Unstoppable. This famous fighter is running a women-only fighting tournament. But when all the ladies come after him, they'll all realize why he's… THE FINAL BOSS!

ID: 7d5b0  No.14428

File: 1590201922397.jpg (718.52 KB, 900x1420, ch 4 pg 9.jpg)

Jack is a lot more submissive than even Jameson. His personality always has him unwilling to take any sexual initiative. Fortunately for him, Natalie is very aggressive.

ID: 7d5b0  No.14466

File: 1590460840469.jpg (896.03 KB, 900x1420, kat pin-up.jpg)

Just a Kat pin-up.

ID: 7d5b0  No.14467

File: 1590461422370.jpg (609.88 KB, 1000x1000, life with harley episode 1….jpg)

Life with Harley 1-5
Harley may be recounting things that already happened but she also remembers the sensation she felt at the time. Sensations so strong that it’s as if you’re about to make her cum all over again.

Final Boss Mai 2
And just like that she lost!

Life with Harley and Final Boss are two Patreon exclusive series made possible thanks to our wonderful patrons! Get access today and help us put out more content!

ID: 7d5b0  No.14475

File: 1590581917920.jpg (761.32 KB, 900x1420, ch 4 pg 10.jpg)

Kennedy has always been mindful of her size and doing her best not to hurt her lovers. The best ones are the size queens that want it all and then some.

ID: 7d5b0  No.14603

File: 1591502637753.jpg (733.38 KB, 900x1420, ch 4 pg 11.jpg)

Sexyverse Comics
Deviants Chapter 4 Page 11

Usually people put on more clothes when answering the door, not take it all off!

ID: b6523  No.14670

I'm likin' what I'm seein'.

ID: 7d5b0  No.14832

File: 1595039811409.jpg (799.11 KB, 900x1420, ch 4 pg 12.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 4 Page 12
Jamie’s a tough girl, she can handle this… Maybe.

Thank you very much!

ID: 7d5b0  No.14833

File: 1595039840223.jpg (793.63 KB, 900x1420, ch 4 pg 13.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 4 Page 13
The walls may not be paper thin but if someone in the next room is loud enough then it’s still very easy to hear them. There are many instances where either the mother or the daughter is getting some and the other may be incentivized to join them.

ID: 7d5b0  No.14834

File: 1595039862779.jpg (667.31 KB, 900x1420, ch 4 pg 14.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 4 Page 14
When I titled this chapter “Everyone’s Getting Some” I really meant they were getting some!

ID: 7d5b0  No.14835

File: 1595039881768.jpg (764.01 KB, 900x1420, ch 4 pg 15.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 4 Page 15
We end the chapter with the chapter’s prophecy being fulfilled. Cheryl’s succubus senses are tingling!

ID: 7d5b0  No.14836

File: 1595039909583.jpg (756.59 KB, 900x1420, ch 5 cover.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 5 Cover
This chapter brings back an older version of the leprechaun girl. Introducing Shauna, Cheryl’s boss! She has an opening and she wants Jameson to fill it!

ID: 7d5b0  No.14837

File: 1595039925948.jpg (758.39 KB, 900x1420, ch 5 pg 1.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 5 Page 1
We find our favorite couple starting the morning off right!

ID: 7d5b0  No.14873

File: 1595472634049.jpg (720.09 KB, 900x1420, ch 5 pg 2.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 5 Page 2
Jameson is properly equipped for what Cheryl and our mysterious caller has in store for him!

ID: 7d5b0  No.14902

File: 1596130667522.jpg (707.06 KB, 900x1420, ch 5 pg 3.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 5 Page 3
Natalie isn’t the most responsible person but Jack is quite the opposite. He’s not too mad about being late.

ID: 7d5b0  No.14943

File: 1596801468916.jpg (853.42 KB, 900x1420, ch 5 pg 4.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 5 Page 4
Jennifer is motherly and affectionate. She’s still as horny as the other mothers but she’ll baby her lovers and smother them in various ways. Various good ways.

ID: 7d5b0  No.14969

File: 1597322027881.jpg (819.55 KB, 900x1420, ch 5 pg 5.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 5 Page 5
Nothing like getting passed around a group of friends!

ID: 7d5b0  No.15002

File: 1597906694984.jpg (754.96 KB, 900x1420, ch 5 pg 6.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 5 Page 6
Shauna is always blunt and to the point. It’s how she operates in business and in the bedroom (or wherever it’s convenient to get laid).

ID: 7d5b0  No.15024

File: 1598598470812.jpg (740.56 KB, 900x1420, ch 5 pg 7.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 5 Page 7
Cheryl has to keep Shauna focused and make sure the business is running smoothly. Because this busty shortstack has a nasty habit of getting distracted by young bodies.

ID: 7d5b0  No.15059

File: 1599106572816.jpg (831.5 KB, 900x1420, ch 5 pg 8.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 5 Page 8
It seems everyone has a very close relationship with their mothers. How wholesome!

ID: 7d5b0  No.15105

File: 1599636734203.jpg (746.35 KB, 900x1420, ch 5 pg 9.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 5 Page 9
Everyone’s getting comfortable!

ID: 7d5b0  No.15159

File: 1600381599832.jpg (855.5 KB, 900x1420, ch 5 pg 10.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 5 Page 10
Jack just needs some convincing but we already know how this is going to end!

ID: 7d5b0  No.15164

File: 1600458833238.jpg (595.41 KB, 900x1420, Justice Lust Chapter 2 Cov….jpg)

Justice Lust Chapter 2 now available on our Gumroad Store!

ID: 7d5b0  No.15177

File: 1600855954667.jpg (827.17 KB, 900x1420, ch 5 pg 11.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 5 Page 11
I still don’t know how she’s fitting all of that inside of her.

ID: 7d5b0  No.15246

File: 1601636865533.jpg (911.07 KB, 900x1420, ch 5 pg 12.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 5 Page 12
Jack should get used to having his clothes taken off of his body for him.

ID: 7d5b0  No.15247

File: 1601636895498.jpg (815.64 KB, 900x1420, ch 5 pg 13.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 5 Page 13
Fill 'er up!

ID: 7d5b0  No.15272

File: 1602180198055.jpg (725.01 KB, 900x1420, ch 5 pg 14.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 5 Page 14
No surprise but the new guy is the one that all the women want to try out.

ID: 7d5b0  No.15300

File: 1602880623512.jpg (661.03 KB, 900x1420, ch 5 pg 15.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 5 Page 15
Looks like next chapter is Jennifer’s turn to get a ride!

ID: 7d5b0  No.15312

File: 1603310689997.jpg (633.18 KB, 900x1420, ch 6 cover.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 6 Cover
Oh yes, Jennifer is going to really, really enjoy herself this chapter.

ID: 7d5b0  No.15343

File: 1604222390360.jpg (827.52 KB, 900x1420, ch 6 pg 1.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 6 Page 1
Time for Jack to tap out and let someone else… fill in for him.

ID: 7d5b0  No.15344

File: 1604222416604.jpg (743.54 KB, 900x1420, ch 6 pg 2.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 6 Page 2
Just how badly does Jennifer want Jameson? Pretty damn badly it seems.

ID: 7d5b0  No.15365

File: 1604709030449.jpg (787.51 KB, 900x1420, ch 6 pg 3.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 6 Page 3
It’s hard to think properly when you’re being suckled on by a busty shortstack.

ID: 7d5b0  No.15380

File: 1605105715805.jpg (795.56 KB, 900x1420, ch 6 pg 4.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 6 Page 4
All the workers at Hidden Pleasures are great at their job. It’s pretty rare when a client can keep up with the veterans.

ID: 7d5b0  No.15410

File: 1606070835703.jpg (716.4 KB, 900x1420, ch 6 pg 5.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 6 Page 5
Best Laid Plans

ID: 7d5b0  No.15420

File: 1606347683202.jpg (673.96 KB, 900x1420, ch 6 pg 6.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 6 Page 6
Jameson is really digging in deep!

ID: 7d5b0  No.15444

File: 1606944077393.jpg (630.51 KB, 900x1420, ch 6 pg 7.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 6 Page 7
Jackin’ Jack!

ID: 7d5b0  No.15480

File: 1607625712128.jpg (783.98 KB, 900x1420, ch 6 pg 8.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 6 Page 8
Cheryl and Jameson are working hard!

ID: 7d5b0  No.15496

File: 1608280478209.jpg (748.96 KB, 900x1420, ch 6 pg 9.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 6 Page 9
First they talk then they…

ID: 7d5b0  No.15520

File: 1608768384281.jpg (831.84 KB, 900x1420, ch 6 pg 10.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 6 Page 10
One of Jameson’s heads is in one place (Jennifer) while the other head is somewhere else.

ID: 7d5b0  No.15542

File: 1609360088785.jpg (689.65 KB, 900x1420, ch 6 pg 11.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 6 Page 11
This is usually how Shauna conducts her business deals. And what do you know, she always ends up on top!

ID: 7d5b0  No.15576

File: 1609766334097.jpg (669.12 KB, 900x1420, ch 6 pg 12.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 6 Page 12
It’s only been about a couple hours and these two look like they haven’t seen each other in two days.

ID: 7d5b0  No.15581

File: 1610037272697.jpg (877.87 KB, 900x1660, ch 6 pg 13.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 6 Page 13
Confession time!

ID: 7d5b0  No.15609

File: 1610572168671.jpg (979.7 KB, 900x1660, ch 6 pg 14.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 6 Page 14
A very favorable interview for Jack. His background check will reveal some claw marks left by Shauna.

ID: 7d5b0  No.15646

File: 1611172605391.jpg (1021.82 KB, 900x1660, ch 6 pg 15.jpg)

Deviants Chapter 6 Page 15
Looks like these two are taking their relationship to the next step but aren’t they going out of order a bit?

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