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Webcomics are the worst artform in the world, except for all the other ones.
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ID: 4494a  No.14576

>Why the fuck are you looking at some cringey wannabe porn comic instead of porn anyways?
It may surprise you but there's actually some good porn comics that have a story. It's just surprising that the most popular furry cheesecake comics are also some of the lowest quality comics with poor management.

ID: f65ad  No.14577

>It's just surprising that the most popular furry cheesecake comics are also some of the lowest quality comics

Bruh, you don't know about low quality.

Not saying these comics are good, but shit, they don't even come close to some of the shit I've seen.

ID: ef486  No.14585

File: 1591334852190.png (991.97 KB, 800x1958, Rascals-page-552.png)

ID: ef486  No.14591

File: 1591416336126.png (452.16 KB, 960x1560, 1591414508.mastergodai_rot….png)

ID: 4494a  No.14592

So this is the cream of the crop? This and Uberquest and Las Lindas? And the only way they look good is by comparing them to comics that are even worse? Can't even answer my question and actually suggest anything better than these? I knew things were bad but I didn't think the competition was this weak to the point of nonexistence.

ID: f65ad  No.14593

I literally said that they weren't good, but okay. Keep making shit up.

ID: aeaea  No.14596

you could try the depths or bethelium, oasis, the draconia chronicles, the sprawl, anaria, the order of the black dog, eorah, and many more good comics if you take the time to look for them

ID: 4494a  No.14597

I'm just trying to get an actual answer. Why is everyone always on edge and so reluctant to actually talk like a civilized person?

ID: 72180  No.14598


Las Lindas and Rascals are tiddy comics, the main draw is the fanservice. UberQuest has fanservice but it's not the central focus of the comic.


>Oasis, Dead

>Anaria, Dead (creator staunchly anti-porn)
>Eorah, dead (no notable fanservice)

Why are you recommending comics that aren't even currently being produced?

ID: 72180  No.14599

File: 1591470678779.png (32.75 KB, 335x303, static-assets-upload150472….png)


Also I'm not even sure what arbitrary taste people have on this image board is. They whine constantly about things not being 'good' but fail to articulate what that actually is.

Is it just fuckin tiddy comics with nicely designed characters and lowbrow humor? Do they want actual stories that have plots with character growth?

There is constant conflicting shit everyone keeps saying that makes zero sense given what they whine about non-stop.

You cannot have well written characters that are captivating with an really interesting story but then it have it be nothing but cheeky nearly lewd almost porn high-school level hijinks. That just makes for an extremely confused story with no clear goal. Do you fap? Do you cry? Are you suppose to do both at the same time?

Then you whine everything is shit and you hate it. I can't imagine anyone posting here capable of producing content any better. I mean shit dude, there is a reason porn usually has cheesy plots and is played up for laughs.

If you want to fap, go fap the internet is dripping with porn content (furry comics included).

ID: 2918b  No.14600


Most of the whining comes from UberQuest stans that try to prove how "superior" it is to other webcomics.

Even Phuufy herself is known to post here anonymously, to bitch about now anyone giving any critique is just a hater and a troll and a bigot.

ID: 4494a  No.14601

You can still have fan service that's decently written and drawn well. I'm reminded of cartoons that are criticized and then the response is "it's just for kids." Hilariously enough, peak Spongebob is aimed at kids and yet it was written and animated so well that it appealed to everyone and helped keep it popular for decades. You don't have to be the Citizen Kane or Moby Dick of titty comics. You don't even have to be the Spongebob of titty comics. But you should at least be competent.

ID: d6343  No.14602

>I can't imagine anyone posting here capable of producing content any better.

Can everyone who complains about a shitty movie make a fucking movie?

ID: 68663  No.14604


>Even Phuufy herself is known to post here anonymously, to bitch about now anyone giving any critique is just a hater and a troll and a bigot.


ID: d6343  No.14605

The multitude of posts in the UQ thread that carry her exact style of white-knighting everything that came out of the Katbox, claiming everyone who even slightly critiques UQ must rabidly despise it, making ridiculous attempts at "pwning the haters", etc.

ID: 72180  No.14607


Are you ok anon?
You may have hurt your back reaching that far because someone makes a counter point.

ID: d6343  No.14608

It's not a reach at all, but okay.

ID: 2918b  No.14609


Phuufy used to post here with her name. I guess she didn't realized we have an ID system, because anon posts praising UQ and bitching about the other comics being just stupid fanservice began to show up using the same id.

Also she has posted tweets in response to what people say here.

On the pwing the trolls, she does it all the time in her discord, and will openly call you a hater or a troll if you give her any critique. There's even screencaps of discord of her reacting badly to people not caring for the animatics.

ID: 7aaf4  No.14610

File: 1591618603342.png (120.9 KB, 347x412, kibbles laughing.png)

>mfw Phuufy thinks I read her comic when I just masturbate to panels where Kibbles is present.

ID: 4494a  No.14612

Anon, I have a call for you from… hold on, let me make sure… yes… it's from the Based Department.

ID: ef486  No.14613

File: 1591648636542.jpg (180.82 KB, 558x1280, 1591638562.mastergodai_knu….jpg)

ID: 6ab27  No.14616

ID: ef486  No.14618

File: 1591791642021.png (383.63 KB, 746x847, 7b02b351938a_Mastergodai D….png)

ID: ef486  No.14619

File: 1591791658295.jpg (155.96 KB, 864x847, 689637861e44_Mastergodai D….jpg)

ID: ef486  No.14620

File: 1591791680859.jpg (173.2 KB, 1264x1280, 1591753592.mastergodai_shi….jpg)

ID: ef486  No.14626

File: 1591953163641.png (1018.53 KB, 800x1958, Rascals-page-553.png)

ID: ef486  No.14642

File: 1592244895521.jpg (219.83 KB, 558x1280, 1592243641.mastergodai_knu….jpg)

ID: d6343  No.14643

…So was there even any sort of excuse given narratively as to why they need to grab each other's tits for this power transfer or whatever?

ID: bf1cd  No.14645


yeah here in post >>14045

skunk girl just wanted to grab them boobs.

ID: ef486  No.14654

File: 1592395089920.jpg (134.02 KB, 1280x686, 1315991_mastergodais_morni….jpg)

ID: ef486  No.14655

File: 1592395106563.png (594.64 KB, 734x847, 1592368055.mastergodai_dtr….png)

ID: ef486  No.14656

File: 1592395121658.png (344.27 KB, 787x847, 1592368174.mastergodai_sha….png)

ID: ef486  No.14662

File: 1592547405362.png (1.03 MB, 800x1958, Rascals-page-554.png)

ID: d6343  No.14663

Well which is it, Godai, is the content of her character more important than her body, or are her cute face and huge tits all that matter?

ID: b33cd  No.14665


Seems like he hamfisted this ending because everyone was bitching at him about it.

Such a quick turn-around for a conflict and he still can't get off the "a woman's worth is how hot her body is".

ID: ef486  No.14671

File: 1592697541591.png (350.82 KB, 941x847, 1592689715.mastergodai_jwi….png)

ID: ef486  No.14672

File: 1592697559055.png (239.28 KB, 1268x847, 1592689852.mastergodai_pim….png)

ID: ef486  No.14673

File: 1592697575572.jpg (97.19 KB, 1280x686, 1592690034.mastergodai_sil….jpg)

ID: ef486  No.14693

File: 1593042917257.png (1.09 MB, 800x1835, 1593036885.mastergodai_knu….png)

ID: ef486  No.14694

File: 1593042938076.png (304.57 KB, 611x847, 1593041764.mastergodai_ama….png)

ID: ef486  No.14703

File: 1593172901725.png (942.54 KB, 800x1958, Rascals-page-555.png)

ID: ef486  No.14730

File: 1593506868168.jpg (141.02 KB, 523x1280, 1593491227.mastergodai_knu….jpg)

ID: ef486  No.14741

File: 1593778156766.png (210.4 KB, 827x847, 1593701176.mastergodai_str….png)

ID: ef486  No.14742

File: 1593778189744.png (1.04 MB, 800x1958, Rascals-page-556.png)

ID: 86485  No.14743

are we ever gonna find out who jazmin and reikos dad is at this point?

ID: b33cd  No.14745


>Rascals sticking to any plot-points or having any cohesion what so ever.

lol doubtful, Godai can't keep his story straight to save his life.

ID: ef486  No.14746

File: 1593958681091.png (386.91 KB, 752x847, 1593904707.mastergodai_nek….png)

ID: ef486  No.14747

File: 1593958705577.png (470.3 KB, 739x847, 1593905411.mastergodai_rex….png)

ID: ef486  No.14748

File: 1593958722318.png (401.17 KB, 794x847, 1593904850.mastergodai_ter….png)

ID: ef486  No.14749

File: 1593958741563.png (921.03 KB, 1159x847, 1593905692.mastergodai_bla….png)

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