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Last one hit its bump limit, so here's a new one.

For all 3 of Skidd's comcis. Story or smut, drop them here.

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ID: 2d7de  No.14455


I literally posted an example of Phuufy's awful leaning issue here. >>14396

Are you telling me that is not criticism?

ID: b8ee0  No.14456

It's not the kind she wants, apparently. Which I guess is none at all, cause no matter what we say, she does some sort of acrobatic fucking pirouette off the handle and into a pile of salt.

And yeah, it's pretty obviously Phuufy you're responding to, every post with that ID has exactly her tendency of white-knighting anything that came from the Katbox, inability to take any level of criticism and style of "pwning the haters".

ID: 127d7  No.14457

File: 1590345718157.png (109.58 KB, 589x528, bye bye.png)

It's useless to reason with her I think. Skidd is more chill but he's also the more talented of the two. I think he just enjoys drawing furry tits and don't care as much about UQ as phuufy does. He's always been more interested in "Rook", his (beautiful made) furry OC.

I know you read this thread phuufy, so, if it wasn't proof enough, here's pic related. The people on here or on /trash/ aren't "trashing" UQ for fun, they like(d) the comic and your work. Even the porn edits we made aligned themselves with the plot of the comic at the time because we weren't just in it for the porn. Hell, even the guy who drew these weird small doodle parodies of UQ admitted that he did so because he had a soft spot for the comic.

Yiff party is a thing, leaks are a thing. Nobody is actually paying patreon bucks for porn or an access to discord. They do so because they want to support you, but you obviously don't want to be supported in the real sense of the term. So. Bye.

ID: 2d8c3  No.14458

ID: 63837  No.14471

So according to a recent post on the Discord…"this last page with Drayven and Valmont will entirely conclude ALL of Reforged! The other smaller pages will be moved into the midst of 'current UQ' so we can get back to the meaty goodness of Chapter 5 next month (and further towards it's conclusion)
I'm hoping we can start on Chapter 6 by around July, possibly at the latest August ~!"
So that's happening. Of course,they're still gonna do those animatic things (which I admit are kind of neat, but still, would like more work/focus to be done to the main comic..)

ID: de6f5  No.14472

>meaty goodness
Oh me oh my.

ID: 9d854  No.14479

File: 1590646947341.png (4.31 MB, 1920x2903, PageKylar19RF.png)

ID: 9d854  No.14480

File: 1590646962478.png (4.42 MB, 1920x2903, PageKylar20RF.png)

ID: 2d8c3  No.14483

B-but… they didn't hatefuck yet, where's Valmont going? :<

Ah well, still a better love story than Twilight.

ID: 9d854  No.14484

File: 1590667015482.png (3.29 MB, 2000x2000, valdray_bitey.png)


In time, probably.

ID: 2d8c3  No.14485

ID: 38d69  No.14486


I must confess, I really do ship those two now.

ID: 14664  No.14487

File: 1590720072492.png (161.7 KB, 734x723, 204d070fcdf3cbc1ba7c200c97….png)

ID: 38d69  No.14490


I know this is just a sketch, but jesus fuck, what's wrong with their faces? Valmont's head is so deformed by leaning it just looks horrendeous.

ID: b8ee0  No.14495

Oh, THAT'S who that is?

ID: 9d854  No.14499

File: 1590790049619.png (839.14 KB, 768x1498, dat_outfit_tho.png)

ID: 9d854  No.14500

File: 1590790061753.png (532.75 KB, 1780x1810, sadbox_val.png)

ID: 9d854  No.14501

File: 1590790077819.png (531.24 KB, 2038x1891, farron_box.png)

ID: 9d854  No.14502

File: 1590790136854.png (1.14 MB, 3000x3000, sesamont2.png)

ID: 9d854  No.14503

File: 1590790191844.png (1.2 MB, 3000x3000, sesamont1 (1).png)

ID: 9d854  No.14504

File: 1590790218668.jpg (197 KB, 1200x1006, 28c1a31c14b35f7cde3c6518a2….jpg)

ID: 38d69  No.14510


Phuufy should take a break from the comic and, well, LEARN to draw. I can't believe after so many years she managed to get "worse" than before she started the comic.

Hers has to be the most catastrophic failure in art I've ever seen.

ID: 9d854  No.14513

File: 1590840080661.png (2.42 MB, 2171x2000, lomas_com_2.png)

ID: 203e7  No.14515

File: 1590868460036.png (416.49 KB, 1786x1509, SPOILER_62aa5d67a798426b82….png)

ID: 203e7  No.14516

File: 1590868476075.png (1.8 MB, 4792x4312, SPOILER_2020.131.png)

ID: f875b  No.14517

No Kibbles?

ID: de6f5  No.14518

Kibbles is old and busted.
Flat Cat is where it's at.

ID: feb83  No.14519

File: 1590881948743.png (1.89 MB, 1802x1388, SPOILER_54928792af8afd2f66….png)

ID: 19348  No.14520

I'm more invested in the story for the random and non-canon porn than the comic itself.

ID: f81a1  No.14555


What story? After so many years I don't get what the story is other than "lol weird future girl lost her robot, lets find it. But everyone has an overly dramatic background because that's mature!"

ID: b8ee0  No.14559

Technically it's a few things, nearly all of which have taken an ungodly long time to be resolved or even properly addressed. Off the top of my head…

- Kibbles' murder trial for completely incinerating a dude
- Sesame being pulled into alternate universes in her sleep ever since getting that living gauntlet thing
- Some side story about how much this universe apparently hates gays, starring the character who's been billed as the sixth party member from the start but still has yet to even hear a vague mention of the other characters
- Claire losing Proto, the one resolved thing thus far

ID: f81a1  No.14571


> - Kibbles' murder trial for completely incinerating a dude

That happened like 6 years ago and other than her being told she would be on trial that has gotten nowhere.

>- Sesame being pulled into alternate universes in her sleep ever since getting that living gauntlet thing

Again another thing that completely fell off to the wayside and has never been explained.

> - Some side story about how much this universe apparently hates gays, starring the character who's been billed as the sixth party member from the start but still has yet to even hear a vague mention of the other characters

This is the worst part. That had no story, just pure angst on the level of the "Draco Malfoy in leather pants" fics. You can tell Phuufy still thinks like a fanfic writer, and her portrayal of gayness is almost offensive.

> - Claire losing Proto, the one resolved thing thus far

Which on itself is gargabe. Proto adds nothing to the story. He's a literal snarf that is just there as a mascot, which completely clashes with the rest of the story being (or at least trying) to be all dark and serious.

ID: 203e7  No.14578

File: 1591289129538.png (110.1 KB, 931x637, e2ad8eddd92893df5d069df91f….png)

ID: f81a1  No.14579


People who say Godai and others have bad art haven't seen how bad Phuufy has become. Like, yikes.

ID: 2d8c3  No.14582

It's like if Hanna Barbera's art fucked a highschool desk scribble… and then had this fucked-up flipper baby of a sketch. X_X

ID: a4cd9  No.14588

File: 1591340096218.gif (1.14 MB, 443x250, thank you.gif)

ID: 203e7  No.14611

File: 1591631182010.png (860.42 KB, 2577x947, 9a6a9b967d7381b152ae9283bc….png)

ID: 203e7  No.14622

File: 1591839079545.png (930.51 KB, 2000x2000, Claire_Official_Ref.png)

ID: 203e7  No.14623

File: 1591839092382.png (1.73 MB, 3000x3000, SESAME_official_ref.png)

ID: e3e56  No.14624

She's a basic thot.

ID: 7a701  No.14625

>no Kibbles
wake me up when it's out

ID: 7a701  No.14629

What is your favorite Uberquest character, lads?

ID: e3e56  No.14630


ID: 4fccc  No.14632

As much as I think this comic has really poor pacing and plot, it'd be a lie to say the characters don't have defined personalities.

After a while, criticism just turn into blatant dishonesty.

ID: d9a1f  No.14651


I think the problem here is the too many cooks in the kitchen. You can tell which characters/plot lines are favored by Skidd and which characters by Phuufy, and that leads to somew terrible tonal whiplash. You can tell how Phuufy really wanted us to care for Kaylar and his angst and for the Drayven/Valmont scene, yet both came out as completely ridiculous.

Remember when Las Lindas tried to make a big deal of Mora's dad being some kind of monster or demon or whatever, and how cringy it was because of how out of place it felt? It is the same here with Uberquest.

ID: 0fca4  No.14678


Consider this. Maybe the aren't making a webcomic for you?

If it doesn't appeal to you, it doesn't. They are going to appeal to the people who like their work.

Maybe you can make your own webcomic, with blackjack and hookers.

ID: b8ee0  No.14685

Wow, "they didn't make it for you" AND "let's see you do better" in the same post, going for the useless argument gold there.

ID: 0fca4  No.14690

File: 1593031391168.png (42.14 KB, 269x276, 1517895394081.png)


Great counter-argument.
Stay salty.

ID: b8ee0  No.14716

At least I'm not the one who just used both of the most useless lines of all time to defend their comic from anyone who dares to critique it. That wasn't "salt", btw–I know you can't tell the difference between saltiness and a response that simply isn't pulling a 180 on a previously stated opinion and retroactively kissing your ass, but that was pointing out how laughably weak your attempt at a counterargument was. But I guess at this point we should expect nothing less from you.

ID: 0fca4  No.14731


cool edit bro, slaying it.

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