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File: 1572192949464.png (1.2 MB, 3330x4334, KibbStuffed02.png)

ID: 203e7  No.13405[View All]

Last one hit its bump limit, so here's a new one.

For all 3 of Skidd's comcis. Story or smut, drop them here.

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ID: bb1d8  No.13827

File: 1580067719356.png (53.59 KB, 1208x539, Snippy.png)


Doesn't make that anon any less wrong. She did after this nugget happened in their server, anyway. He wasn't even being hostile in the slightest.

Also, the view must be fantastic from that glass house of yours and Sage's from Chalo's thread.


"Fucking idiot."

Go on, prove me right with your next reply. One more for the archives.

ID: 331f5  No.13828

File: 1580069162138.jpg (18.14 KB, 800x450, nick-young-confused-face-3….jpg)


Prove what?

What would that prove?

ID: 9d854  No.13829


Oh hi ElCid, hows it going?
Still into obessing over Rachel from Las Lindas and inflation porn?

ID: 2d8c3  No.13830

File: 1580075040028.jpg (Spoiler Image, 129.44 KB, 634x476, 3ms14a.jpg)

Seeing as I can't stand this pointless bitching, have some humor to break the toxic tension. Pic unrelated, just trying to break this shit up in my own way.

ID: 7fc55  No.13831

Literally who?

ID: 9d854  No.13832


Tell me, why lurk in Skidd/Phuufy's discord server if you fucking hate them so much?

I mean, besides literally having nothing else to do with your life.

Did you get bored of stalking Chalo?
Or are we just gonna get like 10 more posts of you deflecting the obvious?

ID: 88d4e  No.13833


Not all people on that server are there to lick their boots like you. I'm just there for the porn since they don't post as much smut on their furaffinity/twitter/ect these past few years. Same probably goes for >>13827 trying to keep their life(?) busy.

When you're thirsty and know the path, go to the source instead of waiting for a trickle.

ID: 4133d  No.13835


Honestly those animatics are garbage. They are worse than your average newgrounds trash. What is bad about those is they are spending so much effort in doing things nobody really wants. Just look at the utterly lukewarm response those things are getting.

No amount of animatics is going to hide how the comic's quality has taken a nosedive, to the point the latest pages are just painful to watch.

ID: b8ee0  No.13837

As has been pointed out regarding Las Lindas, FREE =/= EXEMPT FROM CRITICISM!

Oh my god. Some of you really are such colossal fucking idiots that you genuinely believe anyone who criticizes your beloved comics or the people who make them, regardless of what and who they are, must all be the same person. That's goddamn astounding.

ID: 2d8c3  No.13840

ID: 331f5  No.13841

The more you keep responding to claims that you're the same person, the more obvious it is.

ID: b8ee0  No.13842

Except I'm not on their damn Discord, so kinda hard for me to even be the person who posted that screencap earlier.

ID: 331f5  No.13843

File: 1580136226761.jpg (6.08 KB, 251x251, 5a9.jpg)

ID: b8ee0  No.13844

"I have no actual response, so here's a meme reaction image."

ID: 331f5  No.13846

Because what can I even say about this shit.

Just…..go away.

ID: 19348  No.13847

If you guys are going to argue at least let it be about the comic. Otherwise just go somewhere else and make out or something.

I'll criticize anything, even stuff that I love. There's very obvious issues with the comic and the way that it's handled. But it's ultimately up to the writer and artist if they want to do something about it or not. If things work out for them then that's fine. If they don't then it's obvious why.

ID: 9d854  No.13850

File: 1580181607470.jpg (19.86 KB, 360x259, 175.jpg)

ID: b8ee0  No.13851

It's not remotely about anger at people for liking things we don't, personally I don't even outright dislike this comic (because, see, there's a difference between hating something and getting tired of how it's being handled), but way to 100% ignore the actual complaints in favour of a total strawman.

ID: 4133d  No.13853


I have argued about the comic. How the story is all over the place, and how the comic art is terrible in comparison to the earlier pages. Somehow, Skidd has managed to become a worse artist since he began drawing overquest. Is insane to see the art he used to do ten years ago, and see how bad he has fallen.

ID: b8ee0  No.13854

Still nowhere near as bad a quality dive as Chalo's artstyle has taken, honestly.

ID: 4133d  No.13856

File: 1580201878430.jpg (6.09 MB, 4000x4000, 1572543353711.jpg)


I'm not talking about Chalo. I am talking about Skidd. The last few pages are literal trash. No shading, really rushed looking and character proportions that are all over the place. And the lack of grasp of perspective is just criminal.

Look at this. Look at her damn leg. And the background just being a blurred, barely painted over photo. Say what you want about Chalo, but at least he does draw his own backgrounds.

ID: 9d854  No.13857

File: 1580202508238.png (353.84 KB, 1426x674, 3eff2ecd3ae29027cf835d69b7….png)


Ok, like seriously. The absolute level of mental gymnastics you guys can fucking pull out your asses is amazing. Please teach me how to be this deluded.

ID: 9d854  No.13859

File: 1580202971373.jpg (179.38 KB, 1280x960, 1318703175389.jpg)


Can one person be this retarded?
Can they really?


ID: 9d854  No.13860

File: 1580204014192.jpg (181.1 KB, 800x1584, EKMFhiJWsAIhEwW.jpg)


"Chalo doesn't use pre-rendered 3d backgrounds and only draws them himself - ALWAYS!!!1 I mean I fuckin hate him but I love him.."

ID: 04c8e  No.13861

>Autism over Las Lindas thread has gotten to the point where it starts spilling into other threads.


>As has been pointed out regarding Las Lindas, FREE =/= EXEMPT FROM CRITICISM!

No but it does make people wonder why people who dont like it obsess about it so much.


To be fair that leg is actually pretty bad.

ID: b8ee0  No.13862

Given that it's only now become a big thing, pretty sure no one's "obsessing" at all. What I mainly see is people raising legitimate points, mainly about the attitudes of the creators themselves and the way the comic is being handled, and getting attacked for it.

ID: 04c8e  No.13864


I dont care enough one way or the other to follow them on discord or twitter, so I guess I just have to take your word on that.

ID: 4133d  No.13865


I'm pretty sure the anon whiteknighting so hard is either Skidd or Phuufy doing a really bad job at damage control.

ID: 203e7  No.13930

File: 1580865046811.png (3.29 MB, 1920x3732, AUC_KIBS.png)

ID: 203e7  No.13959

File: 1581698722840.png (3.04 MB, 5000x5000, 008_-_Uber_Quest_doodles.png)

ID: 203e7  No.13960

File: 1581698754865.png (172.22 KB, 707x1517, SPOILER_c17a3a4a8f9dd3cffb….png)

ID: 203e7  No.13961

File: 1581698783859.jpg (186.16 KB, 1280x931, 1576938319.superking_slime….jpg)

ID: 2d8c3  No.13962

I can habs uncensored? :P

ID: 27a33  No.13963

Not even patrons can "habs uncensored." It was during their VA streams so unless someone can splice together the stream with those censored pics…

ID: 5c00d  No.13966

Well shee-it

ID: 203e7  No.13974

File: 1581879955822.png (180.28 KB, 1158x1011, Screenshot (164).png)


Best screencap I could get. Sadly the Sesame one was Phuufy's stream and she doesn't archive her streams so… lost forever, I guess.

ID: 2d8c3  No.13975

Hey, no harm in trying, ty for the effort at least. :3

ID: 9d854  No.13978

File: 1582073116306.jpg (637.1 KB, 1693x2560, PageKylarRF01-scaled.jpg)

Kylar's intro redone

ID: 9d854  No.13979

File: 1582073135486.jpg (567.1 KB, 1693x2560, PageKylarRF02-scaled.jpg)

ID: 9d854  No.13980

File: 1582073148990.jpg (782.78 KB, 1693x2560, PageKylarRF03-scaled.jpg)

ID: 9d854  No.13981

File: 1582073162581.jpg (793.25 KB, 1693x2560, PageKylarRF04-scaled.jpg)

ID: 4e1d7  No.13982


To think threy could have done 4 pages to advance the story but instead they did this. Insane.

ID: 9d854  No.13986


>implying you and others wouldn't complain about 'new' pages too.

ID: 4e1d7  No.13988


Not really. My main complain with Uberquest is how slowly the story moves. How many years it took just to find Proto?

ID: d6310  No.13989

File: 1582140324082.png (278.06 KB, 987x865, SPOILER_ddd263b375fea16979….png)

ID: d6310  No.13990

File: 1582140339767.png (275.41 KB, 952x779, SPOILER_facial_joelxkylar.png)

ID: d6310  No.13991

File: 1582140368656.png (139.96 KB, 649x721, d22cc3c44970efcf1fb419593e….png)

ID: d6310  No.13992

File: 1582140448353.png (225.15 KB, 480x640, For_Skidd.png)

ID: d6310  No.13993

File: 1582140957451.png (1.5 MB, 3095x4468, Doodles57.png)


Most are complaining about how their time is being wasted. How many more years you think until Skidd and Phuufy think they need to rework the comic AGAIN to give fucktoys like >>13356 and >>10655 a thorough backstory?

Hell if Jasmine the cumdump can go through ANOTHER revised comic series, my statement may not be that farfetched.

ID: 9d854  No.13994

File: 1582228221572.png (171.68 KB, 686x744, SPOILER_92479828587098f431….png)


They've said the 'Reforged' parts will only last for chapters 1 and 2 and they are on chapter 2.
They also said it should be done within this year - it's only meant to last around 20-25ish pages and they've already done like 14.

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